Dallas Team Meetings

  • We meet on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Last Meeting

  • Comparison of OpenMoko vs Android.

  • The pros and cons of many distributions being used as servers: security, password management, and server access.
  • Open discussion regarding wireless providers (agreed AT&T is the least favorite).

  • "Running Linux", a book from 1996, enjoyed a few laughs. We reminisced of how difficult it was in the past.
  • Windows 7, hands on, at next meeting.

Upcoming meetings:
  • Meetings are at 3:00 P.M. (15:00), unless otherwise specified.

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    Current Meeting

    Future Meeting

    Jan 10th 2010

    May 9th 2010

    Sept 12th 2010

    Feb 14th 2010

    June 13th 2010

    Oct 10th 2010

    March 14th 2010

    July 11th 2010

    Nov 14th 2010

    April 11th 2010

    Aug 8th 2010

    Dec 12th 2010

  • Held at Dave & Busters
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If you have not met the Dallas Team, and wish to join the meeting, stop in the IRC Channel, #ubuntu-dallas, on FreeNode and chat with JJNova on the Saturday night before the meeting; he will arrange to meet you at D&B. Smile :-)

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