Colorado LoCo Team Event Photos

2015 Ubuntu Global Jam Hosted by System76

2013 October 27th Saucy Salamander Release Party and Geek Jeopardy!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Saucy Release Party and Geek Jeopardy this weekend! Congratulations to Cheri for winning Geek Jeopardy! Anthony took 2nd place and Nick took home the bronze. Everyone who participated received a stylin System76 shirt and some stickers. Cheri was awarded Geek bragging rights and free dinner. We had an excellent time with tons of laughs. We'll definitely be doing Geek Jeopardy again! --Emma

2013 August 01 Linux Meetup

We had a fantastic time last week with a great turnout at Rock Bottom Brewery in Westminster. We discussed opinions on different Linux distributions and the Ubuntu Edge Crowdfunding campaign. We also discussed favorite hardware features on laptops. Special thanks to Kevin Fries for organizing the meetup and Alex Samide for sending the reminder! We are excited to meet more Ubuntu Linux fans at the next meetup! --Emma IMG_20130801_203811.jpg

2013 April 28 Raring Release Party

We had an excellent turnout for the Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Release Party at Rock Bottom Brewery. It was great to hear everyone's ideas, current projects, opinions about the release and of course- passion for Ubuntu! Our team is growing! -- Emma raringreleasecolocofullroom.jpg

2006 June 01 Dapper Release Party

The release party location and time was released at 1am on the day of the party. Nevertheless, we did have some folks show up. We didn't have a working email list at that point either! -- Joey

L-R: Joey, Jeff, Joe, Anders, Neal


2006 June 09 Boulder Linux Users Group Talk

Joey did a talk at BLUG. Neal took some pictures.

  • I'm not very photogenic. Smile :-) The first picture shows the start of the Ubuntu pitch I made (see team page for details). The second picture shows me demoing avahi and zeroconf service discovery using an unsuspecting Mac user in the room. -- Joey

joey-blug-u.jpg joey-blug.jpg

2006 June 28 Longmont Linux Users Group Talk at Colorado Free University

Joey did a talk at LOLUG. Paul took several good pictures.


2006 Sept 12 CLUE at Oracle

Joey did a talk at CLUE. CLUE meets in Oracle Building 2 in Denver, a fantastic facility with free drinks! The group was very, very nice. Brett took the following picture.


2006 Oct 27 Edgy Release Party

System 76's sponsorship notice on their website.


We were having so much fun at the party we forgot to take pictures. We did manage to capture a few.

Mitch Mahan, who hosts a number of Ubuntu sites, and Joey


A few System76 mugs out of several boxes System76 brought with them


The remains of a lot of miscellaneous SWAG including Dapper and Edgy CDs and lots of stickers.






2007-02-02 Team Meeting