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Thursday, December 6th 2012, 16:00 UTC

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The MOTU Council is not operative at the moment. All its responsibilities have been assumed by:

The MOTU Council is the central place for approving new ubuntu-universe-contributors and motu team members and helping to find consensus and have a final say in conflicts. It reports to the CommunityCouncil (see CommunityCouncil/Delegation) and the TechnicalBoard.

Its current members:
The mailing list:

All team members have a term length of 2 years.


  • It will review applications and approve or defer MOTU candidates
  • Its actions and processes will be
    • open
    • transparent
    • responsive to MOTUs
  • It will supervise policy decisions done by the MOTU team and can thus
    • intervene only if really needed
  • It can make own policy decisions if otherwise no progress would be made at all
  • It will help resolving disputes among MOTU developers.
  • It will make efforts to keep the atmosphere calm and productive.
  • It will be a point of contact for developers & reponsible to the TechnicalBoard

Grants of Authority

  • The TechnicalBoard has granted MOTU Council authority to mediate in technical discussions affecting packages in the Universe component

  • The CommunityCouncil has granted MOTU Council authority to mediate in social discussions amoung MOTU or related to development in the Universe component

  • The CommunityCouncil has granted MOTU Council authority to approve implicit UbuntuMembership through development activities

  • The DeveloperMembershipBoard has granted MOTU Council authority to approve new MOTU

  • MOTU have granted MOTU Council authority to serve as final appeal for policy determinations within the MOTU team

In each case, MOTU Council is responsible to the body granting authority, and must report any actions or decisions taken in a timely manner.


Discussions about policy changes will take place on the ubuntu-motu mailing list. On the motu-council list, only organisational discussions will take place.


The MOTU Council holds regular meetings.

Review of membership applications

Team Report

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