Sunday, January 25th, 2015, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

  1. http://ubuntu-california.org/ doesn't do a whole lot aside from provide an easy portal address to give out to folks (which is great!), but do we want to add the AskNot tool to it? (pleia2)

If you have anything else you'd like to add to the agenda, or want to make some changes, please feel free to edit it. Please include an explanation of your item if it's not immediately apparent. Decisions on agenda items added within 48 hours of the start of the meeting may be postponed until the next meeting. Adding your item well in advance helps everyone collaborate and avoids last minute surprises.

Our meetings are held every other Sunday at 7:00pm (19:00) PT / 03:00 UTC in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-us-ca on freenode. All interested people are welcome to join us. For questions or help connecting, check out the InternetRelayChat page or use the Web client linked from the Contact page.

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   5 03:01:17 <DonkeyHotei> there is one item on the agenda
   6 03:01:27 <DonkeyHotei> o/
   7 03:01:29 <pleia2> o/
   8 03:01:31 <nhaines> #chair ianorlin elky_ nhaines
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  10 03:01:51 <nhaines> Hello everyone!  And welcome to the second Ubuntu California Meeting of 2015!
  11 03:02:00 <nhaines> The agenda for tonight's meeting is found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15January25
  12 03:02:00 <darthrobot`> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15January25 - Ubuntu Wiki]
  13 03:02:52 <nhaines> Before we begin, it's my sad duty to announce that one of our members, eps, passed away last week.
  14 03:03:25 <DonkeyHotei> it's unclear when
  15 03:03:49 <nhaines> That he passed in his sleep will hopefully hold some small comfort to all of his friends, and it's obvious that he touched quite a few enthusiast communities, of which we were lucky enough to be one.
  16 03:03:55 <DonkeyHotei> i had attempted to reach him by phone around the 5th-6th and he was already gone
  17 03:04:39 <nhaines> I've talked to the person organizing the memorial service and I'll be sure to post to the mailing list once details are available.
  18 03:05:08 <ianorlin> o/
  19 03:05:13 <pleia2> thanks nhaines
  20 03:05:25 <pleia2> it's quite a blow to our community, I'll miss him a lot
  21 03:06:45 <nhaines> It was mentioned that the memorial service has way more people intereted in attending than expected, so that's just one sign of how widely he was respected.
  22 03:06:58 <nhaines> #topic Ubuntu California website improvements
  23 03:07:13 <nhaines> First up on the agenda, pleia2 had some suggestions for our website.
  24 03:07:29 <DonkeyHotei> [Sun 2015-01-25 05:42:31 PM PST] <DonkeyHotei> no one can fill his shoes
  25 03:07:29 <DonkeyHotei> [Sun 2015-01-25 05:46:54 PM PST] <pleia2> yeah, that's for sure
  26 03:07:56 <pleia2> right, so ian-weisser created this find-a-task tool for http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/find-a-task/
  27 03:07:56 <darthrobot`> Title: [Ubuntu Community | Find a Task]
  28 03:08:31 <pleia2> there's code up on github to make it work, but unfortunately that's not synced up to the community.ubuntu.com site, which sadly is manually updated through the wordpress interface
  29 03:08:52 <pleia2> so I'd proposed to possibly use the same one they do, but we can't
  30 03:09:14 <pleia2> we could use it to create one of our own though, with our own tasks, like suggesting people host an ubuntu hour or go to an event or sign up for our mailing list
  31 03:09:19 <nhaines> It's a pretty neat tool.  A user can use it to find areas of Ubuntu they might be interested in participating.
  32 03:09:45 <rww> o/
  33 03:09:50 <nhaines> I think it sounds like a great idea.
  34 03:09:53 <ianorlin> I like the idea of it
  35 03:09:56 <pleia2> just a thought, it's low maintenance and makes the site a bit more interesting
  36 03:10:00 <rww> Our cat escaped, we're a little late (we got him back, though he's whining now)
  37 03:10:17 <nhaines> rww: he once tasted freedom, and will never forget.
