Sunday, January 14th, 2018, 7:00pm (1900) PT


  1. Upcoming events
    1. Free Culture Showcase
    2. SCALE 16x
  2. Announcements
    1. Spectre and Meltdown security updates

  3. CaliforniaTeam LoCo Re-verification

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Full Log

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   4  03:01:18 <nhaines> Welcome to the Ubuntu California meeting for January 14th, 2018.  Happy new year, everyone!  :D
   5  03:01:27 <nhaines> Today's agenda can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/18January14
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   7  03:02:08 <nhaines> #topic Upcoming events
   8  03:02:53 <nhaines> Within the next day, the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will begin!
   9  03:03:10 <nhaines> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase
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  11  03:03:38 <nhaines> This contest is where we'll get submissions for alternate wallpapers and example music and video files for the next Ubuntu release.
  12  03:04:28 <nhaines> We include new wallpapers every cycle, but because it's an LTS release, it's time to refresh the example video and music file as well!
  13  03:04:44 <nhaines> Photos will go on Flickr and we'll use the Ubuntu Community Hub for music and video this time around.
  14  03:05:21 <nhaines> More details will be available at the wiki page and at https://community.ubuntu.com/c/desktop later, plus an email and blog post will go out.  You'll see it come across the Ubuntu California mailing list.
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  16  03:05:52 <nhaines> The contest will last until March 15th, so that's plenty of time for artistry.  :D
  17  03:07:05 <nhaines> In other news, SCALE 16x is fast approaching, and will take place from March 8th through 11th.  We're hosting UbuCon at SCALE as well as an Ubuntu booth.  The call for volunteers will start very soon (also watch the mailing list) but it's time to start thinking about your schedules!
  18  03:07:49 <nhaines> SCALE is a great way to get experience running a booth, even if you haven't done so before.  This is Ubuntu and Ubuntu California's 11th year at SCALE, so we'll teach you everything you need to know.
  19  03:08:31 <nhaines> And if you have an Ubuntu-related talk for UbuCon, we might still have a slot or two open for our Thursday and Friday schedule.
  20  03:08:43 <nhaines> #topic Announcements
  21  03:09:37 <nhaines> The first security updates for the Spectre and Meltdown CPU vulnerabilities landed last week, and more will land Tuesday.  This is a serious vulnerability affecting all Intel processors from the past 15 years, several AMD processors, and some graphics cards.
  22  03:09:56 <nhaines> So it's very important to install any available security updates from the Ubuntu repositories and reboot the system.
  23  03:10:02 <nhaines> More information is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown
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  25  03:10:33 <nhaines> Now's the time to keep an eye on security updates, because the vulnerabilities are extremely complex, so updates are being handled bit by bit.
  26  03:10:40 <nhaines> #topic Agenda
  27  03:11:32 <nhaines> Every two years, Local Community teams go through a re-verification process to make sure they're still active and healthy.  Due to the change in leadership timeframes last year, we're overdue, and the time is now.
  28  03:11:35 <Geom> Sorry I was a little late.
  29  03:11:42 <nhaines> Geom: glad you could make it.  :)
  30  03:12:15 <nhaines> Reverification is pretty simple, and pleia2 and I will be working on it over the next couple of weeks.
  31  03:12:26 <nhaines> The process is documented here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/TeamVerificationGuidelines
  32  03:12:26 <darthrobot> Title: [LoCoCouncil/TeamVerificationGuidelines - Ubuntu Wiki]
  33  03:13:14 <nhaines> That's pretty much everything going on for the next couple of months so far.  Ubuntu 18.04 LTS should be a very nice polish of Ubuntu 17.10, so there should be a lot of excitement at our booth during SCALE.
  34  03:13:19 <nhaines> #topic Other business
  35  03:13:22 <pleia2> oh, hello! yes I'll start working on that soon
  36  03:13:29 <nhaines> pleia2: yay! \o/
  37  03:14:09 <nhaines> Is there any other business before we wrap the meeting up?
  38  03:14:39 <Geom> Can you get me updated on SCaLE?  I guess I missed it already  :-(
  39  03:15:00 <pleia2> ah yes, that was right before you joined
  40  03:15:05 <nhaines> Geom: I'll go over it after the meeting and there'll be logs.  :)
  41  03:15:13 <Geom> OK
  42  03:16:22 <nhaines> Alrighty, I think that just about wraps it up.
  43  03:16:47 <nhaines> We have a couple busy months ahead, and I hope that we can keep some of that momentum going throughout the year.  :)
  44  03:16:49 <pleia2> thanks nhaines
  45  03:17:07 <nhaines> I'll see everyone here again in two weeks; our next meeting is January 28th!
  46  03:17:10 <nhaines> #endmeeting

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