For minutes of previous meetings, please see DesktopTeam/Meeting.


  • Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
  • Alexander Sack (asac)
  • Tony Espy (awe)
  • Bryce Harrington (bryce)
  • Chris Cheney (calc)
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)


  • Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje) - Vacation

  • Robert Ancell (robert_ancell) - Out of timezone
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128) - Dx Team Sprint


  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Welcome awe
  • UDS
  • Desktop Summit
  • Triaging versus Bug Fixing/Closing in Karmic
  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business

Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • ACTION: rickspencer3 to get definitive list of who has talks at all hands to double check that everyone who has one is prepared
    • Result: have pinged a couple of people, but haven't gotten such a list yet, will carry over
    • Follow up: since the meeting rickspencer3 has gotten this info and shared with effected parties via email

Actions from this meeting

  • ACTION: All - if you are going to desktop summit, add yourself to the list on this page
  • ACTION: rickspencer3 to create and schedule UDS sessions for bug management

Welcome awe

  • Tony (awe) is joining the desktop team 80% of his time for the Karmic cycle. To start off he will be working with asac to identify some interesting NM related work, and to engage in the UDS process.


  • Most all blueprints have been submitted
  • rickspencer3 notes that there will be time set aside for impromptu sessions at UDS
  • bryce thinks that there are too many xorg sessions planned, and will pair them down.
  • rickspencer3 and pitti will review, sort, and prioritize sessions
  • rickspencer3 will schedule sessions
  • Consensus that QA and community needs to be part of the discussion

Desktop Summit

Need a definitive list of who is going, and when. Also, do you have papers to present.





core days



lightning talk


Mon - Thur



core days


sat - sat

distro track, Wednesday

Triaging versus Bug Fixing/Closing in Karmic

  • Discussion about doing the right amount of bug fixing versus bug triaging versus other work.
  • rickspencer3 encouraged that the team to think "bold" about how to address this in Karmic, discussion ensued.
  • rickspencer3 will schedule a UDS sessions to discuss.

Activity reports

Alexander Sack (asac)

  • Mozilla:
    • mozilla backports
    • yet another firefox security update
    • fix mozilla build failure in karmic that was uncovered by gcc 4.4
    • investigate daily bot + launchpad/soyuz issues; discussed with cprov and identified why latest launchpad doesn't handle lots of uploads in one batch properly anymore (LP: #371640)
    • mentor mozillateam members about how to maintain daily bzr branches to get more eyes caring for those builds
    • work with Jazzva on fixing prism trunk builds
  • NetworkManager:

    • network-manager bug triage; evaluating fixes for jaunty SRU
    • finding root-cause for weird dbus permission issues for some PPP/VPN users in jaunty; discussed and found potential fix for that with upstream - LP: #371291 (PPP) + LP: #360818 (VPN)
    • finished network-manager 0.7.1 hardy backports for NetworkManager and got verification from community that this works

  • Misc:
    • started to gather input from other teams on browser/network needs
    • more thoughts on karmic tasks

Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

  • Dealing with Malayalam translations in Rosetta. The Malayalam

translators requested to revert all translated string back to upstream (Packaged).

  • Discussion with Jeroen Vermeulen about the Malayalam translations and

rolling back to upstream translations in general.

Bryce Harrington (bryce)

  • Sponsored: -intel (LP: #371544), mesa (LP: #368049), -ati
  • Karmic merges: fglrx-installer, -ati, -nv
  • Wrote a getting started page for Ubuntu-X
  • Started drafting a KMS howto:
  • Focused most of week into solving X.org freeze bug.
    • A suitable workaround was found and currently in testing.
  • Addressing various concerns about -intel performance.
    • (Needs backports of kernel patches by kernel team.)
  • Triaging, upstreaming UXA bugs. Wrote LPL script to report on
    • current status of UXA bugs in lp and fdo.