  38 03:10:23 <pleia2> hehe, cats
  39 03:10:49 <elky_> hi
  40 03:11:00 <nhaines> elky_: glad you and the bitey monster could make it.
  41 03:11:07 <elky_> he's been out before. he apparently got scared and sat out in the carpark confused as to what to do
  42 03:11:15 <pleia2> I don't have a lot of time in the next couple weeks (travel next weekend, Global Jam weekend after) so if someone else wants to toss up a more solid proposal for this with ideas please feel free
  43 03:11:19 <nhaines> Well, I don't see any reasons we shouldn't add the find-a-task tool to our website.
  44 03:11:21 <pleia2> otherwise I can get to it later in february
  45 03:11:45 <nhaines> pleia2: do we expect the community.ubuntu.com data to be added to github any time soon?
  46 03:11:49 <pleia2> https://github.com/ian-weisser/asknot
  47 03:11:49 <darthrobot`> Title: [ian-weisser/asknot · GitHub]
  48 03:11:57 <ianorlin> yeah this is nice but not exactly urgent
  49 03:11:59 <pleia2> nhaines: no, I had a ranty discussion about it earlier this week ;)
  50 03:12:20 <nhaines> Oh good!  :)  Please link me after the meeting if it's on a ML.  :)
  51 03:12:22 <pleia2> "they just maintain it through wordpress" "you can view the source code!"
  52 03:12:37 <nhaines> Ah, business as usual.
  53 03:12:49 <pleia2> yeah, it's an irc channel discussion, but I can dig it up later
  54 03:13:09 <nhaines> Great.  Maybe I can poke at people about it because it might be a good general tool for LoCos.
  55 03:13:32 <nhaines> Does anyone feel differently about adding this tool to our website?
  56 03:13:42 <elky_> it'll get better the more places it is used, so i don't have a problem with it
  57 03:13:48 <pleia2> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-community-team/2015-January/000408.html has some info that should help folks add it to their own site
  58 03:13:48 <darthrobot`> Title: [Ubuntu community volunteer board [UPDATE 4]]
  59 03:14:30 <nhaines> Oh, that's super useful.  Perfect!
  60 03:14:55 <nhaines> Semi-related to this topic, does anyone know how the California forums are holding up?
  61 03:15:04 <elky_> on the ubuntu forums?
  62 03:15:08 <nhaines> Right.
  63 03:15:18 <elky_> no clue
  64 03:15:23 <pleia2> they're one of the few loco forums that still exist, mostly because we keep posting meeting minutes
  65 03:15:34 <rww> Mostly dead, pleia2 gets notified when there are updates, and meeting minutes still happen
  66 03:15:34 <pleia2> most loco forums were shut down, but ours was flagged as active
  67 03:15:36 <rww> (this came up recently)
  68 03:15:49 <nhaines> That's basically what I thought.
  69 03:15:59 <nhaines> pleia2: can you get traffic information for ubuntu-california.org?
  70 03:16:08 <elky_> sounds like us touching it is basically flogging a dead horse then
  71 03:16:26 <pleia2> nhaines: sure, action me to set up webalizer
  72 03:16:35 <DonkeyHotei> perhaps it was flagged as active _because_ of the minutes?
  73 03:16:40 <pleia2> DonkeyHotei: yep
  74 03:17:01 <nhaines> #action pleia2 will set up webalizer and report on traffic numbers for ubuntu-california.org
  75 03:17:01 * darthrobot` pleia2 will set up webalizer and report on traffic numbers for ubuntu-california.org
  76 03:17:04 <nhaines> Thanks, pleia2.
  77 03:17:20 <pleia2> sure thing, should be able to get that done this week, pretty straight forward
  78 03:17:28 <nhaines> I'd like to consider closing the forums and maybe spinning up a Discourse instance we could point to through ubuntu-california.org.
  79 03:17:39 <DonkeyHotei> too bad we can't get traffic numbers for the launchpad pages
  80 03:17:44 <philipballew> +1 for Discourse
  81 03:17:51 <nhaines> The mailing list is just for advocacy, and should remain as such.
