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Detailed list

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Søren Bredlund Caspersen

SørenBredlundCaspersen (Ubuntu member): Flemming has be an active member of our community for years, in particular he has done great work on our forum as a moderator. Lately he has also taken over the job as LoCo contact and has taken care of the re-approval process we are currently in. (Hopefully we will have been re-approved when someone actually reads this ;))

In short, Flemming has done great work in the Danish LoCo team, and I full support his Ubuntu membership.

Christian Arvai

christian.arvai : Flemming joined the Danish Team Forum on April 26th 2008 - just 1 h. 25 m. after I had joined, and we soon discovered how friendly and dedicated he is. In December 2008 we were looking for a new moderator in forum, we all agreed that Flemming was the man for the job, and fortunately he accepted. So I have been on the moderator team with Flemming since Dec. 2008, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. He is kind, calm, energetic and always polite, both on the forum, when he works as moderator, and when I have private talks to him. Besides the normal activities on the forum (support ect.), I also work closely with Flemming when we are making guides, and when trying to develop small diagnostic tools for use in the support. And, as sbc (Søren Bredlund Caspersen) already has mentioned, he also works as our LoCo contact, and has done a great job with the re-approval process.

So I can only mention positive things about Flemming, and I full support his Ubuntu membership.

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