Sunday, February 8th, 2015, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

  1. Bug Jam reports from San Diego and San Francisco
  2. Look ahead to CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale13x

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   1  03:00:00 <DonkeyHotei> #startmeeting
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   5  03:00:10 <DonkeyHotei> whoops
   6  03:00:46 <nhaines> So go ahead and #chair me and we'll get this started.
   7  03:00:55 <DonkeyHotei> #chair nhaines
   8  03:00:55 <darthrobot> Current chairs: DonkeyHotei nhaines
   9  03:01:01 <nhaines> #chair elky ianorlin
  10  03:01:01 <darthrobot> Current chairs: DonkeyHotei elky ianorlin nhaines
  11  03:01:03 <rww> o/
  12  03:01:05 <nhaines> #unchair DonkeyHotei
  13  03:01:05 <darthrobot> Current chairs: DonkeyHotei elky ianorlin nhaines
  14  03:01:17 <nhaines> Thanks.  And speaking of, yes, it's time for another meeting.  :)
  15  03:01:17 <elky> o/
  16  03:01:23 <DonkeyHotei> o/
  17  03:01:28 <ianorlin> o/
  18  03:01:31 <DonkeyHotei> o/
  19  03:02:19 <nhaines> Welcome all, to our last meeting before SCALE.  The agenda can be found online here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15February8
  20  03:02:19 <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15February8 - Ubuntu Wiki]
  21  03:02:33 <nhaines> And offline on the copy you printed out last week, which is now out of date, by the way.
  22  03:02:55 <ianorlin> printed?
  23  03:02:59 <nhaines> I would like to officially state that I would rather be watching Better Call Saul and I resent you all for making me wait.
  24  03:03:07 <nhaines> Okay, so first up on the agenda.
  25  03:03:14 <nhaines> #topic Bug Jam reports from San Diego and San Francisco
  26  03:03:28 <DonkeyHotei> not sure philipballew is here
  27  03:03:49 <nhaines> I guess there was some kind of Ubuntu Global Jam meeting in San Diego last week.  philipballew, would you care to share a few words?
  28  03:03:55 <philipballew> Im not sure either DonkeyHotei
  29  03:04:11 <philipballew> nhaines, I probably can sure
  30  03:05:22 <philipballew> Me and Mikey met up and went over some bugs to that we have seen and we worked on testing a few of those and stuff like that. So yeah, it was pretty much the best meeting ever,
  31  03:06:34 <nhaines> Did you report new bugs or triage existing ones?
  32  03:07:29 <philipballew> hum,
  33  03:07:47 <philipballew> I dont think we reported any so we must have triaged then.
  34  03:08:09 <philipballew> Makes me sound like a Dr.
  35  03:08:11 <nhaines> And was it just the two of you that made it or did you see any newcomers as well?
  36  03:08:20 <philipballew> I think I should go by Dr Phil now
  37  03:08:32 <philipballew> Just the two of us
  38  03:08:35 <philipballew> You and I
  39  03:08:53 <nhaines> Okay, well, thanks for that report.
  40  03:09:05 <nhaines> Just an hour ago, the Ubuntu Global Jam in San Francisco at Ghandi wrapped up.
  41  03:09:20 <nhaines> We have a few people who were there.  Who wants to tell us about it?
  42  03:09:31 <elky> me i guess
  43  03:09:41 <philipballew> yeah, I dont own a camera, but just picture us working in a starbucks and you get the idea
  44  03:10:39 <elky> so over the course of the jam about 12 of us worked on finding bugs in the installer for xubuntu.
  45  03:11:00 <elky> most if not all of us found something I believe, and quite a few bugs got raised
  46  03:11:25 <DonkeyHotei> i ran a live session and not the installer
  47  03:11:54 <nhaines> That's good to hear!  Was everyone working on Xubuntu?
  48  03:11:54 <elky> (I found one as soon as i booted up the iso on my netbook; the installer didn't show on the screen. if it happens for you, just hit the space bar and it will start the install)
  49  03:12:11 <elky> nope, there were lubuntu images for the PPC macs that showed up
  50  03:12:17 <DonkeyHotei> i found 3 bugs, 2 of which i reported, and the other 1 pleia2 said was a known issue
  51  03:12:19 <elky> there were 2 of those there somehow
  52  03:12:57 <elky> anyone else want to chime in with what they did?
