September 2010 Community Review

The Ubuntu community is huge and has grown significantly over the years. Although the scale of the community has grown, the primary areas of participation have remained largely consistent - people take part in development, testing, documentation, advocacy and other key groups.

Unfortunately, as we have grown, I feel the typical community onboarding experience, that is, getting new people involved, has become overly complex. As such, I am kicking off an initiative with some of my fellow community members to identify areas in which we can fix this. -- JonoBacon

The Team

To assess how accessible our community is for newcomers, I have asked a team of volunteers to perform an assessment of the community and gather input from new community members to identify areas of improvement. This team is shown below:


Use Case


Total Beginner

Sam is completely new to Ubuntu and is unsure of how, where and to what extent he/she can participate.

Jorge Castro


Sam speaks a second language and wants to translate Ubuntu in it.

David Planella


Sam would like to contribute packages to Ubuntu.

Daniel Holbach


Sam would like to help extend Ubuntu documentation in an area that is not covered.

Matthew East


Sam loves Ubuntu so much that he/she wants to tell the world about it. But how and where?

Laura Czajkowski


Sam is a bit of a power user and enjoys helping people with technical questions. How and where can he/she provide this help?


Sam would like to make Ubuntu and the community look prettier and doesn't know where to start?

Martin Owens


Sam would like to help test and improve the quality of Ubuntu but is not sure where to begin.

Ara Pulido


Sam loves Ubuntu Server and would like to make it better but is not sure where to begin.

Ahmed Kamal

All of these use cases assume that the person does not possess the knowledge to participate (e.g. no knowledge of packaging or how to translate).

The Plan

Here are the reports the above folks will focus on:

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