  82 03:18:06 <nhaines> But a Discourse forum could be for California Ubuntu users.
  83 03:18:14 <philipballew> The Facebook page is the best tool we have currently though.
  84 03:18:16 <DonkeyHotei> well the ML also repeatedly gets people asking for help
  85 03:18:31 <philipballew> It is the best tool for marketing we have
  86 03:18:35 <nhaines> And that's a misuse of the mailing list.
  87 03:19:02 <nhaines> With Discorse, people who hate forums can subscribe in the form of a mailing list, and everyone else gets a really nice Web-2.0 dicussion platform.
  88 03:19:16 <DonkeyHotei> it may be a misuse but it can't realistically be avoided
  89 03:19:17 <nhaines> So I think that's worth looking into.
  90 03:19:32 <nhaines> DonkeyHotei: it can if we have a place for support requests.
  91 03:19:33 <pleia2> philipballew: I don't agree, most of our posts get single digit "views"
  92 03:19:57 <pleia2> facebook is one of our worst tools, twitter is much better, then probably G+ and our mailing list
  93 03:19:59 <ianorlin> Yeah I think mainly people just post minutes there not many read them
  94 03:20:12 <philipballew> pleia2, That is a valid point. Don't we have more subscribers there then twitter though?
  95 03:20:23 <philipballew> subscribers might be the wrong word here
  96 03:20:26 <nhaines> #action nhaines will email the mailing list about retiring the Ubuntu California forum and additionally considering a Discourse forum to replace it.
  97 03:20:26 * darthrobot` nhaines will email the mailing list about retiring the Ubuntu California forum and additionally considering a Discourse forum to replace it.
  98 03:20:31 <rww> subscribers doesn't matter if nobody reads it
  99 03:20:49 <pleia2> rww: ++
 100 03:20:54 <nhaines> rww: ++
 101 03:21:03 <ianorlin> rww++
 102 03:21:03 <philipballew> rww, Of course, but because we already have the subscribers we can easily get them to read it.
 103 03:21:04 <rww> I note that discourse is Ruby, so if we don't have any Ruby stuff set up on ubuntu-california.org yet you'd need to dive into that mess^W
 104 03:21:21 <nhaines> With the way Facebook works today, I'm not sure it'd be easy to improve that.
 105 03:21:27 <pleia2> unless you pay
 106 03:21:37 <pleia2> I'm always getting prompted to "boost" posts with $$$
 107 03:21:48 <elky_> rww: you could probably find somewhere offering ruby hosting for open source projects
 108 03:21:57 <nhaines> pleia2: yes, and that's a waste of money in my opinion.
 109 03:22:11 <pleia2> nhaines: agreed
 110 03:22:24 <pleia2> rww: I don't think nhaines was proposing we host our own discourse forum
 111 03:22:33 <rww> pleia2: okays. I misread, then
 112 03:22:43 <pleia2> http://discourse.ubuntu.com/c/local-teams
 113 03:22:43 <darthrobot`> Title: [Local Teams Topics - Ubuntu Discourse]
 114 03:22:47 <ianorlin> yes the pay for views is only good for facebook
 115 03:22:47 <pleia2> they have a loco section
 116 03:22:50 <nhaines> Well, first we decide if we want one.
 117 03:23:04 <elky_> i always hated the splintering of communities between fora
 118 03:23:07 <rww> Ah. I see Discourse's subforums are as discoverable as Ubuntu Forums.
 119 03:23:09 <philipballew> I think that its important to use our social media tools we have to market Ubuntu as much as we can. Not just try to cater towards the people who might be at this meeting or the people who care about Discourse.
 120 03:23:26 <nhaines> Discourse isn't social media.
 121 03:23:31 <pleia2> rww: yeah, you really have to be an existing user to understand it, but that's how it goes :)
 122 03:23:41 <pleia2> it's a way to reach discourse members, I'd say
 123 03:24:00 <rww> philipballew: That requires ongoing effort for each social medium, and traditionally some of them have not had that.