  53  03:12:57 <DonkeyHotei> pleia2 brought one set of lubuntu-ppc discs, not expecting 2 machines to need them
  54  03:13:24 <nhaines> If you continously swap them really fast I'm sure they work fine that way.
  55  03:13:37 <DonkeyHotei> one of the ppc machines had a radeon and the other had nvidia
  56  03:13:56 <ianorlin> did the raedon fail to install?
  57  03:13:57 <nhaines> Sounds like perfect for range testing then.
  58  03:14:19 <elky> I'm not sure what the ppc outcomes were
  59  03:14:22 <DonkeyHotei> the radeon seemed to work great, but the live session was a no-go on nvidia
  60  03:14:52 <nhaines> Sounds like really good news for the initial Xubuntu experience.  Fantastic work, everyone.
  61  03:15:03 <nhaines> How was the food?
  62  03:15:10 <elky> anyway, there was pizza, and cookies made by lyz and a big cheers to the Gandi.net folks for hosting us
  63  03:15:54 <DonkeyHotei> pleia2's cookies were delicious but i don't think penguins are meant to be ubuntu-orange
  64  03:16:11 <nhaines> DonkeyHotei: obviously if they've been in the California sun and gotten a tan.
  65  03:16:18 <nhaines> elky: were there any newcomers who hadn't done bug work before?
  66  03:16:45 <elky> nhaines: i think donkey brought some newbies, and i think lyz's partimus colleague was new to it too
  67  03:17:28 <nhaines> Fantastic.  Any last thoughts before we move on?
  68  03:17:29 <DonkeyHotei> chris peeples arrived late and never did figure out what to do
  69  03:18:23 <nhaines> Hopefully he was able to see what everyone was working on and was encouraged to join in again at the next event.
  70  03:19:02 <elky> oh, there were photos too on lyz'z flickr. if someone can find that link...
  71  03:19:34 <elky> she promised a blog post with photos so keep an eye out for that
  72  03:20:39 <elky> i think we can move on though
  73  03:20:47 <ianorlin> not uploaded yet
  74  03:20:58 <nhaines> I was just checking her Flickr stream.
  75  03:21:15 <elky> this is one from early in the jam https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/16475907882/
  76  03:21:15 <darthrobot> Title: [Small but committed group here at the San Francisco #Ubuntu Jam :) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!]
  77  03:21:19 <nhaines> Looks good!  https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/16475907882/
  78  03:21:19 <darthrobot> Title: [Small but committed group here at the San Francisco #Ubuntu Jam :) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!]
  79  03:21:20 <nhaines> https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/16475907882/
  80  03:21:21 <darthrobot> Title: [Small but committed group here at the San Francisco #Ubuntu Jam :) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!]
  81  03:21:25 <elky> haha
  82  03:21:40 <nhaines> So we'll harass her to make a photo set later.  :)
  83  03:21:46 <elky> she will
  84  03:22:17 <nhaines> And just a reminder that with Ubuntu on her phone, she could have uploaded these photos directly to Flickr!
  85  03:22:28 <nhaines> elky: thanks so much for your report.  :)
  86  03:22:36 <nhaines> #topic Looking ahead to SCALE 13x
  87  03:23:16 <nhaines> So SCALE's coming up pretty soon here.  In just under 2 weeks the fun begins.
  88  03:23:23 <DonkeyHotei> she had ubuntu on a tablet, not a phone
  89  03:23:58 <nhaines> I've been receiving packages from Canonical all week, and so far we've received everything but hardware.
  90  03:24:24 <nhaines> Thanks to the Ubuntu community fund, we're going to have a lot of swag available: http://people.ubuntu.com/~nhaines/images/events/2015/scale13x/swag.jpg
  91  03:24:24 <darthrobot> Content type: [image/jpeg] Size: [273506]
  92  03:25:11 <nhaines> We have 375 Ubuntu desktop DVDs, Ubuntu polo shirts for each booth volunteer, a bunch of Ubuntu pictogram t-shirts to give away as prizes.
