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About Me

I'm the team leader for the LoCo Team South Carolina and an active contributer with the Ubuntu community -- not as much as I would like, but I try.

I have a lot of interests. If you know me -- well, you know.

I've been using *nix for about nine years now. I'm an all around fan of open source and anyone who has initiative. I also love helping others.


I started off on Slackware after being compelled by friends on DarkFire IRC, where I was an "IRCop" (or IRC Operator) turned server administrator. This lasted quite a while until I switched to Debian and FreeBSD. I seemed to love Debian more, but FreeBSD has its places in the server world. I have a few dedicated servers running CentOS 5.0.

I found Ubuntu during its Warty Warthog release, but didn't come back to it "full fledged" until Breezy Badger. I use both Debian and Ubuntu for personal use.

History of Contributions & Why

I enjoy testing, quality assurance, helping others, and giving back to the community whether it be on on the forums, Launchpad Answers, or various mailing lists. I also contribute to the apache-devel, apache and mysql mailing lists some in order to help others out. I hope to soon branch out to other methods (perhaps progress my programming skills?) as well.

I began my contribution's with the Ubuntu Community in early 2007. I officially started the South Carolina US Team after much thought and talk with Eric Lake (etank). I am helping it grow and hope to get it approved as an official LoCo in 2009. Go Team South Carolina!

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

Launchpad Bug & Answer Contributions

South Carolina Team Items

South Carolina LoCo Official Items / "Road map"

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What do you think about me?

Craig has been excellent to work with and works well within the random chaos of the Answers forum but more importantly has helped a lot of inexperienced people (noobs) to cut-to-the-chase and fix complex problems allowing them to enjoy Ubuntu as their first ever linux. Although he often solves their problem and they seem to appreciate it he doesn't always get the karma points for it. I think he's a great asset to Ubuntu already and Ubuntu would do well to make him a member. Tom


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