 124 03:24:08 <philipballew> Exactly, and shouldn't more time be put into spreading Ubuntu, and not just catering to people who already have their Ubuntu systems?
 125 03:24:11 <nhaines> If we think we could use a discussion forum, I would be willing to self host it, starting in probably April.
 126 03:24:57 <pleia2> right now, G+ is the only social media I get any help with (thanks rww)
 127 03:25:03 <rww> rww stopped doing G+ :P
 128 03:25:07 <pleia2> I'd be delighted if people came up with strategy and offered to help :)
 129 03:25:20 <pleia2> right, so I don't get any help right now
 130 03:25:21 <pleia2> :P
 131 03:25:24 <rww> Facebook has one post this month, three posts last month, nothing in November...
 132 03:25:43 <pleia2> yeah, I don't like facebook so I tend to do twitter and G+ and "oh facebook is loading slow I'll do it later"
 133 03:25:49 <pleia2> then, never
 134 03:26:01 <rww> Not saying we need to do better, saying we're perhaps spreading a bit thin. But I'm totally the wrong person to express an opinion about social networking.
 135 03:26:16 <elky_> how much of this stuff could be solved with a push service (posts to twitter, facebook, etc) and do these exist for g+ yet or are they still unable?
 136 03:26:19 <nhaines> Yeah, I don't use, like, or understand Facebook, so I'm thrilled if someone wants to take that on, but it's not going to be me.
 137 03:26:35 * DonkeyHotei gets a thought that the most literal way to spread ubuntu is by introducing computer-less people to it
 138 03:26:36 <philipballew> I think if we posted more on the posts, showed cool news articles and all around marketing the community for potential people.
 139 03:26:41 <pleia2> elky_: I've tried several revisions of that (one stops working, hunt for another) but then I gave up
 140 03:26:46 <elky_> :(
 141 03:26:53 <rww> philipballew: who is "we" there
 142 03:27:07 <rww> elky_: G+ doesn't have a write API yet as far as I know
 143 03:27:16 <pleia2> G+ still lacks a useful API for such things, facebook pages or groups or whatever we have are horrible at x-posting to (it's easier for facebook user accounts)
 144 03:27:21 <elky_> rww: lol
 145 03:27:36 <philipballew> rww, If we need people to do social media, I am happy to post things to get people more involved or see.
 146 03:27:36 <nhaines> elky_: it's a design decision.
 147 03:27:49 <elky_> nhaines: it's still lol
 148 03:27:57 <philipballew> The Lug I am a part of has five or six posts a day and there are only about 50 or so of us on our Facebook page.
 149 03:28:04 <nhaines> elky_: yes, and annoying, but at least it's on purpose.  :)
 150 03:28:05 <philipballew> But we are a "group"
 151 03:28:38 <elky_> philipballew: is it actual topical stuff or a heap or re-shares of memes and other recycled material?
 152 03:29:03 <rww> Good, sounds like we need to get you added to social media accounts philipballew so that you can help out pleia2 and co with it.
 153 03:29:06 <elky_> i mean, is it original content or not?
 154 03:29:19 <philipballew> elky_, haha, I did not plan to post too many memes no.
 155 03:29:34 <elky_> philipballew: i'm asking about your 50 person group
 156 03:29:46 <ianorlin> I am not sure posting the same thing someone saw earlier will help that much
 157 03:29:52 <nhaines> philipballew: can you look into how our social media groups are being used and come up with a plan to improve them so we can get people assigned to that?
 158 03:30:06 <philipballew> https://www.facebook.com/groups/gultij/10152965388721049/?ref=notif&notif_t=group_activity
 159 03:30:06 <darthrobot`> Title: [Redirecting...]
 160 03:30:16 <philipballew> thats the group I was talking about elky_
 161 03:30:27 <pleia2> on facebook ours is a page, we used to have a group too but it wasn't used so I think it was shut down (or just abandoned)
 162 03:30:31 <elky_> it wants me to log in to facebook, no thanks
 163 03:30:33 <rww> "You must log in to continue."