  93  03:25:30 <nhaines> 90 lanyards, and 50 each of lapel pins, sticker sheets, and pens.
  94  03:26:34 <rww> nice
  95  03:26:57 <nhaines> And I'll use some of the money I received to buy bottled water for booth volunteers and candy for the booth, plus a couple bottles of hand sanitizer.
  96  03:27:46 <nhaines> In addition, Canonical is planning to provide phones running Ubuntu.  I'm going to lean on my contacts this next week, but we'll probably end up with Nexus 4s running the same software as the retail devices.
  97  03:28:16 <nhaines> In addition, System 76 is providing laptops to use as display systems.
  98  03:28:57 <ianorlin> are we sure everything will fit?
  99  03:29:04 <nhaines> I don't have the floorplan available as a linkable graphic, but we're in booth 85 which is one of two booths that are the first you encounter when you enter the smaller ballroom.
 100  03:29:45 <nhaines> ianorlin: I'll draw up plans later this week, but we won't have too *little* hardware, and that's a good thing.
 101  03:30:20 <nhaines> George Mulak also offered to provide a projector, so we will be able to run a slide show, phone demo reels, and so on.
 102  03:30:45 <ianorlin> and I offered to bring a desktop with vms of flavors
 103  03:30:50 <nhaines> And Jorge Castro is planning on bringing an Orange Box and being on hand to talk about Ubuntu Cloud, and hopefully Snappy Ubuntu Core.
 104  03:31:00 <DonkeyHotei> i'd suggest 86_64ing the candy in favor of something healthier
 105  03:31:45 <nhaines> I'm fairly certain the butterscotch mints we usually buy are almost entirely nutritionally null.
 106  03:31:50 <DonkeyHotei> (like 86ing but more modern)
 107  03:32:07 <nhaines> But I'll probably buy the candy a couple days before, so I'm open to suggestions.
 108  03:32:25 <nhaines> I believe Lyz was going to send down some Ubuntu books for giveaways.
 109  03:32:37 <nhaines> I'll follow up with her on that.
 110  03:33:10 <nhaines> We have a large number of booth volunteers, and that means we may all just be able to enjoy the show!
 111  03:33:40 <rww> what's the count so far?
 112  03:33:49 <nhaines> I shot some video in January that I want to put up demonstrating the phone interface, so I hope to edit that and get it online toward the end of the week.
 113  03:34:25 <nhaines> We have six booth volunteers, not counting myself.
 114  03:35:05 * ianorlin counts 5 not including nhaines on the wiki
 115  03:35:17 <nhaines> Yes, one isn't listed on the wiki.
 116  03:35:30 <ianorlin> ah ok
 117  03:35:41 <DonkeyHotei> wiki needs updating then
 118  03:35:58 <rww> nice
 119  03:36:50 <nhaines> And of course, José Antonio Rey will be joining us as well, and I'm grateful for that.  :)
 120  03:37:11 <nhaines> So it's looking good and I expect a smooth conference.
 121  03:37:49 <nhaines> Ubucon is unafilliated but last I spoke with Richard Gaskin, everything sounded like it was going to be fantastic.  Assuming the booth's all set up on Thursday night, I'll be spending some time there on Friday morning!
 122  03:38:05 <nhaines> Any questions or comments about SCALE?
 123  03:38:15 <elky> sounds good so far
 124  03:38:56 <DonkeyHotei> i am now 98% sure i won't be there
 125  03:38:57 <nhaines> Great.  Thanks to everyone who's volunteered to work the booth.  It looks like we have guaranteed full coverage!
 126  03:39:41 <nhaines> Okay, so that's all I have to say about that so far.
 127  03:39:45 <nhaines> #topic Other business
 128  03:40:04 <nhaines> Does anyone have any other announcements or business they'd like to discuss before we wrap things up?
 129  03:40:26 <DonkeyHotei> rww and elky even have matching accents, it's cute
 130  03:40:35 <rww> I'd like to thank Gandi for hosting the QA jam today, it was awesome :)
 131  03:40:37 <nhaines> Haha, good to know!
