Sunday, July 23rd, 2017, 7:00pm (1900) PT


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Our meetings are held every other Sunday at 7:00pm (19:00) PT / 03:00 UTC in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-us-ca on freenode. All interested people are welcome to join us. For questions or help connecting, check out the InternetRelayChat page or use the Web client linked from the Contact page.

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   5  02:07:59 <nhaines> #chair pleia2
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   7  02:08:23 <nhaines> Hi everyone, and welcome to the July 23rd meeting of the Ubuntu California LoCo Team!
   8  02:08:40 <nhaines> Tonight's agenda can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/17July23
   9  02:08:40 <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/17July23 - Ubuntu Wiki]
  10  02:08:52 <metalbiker> *bows head in reverence* awesome to be here.
  11  02:09:38 <nhaines> An addition to the listed agenda (that will be added in post) is a review of the LoCo leadership election results.
  12  02:09:51 <nhaines> So before we get into all that...
  13  02:09:55 <nhaines> #topic Upcoming events
  14  02:10:09 <nhaines> Are there any Ubuntu events coming up?
  15  02:10:09 <pleia2> nothing up here in norcal
  16  02:10:26 <metalbiker> i've finally got an event/announcement
  17  02:10:45 <pleia2> cool
  18  02:11:10 <nhaines> Tell us about it.  :)
  19  02:11:45 <metalbiker> ok, i'm FINALLY having my very first Ubuntu Hour here in Apple Valley.
  20  02:12:26 <metalbiker> It's going to take place at the Starbucks on Bear Valley Road and Apple Valley, next Saturday at 2pm.
  21  02:12:38 <nhaines> Ooh, I even know where that is.
  22  02:13:04 <nhaines> Congrats!  Is there a scheduled interval for future hours?
  23  02:13:06 <pleia2> metalbiker: great, need some help adding it to our meetup?
  24  02:13:23 <pleia2> we really need it there, so people know about it :)
  25  02:13:52 <metalbiker> Sweet!!! yeah. i'm aiming for one per week on saturday.
  26  02:14:10 <pleia2> anyone who is a member of the meetup can propose one, so do that and one of us admin-folk will approve it
  27  02:14:35 <pleia2> once it's up there you can let the mailing list know :)
  28  02:14:39 <nhaines> Great!  Ubuntu Hours tend to start out a little slowly, but by having a regular and consistent schedule, you can get a good group going before long.  :)
  29  02:15:07 <metalbiker> yes!! i'll need some help adding it to the meetup, please! any help is greatly appreciated.
  30  02:15:20 <pleia2> ok cool, we can do that after the meeting or so
  31  02:15:56 <metalbiker> pleia2: ok, that's cool. that was one of my questions about the mailing list
  32  02:16:06 <nhaines> #topic Announcements
  33  02:16:17 <nhaines> Moving on, are there any community announcements?
  34  02:16:32 <pleia2> there's no automatic announcements from meetup to the mailing list, but some folks on the mailing list won't sign up for meetup.com (proprietary, etc) so it's a good way to loop them in
  35  02:16:50 <pleia2> nothing from me
  36  02:16:56 <metalbiker> ok, cool. but that was all from me.
  37  02:18:14 <nhaines> Ubuntu 17.10 is starting to shape up, and the desktop team has asked for volunteer testers: http://popey.com/blog/posts/ubuntu-artful-desktop-july-shakedown.html
  38  02:18:14 <darthrobot> [R: popey.com] Title: [Ubuntu Artful Desktop July Shakedown | popey.com blog]
  39  02:18:46 <nhaines> Basically, download the ISO, test it out on your own hardware, and file bugs where appropriate, and there are helpful instructions and guidelines in the post.
  40  02:18:47 <metalbiker> yes!! i was thinking about testing it to get my feet wet but i'm still lacking knowledge about how to report bugs.
  41  02:19:11 <metalbiker> i really want to do that.
  42  02:19:25 <nhaines> I'll look for some resources for you about good bug reports.
  43  02:19:45 <metalbiker> ok, that'd be awesome! thank you!
  44  02:19:46 <nhaines> In addition, the Desktop Team wants to know what your favorite default applications are in Ubuntu.  https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/07/21/dustin-kirkland-ubuntu-18-04-lts-desktop-default-application-survey/
  45  02:19:46 <darthrobot> Title: [Dustin Kirkland: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop Default Application Survey | Ubuntu Insights]
  46  02:20:10 <nhaines> I don't think it's so much that they're looking to change them in 17.10, but maybe as things swing around for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
  47  02:20:28 <metalbiker> cool!