 164 03:30:38 <rww> lol facebook
 165 03:30:46 <elky_> can you answer my question yourself?
 166 03:30:57 <pleia2> nhaines: I think a proposal is a good idea
 167 03:30:57 <philipballew> nhaines, Yeah, I can do that, and probably by the next meeting easily come up with a paper on all to do.
 168 03:31:05 <pleia2> thanks philipballew!
 169 03:31:08 <nhaines> philipballew: that would be super.
 170 03:31:30 <nhaines> #action philipballew will look into how our social media groups are being used and come up with a plan to improve them.
 171 03:31:30 * darthrobot` philipballew will look into how our social media groups are being used and come up with a plan to improve them.
 172 03:32:17 * philipballew adds that to his tdl
 173 03:32:25 <nhaines> Okay.  So that's good news.  Thanks, philipballew.
 174 03:32:46 <nhaines> I guess I'll bring up Discourse on the mailing list, too.
 175 03:33:01 <rww> i guess we'll
 176 03:33:05 * rww puts on sunglasses
 177 03:33:08 <rww> discourse about it there
 178 03:33:31 <nhaines> rww: should've been "discourse it there".  C+
 179 03:33:38 <nhaines> Does anyone else have any comments on our website or other online presence while we're on the topic?
 180 03:33:58 <rww> I can still read the website with JavaScript turned off so it is not Web 2.0 enough.
 181 03:34:16 <ianorlin> I don't have anything more on website
 182 03:34:20 * DonkeyHotei gets a thought that the most literal way to spread ubuntu is by introducing computer-less people to it
 183 03:34:36 <nhaines> DonkeyHotei: is that somehow related to our online services?
 184 03:34:45 <DonkeyHotei> it is to social media
 185 03:35:03 <elky_> is the rest of the discussion going to be SCaLE?
 186 03:35:09 <nhaines> elky_: mostly.
 187 03:35:19 <elky_> because we haven't eaten yet and dinner is half cooked :3
 188 03:35:21 <rww> can we do the non-SCaLE stuff first so we can stop paying attention :P
 189 03:35:38 <DonkeyHotei> scale wasn't actually on the agenda this time though
 190 03:35:45 <pleia2> the Ubuntu Global Jam in San Francisco is coming up in 2 weeks (earlier in the day from our next meting)
 191 03:35:45 <elky_> wasn't it?
 192 03:35:48 <elky_> i figured it would be
 193 03:35:50 <ianorlin> oops
 194 03:35:55 <pleia2> http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2984-ubuntu-california-san-francisco-qa-jam/
 195 03:35:55 <darthrobot`> Title: [Ubuntu California San Francisco QA Jam | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]
 196 03:35:55 <nhaines> I think this is all the non-SCaLE stuff other than UGJ.  :P
 197 03:36:04 <pleia2> please RSVP, I think strangers are scared by the empty RSVP list
 198 03:36:31 <DonkeyHotei> doesn't mean nobody will show up
 199 03:36:31 <ianorlin> #topic ubuntu-global-jam
 200 03:36:46 <nhaines> DonkeyHotei: it does mean that the event can't be planned appropriately.
 201 03:36:50 <pleia2> DonkeyHotei: does make it hard to order enough food
 202 03:36:54 * rww doubles the attendee list with elky's help
 203 03:37:02 <pleia2> thanks elky_ and rww :)
 204 03:37:18 <philipballew> Ubucon is going to be hella tight for sure
 205 03:37:32 <philipballew> just so you know
 206 03:37:41 <nhaines> I sent out emails to all North American LoCo teams last night regarding UGJ, so hopefully we start seeing more event popping up.
 207 03:37:48 <pleia2> nhaines: so did balloons
 208 03:37:50 <pleia2> 2 days ago
 209 03:38:04 <rww> which i got because lolidkwhy
 210 03:38:06 <pleia2> I was like "this looks familiar..."
