As of 2014 the Ubuntu Classroom project is no longer active.
Thanks to everyone for their support over the years. Write to the ubuntu-community-team mailing list if you have further ideas in this space.

Our goal with the Ubuntu Classroom program is to provide the best possible learning experience for the user, as well as the instructor. Because of this, we ask that if you are new to the Ubuntu Classroom program, that you take the time to introduce yourself to us prior to hosting your first session.

We request that you send an email to a member of the Ubuntu Classroom Management Team at least one week prior to the time you wish to host your first session. In this email, put in the subject "Presentation Submission," and include the following:

  • Your topic choice
  • Suitable time (check available space in time table.)
  • Your Real Name and your IRC nick
  • A link to your Launchpad page and your wiki page
  • A little bit about yourself, and what you have done in the Ubuntu world
  • Any references that you may have
  • Anything else you think may be of use

This will then be reviewed to make sure that the class is being taught by someone who is qualified to teach the class. Please don't be offended if we ask you for more information, as we need to confirm that you are the right person to present a class. We also request that all presenters have signed the Code of Conduct prior to emailing us about presenting a class.

Please review the Classroom Guidelines before your presentation. Remember, presentations should be limited to one-hour, including Q&A session.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via one of the methods listed on the contact us page.

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