Sunday, March 19th, 2017, 7:00pm (1900) PT


  1. Upcoming events
  2. Announcements
  3. UbuCon Summit and SCALE 15x post-mortem.

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Hope to see you there!

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   6  02:01:31 <nhaines> Welcome to the Ubuntu California meeting for March 19th, 2017!
   7  02:01:42 <nhaines> Tonight's agenda can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/17March19
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   9  02:02:12 <nhaines> Tonight we're going to take a look back at UbuCon Summit and SCALE 15x.
  10  02:02:16 <nhaines> But before that...
  11  02:02:22 <nhaines> #topic Upcoming events
  12  02:02:36 <nhaines> Are there any upcoming events that anyone would like to announce?
  13  02:03:16 * lynorian has none
  14  02:03:28 <george__> I don't have any right now....
  15  02:04:21 <george__> Is there another Pasadena hour coming up?
  16  02:04:44 <nhaines> Yes, but not until April 13th.  :)
  17  02:05:06 <nhaines> Maybe there will be some more activity after Ubuntu 17.04 is released.
  18  02:05:12 <nhaines> #topic Announcements
  19  02:05:14 <george__> I am sure
  20  02:05:28 <nhaines> Ubuntu 17.04 is scheduled for release on April 13th!
  21  02:05:29 <george__> Are we going to have a release party?
  22  02:06:20 <nhaines> No plans down here at the moment.  pleia2 might know what's going on in the Bay Area.
  23  02:06:39 <nhaines> With SCALE pushed into March now, I think it's a little harder for the usual suspects to handle both.
  24  02:07:33 <george__> You are right, I am sure.
  25  02:08:38 <lynorian> yes nhaines
  26  02:08:50 <nhaines> We have one agenda item tonight.
  27  02:08:59 <nhaines> #topic UbuCon Summit and SCALE 15x post-mortem
  28  02:09:31 <george__> Big topic.  Any particular order?
  29  02:09:50 <nhaines> This month we handled UbuCon Summit and manned the Ubuntu booth at SCALE.  So it's time to take a look at how things went and gather feedback for next time.
  30  02:09:55 <nhaines> Let's take a look at UbuCon Summit first.
  31  02:10:06 <george__> OK
  32  02:10:24 <nhaines> The schedule is available here: http://ubucon.org/en/events/ubucon-summit-us/schedule/
  33  02:10:24 <darthrobot> Title: [Schedule | UbuCon portal]
  34  02:11:52 <nhaines> Our opening keynote was by Carl Richell, the CEO and founder of System 76.  I thought his talk was interesting and was pleased that he chose to make product announcements at the end.
  35  02:12:33 <lynorian> yes that was quite interesting
  36  02:13:16 <george__> Yes, it is always nice.  It makes you feel that the manufacturer cares more about the people than the product
  37  02:13:37 <george__> It feels really good.  Nice to have them onboard
  38  02:14:26 <nhaines> I missed Frank Karlitscheck and Jos Poortvliet's talk about Nextcloud and haven't had a chance to watch the stream, but I did have the chance to chat with them quite a bit and that was really nice.  :)
  39  02:14:57 <george__> That is cool.
  40  02:15:20 <nhaines> Nextcloud and Mycroft graciously donated hardware to the booth so that we could have it on hand.
  41  02:15:21 <george__> I am sorry, I don't know where to find the streams, that would be nice since I missed the 2nd
  42  02:15:42 <george__> That was nice too.  It made it interesting
  43  02:15:56 <lynorian> george__, search southern california linux expo on youtube
  44  02:16:08 <george__> OK, will do.
  45  02:16:16 <nhaines> I don't know if SCALE links the videos to each talk, but they do eventually release them on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/socallinuxexpo
  46  02:16:16 <darthrobot> [R: www.youtube.com] Title: [Southern California Linux Expo - YouTube]
  47  02:16:30 <george__> OK, thanks for that.
  48  02:17:08 <nhaines> It was great to have Amber Graner and pleia2 speak as it always is, and jose was nice enough to fill in for a talk at the last minute.
  49  02:17:48 <george__> Are there other talks that might be helpful also?
  50  02:17:58 <nhaines> On day 2, we had Michael Hall and Sergio Schvezov from Canonical give talks before it all went to unconference sessions.
  51  02:18:20 <nhaines> george__: do you mean topic suggestions?
  52  02:19:16 <george__> Yes, I guess.  As you know it was difficult for me to attend anything else besides the booth.
