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The Ubuntu Developer Membership Board operates on the following basis:

Application process

The Ubuntu Developer Membership Board currently approves Contributing Developers (Ubuntu Membership), per-package uploaders, SRU Developers, MOTU and Core Developers. To apply, please follow this process.

The following changes were agreed on:

  • list will used

  • invitations/applications go there as well as to relevant team list
  • all approvals go to ubuntu-devel@ (meeting minutes) and devel-permissions@ (individual outcomes) (maybe also to the team list)

The implementation of the application process might vary across teams slightly, but we expect the following very general procedure:

  • documentation,
  • declaring intent,
  • discussion with applicant,
  • public announcement


Team delegation procedure

The DMB currently delegated approval privileges to

This delegation includes individual per-package upload privileges for packages which are in the corresponding team package set.


The DMB currently meets every two weeks in #ubuntu-meeting on Monday alternating between 16:00 UTC and 19:00 UTC. See agenda and meeting minutes.


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