 211 03:38:22 <rww> (probably loco-contacts@)
 212 03:38:25 <nhaines> pleia2: I hadn't heard from him and hadn't received anything so I went ahead and did it, so yay.
 213 03:38:39 <rww> if you didn't get it and i did, maybe his list is out of date
 214 03:38:43 <nhaines> So all NA LoCo teams are on notice.
 215 03:39:01 <pleia2> also, if anyone else in the state decides to do one: http://mhall119.com/2015/01/ubuntu-loco-team-global-jam-packs/
 216 03:39:01 <darthrobot`> Title: [Ubuntu LoCo Team Global Jam Packs | Michael Hall]
 217 03:39:20 <pleia2> I didn't request a pack, I have leftover pens + stickers from another event, and I had already put in a cash request to cover food (approved!)
 218 03:39:48 <nhaines> Canonical *really* wants LoCo teams to take advantage of that, so please do order *early* this week if you want one.  You don't even have to be an Ubuntu member for this.
 219 03:40:17 <nhaines> pleia2: I know your UGJ event will be successful, so I look forward to hearing about it so we can really push harder on that next cycle.  :)
 220 03:40:27 * pleia2 will take many pictures!
 221 03:40:41 <nhaines> \o/
 222 03:41:02 <philipballew> nhaines, Me and the Ubuntu users here in San Diego are not programing wizards. What is the point for us to have a global jam then if we can not "jam " anything?
 223 03:41:14 <philipballew> or maybe pleia2 might know that answer?
 224 03:41:19 <elky_> you can report stuff without being a programmer
 225 03:41:34 <pleia2> we're doing manual testing, no programming remotely involved
 226 03:41:37 <elky_> you don't need to know how to program to know when a UI is confusing
 227 03:41:43 <nhaines> philipballew: I don't know anyone who programs during UGJ, usually it's bug triaging, Q&A testing, documentation jams... there are a lot of different ways to get together and work on Ubuntu.
 228 03:41:53 <pleia2> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam#Things_to_do
 229 03:41:53 <darthrobot`> Title: [UbuntuGlobalJam - Ubuntu Wiki]
 230 03:41:53 <nhaines> Canonical's trying to convince teams to do Ubuntu App Dev schools...
 231 03:42:02 <nhaines> pleia2: thanks, didn't have that at my fingertips.  :)
 232 03:42:11 <philipballew> nhaines, qa and bug triaging require a knowlege of code.
 233 03:42:16 <pleia2> we're doing it earlier this cycle, Documentation Team *always* needs help
 234 03:42:24 <pleia2> qa requires no knowledge of code
 235 03:42:29 <elky_> philipballew: no they don't
 236 03:42:29 <rww> philipballew: No they don't. But if you think they do, write documentation.
 237 03:42:30 <ianorlin> not always
 238 03:42:32 <nhaines> Bug triaging requires no knowledge of code.
 239 03:42:39 <philipballew> alright
 240 03:42:46 <elky_> philipballew: the last place i worked at, the project manager did bug triage
 241 03:42:59 <nhaines> Triaging starts with finding unverified bugs, reproducing them, and marking them "triaged" if they really exist, or invalid if you need more info.
 242 03:43:07 <elky_> ^
 243 03:43:18 <nhaines> SUPER easy, quick to do, and good low hanging fruit for new members.  Also SUPER useful for developers.
 244 03:43:19 <ianorlin> actually I think it is incomplete if need more info not invalid
 245 03:43:33 <ianorlin> invalid is when the bug doesn't exist
 246 03:43:37 <philipballew> ah, the last place I worked at bug triaging was attempting to fix the bugs.
 247 03:43:41 <nhaines> ianorlin: even better.
 248 03:43:47 <philipballew> Then I quit and got a job as a bus driver. It pays more.