  48  02:21:10 <nhaines> The post also has a very intresting list of new changes and features in Ubuntu 17.10 so far.  The minimal image (good for custom projects and containers) is now down to 36 MB!
  49  02:21:27 <nhaines> Okay, that's all the announcements on my end.
  50  02:21:39 <nhaines> #topic Ubuntu California leadership election results
  51  02:22:10 <metalbiker> *drum roll*
  52  02:22:15 <pleia2> #link http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_413c3882f8b22a5d
  53  02:22:15 <darthrobot> Title: [CIVS poll result]
  54  02:22:31 <pleia2> congratulations nhaines :)
  55  02:22:35 <pleia2> thanks for running metalbiker!
  56  02:22:53 <metalbiker> CONGRATS NHAINES!!!! *hugs* good job, brother!!
  57  02:22:58 <pleia2> Private poll (39 authorized voters)
  58  02:22:59 <pleia2> Actual votes cast: 12
  59  02:23:13 <nhaines> metalbiker: thanks for running, and it's going to be great to work with you.  :)
  60  02:23:14 <pleia2> over 25% is actually pretty good for a poll like this
  61  02:23:35 <nhaines> pleia2: thanks so much for setting up and running the poll.  :)
  62  02:23:39 <pleia2> (elections in open source projects tend to be between 10-20%)
  63  02:23:43 <metalbiker> you're welcome!! it was a pleasure to run and i'm looking forward to contributing all i can!
  64  02:24:02 <metalbiker> yes, nhaines!! i look forward to all of this!!
  65  02:24:18 <metalbiker> yes! thank you pleia2! much appreciated!
  66  02:24:51 <nhaines> Being the LoCo leader is a lot of busywork, but it's each and every member who participates that makes the LoCo--and Ubuntu--great.  So I look forward to helping make that easier for our members.  :)
  67  02:25:01 <pleia2> \o/
  68  02:25:15 <metalbiker> awesome!! and i know you'll be awesome at it! \0/
  69  02:25:35 <pleia2> I am no longer a leader \o/
  70  02:26:21 <nhaines> pleia2: don't fool yourself, you're a born leader.  ;)
  71  02:26:26 <pleia2> haha <3
  72  02:26:27 <nhaines> But now it's merely by example!
  73  02:26:29 <nhaines> <3
  74  02:26:39 <metalbiker> <3
  75  02:27:02 <nhaines> Okay, thanks to all who voted in the poll.  :)
  76  02:27:16 <nhaines> #topic Other business
  77  02:27:21 <pleia2> yes, and I'll send an email to the list letting everyone know
  78  02:27:38 <metalbiker> you're welcome!
  79  02:27:52 <pleia2> enjoy this photo from the recent ubuntu hour + debian dinner http://princessleia.com/images/journalpics/072017/ubuntu_hour_debian_dinner_july_2017.jpg
  80  02:27:52 <darthrobot> Content type: [image/jpeg] Size: [184225]
  81  02:28:09 <nhaines> Yay!
  82  02:28:26 <pleia2> I found putting a sign on the table at the coffee shop helps people find us :)
  83  02:28:34 <pleia2> and sometimes ask "what is an ubuntu hour?"
  84  02:28:34 <metalbiker> ahh cool! pics!! i've been wondering if we get to see anything from your hour and dinner!
  85  02:28:37 <pleia2> which is part of the point
  86  02:29:25 <metalbiker> pleia2: that's what I decided to do in light of my first time around and each time. and then continue to work on making a shirt for myself and maybe some more for the other attendees.
  87  02:29:46 <nhaines> Here's a quick rundown from when I was doing Ubuntu Hour: http://www.nhaines.com/ubuntu/hour/
  88  02:29:46 <darthrobot> Title: [Ubuntu Hour Lake Forest]
  89  02:30:05 <pleia2> I like the sign along with the "join us" message because then random people feel welcome too (in SF random people have joined us from time to time)
  90  02:30:36 <pleia2> (of course it IS sf, and we do have roaming ubuntu users everywhere)
  91  02:30:37 <metalbiker> cool! i'll check your info out nhaines. pleia2: i may have to print some more out with that on it.
  92  02:30:57 <nhaines> At mine, we had a guy who wasn't interested past the "this is interesting technology" and "it's all free and you guys just come together because of shared interest?"  But he was there anyway so he would listen in and he'd spread out a little to guarantee our spot.
  93  02:31:14 <metalbiker> gosh, i wish it was like that here. apple valley is...desolate. lol
  94  02:31:15 <pleia2> I'm sure I have the source file somewhere, I'll share it to the team launchpad codebase if I can find it :)
  95  02:31:45 <nhaines> Ubuntu Hours are fun.  :)
  96  02:32:27 <metalbiker> nhaines: lol asking questions but no more budging with it. for the love of humanity! lol
  97  02:32:52 <nhaines> Yup, the best way is to jump in, feet first!
  98  02:33:05 <nhaines> Okay, I think that about wraps it up for this meeting.
  99  02:33:15 <pleia2> yeah
 100  02:33:20 <nhaines> Our next meeting is scheduled for August 6th!
 101  02:33:27 <nhaines> Thanks everyone, for being here.  :)
 102  02:33:31 <nhaines> #endmeeting

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