  53  02:19:30 <george__> But I would like to contribute at some point
  54  02:20:32 <nhaines> Well, if you are giving any talk, you are automatically unscheduled from the booth for that period of time.  :)
  55  02:21:11 <nhaines> We have two tracks: a developer track and a community track, and this year we experimented with more time between them to increase "hallway track" time.
  56  02:21:38 <nhaines> So anything Ubuntu-focused that fits onto either of those two tracks is something we're interested in.
  57  02:21:54 <nhaines> Does anyone have any feedback about the hallway track time or about the unconference sessions?
  58  02:22:09 <george__> OK, I'll work on it as I have a lot of different material.
  59  02:22:34 <nhaines> Shoot me an email later on if you want help.  :)
  60  02:23:10 <george__> OK, thanks.  I sent one a couple of weeks ago and you have been busy, I am sure of it.
  61  02:23:43 <nhaines> I will make a note and get back to you, then!
  62  02:23:58 <nhaines> No feedback about the hallway track time or about the unconference sessions, then?
  63  02:24:04 <george__> I know you will, you are great.
  64  02:24:30 <lynorian> Hallway track was nice
  65  02:24:45 <george__> What was your favorite?
  66  02:27:13 <george__> Lynorian - what did you like about it?
  67  02:27:18 <george__> does that help?
  68  02:27:41 <lynorian> I liked more time to talk to people
  69  02:28:08 <george__> Cool - wish I could have been there, perhaps next year
  70  02:28:35 <nhaines> Richard and I will be chatting about UbuCon Summit again pretty soon, so I'll let him know.
  71  02:28:57 <nhaines> Thursday night we had a part at Porto Allegre again, and it seemed pretty well-attended.
  72  02:29:08 <nhaines> Any thoughts on that one?
  73  02:29:42 <lynorian> Was quite good for the short while I was there again nice to talk to all the people
  74  02:30:20 <george__> I wish I could have been there.
  75  02:30:51 <george__> My plans fell through to get there earlier, but it worked out OK, as you know.
  76  02:31:39 <nhaines> I heard good feedback about it during the show.  It was noticed that we had a few more people there than were at UbuCon, but if we assume the benefit of the doubt, then we could say that some who couldn't attend UbuCon on Thursday but had plans to attend Friday might have been able to make it.
  77  02:32:20 <nhaines> I will say that the Ubuntu Community Donations Fund paid for the party as well as the coffee and pastry service during UbuCon, so thanks to anyone who's donated.
  78  02:32:57 <nhaines> I got to meet the owner of the restaurant, who seemed happy to have us back.  Fingers crossed for next year, too!
  79  02:33:24 <george__> That is good, thank you for the encouragement It is always nice to know where it came from and be made aware.
  80  02:33:47 <george__> Cool.
  81  02:34:00 <nhaines> Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we had a booth at SCALE.  Canonical sponsored the second booth space to give us a double-sized booth, as they've done in the past.
  82  02:34:29 <george__> In a great location also!
  83  02:35:41 <nhaines> System 76, Tierratek, and Linuxcity provided computer systems running Ubuntu to show off, and as mentioned Nextcloud and Mycroft had demo units, too.  I put my Raspberry Pi 2 with the pretty Ubuntu case on the table as well.  And Canonical sent Nexus 4s and a Fairphone 2 running Ubuntu.
  84  02:36:49 <george__> Yes, it was a great promotion for everyone.
  85  02:37:04 <nhaines> And as usual we had some very hard-working volunteers at the booth.  george__, of course, jose, lynorian, Matt Mootz, Ian Santopietro from System 76, stick out immediately in my mind.
  86  02:37:18 <lynorian> yes it was
  87  02:37:19 <george__> My VP at TierraTek was very glad to donate the Fanless system
  88  02:38:10 <george__> It really makes him take more notice that Ubuntu is a real player, which is great -  Thanks for the mention
  89  02:38:10 <nhaines> And Michael, Sergio, Jill Rosenau, and Ted Gould from Canonical also passed through and spent time at the booth.  Nextcloud and Mycroft guys came by occasionally to check in on us and tried not to get stuck at the booth talking to fans, since they had their own booths to attend to as well.  :)
  90  02:40:18 <nhaines> Was there any feedback on the booth or swag?
  91  02:40:55 <george__> It would be nice, of course, to have a little more swag.
  92  02:41:20 <george__> People are still asking about CDs or thumb drives.  I offered to download for them, but no takers
  93  02:41:51 <nhaines> If someone wants to volunteer to have DVDs pressed and packaged, I will sponor the community funds request for that.