 249 03:43:50 <pleia2> fixing is something else entirely :)
 250 03:43:54 <elky_> philipballew: your last place was misguided
 251 03:44:05 <pleia2> triage == stop bleeding until the surgeon can take a look
 252 03:44:14 <pleia2> anyone can apply pressure to the wound :)
 253 03:44:35 <nhaines> Okay, so now that we've established there's no excuse not to host a UGJ, everyone should think about doing so.  ;)
 254 03:44:52 <pleia2> and I might owe the world a blog post on this topic
 255 03:45:01 <pleia2> in my free time!
 256 03:45:05 <nhaines> pleia2: your blog posts are always jam-packed with information.  :)
 257 03:45:11 <pleia2> I try :)
 258 03:45:13 <philipballew> some locos do an online global jam, and if you can not host one in your area, that is always an option.
 259 03:45:16 <nhaines> #action pleia2 will write helpful things in her copious free time.
 260 03:45:16 * darthrobot` pleia2 will write helpful things in her copious free time.
 261 03:45:22 <pleia2> haha
 262 03:45:23 <elky_> lol
 263 03:45:29 <DonkeyHotei> …
 264 03:45:40 <elky_> ok what's left on the agenda?
 265 03:45:41 <nhaines> Okay, so lots of things to discuss on the list coming out of this meeting.  Let's move on.
 266 03:45:49 <nhaines> #topic Other business
 267 03:46:06 <nhaines> SCaLE's not listed, but it's coming up behind UGJ, and things are coming together nicely.
 268 03:46:18 <elky_> well ok i have an item
 269 03:46:26 <elky_> i have a 1" badge press
 270 03:46:30 <nhaines> Oh yeah.  Go for it, elky.
 271 03:46:35 <elky_> it is probably more useful elsewhere
 272 03:46:48 <elky_> where would be the best place?
 273 03:46:58 <rww> and she's been here 9 months and i've literally never seen it, so it's not like we'll miss it
 274 03:47:18 <elky_> he's seen the box. i'm pretty sure he's tripped over it.
 275 03:47:29 <elky_> rww: it's the one that's a4 size and breaks your toes
 276 03:47:54 <nhaines> Thus depriving everyone else in here of context for size.
 277 03:48:06 <ianorlin> what is a badge press?
 278 03:48:11 <rww> ianorlin: it makes badges
 279 03:48:11 <nhaines> Well, if no one's jumping at it, might be another good ML item.
 280 03:48:25 <elky_> ianorlin: it makes round buttons that have a pin on the back that you attach to things
 281 03:48:29 <nhaines> ianorlin: it crimps laminated lapel pins.
 282 03:48:34 <pleia2> cool
 283 03:48:35 <ianorlin> ah
 284 03:48:54 <elky_> http://www.ecplaza.net/trade-leads-seller/button-pin-press-machine-blank--4110187.html would be an example of a badge press
 285 03:48:54 <darthrobot`> Title: [Button Pin Press Machine, Blank Badge, Button Pin Set Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter - ECPlaza]
 286 03:49:16 <rww> so you can make badges like "i have made significant and sustained contributions to Ubuntu and all I got was this badge press"
 287 03:49:20 <philipballew> Can we get Mark Shuttleworth to work the booth nhaines ?
 288 03:49:27 <elky_> lolololol
 289 03:49:32 <rww> "and it cost me thousands of dollars in USCIS payments"
 290 03:49:33 <nhaines> philipballew: sure, I'll just call him up on the red line.
 291 03:49:46 <philipballew> Thats off nhaines, he gave me a green line?
 292 03:49:58 <nhaines> I think we have to use the aubergine line now.
 293 03:50:24 <nhaines> Okay, well, thanks muchly for the offer, and let's bring that to the mailing list I think.
 294 03:50:26 <philipballew> "Ubuntu  what can brown do for you"
 295 03:50:32 <pleia2> elky_: I have a tiiiiny home, but I'd be up for craft weekend of creating some team pins for things some day
 296 03:50:48 <DonkeyHotei> brown can deliver installation media
 297 03:50:55 <nhaines> pleia2: luckily they are tiny machines.  :)
 298 03:51:03 <elky_> pleia2: it's the kind of thing we could tack on to an installfest of sorts i think
 299 03:51:11 <rww> ubuntu global button jam
 300 03:51:12 <pleia2> elky_: even better
 301 03:51:14 <pleia2> hehe
 302 03:51:15 <philipballew> I installed ubuntu on this laptop off of my Fedora flash drive.