Chris Cheney (calc)

  • Working on OOo 3.1.0 packaging. Almost done for all: hardy/intrepid/jaunty/karmic
  • Had the following packages synced for OOo 3.1.0 - icu, flute-openoffice.org, libbase-openoffice.org, libfonts-openoffice.org, libformula-openoffice.org, liblayout-openoffice.org, libloader-openoffice.org, librepository-openoffice.org, libserializer-openoffice.org, libxml-openoffice.org, pentaho-reporting-flow-engine-openoffice.org
  • Weekly OOo Release Status Meeting - OOo 3.1.0 final later this week
  • Weekly desktop team meeting
  • Meeting with Michael Frey about new position
  • Lots of OOo bug triage

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • Merges, cmake, kdelibs, kde4libs, qt4, pkg-kde-tools, kdepimlibs,


  • Pondered, discussed and registered UDS specs
  • wrote and discussed MIR for xmlrpc-c
  • filled in preformance review and for colleague
  • oversaw KDE 4.2.3 packaging for jaunty by ninjas


  • more merges
  • KDE 4.3 beta packaging

Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Upgraded to Karmic
  • U1 testing, bug reporting and debugging
  • Reviewed libindicator API docs
  • Worked with the OLS team to define acceptance criteria for U1 in Karmic
  • Message indicator session for Ubuntu Open Week
  • UDS Karmic planning

Working on:
  • U1 testing, bug reporting and debugging
  • Continue to work on acceptance criteria for U1 in Karmic
  • Ayatana planning for Karmic

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Just a four-day week, Friday was a national holiday.

Currently open stable/milestoned bugs:

  • 334446 (Remove gnome-pilot from the default ubuntu install): simple to do, needs some discussion though


  • Tons of SRU processing
  • Various bug fixes in apport, f-spot, hal, hal-info
  • Prepared two blueprints for UDS karmic
  • Updated gnome-power-manager (mega-merge), now using DeviceKit-Powre

  • Packaged devicekit-disks, gnome-disk-utility, libatasmart
  • Packaged gvfs with devicekit support, in ubuntu-desktop PPA; some things don't work yet, but by and large looking good
  • Heavy testing of U1, filed some bugs
  • upgraded to Karmic and -intel 2.7.0 video driver, filed major bug upstream, update my other reported bugs against -intel


  • Done: grep, mcrypt, po-debconf, ttf-tmuni, asciidoc, backuppc, gconf, gnome-mount, gthumb, gzip, latex-beamer, libdv, nis, pbuilder, tzdata
  • Outstanding: gthumb (merged, but f****ng autotools breakage), texlive-extra (no time yet)


  • Uploaded: alacarte, ekiga, f-spot, gnome-themes, lintian
  • Reviewed, needs fixing: libmtp, dbus-python, tomboy

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • lot of desktop bugs triage after jaunty
  • archive admin work, initial karmic autosync run, manual syncing and

NEW queue cleaning

  • started on desktop merges for karmic: desktop-file-utils gedit

gtkhtml rhythmbox gnome-media gftp libxml++ poppler libxklavier nautilus gnome-pkg-tools libgnome rarian

  • some desktop bugs fix in karmic and sru uploads to jaunty
  • listed desktop components and who is working on what
  • booked flights for dxteam sprint

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

  • Lots of new printing bugs answered and triaged.
  • Prepared SRU for SpliX. It did not upgrade the PPD files of all previous versions (bug #367650 and #352472), uploaded SpliX also to Karmic.
  • Added second fix on pstopdf filter (bug #357732) to Debian CUPS BZR repository (for Karmic).
  • Bug fixes on Ghostscript CUPS Raster output device upstream (to be added to Karmic).

Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)

  • General triaging
  • Accepted to do lightning speech at GUADEC: Practical Part-Time Refactoring (gcalctool)
  • Preparing blueprint for UDS: Compiz bug management
  • 352041 - Ekiga crash when no accounts configured/working - Jaunty SRU

  • 181553 - Some Totem/Rhythmbox playlist newline formats not supported - My patch applied upstream, will SRU

  • 368252 - Totem browser plugin not working with Apple HD trailers - fixed upstream, will SRU

  • 343707 - Rhythmbox tries to find plugin for corrupt files - candidate patch, will SRU

  • Updating packages for Karmic


  • [17:31] <rickspencer3> meeting time

  • [17:31] <rickspencer3> tkamppeter: welcome, are you there?

  • [17:31] <kenvandine_wk> i am laggy from the u1 upload that is happening here Smile :)

  • [17:32] <rickspencer3> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2009-05-05

  • [17:32] <rickspencer3> I believe seb128 is traveling to the Dx sprint in London

  • [17:32] <rickspencer3> everyone ready to go?

