Sunday, January 8th, 2017, 7:00pm (1900) PT


  1. Upcoming events
  2. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu California leadership election discussion

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  • Draft a single leader adjustment to our leadership doc and put the amendment to the mailing list for discussion.
    • For: 4 Against: 0 Abstained: 0

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   9  03:00:45 <nhaines> Hi everyone, and welcome to the January 8th meeting of the California Ubuntu Local Community Team!
  10  03:00:51 <nhaines> Happy new year to everyone, of course.  :)
  11  03:00:57 <pleia2> happy new year :)
  12  03:01:25 <nhaines> I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is currently making peace with their normal work schedule again.  :)
  13  03:01:33 <nhaines> Tonight's agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/17January08
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  15  03:02:18 <nhaines> #topic Upcoming events
  16  03:02:30 <nhaines> Are there any upcoming events happening in the next couple of weeks?
  17  03:03:20 <pleia2> https://www.meetup.com/Ubuntu-California/events/236431693/
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  19  03:03:29 <pleia2> heh, that's for an Ubuntu Hour in Pasadena on the 12th
  20  03:03:51 <nhaines> They have great Ubuntu Hours.  :)
  21  03:04:23 <nhaines> I'd go more if the traffic timing was better!
  22  03:05:04 <nhaines> Okay, that's one to keep an eye on.  And if anyone's sad that there are no Ubuntu Hours near them, it's never a wrong time to start a new one.  :)
  23  03:05:15 <nhaines> #topic Announcements
  24  03:05:27 <nhaines> Before we go on to our agenda items does anyone have any announcements?
  25  03:06:22 <pleia2> nothing from me
  26  03:07:11 <nhaines> Alrighty.  We should be ramping up SCALE planning full-speed ahead.  Next meeting is Thursday, so I suspect there will be more to talk about next meeting.
  27  03:07:17 <nhaines> #topic Agenda
  28  03:07:30 <lynorian> ok nhaines
  29  03:07:36 <nhaines> The topic of tonight's agenda is the Ubuntu California leadership elections.
  30  03:08:31 <nhaines> There was only one nomination offered during the nomination period, for three seats.
  31  03:08:43 <lynorian> oops I forgot
  32  03:09:38 <nhaines> We've had trouble finding enough people for an actual election for years.  Last year there were only 3 nominees.
  33  03:10:21 <nhaines> There are a couple of possible explanations, but I want to put two forward.
  34  03:11:00 <nhaines> 1. Running the nomination and voting period through December and the various winter holidays is a terribad time to run leadership elections.
  35  03:11:48 <nhaines> 2. There may not be enough LoCo activity to support a three-person leadership council--this was an experiment that was externally imposed on the LoCo some years ago.
  36  03:12:29 <nhaines> I'm open to other possibilities, too.  And we should try to decide how we're going to move forward for the short-term future.
  37  03:13:21 <pleia2> since this happens every year and we've done them earlier (november) I'm inclined to think it's mostly #2
  38  03:13:33 <pleia2> if you look at the number of active people in the LoCo hosting events, it's quite low
  39  03:14:08 <pleia2> and the folks who do the ones in SD and Pasadena aren't super involved with day to day running of things (though they do great work in running what they do)
  40  03:14:26 <lynorian> Yeah I think it might be #2
  41  03:14:38 <nhaines> I'm inclined to agree.
  42  03:14:46 <dax> my impression is #2 also, as someone who hasn't really been involved in the day-to-day but has been watching from afar
  43  03:15:07 <dax> (mailing list archive, irclogs, etc.)
  44  03:15:18 <nhaines> And a good LoCo exists to let people be super awesome at day-to-day running of things and not necessarily have to worry about the entire state.
  45  03:16:57 <nhaines> Before the leadership council, the single leadership position was there to sort of coordinate or moderate as necessary, and any member was free to step up if they wanted.  Run a meeting, run an event, etc.
  46  03:17:06 <nhaines> That hasn't changed with a leadership council.
  47  03:17:24 <lynorian> Yes nhaines
  48  03:17:40 <lynorian> what happens if someone ends up just suddenly having no time
  49  03:18:05 <pleia2> maybe we just need a vice president ;)
  50  03:18:08 <lynorian> that is what I would worry about with only one person
  51  03:18:32 <nhaines> Then per the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, they let others know, and others can step in temporarily or more permanently, as needed.
