About Me

Hello, my name is Christer Edwards, and I have been an Ubuntu user since 5.04. I have been an Official Ubuntu Member since early 2006, based primarily on my work with the Utah Loco Team. I have historically focused primarily in areas of community contribution and participation.

I am the author of the Ubuntu Tutorials Blog. I currently work for a US Dept of Defense Contractor doing system administration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS.


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Ubuntu Contributions

Utah Team

Founder of the UtahTeam I have been instrumental in creating a presence for Ubuntu in my local state.

US Teams Project

Co-Founder and mentor for the USTeams Project I have helped in expanding the Ubuntu LoCo presence in the US.

Ubuntu Tutorials

I maintain the Ubuntu Tutorials blog that is now syndicated on the Ubuntu Planet.

Ubuntu Folding

I also work a bit with the Ubuntu Folding @ Home Project and developed a more native Linux installer available for Ubuntu and other distributions.

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