Sunday, October 17th, 2010, 7:00pm (1900) PDT

Original Agenda

  1. Eastbay Maker Faire Booth in conjunction with BerkeleyLUG. Planning.
  2. Upcoming Leadership Election. Review of the of brief LoCo proposed structure.

  3. Recaps of Launch parties.

If you have anything else you'd like to add to the agenda, or want to make some changes, please feel free to edit it. Please include an explanation of your item if it's not immediately apparent.

Our meetings are held for about 90 minutes every other Sunday at 7:00pm (19:00) PDT / 02:00 UTC in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-us-ca on freenode. All interested people are welcome to join us. For questions or help connecting, check out the InternetRelayChat page or use the Web client linked from the Contact page.

19:04 <         jdeslip> Welcome to the Oct. 17th meeting of Ubuntu-California.  There are three items on the agenda:
19:04 <         jdeslip> 1. Eastbay Maker Faire Booth in conjunction with BerkeleyLUG. Planning.  2.Upcoming Leadership Election.  Review of the of brief LoCo proposed structure. 3Recaps of Launch parties.
19:05 <         jdeslip> Please add anything if you like.
19:05 <         jdeslip> If nuboon2age is around, perhaps he can quickly recap the code camp event
19:06 <        MarkDude> We kicked ass
19:06 <        MarkDude> Some videos are up with more to come
19:06 <         jdeslip> MarkDude: can you post the link to the videos again?
19:07 <        grantbow> MarkDude: language please
19:07 <        MarkDude> http://www.youtube.com/zareason
19:07 <         jdeslip> MarkDude: excellent
19:07 <        MarkDude> Chill G - be hppy Im not all mad
19:08 <         jdeslip> OK, lets move to the first item and nuboon2age is free to jump in between topics to talk about the event.
19:08 <         jdeslip> 1. Upcoming Event: East Bay Maker Faire Booth.
19:08 *** MarkDude will be there, and YES I will be wearing the Penguin suit
19:09 <         jdeslip> So, this is extremely short notice, but I just got an invitation from one of the organizers that they'd like BerkeleyLUG and the Ubuntu California team to represent there
19:09 <         jdeslip> Some info on the event is here: http://ebmakerfaire.wordpress.com/
19:09 <         jdeslip> It is Sunday, October 24 from 10am-5pm
19:09 <        MarkDude> http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=101166379947552
19:09 <        MarkDude> That is the facebook link
19:09 <         jdeslip> In Oakland near Macarthur Bart
19:10 <         jdeslip> MarkDude: thanks!
19:10 <        MarkDude> Easier for folks to invite friends
19:10 <          dragon> +1 attending
19:10 <        MarkDude> :)
19:10 <        grantbow> I am sorry I won't be able to make it.  I'm one of the organizers of http://www.olpcsf.org/CommunitySummit2010/ which runs all weekend.
19:10 <         jdeslip> dragon: awesome!
19:10 <        MarkDude> grantbow, I know pleia2 said she was headed there also :(
19:11 <         jdeslip> I put up a page for the event here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/EastBayMakeFaire
19:11 <          jtatum> planning to attend
19:11 <         jdeslip> So far we have the following - 1 tent. 2 Ubuntu/Linux banners. 2 Tables 1 Demo Machine plus TV.  Stuffed animals
19:11 <         jdeslip> jtatum: great!
19:12 <      nuboon2age> jdeslip: sorry.  i got sidetracked.  Code Camp we did 75 min session on Beginning ubuntu Development.  about 60 people came.   it was billed as beginner.  some people probably wanted more intermediate or advanced, but we did what we could with who we could get together on short notice.  it went well.  people liked my pineapple upside down cake with the Ubuntu circle of friends done with pineapple circles and cherries.
19:12 <        MarkDude> If the GK canopy is needed I can drop it off whereever
19:12 <         jdeslip> I think it would be useful if we had ~200 of so discs to give out.  Any other ideas on what need?
19:12 <         jdeslip> MarkDude - I "think" we probably only need one canopy.  But thanks for the offer.
19:13 <      nuboon2age> oh and we also are documenting Code Camp so everyone can see the videos and presentations on the Ubuntu wiki and we can use the talks again.
19:13 <        MarkDude> http://www.youtube.com/zareason#p/u/0/1mcW4XweEv4  <<< your 1st video Drew
19:14 <      nuboon2age> The wiki page for Code Camp (which continues to get updated) is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/CodeCamp2010
19:14 <         jdeslip> nuboon2age: thanks for the summary
19:14 <      nuboon2age> welcome jdeslip.  ty for your participation.  that was probably people's fav.
19:14 *** MarkDude would like input on naming ways and details for the videos
19:14 <         jdeslip> For people coming to the East Bay Maker Faire: please sign up here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/486/detail/
19:14 <      nuboon2age> Quickly