 132  03:40:43 <ianorlin> isn't next meeting end of scale ?
 133  03:40:53 <rww> Hers is Australian, mine is UK+CA.US which apparently = Australian
 134  03:41:02 <elky> DonkeyHotei: that's awful clever of us
 135  03:41:06 <nhaines> rww: I hear that Gandi was fantastic and super coooperative.
 136  03:41:28 <elky> they were
 137  03:41:29 <nhaines> ianorlin: unless someone else wants to chair the meeting, we usually do not hold a meeting the weekend of SCALE.
 138  03:41:52 <elky> oh, did i do the wiki wrong
 139  03:41:57 <ianorlin> I am not sure many would show up
 140  03:42:01 <nhaines> elky: nope, we'll fix it.
 141  03:42:06 <elky> k
 142  03:42:24 <nhaines> Usually no one at SCALE makes it because everyone's tired and then two days later SCALE flu sets in.
 143  03:42:43 <ianorlin> I might technically make it back in time but would be exhuasted
 144  03:42:50 <ianorlin> and probably have lots of other things to do
 145  03:42:53 <rww> do we have anything coming up shortly after scale to discuss?
 146  03:42:58 <rww> if not, i vote for cancelling it
 147  03:43:01 <nhaines> Nothing known.
 148  03:43:06 <ianorlin> nothing on agenda
 149  03:43:08 <nhaines> So yes, I propose we cancel it.
 150  03:43:33 <ianorlin> +1
 151  03:43:40 <nhaines> #vote Nonbinding consensus: Should post-SCALE meeting of February 22nd be cancelled?
 152  03:43:40 <darthrobot> Please vote on: Nonbinding consensus: Should post-SCALE meeting of February 22nd be cancelled?
 153  03:43:40 <darthrobot> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
 154  03:43:45 <nhaines> +1
 155  03:43:45 <darthrobot> +1 received from nhaines
 156  03:43:49 <elky> +1
 157  03:43:49 <darthrobot> +1 received from elky
 158  03:43:51 <ianorlin> +1
 159  03:43:51 <darthrobot> +1 received from ianorlin
 160  03:44:15 <rww> +1
 161  03:44:15 <darthrobot> +1 received from rww
 162  03:44:16 <DonkeyHotei> this vote is counter-intuitive
 163  03:44:28 <DonkeyHotei> +1 for a negative?
 164  03:44:28 <darthrobot> +1 for a negative? received from DonkeyHotei
 165  03:44:45 <elky> so a week or a fortnight after the 22nd?
 166  03:44:51 <nhaines> elky: fortnight.
 167  03:44:54 <elky> yay
 168  03:45:03 <nhaines> #endvote
 169  03:45:03 <darthrobot> Voting ended on: Nonbinding consensus: Should post-SCALE meeting of February 22nd be cancelled?
 170  03:45:03 <darthrobot> Votes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
 171  03:45:03 <darthrobot> Motion carried
 172  03:45:22 <nhaines> Okay, since there were no objections, we're going with traditions.
 173  03:45:46 <nhaines> Anything major goes to the mailing list that weekend, and we'll have our next meeting as scheduled on March 8th.
 174  03:46:07 <nhaines> I'm looking forward to SCALE, and meeting some of you there!
 175  03:46:18 <nhaines> I'll post links to training material on the mailing list.
 176  03:47:01 <nhaines> And I'm going to see if I can lean on Canonical and get that nifty Ubuntu phone instruction brochure artwork that was in the gift boxes at the bq event.
 177  03:47:16 <nhaines> And with that, we're off.  Have a great week, everyone!  See some of you at SCALE!
 178  03:47:23 <nhaines> #chair DonkeyHotei
 179  03:47:23 <darthrobot> Current chairs: DonkeyHotei elky ianorlin nhaines
 180  03:47:24 <ianorlin> #endmeeeting
 181  03:47:36 <nhaines> Want to bring us out, DonkeyHotei?
 182  03:47:37 <elky> lol
 183  03:47:49 <DonkeyHotei> #endmeeting

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