I work as a Laboratory technitian in LGAI in Cerdanyola del Vallès, near Barcelona. I do tests on fire detectors, heat radiators and thermal conductivity of construction materials. In my payed work, there is not much related to computers.

I began using GNU/Linux with a Mandrake in 1999 and I remained quite attached to it until Ubuntu Warty came. I have been running the GLUG Caliu (CAtalan GNU/LInux Users) since 2001 as its Secretary. I organize the Software Freedom Day in Barcelona every year since 2005.
I translated KOffice and kdenetwork GUI and documentation packages, web pages and press releases of Free Software Foundation Europe into Catalan, among other Catalan translations.

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~rafael-carreras

IRC(freenode): rafael_carreras

Jabber: rcarreras [at] caliu [dot] cat

Email: rcarreras [at] ubuntu [dot] cat

Blogs: Catalan English


Ubuntu Involvement

I tried to launch a Catalan Ubuntu mailing list in May 2006 but failed to achieve an ubuntu.com one and I did not found so much support in other Catalan lists. But in December 2006 I tried again, and convinced a friend to start a list on a University.

I help on an Ubuntu and Xubuntu guide project in Catalan. The Xubuntu Guide should be translated into English in version 9.10.

I participated on last UDS in Barcelona, specially in LoCo Teams and Kubuntu tracks.

To Do

  • Involving in LoCo Teams management.

  • Start doing something for Kubuntu, starting with translating documentation into Catalan.


  • OrestesMas I know Rafael for a long time (about 8 years, wow!). We have been involved in many Free Software promoting activities through a local LUG (Caliu) and, more recently, also through Ubuntu's catalan LoCo Team. So I can undoubtely say that Rafael is someone in whom you can trust, a very serious worker, and his leadership has contributed decisevely to the success of our LoCo team. I enthusiastically support Rafael's application to be an Ubuntu Member.

  • JosepSànchez Rafael is with no doubt one of our best values. He was the person that had the idea and made the effort, not only once, to gather some people to form a LoCo. But he didn't stop at this point. He has continued heading the group, being the promotor of most of our activities, working for our growth and maintenance, working hard to expand our activities and make us, and the open source software movement, known as much as possible. All my support for his Ubuntu Membership application.

  • AlexMuntada If memory serves right, we met for the first time on a free software conference in Barcelona and shortly after I joined the local LUG Caliu that Rafael was and still is running. Since then, we've been involved in quite a few events and activities promoting both free software and fighting software patents. The Catalan LoCoTeam is the most successful LUG that I've been involved with, and that's Rafael's merit for the most part. He's very patient and a great listener, but the most important thing is that he delegates both work and responsibility where needed, making a perfect balance for a leader. Last but not least, anybody that can make his own bat'leth deserves my deepest respect. Qapla' !

  • SiscoGarcia If I had to describe Rafael I would say that "he's got ubuntu"; I mean, he is since he makes we are, not only let's we are but also makes it. Usually you don't see him but he's always there. He's made possible that Catalan LoCo Team becomes what it is. I remember once last year that he delivered ubuntu's merchandising from Barcelona to Lleida (when I'm living) just because I was planning an install party, that means he made 148 km for give me some help. He's planned alone last Barcelona's Software Freedom Day. All my support for his Ubuntu Membership application.

  • IvàBurgos Besides all the work that He has done and will do for free software, if you take a look at some pictures above of the Loco parties, you'll get an idea of what Rafael, as LoCo Contact and founder, has achieved. Certainly He has not done it alone, but He is who organized, motivated and coordinated all the rest of us. Oh, and don't forget that He is The Lord Of Printing T-shirts and The LoCo Merchandaising Man. My full support for his Ubuntu Membership application.

  • Albert Astals Cid Rafael is a very passionate person about Free Software. I like the fact that he does not come from a computing background so he's really involved by the freedom aspect of it, not just because he likes coding and Free Software helps using other people's code. I first meet him due to his involvement in the KDE catalan translations and since them i've seen how he's managed to get hold of a myriad of different people in the Catalan LoCo.

  • GiorgioGrappa Rafael Carreras enthusiastically promoted the creation of our Ubuntu community when this distro was still not as popular as it has become. He had a clear vision of how the events would go and see the time for the birth of our community with great foresight.


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