19:15 <      nuboon2age> PyGTK and Quickly talk by jdeslip.  probably fav of most.
19:15 <         jdeslip> So, does anyone have any ideas for things to show off/do at the Maker Faire?  The base starting point is demoing ubuntu on the TV and distributing info.
19:16 <         jdeslip> That may be  enough for a project on such short notice.
19:16 <      nuboon2age> how about a showing how easy it is to do an install
19:16 <      nuboon2age> even without completing it you can show the first steps.
19:16 *** MarkDude wants to film this also jdeslip 
19:16 <         jdeslip> The organizer has told me that we do have power.  So, that should be possible.
19:17 <        MarkDude> What would the group like for Cali Teams youtube channel?
19:17 <      nuboon2age> also people don't really understand about the 'live CD' usually until its demoed
19:17 <         jdeslip> We are supposed to be located right next to the FixIt clinic booth (who is the organizer that invited us).
19:17 <        MarkDude> jdeslip, ur power is overwhelming :)
19:17 <         jdeslip> He is encouraging people to bring in old machines and will hopefully send them home with Ubuntu disks :)
19:18 <         jdeslip> nuboon2age: demoing the live-cd sounds like a great idea.
19:18 <        MarkDude> Installfest?
19:18 <      nuboon2age> also it'd be cool to show about live USB
19:18 <      jledbetter> jdeslip, That it runs so well on so little is nice to see in person. Not everyone will understand RAM, etc but maybe that it ran Windows 7 (or can't even) slowly
19:18 *** MarkDude will bring a few live usbs also - are we rolling with 10.10?
19:18 <          Eureka> wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10October17 edited
19:18 <         jdeslip> An installfest outside at the event might be a little ambitous.  But, if he fixes the hardware - giving them an Ubuntu CD to go might b ok
19:19 *** eps wonders if anyone has thought about creating an "Ubuntu infomercial"
19:19 <      nuboon2age> i like to tell people about Portable Ubuntu on Windows and Wubi installs also
19:19 <        MarkDude> Ahh, sounds reasonable
19:19 <         jdeslip> eps: That would be cool
19:20 <         jdeslip> MarkDude: Do you have any of the nice brochures that Pleia2 made?
19:20 <         jdeslip> They looked really professional at the Solano Stroll
19:20 <      nuboon2age> another neat thing would be to show WINE.  wish it were more effective.  but showing M$ Office stuff running is impressive enough.  Open Office deserves more attention imo.
19:21 <             eps> In certain venues, showing Edubuntu or Ubuntu Studio might make sense
19:21 <         jdeslip> Ok, anyway, we can discuss more details in the channel and on the mailing list.  Please remember to sign up here if you are coming: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/486/detail/
19:21 <        grantbow> jdeslip: if there are any brochures left over in that paper bag I still have them.
19:21 <      nuboon2age> Open Office / Libre Office is not well enough known and along with Mozilla Firefox is one of the most persuasive FLOSS programs to get people to move towards GNU/Linux.
19:22 <         jdeslip> grantbow: great, maybe I can get them next friday
19:22 <        MarkDude> jdeslip, I only have a few, Ryan Singer has the others
19:22 <         jdeslip> MarkDude: ok.
19:22 <      nuboon2age> I use Kubuntu some and think it is quite elegant.  Also use Xubuntu (and at least installed Lubuntu)  they can all be installed on the same Ubuntu install and switch back and forth very easily.
19:23 <         jdeslip> So, continue to discuss ideas for this after the meeting on the mailing list.  Particularly if you are coming and have something you can bring.
19:23 <         jdeslip> Meeting Agend Item #2 ----
19:23 <         jdeslip> Reminder of the ongoing Leadership/Restructuring process.
19:23 <         paultag> good evening, my friends :)
19:24 <        grantbow> paultag: welcome
19:24 <         paultag> grantbow, thank you kindly :)
19:24 <        MarkDude> Hey there paultag
19:24 <         paultag> evening MarkDude
19:24 <        grantbow> paultag: care to update us from the LoCo Council perspective?
19:24 <         jdeslip> As many of you know, we were asked by the LoCo council last meeting to have an Election to nominate either 1 or 3 leaders to serve for a year.
19:25 <        grantbow> hmm, anyone seen nhaines or Flannel lately?
19:25 <         paultag> We're trying to keep out of the election, we are more then happy with the direction the LoCo takes it's self in. We're very very happy with the 3 leaders chosen so far, and we all agree they will be a strong addition to the leadership of the team
19:25 <         paultag> I'm just here to watch and answer questions :)
19:25 <         jdeslip> Pleia2 sent out an email taking a vote on whether members thought 3 or 1 leader was better and it was unanimously decided that 3 was better
