Ubuntu Vancouver: April 2009 Monthly General Meeting

Meeting Highlights

  • Attendance greatly improved over past few meetings! (More than 300% increase).

  • We now have 20 Ubuntu Vancouver members registered on (almost all are new members!), with new members joining daily. Other members are finding us on, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Kim Kulak (our Founder) welcomed new members and gave a history of our first year as Ubuntu Vancouver
  • Randall Ross (our uvEAM "Buzz Generator") presented an update of our marketing efforts over the past month. (Presentation is archived on the uvEAM sub page.)

  • There was a lively discussion about video editing for Ubuntu, with a brief demonstration about how to search the software repositories using keywords as a method of finding suitable software.
  • Randall gave a brief demo of Gwibber client (for microblogging, RSS, etc.)
  • Several members came forward with great suggestions for the group, including,
    1. Hosting an install-fest one month after the Jaunty release (~ so sometime around May 24 weekend)
    2. Hosting upgrade and tweak sessions that are in addition to Free Geek "Windowless Wednesdays", as demand for these types of sessions greatly exceeds supply. Organizer needed.

    3. Hosting general information sessions and demo nights that are designed to create excitement and raise awareness in the general community. Organizer needed.

    4. Hosting Ubuntu "hacking" sessions, with a security focus. Organizer needed.

    5. Utilizing university (UBC or SFU) facilities for meetings and labs - Contact at SFU/UBC needed.

    6. Tapping the VanLUG channel for additional members/support. Kim to do some PR on our behalf.

    7. Using Mailman (or similar) software to run the group mailing list. Currently Kim manages subscriptions manually.
    8. Presenting tutorials based on audience need, rather than a pre-packaged course. Organizer needed.

    9. Identification of individual(s) with artistic ability and interests to assist with logos, artwork, promotion. Contact Randall to volunteer.

    10. Re-energize the Free Geek channel so that all people receiving Ubuntu systems for them are made aware of Ubuntu Vancouver for support, community, etc. (There's a feeling that the Free Geek channel has weakened recently as a source of members). Kim to follow-up.

    11. Deepen the partnership with Free Geek to provide them software support, allowing them to focus on their core hardware business.
    12. Organize Ubuntu information sessions and workshops for women, led by female instructors/facilitators. Organizer needed. (Cecilia Vargas has graciously volunteered to get this effort underway.)

    13. Engage with the French community, through their community centre. (Possibility of utilizing Radio CBC french service as a channel.) Organizer needed.

Attendee List: Kim Kulak, Randall Ross, Graham Cunningham, Harris Chester, George Rodier, Craig Wong, Karim Ratib, Cecilia Vargas, Aaron Malkin, Ken Burke.


  • Thursday 9 April, 2009; 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Where: Please notice the NEW VENUE!

  • The Hackery
    304 Victoria Drive
    Enter the side door (north side of the building) and go up the stairs.


  • Welcome new members!
  • One year of Ubuntu Vancouver
  • Ubuntu Vancouver Evangelism Advocacy and Marketing Update
  • "Jaunty Jackalope" (9.04) Release Party Planning
  • Team Reporting
  • Other Events (Install-fests, Public Awareness Sessions)

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