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Be welcome to the Catalan speakers Ubuntu user community. Here you will find plenty of information (most in catalan language, as you might expect)about this OS if you use it, or plan to do it, in any of its flavours.

"The future belongs to those who embrace global thinking without losing their identity and their culture."

-Mark Shuttleworth, 2007-

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If this is your firt visit to this page, you'll may get surprised by the great amount of information that you'll find about this OS. Perhaps, you're also new to GNU/Linux, and you are not already used to it. If its so, don't worry: the Catalan speakers Ubuntu user community is willing to help you!

This is the Catalan speakers Ubuntu user community wiki, also known as "Catalan LoCo Team", main page. This name has nothing to do with our mental health state (in spanish "Loco" means something close to "mad" or "crazy") ;), but its the english acronym for "LOcal COmmunity team". Now you'll find the information that will help you to understand how our volunteers group work and is structured, what should you do to join us or to be helped, and which are our usual activities. Keep on reading!

Ubuntu is, mostly, based in the work of the prestigious Debian project(Wikipedia's article about Debian), an operating system 100% free (as beer and as speech), founded by Ian Murdoch on 1993 (when Linux was only 2 years old) and, from then on, developed by thousands of volunteers around the world. If you're interested in getting more information about the Ubuntu project and its relationship with the free and open source community (specially with Debian), we suggest you to begin at this Wikipedia's article


The Catalan speakers Ubuntu user community gathers the Ubuntu, in any of its flavours and derivatives, catalan language speakers users. The Catalan LoCo Team scope are mainly the Catalan Countries, the lands where Catalan language is historically spoken, where members and volunteers are spread. Here you can find a map with the localization of some of our members.

The wiki

The wiki is a web space offered by Ubuntu that allows the community members to add, modify or remove content very easily, without any knowledge of HTML language. This way, content creating is very agile and the wiki becomes a very usefull and efficient tool for collective publishing. Actually, what you are reading is one of our wiki's page.

LoCoTeamContact --Rafael Carreras

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