Sunday, October 18th, 2015, 7:00pm (1900) PT


  1. Upcoming events
  2. Announcements
  3. Ubuntu California team reverification

  4. Ubucon Summit at SCaLE 14X

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   4  02:00:12 <nhaines> Welcome to tonight's Ubuntu California team meeting.
   5  02:00:20 <nhaines> The agenda can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15October18
   6  02:00:20 <darthrobot`> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15October18 - Ubuntu Wiki]
   7  02:00:32 <nhaines> Before we begin, can we get a show of hands to see who's here?
   8  02:00:48 <george_> George Mulak here
   9  02:02:07 <nhaines> Okay, we have two very important agenda items today.
  10  02:02:17 <nhaines> Before we get to that...
  11  02:02:21 <nhaines> #topic Upcoming events
  12  02:02:31 <nhaines> Does anyone have any upcoming events they'd like to talk about?
  13  02:03:08 <george_> We're going to talk about SCaLE booth, yes?
  14  02:03:15 <nhaines> Later, yes.
  15  02:03:20 <george_> OK
  16  02:03:58 <nhaines> I haven't heard about the 15.10 release party up in San Francisco lately.  Hopefully it's all working out.
  17  02:04:21 <nhaines> #topic Announcements
  18  02:04:31 <nhaines> Does anyone want to announce anything before we move on to the main agenda items?
  19  02:05:58 <george_> I am petitioning for money to remodel the computer lab featuring Ubuntu in HB
  20  02:06:38 <ianorlin> HB means?
  21  02:06:44 <nhaines> ianorlin: Huntington Beach.
  22  02:07:07 <george_> So sorry, Huntington Beach.  I am part of a lab there
  23  02:07:10 <nhaines> That's good news.  Check Microcenter for inexpensive, refurbished office machines that ought to handle Ubuntu just fine.
  24  02:07:23 <george_> Thanks.
  25  02:07:29 <nhaines> At this point I'd probably recommend Ubuntu 15.10 with a planned 16.04 LTS upgrade.
  26  02:07:47 <nhaines> Reasoning: http://www.nhaines.com/blog/2014/01/03/which-version-of-ubuntu-do-i-install/
  27  02:07:47 <darthrobot`> Title: [Which version of Ubuntu do I install? | Nathan Haines]
  28  02:07:48 <george_> Thanks, good idea
  29  02:08:42 <nhaines> Keep us informed.  :)
  30  02:08:54 <george_> Will do.  I am pretty excited.
  31  02:08:58 <nhaines> In other news, Ubuntu 15.10 will be released on Thursday, October 22nd.
  32  02:09:22 <nhaines> So that's coming up this week.
  33  02:09:45 <nhaines> #topic Ubuntu California LoCo reverification application
  34  02:10:07 <nhaines> It's been two years since the LoCo Council last reviewed Ubuntu California, so that means we're up for review again to keep "verified" status.
  35  02:10:47 <nhaines> This is important because it signifies a sustained contribution to the Ubuntu project, and allows us to receive funding and swag for events.
  36  02:11:02 <george_> Can you refresh my memory about that process, please?
  37  02:11:05 <nhaines> The reverification application is availble here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ReVerificationApplication2015
  38  02:11:05 <darthrobot`> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/ReVerificationApplication2015 - Ubuntu Wiki]
  39  02:11:17 <george_> OK, thanks.
  40  02:11:28 <nhaines> The full process is outlined here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/TeamVerificationGuidelines
  41  02:11:28 <darthrobot`> Title: [LoCoCouncil/TeamVerificationGuidelines - Ubuntu Wiki]
  42  02:11:58 <nhaines> Reverification is more of a health check to make sure we're on track and continuing to be active.
  43  02:12:27 <ianorlin> is there a reason that the google+ page is not listed
  44  02:12:45 <nhaines> ianorlin: because I don't know about it.  Feel free to add it.