  52  03:18:45 <dax> add a process to call an election midyear due to inactivity?
  53  03:18:45 <dax> or lack-of-time-ity
  54  03:20:15 <nhaines> If there were a serious problem, the LoCo Council could assist.
  55  03:20:49 <nhaines> But since anyone can update the wiki and the LoCo contact handles requests for event supplies via Canonical, the impact would be pretty minimal.
  56  03:20:57 <pleia2> yeah, I'm inclined away from too many processes
  57  03:21:03 <pleia2> right
  58  03:22:10 <nhaines> Me too.  Processes can be added as needed.
  59  03:23:07 <pleia2> so, shall we draft a single leader adjustment to our leadership doc and put it to the list for discussion?
  60  03:23:31 <nhaines> I like that idea.
  61  03:23:42 <dax> i note that the election process could be adjusted to pick one to three leaders based on how many get above a "no confidence" line
  62  03:23:50 <dax> i don't care between 1-3 and 1 tho
  63  03:24:51 <nhaines> I propose that the current leadership team remain in place until we draft an adjustment to the leadership doc and timely elections are completed.
  64  03:25:11 <lynorian> nhaines, makes sense
  65  03:25:15 <pleia2> wfm
  66  03:25:52 <pleia2> dax: that could work too
  67  03:26:06 <nhaines> I'd also like to not make things too crazy before SCALE, but elections have never had an impact on that anyway.
  68  03:26:15 <pleia2> yeah
  69  03:26:29 <nhaines> Okay, let's make it official.
  70  03:26:56 <nhaines> #vote Draft a single leader adjustment to our leadership doc and put the amendment to the mailing list for discussion.
  71  03:26:56 <darthrobot> Please vote on: Draft a single leader adjustment to our leadership doc and put the amendment to the mailing list for discussion.
  72  03:26:56 <darthrobot> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
  73  03:27:10 <nhaines> +1
  74  03:27:10 <darthrobot> +1 received from nhaines
  75  03:27:31 <pleia2> +1
  76  03:27:31 <darthrobot> +1 received from pleia2
  77  03:28:52 <pleia2> lynorian?
  78  03:28:56 <pleia2> dax?
  79  03:29:05 <lynorian> +1
  80  03:29:05 <darthrobot> +1 received from lynorian
  81  03:29:10 <dax> +1
  82  03:29:10 <darthrobot> +1 received from dax
  83  03:31:35 <pleia2> I think that's everyone who is around :)
  84  03:31:57 <nhaines> #endvote
  85  03:31:57 <darthrobot> Voting ended on: Draft a single leader adjustment to our leadership doc and put the amendment to the mailing list for discussion.
  86  03:31:57 <darthrobot> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
  87  03:31:57 <darthrobot> Motion carried
  88  03:32:23 <nhaines> Okay, so that's what we'll do.  We'll figure out a voting schedule once we have something that the LoCo likes.
  89  03:32:33 * pleia2 nods
  90  03:32:38 <nhaines> Any other thoughts on the situation?
  91  03:33:01 * lynorian does not have anything
  92  03:33:02 <pleia2> I will say I probably can't work on this much, just started a new job last week (yay, eek) and I'm off to linux.conf.au on wednesday for 10 days, busy busy
  93  03:33:19 <nhaines> Ooh, exciting!
  94  03:33:22 <dax> probably should start the whole process over (including nominations) once amendment is all sorted out
  95  03:33:31 <nhaines> dax: +1
  96  03:33:31 <pleia2> dax: nods
  97  03:33:49 <lynorian> +1
  98  03:35:01 <nhaines> Okay, there's no sense in *rushing* things, but we should have some substantial progress by next meeting.
  99  03:35:24 <nhaines> #topic Other business
 100  03:35:48 <pleia2> I know you said you'll have more news about scale later, but any word on whether we're doing an ubucon?
 101  03:36:25 <nhaines> Yes, Richard and I are working with Canonical and the SCALE team and we will be putting out a call for speakers pretty quickly.
 102  03:36:50 <nhaines> We're finishing up the conference format logistics.
 103  03:37:06 <pleia2> will it be thursday?
 104  03:37:52 <pleia2> the ubucon, not the cfp ;)
 105  03:38:08 <nhaines> Thursday and Friday, as before,  :)
 106  03:38:19 * pleia2 nods
 107  03:38:26 <pleia2> thanks for your work on it
 108  03:38:30 <lynorian> yes last time was good
 109  03:38:58 <nhaines> Thanks!  It was a bit more of a push-start this year but we've got some forward momentum now.  :)
 110  03:39:38 <nhaines> All right, it's a new year!  Snaps are the thing!  Unity 8s are the thing.  Phones are not the thing, but once snaps hit them, then they'll be the thing again!
 111  03:39:45 <pleia2> hehe
 112  03:40:01 <nhaines> So here's to the start of a fascinating new year for Ubuntu and for the LoCo.
 113  03:40:06 <pleia2> :)
 114  03:40:18 <nhaines> The next meeting is January 22nd, 2017.  Take care everyone.  :)
 115  03:40:22 <nhaines> #endmeeting

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