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(Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre). In this oportunity Ubuntu Chile will participate in 4 cities simultaneously on the same day; Valparaiso, Santiago, Talca and Puerto Montt. Ubuntu Chile will participate, as every year, through stands, speakers and installer's staff who will help to the event's visitors to install Ubuntu on their computers.

New Ubuntu Members

This year two new users have been converted in official Ubuntu Members but our goal for this year is have 4 new more members.

Linux Event

As it has long been every year, this 2010 many community members are sending their proposals for the most important national event in our LOCO, so as to participate and compete in the best GNU/Linux fair. As usual we prepare a sponsoring marketing stand where we give out fliers, brochures, CDs and we spread out Ubuntu Linux OS and we call over new participants for our community LOCO.


Improvement and change of theme for Local team Website (under construction)

  • Prepare merchandasing for meetings and events
  • Lucid Lynx 10.04 release Party!


Website Team

This team manages and updates global and local news at the website Ubuntu Chile (, adding outstanding information from Ubuntu members in Chile and all over the world news.

Our Website Team is made up of local editors in charge of posting and checking articles for our web pages, those posts can be sent by other members or contributors, collected by the Chief editor or directly produced and posted by himself.

At present the Website Team is reviewing the organizational structure and process of work, projecting a dynamic upgrading to this website, considering graphics and interactive work design.

Forum Group

We are actually using for give support/help to all our local users, you can check all our activity at


The Marketing Team deals with the sponsoring motto and spreading out of Ubuntu brand and trademark in Chile, this staff runs a mobile stand and takes it to different events along our country when possible, this group intends to give out Ubuntu written and oral information to interested visitors and public in general, as members of this team we are also in charge of producing our own materials (brochures, speeches, and sponsoring materials). In addition we update our wiki page constantly. We always introduce new visitors to Ubuntu's most highlighted features as Linux OS, we also give out official CDs and DVDs of the latest updated Ubuntu versions, brochures and stickers, and inform newbies about some important deeds lately done by our Ubuntu Concile representative, Alvaro B., from Chilean National Government's position charge.

Team Communication

Monthly meetings

We have regular meetings once a month by IRC with the community, days before this meeting, the council has also a meeting to propose the main points of discussion at the general meeting:

IRC Channel

The IRC channel is used by Ubuntu Chile as a meeting point, we don't provide support for this medium, because we do it through the Forum, the IRC channel is rather a place to find us and coordinates activities.

Mailing List

The mailing list is the official way used by our local community to maintain order in meetings, events, questions and other stuffs. You can check all our history at


We use the Ubuntu Wiki to keep all our organizational structure, information, events and any activities can be found properly documented here.


All our participations in differents events can be found it in our wiki in this link


All the Information about FLISOL is here

Encuentro Linux

JU (Junta Ubuntera)

We organize a Junta Ubuntera every 6 months, this is a official and precencial meeting in order to take decisions, review our financial accounts and drink some beers. (Santiago)


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