About Me

I'm Ubuntu user since 2005 and I have been participating with the Chilean LoCo Team since 2008. I'm part of the Chilean LoCo Council and its LocoContact . Also I'm Software Engineer (Ingeniero en Informatica).

I have my own company (not so big). We develop software for callcenters with Asterisk and Python, and of course, Ubuntu server.

Ah! Some time ago I studied trapeze and clown in a circus school

My contributions to Ubuntu

Roles in the local community

I'm active member of Chilean LoCo team, participating in the mails list, IRC, stand in events and different roles inside the community. My current activities are:

A picture with my friends of Ubuntu-cl LoCo council and a infiltrate

Projects and Activities which I've involved

  • FUCH: It is a small application that allows ubuntuforum users to obtain information from their computers to help them in a better way. PatricioGonzalez and I created this project for our local community, now VictorVargas took this project to internationalize it and improve it, in order to may useful to the whole Ubuntu community. I'll work with Victor for this.

  • I triaged bugs and became part of the 5 a day. I hope to work in this soon again, because I have taken other responsibilities within the community.

  • Padrinos: This idea came as a way to welcome the new members of our local community, sponsoring and helping them to channel their aid in a better way.

  • Website: AlvaroBarahona, FernandaMorales and I worked in a new design and concept for ubuntu website. Now we still working for introduce new functionalities and integrate all areas of our community.

  • Ubuntu OpenTour Valparaiso: my brother and I Organized a city tour for the audience and speakers to the "Encuentro Linux 2009" around to the beautiful city of Valparaiso. It was a very good experience, in the activity participated people from diferent countries and cities of Chile. Here a picture of this day:





Encuentro Linux 2008 (Concepcion)


FLISOL (Santiago)

stand, speaker

Jaunty Jackalope Party (My House)


Junta Ubuntera (Santiago)

organization, speaker

JRSL (Santiago)


Día cultural del software Libre (Quintero)


Encuentro Linux 2009 (Valparaiso)

stand, speaker

What's the next step?

  • Become an Ubuntu member
  • I plan to continue my work with the Ubuntu-cl LoCo council to improve our community..

  • Improve my work as LocoContact

  • Return to work in bugs triage.


Alvaro Olivares Santiago

Actualmente Cristian es un pilar fundamental dentro de la Comunidad Ubuntu-cl, su liderazgo ha sido determinante tanto en el desarrollo de los nuevos proyectos emprendidos por nuestra comunidad (Difusión, Fuch, Rediseño de la Web, etc); como en el fortalecimiento de sus instituciones base (Concilio, Grupos de Trabajo, Equipos de participación en actividades presenciales, etc).

En cuanto a su persona, Cristian es un fiel representante de lo que significa vivir la filosofía ubuntu, cada una de sus responsabilidades las asume como un aporte a la comunidad sin un afán de figuración, ni de ambición de ningún tipo; simplemente observa una necesidad y si cree que él es la persona idónea para hacerlo, toma la labor tratando de cumplirla de la mejor manera posible.

AlvaroOlivares Miembro del Concilio de Ubuntu-cl

Miguel Ruiz

I support this application because Cristian represents in a good way the Ubuntu philosophy. He has been an important part of our community since he became part of it. He wants to improve our community in many ways, so he is always facing new challenges and responsibilities within our LoCo Team.

As Ubuntu Member, I think that Cristian would be a good example or model to follow in our country. He can help us to spread the word about Ubuntu, Linux, Free Software and Open Source. Also as a former LoCo contact, I have to say that Cristian is doing a very good job.

MiguelRuiz, Ubuntu Chile Council / Ubuntu Member

Fefa Morales

Cristian guided me so i can begin my membership in the comunity, teaching me how to sign the code of conduct.

During the time that I have been at the expense of the group marketing with alvaro, cristian has been very cooperator, working with him it's been a very nice experience. He's always happy to help anybody who need some help with anything in the comunity no matter how little they know about ubuntu he is alway there.

fefa Marketing management

Patricio Gonzalez

Since Cristian belongs to the Ubuntu Chile LoCo Team, his contributions never ended. He is always ready to help someone, to propose an idea, to execute an idea, etc. He is one of the few i know who really live the Ubuntu philosophy.

PatricioGonzalez Ubuntu Chile.

Pedro Villavicencio

Cristian has been working on the Ubuntu Chilean Community for a few years, the energy and passion he's providing to the community is truly admirable and probably without his support things like the mentoring program there wouldn't be possible, he's also helping *quite* a lot on organizing loco events like bug jams, meetings, etc and he's also giving a bunch of Ubuntu talks at free software events here in Chile, also, Cristian is part of the Chilean Council and our LoCo Contact. And when he have some free time also contribute to the website and the marketing team. I strongly recommend him to be an Ubuntu Member he's really a rockstar.

Daniel Galleguillos

Cristian is a fundamental part of the Ubuntu Chilean community is an active member in various events to promote and develop activities related to Ubuntu. Importantly, Cristian is a person very committed to their function and position within the community, always helping and guiding positively to those who need it and I'm sure that will always deliver the best of for the good of the community of Ubuntu.

DanielGalleguillos Ubuntu Chile - GNOME Chile.

Carlos Cuevas

Cristian's work is fundamental in our team, as he collaborates with several people in the community. He is actively involved in the integration of new members in the Chilean team and coordinates several of the tasks that we developed as a local community. One of his qualities is his ability to motivate others to work in our team.

CarlosCuevas, Ubuntu Chile Council.


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