Key details



  • prepare more live sessions/meetings in other towns - not only as a means of seeing each other, but also helping newcomers, organizing projects etc.
  • renew our global jam session in Prague
  • more proactive in other technical/Linux session/conferences
  • regular IRC team meetings


  • as promised before last reapproval Slovak version of ubuntu pages ( was successfully done; now we have to set up a new Slovak administrator for regular updates

  • more new authors for our Czech Ubuntu blog

  • redesign of Czech Kubuntu website (new version is being prepaired at

  • finnish redesign of our forum (it is last of our pages with old-style design)


  • focus on Ubuntu Documentation translation -- currently only 70% translated (80% in Precise, 75% in Oneiric)
  • complete the translation of Ubuntu Manual into Czech - there was high progress during last two years - however still nice goal for our LoCo

Marketing and Advocacy

  • Innovative promotion -- set up new Ubuntu geocache (project Groundspeak, Inc. on with important information for new beginners and all our fans


  • as always -- find more active members for our community
    • create more "step-by-step" guidelines how to get involved (now we have those only for localization and writing documentation)
    • we are curently working on community "contest" in doing translation/documentation/advocacy/... with prizes for most active community members -- we would like to inspire them to make something more and also to show them how (a little inspiration with the Ubuntu App Showdown)
  • encourage more of our community members to obtain Ubuntu Membership (we have six members so far but only two of them are still active in ubuntu-cz)


  • restart Czech Ubuntu books -- from 2008 to 2010 our community together with Ivan Bibr and CPress publishing house published five books (manuals) about Ubuntu (more information) -- we would like to publish new version of this books, propably in form of an ebook

  • we would like to encourage our members to take part in Ubuntu development -- start testing sessions (on Globa lJams and other community sessions), translate some documentation etc.


Events & Meetings

Conferences and 3rd-party Events


  • LinuxExpo (in 2011 renamed to OSCon) is the largest Linux conference in Czech Republic (first LinuxExpo took place in 2001). It's organized by the ExpoNet company, and it's held in Prague every year at the turn of April and May. Unfortunately, It has been cancelled in 2012.

  • Homepage: (English)

  • 2011



  • New conference, held for first time in 2012 to replace LinuxExpo conference. This year it was co-hosted with the openSUSE Conference, the SUSE Labs conference and the Gentoo miniconf.

  • 20 - 21 October, Faculty of Information Technology, Prague
  • We had three lectures (Ubuntu Case Studies, Launchpad, Network Security) and a kiosk (Ubuntu demonstration, CDs, info about Ubuntu...)
  • Homepage: (English)

  • Photos: Our Picasa, Photogallery: Saturday, Sunday,


GNOME 3 Launch Party

Release Parties

Natty Narwhal

Oneiric Ocelot

Precise Pangolin

Quantal Quetzal

Global Jams

In past two years we took part in three Global Jams -- in April 2011, September 2011 and March 2012. All three events took place in Prague hackerspace Brmlab and were focused mostly on Ubuntu localization. We had about 5-15 attandees at each event.

LoCo Meetings

  • Monthly meetings in Prague since spring 2010. There're from five to fifteen Ubuntu-fans from Pragued come together periodically there (mostly for beer and chit-chat).
  • Irregular IRC meetings in #ubuntu-cz-meeting

  • Irregular live meetings in other towns across Czech Rep. - Pardubice, Brno, Trutnov, Most, Průhonice...

Community Support


Our forum was established in autumn 2005 and since that time it has grown into the one of the largest czech forums focused on linux. Nowadays, the forum has about 28 000 registered users who posted nearly 440 000 posts in more than 60 000 topics. At the present time the number of posts steadily grows up by (approx.) 3 000 per month. The forum is supervised by 6 administrators and 13 moderators.The forum does not only acts as a support center, but also serves as a meeting place of the community and helps to organize various gatherings and projects.

Community Documentation

Our Wiki is probably the most reliable source of Ubuntu documentation in Czech. It contains about 1000 howtos and guidelines (1531 pages in total). It covers the problematics ranging from Ubuntu installation, basic controls and settings, to the installation and setup of single applications.

In summer 2012 we succesfully finished migration from MoinMoin to DokuWiki wiki engine. We also separated wiki into two parts -- for community contributed documentation and for community projects coordination.


The Ubuntu Czech Translators team has currently 6 core members responsible for reviewing proposed translations, solving problems, correcting bugs and communicating with upstream. The total number of contributors is vastly greater.

Ubuntu 12.10 is translated in about 97% and Czech has 16th place in Ubuntu translation stats.

We have a working localization wiki, a localization mailing list and a localization dictionary. We actively contribute to project which aims to unify Czech localization between various opensource projects like GNOME, KDE, Mozilla and others.



Our community cooperates with the Czech Linux/OSS media, but even though we try to establish relationships with also other than a purely technical media we didn't enjoy much success in this matter. We create and send out press releases on regular basis and try to communicate directly but still haven't got any significant success.

Since 2011 we've participated in openMagazin magazine -- joint project of thirteen Linux/OSS online portals (including us). Unfortunately openMagazine has been cancelled few moths ago.

OpenSource & praxe is new printed magazine mostly focused on open source software in practice. We had few articles about Ubuntu in Czech Rep./worldwide.


Recently we started to produce some Ubuntu marketing materials for Ubuntu users in Czechia. Currently we have badges, car stickers and "powered by" stickers for laptopts/computers.

We are giving those away for free at our events and/or conferences, but we're planning to run small eshop and sell some of these to cover the costs (we finally got permission from Canonical to use Ubuntu trademark for commercial use).

Few years ago we've also produced some name-labeled t-shirts for active members for our community.

Local CD distributors

So-called "local distributors" offer help to people that can't download Ubuntu CD. The local distributors are members of the community from the Czech (or Slovak) Republic, who will burn Ubuntu on request to anyone, free of charge (in exchange for a free CD medium or for a symbolic fee). Some of them might also offer help with installation and setting up Ubuntu. The list of these local distributors currently contains more than 100 volunteers.

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