  45  02:13:16 <nhaines> The next Local Community Council meeting is on Tuesday, and I've added it to their agenda here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda
  46  02:13:16 <darthrobot`> Title: [LoCoCouncil/Agenda - Ubuntu Wiki]
  47  02:14:46 <george_> iamorlin:  Can you help with the navigation to google+ page?  Please?
  48  02:15:12 <nhaines> I'm on the LoCo Council, but I will abstain from the vote on our team.
  49  02:16:13 <nhaines> Does anybody have any questions about the process?
  50  02:16:54 <ianorlin> https://plus.google.com/u/0/113937347200810618664/about is the page
  51  02:16:54 <darthrobot`> [R: plus.google.com] Title: [Ubuntu California - About - Google+]
  52  02:16:55 <george_> I'll be the dummy here I guess.  Vote for what exactly.  I haven't had time to read the process
  53  02:17:12 <george_> Thank you darthrobot
  54  02:17:31 <nhaines> After a LoCo team has been verified as active, the LoCo Council does a health check every 2 years to ensure that it has remained active.
  55  02:17:57 <nhaines> On Tuesday, the LoCo Council will vote to determine whether Ubuntu California should remain a verified active LoCo team.
  56  02:17:58 <ianorlin> so it is like renewing drivers license but every two years
  57  02:18:05 <nhaines> Something like that, yes.
  58  02:18:39 <george_> I see.  That is good.
  59  02:18:40 <nhaines> Verified teams qualify for more comprehensive conference packs, which is really about the only difference between verified and unverified teams.
  60  02:19:20 <george_> Well we seem pretty active with SCaLE and Ubuntu hours and releases....
  61  02:19:50 <nhaines> I'd like to see us more active with release parties.  But maybe we can talk to SGVLUG about that.  They're going pretty strong.  :)
  62  02:20:01 <nhaines> Anyway, I don't anticipate any issues.
  63  02:20:35 <nhaines> Any other questions?
  64  02:20:37 <george_> Do you thing San Gabriel LUG will do them?
  65  02:20:50 <george_> The releases that is?
  66  02:21:30 <nhaines> I think they might.  They meet monthly anyway, so I'm sure they won't mind a presentation on the new Ubuntu features.  Especially since 16.04 LTS should have some cool convergence stuff to look forward towards 16.10.
  67  02:21:53 <nhaines> I'll talk to OCLUG, too, but I expect to have another release party and installfest for 16.04 LTS too.
  68  02:22:02 <george_> That is great news!  I'll have to be more active with them.
  69  02:22:10 <jbermudes> We have a strong contingency of SGVLUG members that meet every month before the meeting to hold an Ubuntu Hour
  70  02:22:11 <nhaines> I haven't mentioned this to them yet, but they've always been up for it.  :)
  71  02:22:41 <nhaines> jbermudes: that's right, and that could be a nice release party even if SGVLUG itself isn't.
  72  02:22:42 <george_> I didn't realize that.  Have you been going up there?
  73  02:23:05 <nhaines> That Pasadena Ubuntu Hour is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.  :)
  74  02:23:48 <george_> nhaines:  when does the pasadena ubuntu hour happen?
  75  02:23:48 <ianorlin> It is a bit of a drive for me might be hard to get buy in from my dad
  76  02:24:49 <nhaines> george_: second Tuesday of each month, from 6-7pm.
  77  02:24:50 <george_> iamorlin:  give me a shout out, perhaps we can work somnething out and you can tag along
  78  02:25:08 <jbermudes> george_: Yes. Me and Richard Gaskin are both members of SGVLUG and started the Ubuntu Hour as a sort of pre-game to the main attraction of whatever's happening at SGVLUG that night
  79  02:25:12 <george_> nhaines:  thanks.
  80  02:26:30 <george_> jbermudes:  cool, good job!
  81  02:26:38 <nhaines> Any other questions about the reverification process?
  82  02:27:18 <george_> Not right now.
