The Ubuntu Learning group is an umbrella for a number of educational projects.

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Ubuntu IRC: #ubuntu-learning @ irc.libera.chat

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Community Teaching

Interested in teaching a class for your LoCoTeam or at a local school? Want to hosting a class in IRC? Whether you want to use coursework developed by the Learning Materials Team, or draw from the resources from Ubuntu Educators like Moodle the Community Teaching team will help you plan your event and put you in touch with the appropriate teams and materials to make this happen!

Ubuntu Educators

A team for educators and educational support staff that want to produce learning materials that will assist educational institutions to adopt Ubuntu and FOSS applications as part of their technology plan. Our current plan will utilize a Moodle server to develop and publish courses. These courses will mostly be asynchronous, but can be used in a synchronous format as well.

Course Material Writing

If you are interested in writing course material, check out the Ubuntu Learning Materials project:


These materials will be focused on synchronous in-person learning environments.

Affiliates & Key People

General Learning/Education projects the Learning team is currently working with:

BR Want to affiliate your team with us for course development? Drop a note to our Mailing List or let us know on IRC (#ubuntu-learning on irc.libera.chat).

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