Sunday, March 6th, 2016, 7:00pm (1900) PT


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  3. Initial feedback/evaluation of Meetup.com group so far (pleia2)

    1. How it worked for UbuCon Summit and related SCALE14x events

    2. How it's working in general as a team resource
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   4  03:00:20 <pleia2> #chair ianorlin nhaines
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   6  03:00:48 <pleia2> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/16March06
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   8  03:00:51 <pleia2> that's the agenda for this evening
   9  03:00:57 <pleia2> #topic Upcoming events
  10  03:01:22 <pleia2> it appears the only thing we have coming up is the Ubuntu Hour in SF that I announced on list today
  11  03:01:28 <pleia2> http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/3328-ubuntu-hour-san-francisco/
  12  03:01:28 <darthrobot> Title: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]
  13  03:01:37 <nhaines> _o/
  14  03:01:53 <ianorlin> well also keep in mind next month is April
  15  03:02:06 <pleia2> ianorlin: already? x_x
  16  03:02:17 <pleia2> so hopefully we will have release parties soon
  17  03:02:39 <pleia2> I will chat with nhandler this week to see if Yelp can host again
  18  03:03:14 <pleia2> for reference, release day is April 21st
  19  03:03:28 <pleia2> I will actually be in town (only barely)
  20  03:03:37 <caballero> I am planning with the help of Phil to plan an ubuntu hour in the San Diego area...planning on perhaps the best time would around the release of 16.10
  21  03:03:54 <caballero> we are very excited....:-D
  22  03:04:00 <pleia2> caballero: great :)
  23  03:04:08 <pleia2> sometimes there are doughnuts at those ubuntu hours, I am jealous
  24  03:04:33 <nhaines> Release day is my bithday this year.  :D
  25  03:04:40 <pleia2> nhaines: woo, nice birthday
  26  03:04:51 <pleia2> #topic Announcements
  27  03:05:00 <pleia2> beyond events, anyone have any announcements?
  28  03:06:06 <caballero> Sorry...just noticed a typo...should've been 16.04
  29  03:06:15 <nhaines> caballero: sounds even better.  :)
  30  03:06:45 <nhaines> I think the next Ubuntu phone OTA is end of March, and that should have some really nice convergence features.
  31  03:07:01 <nhaines> Which means the bq MX10 tablet shouldn't be terribly far behind.  Will be exciting times.
  32  03:07:27 <pleia2> yeah, as they have been calling it the first convergence device
  33  03:08:09 <caballero> FYI: ubuntu user magazine is due 3/25/2016 for the USA
  34  03:08:54 <pleia2> how often is that released these days? quarterly?
  35  03:09:03 <caballero> every 4 months
  36  03:09:14 <pleia2> aha
  37  03:09:35 <pleia2> alright, we can move on from announcements
  38  03:09:38 <pleia2> #topic Initial feedback/evaluation of Meetup.com group so far
  39  03:09:45 <pleia2> #subtopic How it worked for UbuCon Summit and related SCALE14x events
  40  03:10:02 <pleia2> so I think this was sub-optimal
  41  03:10:09 <pleia2> everyone had to join the loco in order to rsvp :(
  42  03:10:17 <pleia2> that was lots of people from all over the world
  43  03:10:36 <pleia2> and meetup doesn't seem to allow people to join an event and not the group (unless I'm missing a setting)
  44  03:10:41 <nhaines> It isn't very tidy, administratively.
  45  03:11:09 <nhaines> I believe that's true.  Meetup is designed for groups to be topics of interests, not actual groups.
  46  03:11:25 <nhaines> At least, that's the focus.
  47  03:11:53 <pleia2> I did hear some grumbling about having to join for it, and some people just didn't bother (came to the events anyway)
  48  03:13:07 <ianorlin> yeah I don't really like meetup that way
  49  03:13:30 <pleia2> any other feedback from how it worked for these events?
  50  03:13:40 <caballero> I was getting anywhere form 4 to 7 invitations on a daily basis while Scale 14x
  51  03:14:03 <pleia2> caballero: for ubuntu california things, or meetup being spammy in general?
  52  03:14:10 <ianorlin> I think the turning in the everpad notes at unconfrence events did not work the best
  53  03:14:37 <nhaines> I thought it was interesting to see what other groups people belonged to who joined the Ubuntu California group.
  54  03:14:51 <pleia2> ianorlin: talking about meetup :)
  55  03:15:11 <nhaines> And it did seem like it gave UbuCon Summit some exposure.
  56  03:15:22 <ianorlin> yeah and then I think they might still be getting notificatoins about like say the new ubuntu hour
  57  03:15:26 <nhaines> I think this will be beneficial for future events.
