Edgy Release Party Minutes

Joey took some rough minutes of the Edgy Release Party.

Meeting Minutes

* Socializing and Grabbing system76 SWAG.

* Formal Introductions

* Extreme praise for the System76 gents, Carl and Eric.

* Outreach Program

  • We should contact companies who are computers for non-profits and also look at doing this ourselves.
  • talk with the Colorado non-profit groups

* Activism

  • Discussions on what we can further accomplish
  • Discussions on ways to convert the masses.
  • Gorilla Marketing and DYI Marketing
    • Maybe put leaflets in windows books at local bookstores
    • Review the Ubuntu DYI resources and find ways to utilize them
  • Chris volunteered to lead the Activism area.

* Education

  • Support Costs in our schools are high
  • Lab environments could benefit from LTSP inside Edgy
  • Operation System costs are high
  • Real opportunity to make a difference and gain in roads.
  • Need for Team Lead to interface with Education Team
    • Chris volunteered to lead.
    • David volunteered to be deputy.

* Installfests

  • CLUE's installfest is coming up. We should show up in force.

* Does anyone know of any good local conferences where we can have a booth? We can order up some good materials from Canonical for this.

* Why does Ubuntu Rock?

  • The community including IRC and Forums
  • Free
  • Great and volumuous documentation
  • Free support
  • Large user base

* Formal Close

* Dinner

* Mini InstallFest on a few Laptops

* Goodbyes

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