  83  02:28:32 <nhaines> #topic Ubucon Summit at SCaLE 14X
  84  02:28:56 <nhaines> Okay, plans are well underway for SCaLE 14X.
  85  02:29:30 <nhaines> We might be getting more booth space, and I'm working with Canonical to provide Snappy Ubuntu Core-powered devices to fill up that extra space.
  86  02:29:53 <nhaines> We will hopefully also be showcasing phones and some of the newer capabilities there as well.
  87  02:30:04 <george_> Cool.  Which devices?
  88  02:30:34 <nhaines> Raspberry Pi 2s, hopefully some kind of robot or drone...
  89  02:30:38 <ianorlin> With it not being directly at a hotel could this create problems for booth setup
  90  02:31:00 <nhaines> Michael Hall said he wasn't sure he couldn't get one of GE's refrigerators, but if they do I said we should stock it with Ubuntu Cola to give out.
  91  02:31:18 <ianorlin> how are we going to move one of those?
  92  02:31:18 <nhaines> We were mostly joking but it would be as cool as it was funny, so we'll see how that worked out.
  93  02:31:27 <nhaines> They are mini fridges.
  94  02:31:45 <george_> They have a dock
  95  02:32:10 <nhaines> The venue will deal with all of that.  And setting up the booth shouldn't be any more trouble that it already is anyway.
  96  02:32:16 <nhaines> Should be the exact same process.
  97  02:32:36 <nhaines> Maybe a little easier, since this is the Pasadena Convention Center's only reason for existence.
  98  02:33:12 <nhaines> Ubucon Summit is also expanding to be a two-day event with two separate tracks.
  99  02:33:43 <george_> Very exciting
 100  02:34:00 <nhaines> We'll have a mass audience keynote talk for each day, and then a community track and a developer track.
 101  02:34:40 <george_> Great!
 102  02:34:47 <nhaines> Canonical is endorsing Ubuntu Summit as an official Ubuntu developer event and is sending key Ubuntu developers to attend for the developer unconference tracks, and will be sponsoring Ubuntu community members as well.
 103  02:35:18 <nhaines> Richard and I are still working hard to line up speakers, although we already have some promising community members.
 104  02:35:43 <nhaines> The theme for Ubucon Summit at SCaLE 14X will be the future of Ubuntu, and I'll be giving a talk directly after the opening keynote on that topic.
 105  02:35:48 <george_> Sounds good.
 106  02:36:09 <nhaines> But we've locked in Thursday's opening keynote speaker, thanks to philipballew approaching him earlier this year.
 107  02:36:24 <george_> Any idea on who is doing the keynotes yet?
 108  02:36:42 <nhaines> The main Ubucon announcement will hapen this week, but since Ubuntu California is helping out with Ubucon, you all get to hear it early.
 109  02:36:57 <nhaines> Mark Shuttleworth will be giving the opening keynote for Ubucon Summit at SCaLE 14X.
 110  02:37:10 <philipballew> nhaines, I only had to hold him down for a few minutes before he agreed.
 111  02:37:24 <george_> Wow!  That is great news!
 112  02:37:29 <nhaines> philipballew: that's what he gets for not having his cadre of bodyguards near at hand.  :)
 113  02:37:40 <george_> philipballew: is lurking lurking!  :-)
 114  02:37:43 <jbermudes> philipballew: Did you have to prefix your request with sudo?
 115  02:37:58 <philipballew> sudo come speak at scale
 116  02:38:00 <nhaines> jbermudes: no, because Canonical already has root on every Ubuntu box.
 117  02:38:18 <jbermudes> nhaines: Good point!
 118  02:38:23 <philipballew> I actually had to start his speaking process with systemd jbermudes
 119  02:38:45 <george_> philipballew:  funny.
 120  02:38:47 <nhaines> So Ubucon will be pre-scheduled talks on Thursday, and then a keynote or two on Friday followed by unconference sessions.