  58  03:15:31 <ianorlin> which kind of does not help when you are that far away
  59  03:15:36 <pleia2> yeah, meetup does help with exposure (I'll get to that in the next subtopic)
  60  03:16:01 <pleia2> which seems we're kind of in anyway
  61  03:16:04 <pleia2> #subtopic How it's working in general as a team resource
  62  03:16:05 <caballero> both: in general it was for everything going on in Scale 14x..and ubuntu too like the party Mark through for the ubuntu community
  63  03:17:01 <pleia2> I got a complaint from a member in Pasadena about how the SF Ubuntu Hour was too far away http://www.meetup.com/Ubuntu-California/events/228693398/
  64  03:17:01 <darthrobot> [403] Title: [Attention Required! | CloudFlare]
  65  03:17:10 <pleia2> heh, bot
  66  03:17:23 <pleia2> so meetup is also really not designed for states
  67  03:17:32 <ianorlin> pleia2: +1
  68  03:17:40 <pleia2> I am sure all you socal people are annoyed at my monthly SF events
  69  03:18:01 <nhaines> Doesn't bother me.  I'm quite adept at deleting Meetup emails now.  :)
  70  03:18:11 <pleia2> lol
  71  03:18:30 <pleia2> also, most of our members are from socal
  72  03:18:36 <pleia2> I think that's because the location is set as Los Angeles
  73  03:18:38 <nhaines> And one person did seem to be happy to know that there are Ubuntu Hours up there.  So that was kind of nice.
  74  03:18:42 <ianorlin> pleia2: less annoying than component mismatches from main that have reverse dependcies in main emails
  75  03:18:51 <pleia2> it's exciting when I see someone join the group who is bay area
  76  03:19:36 <pleia2> but we have seen a slight uptick in attendance of Ubuntu Hours here since posting on meetup too, so it is getting to *some* of the right people :)
  77  03:19:44 <nhaines> That's good news.  :)
  78  03:19:59 <nhaines> I wish we had more group events.  That would definitely make Meetup.com more useful.
  79  03:20:05 <pleia2> yeah
  80  03:20:07 <ianorlin> Yeah meetup tends to give sometimes events you can't go to
  81  03:20:13 <pleia2> need to make richard add pasadena events
  82  03:20:32 <ianorlin> or have someone that can add them once they are announced
  83  03:20:45 <pleia2> are they announced somewher?
  84  03:20:51 <ianorlin> I don't know
  85  03:20:58 <ianorlin> but yeah that would be helpful
  86  03:21:06 <caballero> meetup is very useful to spread the word....at least is the impression i get....
  87  03:21:28 <nhaines> pleia2: that's right, actually, I do need to do that.  Although I think they're announced on the SGVLUG Meetup group.
  88  03:21:36 <pleia2> nhaines: ah :)
  89  03:21:48 <pleia2> just have him Cc: our list!
  90  03:22:13 <pleia2> anyway
  91  03:22:24 <ianorlin> it spreads the word but sometimes to people that can't come because it is too long; can't commute
  92  03:22:46 <pleia2> I'm kind of meh on meetup, it has gotten 1-2 more people at our Ubuntu Hours, and it'll be interesting to see how/if it helps our release party
  93  03:22:52 <pleia2> but it's got a lot of annoying things
  94  03:23:22 <nhaines> That's about my feeling, too.  I do think that UbuCon Summit was a great way to jumpstart the group membership.
  95  03:23:37 <nhaines> So I think that will make the group much more useful than it otherwise would have been.
  96  03:23:42 * pleia2 nods
  97  03:23:45 <ianorlin> +1
  98  03:24:25 <pleia2> ok, any other thoughts?
  99  03:24:45 <pleia2> I didn't really expect an action item out of this, I'll keep crossposting events to meetup and loco.u.c
 100  03:25:05 <nhaines> I think it was good to look back and see how it's beginning to shape up.  Good timing on this.
 101  03:26:02 <pleia2> #topic Any other business
 102  03:26:13 <pleia2> anything else?
 103  03:26:40 <pleia2> I'll be in the wrong part of the planet again for our next meeting
 104  03:27:36 <pleia2> should keep an eye on the loco mailing list for when they start talking about release parties though
 105  03:27:51 <ianorlin> pleia2: +1
 106  03:28:08 <pleia2> someone asked in the locoteams channel for them to add the release party event to loco.u.c, but it looks like that hasn't been done yet
 107  03:28:09 <nhaines> Sounds good to me.
 108  03:28:09 <caballero> pleia2: as we get closer to our announcement for the ubuntu hour in SD I will emailing you...so expect emails from luis.r.caballero@cox.net
 109  03:28:22 <pleia2> caballero: ok :)
 110  03:30:16 <pleia2> alright, looks like we can wrap this up
 111  03:30:20 <pleia2> thanks for coming, everyone
 112  03:30:26 <nhaines> \o/
 113  03:30:32 <pleia2> #endmeeting

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