  • [17:32] <kenvandine_wk> yup

  • [17:32] <rickspencer3> Riddell: ready?

  • [17:32] * rickspencer3 poke poke
  • [17:33] <Riddell> hi

  • [17:33] <rickspencer3> Let's go a little out of order, start with introducing awe

  • [17:33] <rickspencer3> awe = Tony Espy, and he'll be an honorary desktopper for Karmic!

  • [17:34] <asac> \o/

  • [17:34] <pitti> hey awe, welcome to the team!

  • [17:34] <kenvandine_wk> welcome awe!

  • [17:34] * awe hey guys, nice to be part of a the new gang!
  • [17:34] * asac waves @ awe
  • [17:34] <rickspencer3> welcome awe!

  • [17:34] <bryce> heya awe

  • [17:34] <pitti> finally we have our own guitar rock star

  • [17:34] <awe> ;/

  • [17:34] <rickspencer3> awe: do you want to introduce yourself briefly?

  • [17:34] <awe> sure

  • [17:35] <awe> i've spent the last 9 months or so as tech lead on the hp mini

  • [17:35] <awe> for oem services

  • [17:35] <awe> my background is networking plus desktop audio playback

  • [17:35] <tkamppeter> hi, I am

  • [17:35] <awe> i've also spent a lot of time working with the kernel team and defining how oem plays with the kernel

  • [17:36] <awe> look forward to working with you all on karmic

  • [17:36] * awe done w/intro
  • [17:36] <rickspencer3> sweet

  • [17:36] <rickspencer3> awe: you were a pepper, right?

  • [17:37] <rickspencer3> (pepper = worked on Pepper Pad)

  • [17:37] <awe> yes. i build an equiv of network-mgr in java for pepper, plus the audio playback subsys based on helix

  • [17:37] <awe> s/build/built/

  • [17:37] * rickspencer3 <3 pepper pad

  • [17:37] <asac> awe-some Wink ;)

  • [17:37] <kenvandine_wk> haha

  • [17:38] <awe> plus i play back up guitar for pitti on "wish you were here" Wink ;)

  • [17:38] <rickspencer3> I know that I speak for everyone when I say that we are really glad to have you on the team, and we're looking forward to seeing what you do in Karmic

  • [17:39] <awe> thanks

  • [17:39] <rickspencer3> moving on

  • [17:39] <rickspencer3> actions from last meeting:

  • [17:39] <rickspencer3> ACTION: rickspencer3 to get definitive list of who has talks at all hands to double check that everyone who has one is prepared

  • [17:39] <rickspencer3> I totally FAILed at this, but I'm still trying

  • [17:39] <rickspencer3> there must be a list somewhere Smile :)

  • [17:39] <pitti> the track leads certainly have themm

  • [17:39] <rickspencer3> pitti: good idea

  • [17:40] <rickspencer3> I was looking for the one list to rule them all, but just pinging track leads should work

  • [17:40] <asac> so can we assume that we dont have a talk if we didnt hear anything yet?

  • [17:40] <pitti> rickspencer3: or ask cvd, when I talked to her on the phone last week she had the schedule

  • [17:40] <rickspencer3> asac: I think that we *shouldn't* assume that yet, as I am concerned that perhaps some emails were filtered out in spam filters

  • [17:41] <asac> rickspencer3: who would have sent such a mail?

  • [17:41] <rickspencer3> some people got emails saying their talks *weren't* accepted, but it's not clear if this was consistent across tracks

  • [17:41] <asac> cvd?

  • [17:41] <asac> hmm.

  • [17:41] <asac> ok i will check with brian who submitted the talk

  • [17:41] <rickspencer3> asac: I'll take care of finding out asap and let you know

  • [17:41] <asac> thanks a lot

  • [17:42] <rickspencer3> next topic: UDS

  • [17:42] <rickspencer3> did everyone get their blueprints in?

  • [17:42] <kenvandine_wk> yup

  • [17:42] <bryce> asac, the email started with, "ENLARGE your member ship for your talk like you were on v1agr4!!!1!" you didn't get that one?

