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About me

Systems and Software Engineer. A jack of all trades and master of none.

I currently live in Berlin, Germany, but used to live in Krakow, Poland, London, United Kingdom and Tokyo, Japan.

Feel free to get in touch via e-mail or otherwise, I am always happy to help.

Contact details

My name: Krzysztof Wilczynski (Japanese: ウィルチェンスキ ・ クリストフ)

My e-mail address: (short:; or alternatively: (short:

Jabber: and

Slack on gophers, hangops, elixir-lang, devopschat, techlondon, itamae, hashtaggaming, kmug-warsaw, awssecurityforum, and chefcommunity as kw or kwilczynski.

IRC: matti on network on #kernelnewbiews and matti on network on ##devops.

About me: kwilczynski.

Twitter: kwilczynski.

My Launchpad page: kwilczynski.

My Keybase page: kwilczynski.

My projects and Open Source contributions: kwilczynski.

My GPG Key ID: 3DE334E7

My GPG Key fingerprint: 12D2 7D5D 8C8E 9BF1 AABC 7C7C 7C64 768D 3DE3 34E7


Testimonials and feedback for Membership Application

Note: This is the place, where you can leave feedback (both positive and negative) about me, my work and activities for the Ubuntu community.

* "I had been searching for quite some time on why my ruby on rails installation process was going haywire when I met Krzysztof on #rvm. He calmly started helping me troubleshoot the problem one step at a time and stayed with me for about 3-4 hours through a long and arduous process. Not only did he help me solve my problem, he answered any random queries I had about the Ubuntu system and Linux in general. I had my problem resolved and learned along the way. It is people like Krzysztof that make me want to be a part of this community and learn more about Linux." -- Chris, September, 2010

* "After chatting in #ubuntu-uk for a while about old computer components folks had lying around, Matti sent me 1GB of DDR2 RAM for free, which was very kind indeed! Much, much appreciated. Many thanks, Matti!" -- Neil Martin, December, 2009

* "Matti helped me as I was installing tlearn. He showed me step by step how to compile and install. Thanks a lot matti for your help. Forever Ubuntu. :)" -- Erolci, December, 2009

* "Krzysztof is a very enthusiastic member of both the Ubuntu community and the computer community at large. He is one of the nicest and kindest guys I've ever met who would honestly be a great asset to any team or community of people through his enthusiasm, his nice personality and his participation in that which interests him. He has the patience and friendliness of a saint and will even buy you a coffee as he has done for me a few times before if you are in his presence." -- Christopher 'ianto' Swift, Point of Contact of Ubuntu Cymru, December, 2009

* "Krzysztof is a great guy, learns pretty quick and doesn't give up. Keep up the good work" -- Vikram Dhillon, December, 2009

* "Krzysztof's answers are accurate and carefully chosen based on the teammate's skills. He shares his pieces of information clearly from DyDNS to algorithms' complexity. I have had great time in working with him." -- Sami, December, 2009

* "Matti helped me step-by-step for over an hour in #ubuntu-uk as I was having major problems with a botched install of ubuntu server. Very patient and kind, and he certainly knows what he's doing. Thanks again for all the help!" -- Brad W, January 2010

* "Matti provides masses of great support in #ubuntu-uk, always picking up the difficult problems and sticking with them until they are fixed. He certainly helped me a lot today fixing ATI drivers on a customer laptop." -- AlanBell

* "Matti is very considerate and generous in offering his help. Assisted me in resolving an issue with Puppet. He is good in explaining the solution to a problem instead of just giving you an answer to fix your problem. " -- janwari, February, 2010

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