 121  02:39:11 <nhaines> Although I think the developer track might do unconference stuff Thursday, too, but the Canonical guys enjoy the talks too, so we'll see.
 122  02:39:41 <george_> When will this be publicly announced?
 123  02:40:02 <nhaines> We're also working with Canonical to sponsor a pre-Ubucon get together Wednesday night as well as another get together Thursday night.  (SCaLE will host their own get together Friday night).
 124  02:40:26 <philipballew> so many get-togethers
 125  02:40:26 <nhaines> Specifically, we're working on getting sponsored drink tickets.  So stay tuned.  :)
 126  02:40:47 <philipballew> nhaines, was it true that all these parties are at your house?
 127  02:40:56 <nhaines> This being a mini-UDS-style official Ubuntu summit, socialization is important, and then the unconference sessions can be business.
 128  02:41:12 <nhaines> philipballew: no, but it is true that I offered to collect any unused drink tickets and take care of them to... prevent litter.
 129  02:41:29 <philipballew> your are such a good person nhaines
 130  02:41:47 <nhaines> I do what I can!
 131  02:41:59 <nhaines> george_: David Planella was going to write up the announcement for us.
 132  02:42:24 <jbermudes> And for the sake of everyone coming in from out of town, Richard Gaskin is looking around to find someplace close to the venue, hopefully within walking distance
 133  02:42:56 <jbermudes> But if you know of anywhere nice in the Pasadena area, feel free to PM me after the meeting
 134  02:43:14 <philipballew> nhaines, I think that it would be good to make up a advertisement, maybe online, or a print off and different people in each part of the state can hand it our at their lugs.
 135  02:43:28 <philipballew> or some marketing
 136  02:43:30 <nhaines> And I can report that Richard and I have been meeting with SCaLE and Canonical for weekly planning calls, and SCaLE and Canonical have been incredibly helpful.
 137  02:43:59 <nhaines> philipballew: I think that'd be a fantastic idea.  Can you do some work in that area?  Maybe post to the mailing list or to the wiki page and get things started?
 138  02:44:43 <philipballew> nhaines, sure. I will email the list and ask for some help with that from people who can help with each of their lugs. Also we have a list of lugs in the state we can use.
 139  02:44:47 <nhaines> We're also going to need to look at ubucon.org.  I think that we want to migrate its contents to a Django and Symposion base, so we could use help with web development and design.
 140  02:44:57 <philipballew> there are plenty of lugs that none of us go to.
 141  02:45:08 <philipballew> an example is the lug in Fresno that is a good size
 142  02:45:11 <george_> philipballew:  Yes, thank you Phillip, cool.  Contact me and I will help as I can to call, etc.
 143  02:45:30 <philipballew> george_, perfect. Lets try to see what we can do
 144  02:45:40 <george_> philipballew:  Let's make a list and split it up even steven, OK?
 145  02:45:42 <nhaines> And Ubucon is part of SCaLE, so it should be on-topic for any LUG.
 146  02:46:06 <philipballew> yeah. I think on our wiki we have a lug list
 147  02:46:15 <philipballew> let me doubble check to see how out of date it is
 148  02:46:28 <nhaines> I'll be mirroring the official announcement on the Ubuntu California, OCLUG, and SGVLUG mailing lists once it's published.
 149  02:46:43 <george_> philipballew:  OK, please let me know.  Use the tierratek email address, OK/
 150  02:46:52 <nhaines> So keep an eye out for further information, and remember that Mark Shuttleworth's apperance has not been officially announced.
 151  02:47:22 <george_> Shhhhh!   :-)   LOL, like that will be a secret long.
 152  02:47:41 <nhaines> I'll have you know I've only told 5 people.  :)
 153  02:47:53 <george_> :-)
 154  02:48:37 <nhaines> Okay, so plenty of long term plans underway.  Hopefully a few things to chew on before then, like Ubucon publicity and web dev stuff.