19:26 <         jdeslip> There is 1 day left to nominate yourself based on two weeks from pleia2 original email
19:26 <        MarkDude> +1
19:26 <      jledbetter> Yes, plus we also voted on the leadership document passed via email.
19:26 <         jdeslip> You are to nominate yourself by adding your name to this wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Leadership/2010
19:27 <        MarkDude> Unless you are one of the 4 --- the banned people list is an offense to my sensibilities
19:27 <        MarkDude> - 4 that is
19:27 <         jdeslip> Yes, as jledbetter pointed out we have also written up a brief skeleton structure for the group based on something I proposed a year or so back: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Leadership
19:28 <         jdeslip> MarkDude: Yes, as Mark has pointed out, there are 4 people not allowed to be nominated for this year only.
19:28 <         jdeslip> If you don't know it, you are not one of the four
19:28 <          itnet7> thanks for the clarification jdeslip
19:28 <        MarkDude> Use Google - you can find the names
19:29 <         jdeslip> The proposed structure was put to a vote on the mailing list with no objections.  It is amendable through the decision making process laid out in the document.
19:29 <        MarkDude> http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=grant+bowman+neal+busset
19:29 <        MarkDude> 2nd result
19:30 <         jdeslip> The purpose of discussing this here is not to debate the process - it is to remind everyone that this is going on and to encourage them to participate
19:31 <         jdeslip> Again, if you think you would be a good leader please add you name to the list by the end of the day tomorrow!
19:31 <      jledbetter> jdeslip, Thank you for the reminder.
19:31 <        grantbow> you could have just linked to the email announcement - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2010-October/001320.html
19:31 <         jdeslip> grantbow: yes, thank you :)
19:32 <        MarkDude> Well the fact anyone here that uses their full name is fair game in Ubuntu's opinion
19:32 <        MarkDude> Kindof important, at least IMHO
19:32 <      jledbetter> But we're talking about the voting, MarkDude
19:33 <        MarkDude> And that those of you running should not be shocked how your name shows up in Google - relevant
19:33 <        grantbow> MarkDude: your feelings on this and other matters are noted
19:33 <          jtatum> for the love of pete
19:33 <          jtatum> i swear to god
19:33 <          jtatum> MarkDude, i love you
19:33 <      jledbetter> +1 jtatum
19:33 <          jtatum> but seriously
19:33 <         jdeslip> MarkDude: Once we have a working structure in place - I think we can then make decisions on our team policy in more detail.
19:34 <          jtatum> the politics are driving me away from this loco
19:34 <         paultag> +1
19:34 <      jledbetter> :(
19:34 <          Eureka> wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects edited
19:34 <      nuboon2age> i hope we'll get some candidates from SoCal.  i'd like to see 2/3rds from SoCal seeing that is where the bulk of Cali's population is.
19:34 <      jledbetter> MarkDude, Don't break up our marriage :(
19:34 <        MarkDude> The council is driving me away
19:35 <      jledbetter> nuboon2age, Maybe they'll step up later. Being a Leader might be overwhelming but maybe they'll become leaders in events and stuff :)
19:35 <         jdeslip> OK - again the point of this agenda item is not to debate the Council's decision but to remind people of the process.
19:35 <         jdeslip> That done, we are now moving on to the final Agenda item
19:35 <        MarkDude> +1
19:35 <         jdeslip> Agenda Item 3 -----------
19:36 <         jdeslip> Recap of Launch Parties
19:36 <      nuboon2age> jbermudes: are you open to nomination?
19:36 <         jdeslip> Who attended a launch party and would like to discuss it?
19:36 <      nuboon2age> also Yasumoto? nomination?
19:37 <       jbermudes> nuboon2age: At this time I have no plans to add myself to the list of nominations
19:37 <      nuboon2age> and don't want me too jbermudes?
19:37 <         jdeslip> nuboon2age - I believe the person needs to nominate themselves
19:37 <         jdeslip> Though they can certainly be prodded in that direction ;)
19:38 <      nuboon2age> jdeslip: oh?  okay didn't know that.
19:38 <         jdeslip> nuboon2age: You attended a launch party after code-camp right?
19:38 <         jdeslip> (a mini-launch party?)
19:38 <      nuboon2age> jdeslip: i attended the code camp speakers dinner
19:39 <      nuboon2age> along with MarkDude, Earl, and ryan
19:39 <         jdeslip> Ah, ok.  I thought there was perhaps an Ubuntu specific meetup after.
19:39 <      nuboon2age> we had my cake for a small Maverick celebration though.
19:39 <        MarkDude> aaditya,  also
