• IRC nick: ChrisGagnon

About me

  • NH, USA
  • Work for Canonical as a QA engineer in the mainstream group.
  • Started using Linux in 1998. My linux progression went from Redhat -> Mandrake -> Gentoo -> Ubuntu. I started using Kubuntu in 2006 and regular Ubuntu starting with 11.04, because I like unity-2d.


Hardware Enablement



  • I like helping people to use Ubuntu to program microcontrollers. (IE: Arduino, Mindstorm, etc..)
  • Continue working to enable new platforms so Ubuntu users can buy new hardware with Ubuntu pre-installed.
  • Host more events at hackerspaces


  • Guitar
  • Electronics (circuit bending/hacking)


  • Chris Gregan (Canonical OEM Services QA Manager)
    • Chris Gagnon has been instrumental in the success of one of our highest profile projects. Lenovo began shipping their Thinkpad line in China with Ubuntu 10.10 pre-installed. Chris was instrumental in ensuring these systems passed the highest of quality checks and therefore provided the consumers of these systems with the best Ubuntu experience available. Chris has also done some excellent work with tools development including useful scripts, new tests, and even a test robot based on Lego Mindstorm. He continues to be a valuable member of my team and excellent contributer to Ubuntu.
  • Ronald McCollam (Ubuntu member, Canonical technical account manager)

    • Chris is a great contributor to Ubuntu and works tirelessly at it. I see him filing high quality bugs at all hours of the day and testing late into the night. On top of this, he truly embodies the spirit of Ubuntu -- he is always willing to help out others and is patient and friendly while doing so. I can wholeheartedly endorse his application for membership.
  • Chris Wayne (OEM QA Engineer)
    • I have worked with Chris very closely on many projects, and he is one of the most helpful, hardworking QA Engineers I have ever met. He helps people when they need it, he goes out of his way to try to improve existing tools, and he helps Ubuntu immensely in the process.
  • ManojIyer (Ubuntu member, Kernel Team - Hardware Enablement)

    • I have worked very closely with Chris since 10.10 cycle on some of our high visibility projects. Some of the leading PC vendors today ship Ubuntu in china with Ubuntu 10.10 preinstalled. Chris is a meticulous tester, he files quality bugs and follows up each bug though its entire life-cycle. Chris has also made solid contributions towards automated testing, tools and test cases. Chris is passionate about Ubuntu, and executes the core responsibilities of a QA engineer: Quality control, Bug Management and Product improvement to the highest standards, making free software ecosystem, reliable, available and compelling to day to day users and corporations.

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