The CanadianTeam.

Key Details

Experience (2008-2010)

Team Reports

2010: July, August, September

Conference participation

  • Ontario Gnu/Linux Fest 2008 speakers from the Ubuntu Canada community: txwikinger
  • Ontario Gnu/Linux Fest 2009 speakers from the Ubuntu Canada community: txwikinger, hypatia
  • Ontario Gnu/Linux Fest 2009: Ubuntu Table demoing Ubuntu and Kubuntu Karmic Release Candidates
  • SoOnCon 2010 speakers: txwikinger

Release Parties

  • Ottawa Maverick Meerkat Release Party
  • Kitchener/Waterloo Maverick Meerkat Release Party
  • Toronto Maverick Meerkat Release Party

Ubuntu Hours or other regular meetings

Participation and Collaboration with other Open Source Groups and Projects

Software Freedom Day

UDS participations

  • Karmic Koala:
  • Lucid Lynx:
    • (physically): txwikinger
    • (remotely): dscassel
  • Maverick Meerkat
    • (physically):
    • (remotely): txwikinger
  • Natty Narwhal
    • (physically):
    • (remotely): txwikinger, dscassel, hypa7ia (Stackexchange)

  • Several members of Ubuntu Canada provided a lot of support in the creation and initiation of

  • txwikinger is active moderator and in the top 5 contributors.



  • In collaboration with other open source groups in the area, planning to start a non-profit organisation aiding open source and creative commons projects to hold local and regional events.
  • Ubuntu LAN Parties (Playing free software games on Ubuntu, successful BETA) - Future different cities playing against each other

  • Speaking at KWLUG

  • Increased Global Jam participation
  • Natty Narwhal release parties
  • Google calendar to collate all Ubuntu-ca activities.

  • Events outside of the province of Ontario.


  • Creation and maintenance of registry for local open source and creative commons groups throughout Ontario, and later throughout Canada.
  • Contacting Canadian LUGs and encouraging them to hold Ubuntu events, stay in touch.
  • Participation in organization created for aiding open source and creative commons events in order to leverage synergies.
  • Helping to resurrect Ontario Linux Fest.


  • Switch the website from Canonical hosting, update theme and keep it updated.
  • Get more people blogging about Ubuntu Canada on the Planet and elsewhere.
  • Encourage city teams to set up Twitter/ feeds. Use #locoteams and #ubuntuca hashtags.


  • Advocating Ubuntu at local multicultural festivals, etc.
  • Brainstorm effective advocacy techniques. Recruit people suited to speaking with the public.

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