19:40 <      nuboon2age> jdeslip: this wednesday the 21st we have an Ubuntu Hour / Maverick release party
19:40 <          dragon> jdeslip: I believe there was a proposed party on Sunday night after code camp, but it never happened afaik.
19:40 <      nuboon2age> in Mountainview 7pm at Red Rock Coffee.
19:40 <      nuboon2age> jdeslip: yes that's true dragon.  we didn't pull it off
19:40 <         jdeslip> dragon: Ah, ok.  That was the one I was thinking of.
19:41 <         jdeslip> nuboon2age: OK - great!
19:41 <      nuboon2age> we settled for cake
19:42 <         jdeslip> Let's be honest, cake is really the most important part of any party ;)
19:42 <      nuboon2age> Ubuntu Hour / Maverick party details and RSVP: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/474/detail/
19:42 <      nuboon2age> jdeslip: it went over better than i expected. :-)
19:42 <         jdeslip> OK.  So, unless anyone else has a Release party announcement/recap.  Lets draw this meeting to a close with a few announcements.
19:43 <        grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek just concluded - logs are available
19:43 <         jdeslip> 1. Ubuntu open-week is just drawing to close.  I believe grantbow attended a loted of sessions
19:43 <      nuboon2age> i think there was a Sunday party in SF.  but i didn't go.
19:43 <         jdeslip> grantbow: I was hoping you'd jump in there :)
19:43 <        grantbow> I didn't attend as many as I would have liked :-)
19:43 <        grantbow> I tweeted about a few
19:44 <             eps> grantbow and I were both at the S.F. event
19:44 <         jdeslip> 2. Ubuntu Developer summit is coming Oct. 25th - 29th
19:44 <        grantbow> eps: +1
19:44 <      jledbetter> Anyone going to UDS?
19:44 <          itnet7> o/
19:44 <          itnet7> :-)
19:44 <         jdeslip> It is in Orlando this year.  So, you shouldn't have to be up in the middle of the night to attend the live webcasts
19:44 <      jledbetter> Well, of course, itnet7 ;)
19:45 <        grantbow> itnet7: nice
19:45 <        grantbow> helps to live in Florida :-)
19:45 <      jledbetter> Yep
19:45 <          itnet7> Sure does, If I lived closer, I would let all of you stay over ;-)
19:45 <        grantbow> I'll definately be attending virtually
19:45 <         jdeslip> itnet7: can I pay you to cause a scene at the multimedia section if Banshee is not chosen to replace rhythmbox?
19:45 <        grantbow> IRC logs and audio streams work well for those interested
19:46 <        grantbow> I did it last time for Belgium even though the hours were a bit odd
19:46 <          itnet7> jdeslip: I think jorge and everyone there will be able to handle that without input from me :-)
19:46 <          itnet7> but if the start moshing I'll help
19:46 <         jdeslip> itnet7: great.
19:47 <         jdeslip> I want to hear about a riot at some nerd-fest on the orlando news
19:47 <        grantbow> http://uds.ubuntu.com
19:47 <         jdeslip> OK... Are there any other general announcements?
19:47 <         jdeslip> aaditya: do you want to announce anything relating the Yahoo event?
19:48 <          dragon> sure
19:48 <          dragon> We're planning to conduct an Ubuntu event at Yahoo! Sunnyvale on Thursday, Oct 28.
19:48 <          dragon> We'll have a few presentations and demonstrations from MarkDude, jtatum, and possibly me.
19:49 <      jledbetter> Woo hoo :)
19:49 <         jdeslip> dragon: is this an open event?  Is anyone welcom?
19:49 <         jdeslip> And, who is the audience?
19:50 <          dragon> Target audience is the general crowd, LAMP users. It's open to everyone, and if anyone is interested in presenting something, please get in touch.
19:50 <         jdeslip> dragon: OK, sounds good.  I assume the details are going to be posted somewhere soon?
19:50 <          dragon> We're publicizing using meetup.com and YDN's twitter channels mainly, so that should give you some idea about what kind of audience to expect.
19:50 <      nuboon2age> I updated this page and would like additional feedback:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development/Devbeginnings#preview
19:51 <          dragon> We'll have the details posted on the wiki page in near future, and will post to the ML as well.
19:51 <         jdeslip> dragon: great!
19:52 <         jdeslip> OK, with that I'd say everyone go check nuboon2age's page for comments and lets wrap this meeting up.
19:52 <             eps> pleia2 has an Ubuntu Hour coming up on the 26th in San Francisco
19:52 <          seidos> nuboon2age, you're on the beginner's team? /me didn't know.  cool
19:52 <      nuboon2age> not yet seidos
19:52 <         jdeslip> eps: thanks for that reminder
19:53 <      nuboon2age> i'm like you seidos
19:53 <         jdeslip> -------------------------   Meeting Ends Here ---------------------------

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