• Meeting 2011-04-19
    • CC decided to close the Sounders mailing list. In essence, this is a decision to prune areas of the project which are offtopic or ungoverned, on the basis that they distract from our shared community focus on the goal of delivering free software in the best possible state, on particular terms (free of charge, cadence). While we appreciate that the Sounders list (and possibly other, similar forums) provide a particular social release for those who use them, we think there are better forums for each of the varied topics discussed there. Some of those are inside the project, most are elsewhere.
  • Together with DMB decided the exclusion of an Ubuntu member.

  • Ubuntu Wiki was relicensed to CC BY-SA 3.0.

  • Meeting 2011-04-05:
    • Discussion about RMB approval processes.

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