 303 03:51:25 <elky_> anyway we need to go do domestic things
 304 03:51:26 <pleia2> I wonder if gandi has a color printer we could use
 305 03:51:39 <pleia2> "I attened UGJ"
 306 03:51:48 <pleia2> except with the right spelling, else oof
 307 03:51:52 <elky_> hehe
 308 03:52:11 <pleia2> I need beer^Wfood soon too
 309 03:52:12 <nhaines> Okay, I'll let you two work that out.  :)
 310 03:52:26 <nhaines> I'd like to get this wrapped up by 8, as is my usual wont.
 311 03:52:49 <elky_> we could probably wrap now unless someone else has something
 312 03:52:51 <nhaines> SCaLE's looking good.  Canonical is providing Ubuntu polo shirts for all booth volunteers, assuming that's less than 11.
 313 03:53:11 <nhaines> Which means that if you're going to be at the booth you need to sign up immediately.
 314 03:53:12 <elky_> yay
 315 03:53:52 <pleia2> nice work
 316 03:54:07 <nhaines> Jorge Castro is also bringing an orange box and will be able to talk about Juju, MAAS, and presumably snappy Ubuntu Core, and José will also be around to discuss Juju and snappy Ubuntu Core.
 317 03:54:08 <ianorlin> 5 are signed up currently
 318 03:54:26 <elky_> nhaines: we might even send some badges your way ;)
 319 03:54:34 <nhaines> elky_: lol, that would be nice!
 320 03:54:39 <elky_> i think the magnets in the box are probably pretty useless by now, but we'll see
 321 03:54:45 <philipballew> also dont forget to attend Ubucon.
 322 03:54:50 <nhaines> pleia2: can you handle the conference pack for this?  It's about time for that now.
 323 03:55:00 <philipballew> Because it is gonna be hella tight for sure.
 324 03:55:54 <elky_> so you said.
 325 03:56:04 <nhaines> Ubucon is taking place on Friday, February 20th, and while we're not really involved much with that this year, we're going to be working together a lot more closely in the future.
 326 03:56:08 <philipballew> nhaines, Sometimes they dont send them out as quick when you do it online, so I always just called them.
 327 03:56:12 <philipballew> but we have time.
 328 03:57:04 <nhaines> mhall119 threatened to ship me SCALE things to drive in with, so I'm sure if we need to get expedition they'll be sympathetic.  But we still need to make the request. :)
 329 03:57:06 <philipballew> elky_, heck yeah I did!
 330 03:57:08 <philipballew> :)
 331 03:57:14 <pleia2> nhaines: apply for scale conference pack now?
 332 03:57:50 <nhaines> pleia2: however conference packs are usually done.  You're the team contact.  :)  I'll PM you after the meeting.
 333 03:57:58 <pleia2> okie
 334 03:58:24 <elky_> ok i'm off guys, gotta make dinner
 335 03:58:32 <nhaines> Oh, I have the exhibitor pack for SCALE and we have a stunning booth, so this is the year to make things count.
 336 03:58:34 <pleia2> elky_: enjoy
 337 03:58:49 <nhaines> So I'm going to be working on some booth layout and will post more about it on the ML.
 338 03:58:54 <nhaines> And that's all I've got for now.
 339 03:59:03 <nhaines> Are there any other announcements before we end the meeting?
 340 04:00:35 * ianorlin has nothing more
 341 04:01:42 <nhaines> Me either.  Alrighty, I'd like to thank everyone for attending tonight!
 342 04:01:50 <nhaines> Let's get on the ML and continue being awesome.  :)
 343 04:01:52 <nhaines> #endmeeting

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