  94  02:42:41 <george__> OK, I can do that next year.  It wouldn't be a lot, just a few I am sure
  95  02:42:54 <george__> Some people just had a slow internet connection
  96  02:43:46 <nhaines> Thumb drives are $7.30 a piece, and so Canonical only provides 25 of them.  So we did have them to give away, but we tried to keep them to people who needed them due to download speeds, and not for people who just wanted a souvenir.
  97  02:44:23 <george__> Understood
  98  02:44:25 <nhaines> But we do have a bring-your-own thumbdrive policy.  I had blank DVDs but we had no optical drives to burn them in, I think.
  99  02:44:56 <george__> I had one, I could have brought it out if I had know.
 100  02:45:00 <george__> known
 101  02:45:15 <george__> Sorry  :-(
 102  02:45:42 <lynorian> my laptop had one
 103  02:45:55 <nhaines> We'll look at this in greater detail next year, as I do want to have a solution in place.  When we had CDs or DVDs available, we used to be able to burn variants (flavors, different architectures, etc.) on-demand, but we're a lot more high traffic now.
 104  02:46:19 <nhaines> Other than swag, was there anything we could've done better at the booth?
 105  02:46:19 <george__> Yes, very true.
 106  02:46:39 <george__> It is a very small thing for me, but it would be helpful
 107  02:47:15 <george__> If we could set up the cloths and THEN move the table back it would be helpful to arrange everything, switches and such...
 108  02:47:28 <george__> Please?
 109  02:47:37 <lynorian> george__, agreed from being there
 110  02:48:39 <george__> I would like to bring some twist ties and arrange it better so we aren't struggling when we have to plug and unplug stuff.
 111  02:49:34 <nhaines> If we need access to behind the tables, we can do it with the tables unclothed.  The hard part this time was we were trying to see if using three tablecloths made sense in the first place.
 112  02:50:20 <george__> I think they looked GREAT!  What a nice idea!
 113  02:51:09 <lynorian> Yes they looked great the cable management was a tiny hassle
 114  02:51:25 <nhaines> I think it ended looking really nice.  Better than just two orange Ubuntu tablecloths.  With the banner it's a bit too much orange, but with the silver and purple it worked out.
 115  02:51:33 <nhaines> Cable management is always a hassle.  :)
 116  02:52:06 <george__> Yes it is!  We can make it better.  Wait, that's a TV theam for something...  :-)
 117  02:52:08 <nhaines> I'll try to get earlier notice of what hardware we're going to have next time.  Getting confirmation from donors was really difficult this year.
 118  02:52:36 <nhaines> I appreciate everyone who donated hardware, but it made planning quite stressful.  :)
 119  02:52:39 <george__> Yes, understood - except from me of course!   :-)
 120  02:53:09 <george__> Perhaps I can help more with that next year?
 121  02:53:17 <nhaines> That's a thought!
 122  02:54:02 <nhaines> There were just layers of indirection between the donors and the Community Team and me--it wasn't really anyone's fault.  But we'll start the work for next year in the summer, so we should be much more prepared then.
 123  02:54:17 <nhaines> Any other thoughts about UbuCon Summit and SCALE?
 124  02:54:25 * lynorian has none
 125  02:54:48 <george__> That is a GREAT idea!  I'm in.  I let you know I was going to bring our premier fanless system, and I had things planned, but I had a couple things fall through at the last min ute
 126  02:55:10 <george__> As it turned out for the best.  I was able to pick up the banner and clothes.
 127  02:55:42 <nhaines> george__: ah, I totally forgot about that.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing that.
 128  02:55:44 <george__> table clothes
 129  02:56:08 <george__> No problem.  I would do anything I could to help.
 130  02:56:10 <nhaines> I hurt my knee as I was finishing up packing and was distracted long enough to miss that last trip back to load supplies.
 131  02:56:34 <george__> It happens, that is what community is for.
 132  02:56:49 <nhaines> So the reason we had a booth banner and tablecloth at the booth (without me having to drive 4 hours on Thursday night and miss the party) was because george__ was nice enough to swing a half hour out of his way to grab them.  :)
 133  02:57:31 <george__> Thanks Nathan.  You are more than welcome.  Once again, glad to do it.
 134  02:57:46 <nhaines> Okay, thanks to everyone for your feedback.
 135  02:57:52 <nhaines> #topic Other business
 136  02:57:57 <nhaines> Any other business before we wrap this meeting up?
 137  02:58:32 <george__> I can't think of any right now.
 138  02:59:26 <nhaines> Okay, thanks everyone for attending.  Our next meeting will be Sunday, April 2nd.
 139  02:59:29 * lynorian has none
 140  02:59:29 <nhaines> #endmeeting

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