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Introduction to Packaging - June 2009

  • Date: Sunday, June 28th
    • This is for Session #1. Later session dates and times will be determined at our first meeting.
  • Time: 2:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Location: onShore Networks

  • Address: 1407 W Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60642

Event Goals

Introduction to Packaging

Many users on the team have expressed an interest in learning how to compile programs from source code, and then configure that software into a form that is suitable for inclusion in Ubuntu. Performing these tasks is commonly called "packaging" software.

While packaging-related skills can certainly be learned, they are much easier to learn in person, rather than via IRC. Our "Intro to Packaging Sessions," will cover a wide range of packaging-related concepts and tasks, but our initial session will be dedicated to:

  • Introducing current and new team members
  • Signing GPG keys (which are necessary to upload packages to the Ubuntu archives)
  • Discussing team member knowledge needs with regards to packaging so that proper goals can be set for our sessions
  • Reviewing fundamental packaging terminology and concepts
  • Planning additional 'Intro to Packaging' sessions

In a later session we will devote some time to looking over packages on REVU, which is the site where packaged software gets reviewed before entering the Ubuntu archives. Although only MOTUs can advocate/upload packages on REVU, everyone can help review them. Looking at items on the REVU site will be a great way to learn about different types of packaging mistakes, and how to fix them.

Additional Events

  • Bug Jam
    • Even though the Global Bug Jam only comes twice each year, we can hold our own bug jams whenever we want.

  • Key Signing Party

    • People participating in the packaging jam will need to create a gpg key. Since we will be meeting in person, it will be a great opportunity to sign these keys.

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