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About Me

Hello my name is Christopher Griffiths and I am a student at Aberystwyth University from Wales in the UK. I've been using Linux since Dapper back in '06 on a VM and later before 6.10 I had installed it to a separate partition on my hard disk, since then every computer in my house has been converted in part, or entirely to Ubuntu. Currently I am focusing all of my efforts on Ubuntu Cymru.

Things that I do for Ubuntu

LoCo Teams

Ubuntu Cymru

  • I am a founding member of Ubuntu Cymru having helped start up the LoCo with other team members.

  • I was previously the Point of Contact for Ubuntu Cymru.
  • Currently I am the acting chairman of IRC meetings in #ubuntu-cym.

Ubuntu UK

  • I am an active contributor to the IRC channel #ubuntu-uk on the Freenode network, helping users with their issues when I can as well as contributing to the community feel of the channel with the regulars.
  • A regular at the Ubuntu-UK IRC meetings, I usually watch the meeting advance and interjecting when a thought or valid point has been raised that I can help contribute and/or add my own views to the current train of thought.

Bugjam 2009

During the bugjam I attended both days in London (some 300 miles from where I live). I had prepared a pdf document ready for my session on bzr management and package transcription, namely for the Ubuntu-UK podcast. My document was also sent to MartinMeredith who lead the Birmingham bugjam and the English-UK translation team. This will also help to teach about the usage of Transcriber and how to utilise launchpad.
Document available at:


  • I am a member of the English (UK) translation team.
  • I try to translate at least one project per day.
  • I look over work that has been requested for reviews if and when I see one.
  • I have also translated in Welsh for some projects in Ubuntu, I am listed as the 4th highest contributor in launchpad for Welsh translations [ ].

Future work

In the future, I wish for Ubuntu Cymru to become a fully fledged official LoCo team. I have been working very hard over the past few months to make it so. I really wish to help bring more users to Ubuntu too, in the past 3 weeks alone (of Sun. 10 May 2009) I have switched the computers of an estimated 20 users to Ubuntu, that is nearly 1 per day!



"Chris is a great guy, he's really dedicated to the Ubuntu project, he's always on IRC spending his days helping out new users and translating programs. He's really put a lot of effort into getting the Welsh Ubuntu LoCo off the ground, and I think that he could end up as a much needed spokesperson for Free software in Wales." -franki (Ubuntu Cymru Member)

Brobostigon aka ptaylor

Chris works very hard, he helps many people up and down the UK, with their Ubuntu issues and problems. And of course recently setup a Welsh Ubuntu Loco. Which i can imagine is alot of work, to get to where it is now. However Chris is a great chap, and knows his stuff and seems to have an engineers mind. Philip Taylor, helper at ubuntu-uk,

Krzysztof Wilczynski

Despite relatively young age Chris is a very knowledgeable person who is passionate and enthusiastic about the technology. His contribution to the Ubuntu Linux project simply speaks for itself - active package maintainer; founder of the Ubuntu Local Team in Wales; fearless bug hunter who is always eager to help other users. But above all, Chris is a great colleague and invaluable member of the project. - Krzysztof Wilczynski, System Engineering Specialist, Research In Motion Limited

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