 155  02:48:45 <nhaines> #topic Other business
 156  02:49:04 <nhaines> Does anybody else have something to add before we wrap this meeting up?
 157  02:49:44 <jbermudes> I suppose since the topic of SGVLUG came up earlier I should just go ahead and mention it:
 158  02:49:59 <philipballew> nhaines, we have a lot of lugs if we want to reach them all.
 159  02:50:07 <philipballew> but those can be yours I guess?
 160  02:50:11 <jbermudes> The SGVLUG is celebrating it's 20th anniversary on November 14th in Pasadena!
 161  02:50:45 <jbermudes> And so we're throwing a party and inviting anyone in the socal area to celebrate with us
 162  02:50:45 <nhaines> philipballew: those are the only ones I'm active or semi-active in, and they are the closest ones to SCALE itself.
 163  02:51:01 <george_> jbermudes:  That's news!  What are they going to do?
 164  02:51:09 <philipballew> la has a solid lug to right?
 165  02:51:10 <nhaines> jbermudes: The event looks like a lot of fun!  I'm not certain I'm going to be able to make it, which makes me sad!
 166  02:51:16 <nhaines> philipballew: none I'm aware of.
 167  02:51:36 <nhaines> http://www.sgvlug.org/2015/11/14/twentieth-anniversary/
 168  02:51:36 <darthrobot`> Title: [Twentieth Anniversary - SGVLUG]
 169  02:51:49 <jbermudes> LA has a fragmented history of LUGs. They sort of start up and then go idle every few years, which makes SGVLUG's 20th something to be proud of :)
 170  02:52:01 <nhaines> Haha, definitely!
 171  02:52:06 <philipballew> ucla has a god one
 172  02:52:13 <philipballew> good
 173  02:52:17 <nhaines> philipballew: sounds divine.
 174  02:52:33 <philipballew> oh, its very divine
 175  02:52:39 <george_> nhaines:  groooaann
 176  02:52:58 <jbermudes> RSVPs are required since we need a headcount for food, but feel free to sign up at our eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sgvlug-20th-anniversary-party-tickets-18956875525
 177  02:52:58 <darthrobot`> Title: [SGVLUG 20th Anniversary Party Tickets, Pasadena | Eventbrite]
 178  02:53:04 <philipballew> BOOM! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UserGroupContacts/Groups
 179  02:53:04 <darthrobot`> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UserGroupContacts/Groups - Ubuntu Wiki]
 180  02:53:17 <nhaines> Assuming they arrive this week like they're supposed to, I'll be providing signed copies of my book to SGVLUG to raffle off at their 20th anniversary party.  :)
 181  02:54:15 <jbermudes> Yes, I hope so too. Ubuntu has played a big part in the revitalization and growth of SGVLUG so we'd be happy to host Ubuntu LoCo members :)
 182  02:55:17 <nhaines> I look forward to getting out there again to talk, whenever that ends up happening.  :)
 183  02:55:20 <jbermudes> We actually help run the SCALE A/V team and most of the machines run Xubuntu IIRC.
 184  02:55:38 <nhaines> Ooh, I didn't know you guys used Xubuntu.
 185  02:55:58 <jbermudes> It's in those machines in each room that run the projectors
 186  02:56:39 <nhaines> I'm sure you'll be excited to see how the Pasadena Convention Center works out.  :)
 187  02:56:41 <ianorlin> well I don't like parking at ucla
 188  02:56:51 <nhaines> Okay, anything else before we wrap this meeting up?
 189  02:57:53 * ianorlin has nothing
 190  02:58:07 <george_> george_ has nothing
 191  02:58:10 <nhaines> In that case, I'll see everyone at our next meeting on November 1st at 7pm PST, because Daylight Savings Time ends that day.
 192  02:58:19 <nhaines> Happy Halloween, everyone!
 193  02:58:21 <nhaines> #endmeeting 

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