Who am I (Part 1)

Note : I won't write so much in this Wiki, because i prefer to spend my time on making guides about Ubuntu, and working as a moderator on the danish forum.

Personal info

My contributions to Ubuntu

  • Active supporter on Team Forum (since 2008)

  • Active supporter on the danish Ubuntu supportchannel #ubuntu-dk (since 2008)
  • Moderator of Team Forum (since 2008)

  • Writer of guides, tips and tricks for Ubuntu since 2008 (see Guides)

My plans and ideas for Ubuntu

  • Continuing to keep Team Forum friendly, fast and fit.
  • Pushing the team mentoring activities
  • Continuing experimenting with scripts etc. on the Forum sandbox

  • Making more guides.

My contributions to Ubuntu - details


  • Joined The Danish Team Forum April 26th 2008

  • Made moderator of Team Forum August 11th 2008 - and still going strong.


All the guides are in Danish.

Who am I (Part 2)

My Biography

Born in Denmark 28th february 1975. Have 3 kids (born in 1998, 2001, 2002).

Me and Ubuntu

I have used Ubuntu since 2007, when Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy was released, because i was so tired of all the problems with Windows Vista, and later, when Ubuntu 8.04 beta was released, i made a dualboot with Ubuntu 8.04/Win XP.

I have had, like so many others, some programs and games (for instance my kids' Pixeline games) that i had to get running in Wine, before i could get rid of Windows.

I promised, in a post in (the danish support forum) May 2008, that i would delete Win XP, if we found a solution on my "Pixeline problem", and that post apparently got Artificial Intelligence out of his chair, and after quick (but efficient) advice it all works, and subsequently i deleted Win XP.

I have written a guide about install of Pixeline games in Ubuntu, and the result has been a cooperation with Krea Medie (who make the Pixeline games), so they have sent me a lot of the games in the guide.


Flemming Christensen

Christian joined the Danish Team Forum on April 26th 2008 - 1 h. 25 m. before I took that step into LoCo activities. He gave such an amount of advice to the then moderators that he was made one of them on August 11th of the same year - thus having 4 months' precedence over me as a moderator. At times we have been the sole moderators, but have managed to keep things going, not least because Christian is such a dedicated man, an efficient and kind moderator, humorous, and easy to cooperate with.

We colloborate closely on Team Forum, and in trying to develop small diagnostic tools for use in the support, in the writing of guides, and, since 2011, in furthering a mentoring system in our LoCo.

In the community he is well known for his guides, which are thorough, systematic, well written, and easy to follow, and always up to date.

I give him full marks for his dedication and persistency in solving bug #1 in Denmark. FlemmingChristensen (laoshi)

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