About Me

My name is Tadeáš Pařík, I am 29 years old and I live in Prague, Czech Republic. Very often I am called "Taddeo", which is something like my nickname, but in reality it's my name in Italian where I was living for some time.

In my professional life I am coordinating the SAP developement for various clients, so I have to think about future possibilities, about user-friendly systems and especially about possible savings. The second part of my work is an IT Project manager. I am also coordinating ISO certifications.

Linux, Ubuntu is my prime system from 2008 and and my life's hobby. I like the work for our community and especially the preparations of Ubuntu social events, presentations, etc.

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Contact Information


TadeasParik on freenode








Future Goals

  • Keep the tradition of Release parties in the Czech Republic
  • Organize more events and presentations about Ubuntu
  • Develop new Ubuntu club in library (Prague). This new activity is already in discussion.
  • Czech localization is not completed - this situation can be improved during our GlobalJams in Prague (we have already started last year)

  • More news about Ubuntu system for new users or for non linux users


Tadeas has my full support. He is working really hard for the Czech LoCo and his endless enthusiasm is really unique and helps me and other members of our LoCo to spread Ubuntu in the Czech republic. I'm really glad I can work with Tadeas and I wish we had more people like him in our community. --VojtěchTrefný

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