  • [17:42] <asac> bryce: oh ... i have more than 100 matches;)

  • [17:43] <bryce> asac: bingo

  • [17:43] <rickspencer3> hehe

  • [17:43] <pitti> I just have two, but they are both quite big, so I don't think I'd like to pile up more for karmic

  • [17:43] <pitti> since I also want to work on the devkit migration

  • [17:43] <bryce> rickspencer3: I've gone mine in, but there's too many; probably should trim them down a bit

  • [17:43] <rickspencer3> Riddell: I didn't see Kubuntu blueprints in pitti's link

  • [17:43] <asac> rickspencer3: blueprints without sessions dont need to be in yet?

  • [17:43] <rickspencer3> asac: I suppose so

  • [17:43] <miha> hello guys, 1. ubuntu with desktop effects likes to hang when you press notebook keys such as volume up when playing movies/down, 2. network manager fails to reconnect (you must enter password again and press connect)

  • [17:44] <pitti> https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-karmic?searchtext=kubuntu

  • [17:44] <asac> rickspencer3: ok. thanks.

  • [17:44] <pitti> rickspencer3: they are prefixed kubuntu-

  • [17:44] <rickspencer3> miha: hi, we're in a meeting right now

  • [17:44] <miha> ok

  • [17:44] <miha> sorry

  • [17:44] <rickspencer3> you might want to ask in #ubuntu

  • [17:44] <rickspencer3> no problems, you're welcome to hang out

  • [17:44] <pitti> https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-karmic?searchtext=kubuntu-karmic- is better

  • [17:44] <rickspencer3> pitti: thanks!

  • [17:44] <rickspencer3> Riddell rocks, as usual

  • [17:45] <rickspencer3> so essentially, pitti and rickspencer3 will sort, prioritize and such by eod Thursday

  • [17:45] <asac> rickspencer3: i will setup a blueprint about NM UI topics (first start, wizard, etc.) in karmic ... thats the only one left i want broader discussion on.

  • [17:45] <asac> doing that right after meeting

  • [17:45] <rickspencer3> asac: thanks

  • [17:45] <rickspencer3> anyone else have blueprints that need to be submitted?

  • [17:46] <rickspencer3> note that we have two rooms, but are covering Dx, Design, and Ubuntu1 in our track

  • [17:46] <asac> the prefix is ubuntu-desktop-... ?

  • [17:46] <asac> ah ubuntu-karmic

  • [17:46] <rickspencer3> none the less, I'd like to keep a lot of time unscheduled for impromptu sessions

  • [17:46] <rickspencer3> asac: right, the naming convention is ubuntu-karmic-*

  • [17:46] <pitti> asac: desktop-karmic-*

  • [17:46] <rickspencer3> heh

  • [17:46] * asac confused Wink ;)

  • [17:46] <rickspencer3> right desktop-karmic-*

  • [17:47] <rickspencer3> (my bad)

  • [17:47] <rickspencer3> Riddell confused me Smile :)

  • [17:47] <rickspencer3> so is everyone good to go with blueprints?

  • [17:48] <rickspencer3> moving on: Desktop Summit

  • [17:49] <rickspencer3> if you are going, please add yourself to the meeting page

  • [17:49] <rickspencer3> I created a little table there

  • [17:49] <Riddell> which meeting page?

  • [17:49] <rickspencer3> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2009-05-05

  • [17:49] <rickspencer3> Riddell: ^

  • [17:50] <rickspencer3> next topic: Triaging versus Bug Fixing/Closing in Karmic

  • [17:50] <rickspencer3> I just wanted to briefly bring this up as pitti and I have both been talking to desktop engineers, and it seems pretty universal that the current mix is not right

  • [17:50] <rickspencer3> I don't want to brainstorm about it here, but ...

  • [17:51] <pitti> it's not so much of a mix, as of a "when to stop?" and "what to look at" questions

  • [17:51] <rickspencer3> I think we should have a UDS talk about how to handle bug inflow

  • [17:51] <rickspencer3> pitti: sure

  • [17:51] <rickspencer3> that's a good way to put it

  • [17:52] <rickspencer3> I wanted to make two points now:

  • [17:52] <pedro_> count me in for that session, I'd love to help with that

  • [17:52] <rickspencer3> 1. We should tackle this problem as a team, but the implementation of any solutions may look different for each product area, as the problems manifest differently

  • [17:53] <rickspencer3> 2. We should consider *bold* action in Karmic

  • [17:53] <rickspencer3> pedro_: absolutely!

  • [17:53] <bryce> bold action?

  • [17:54] <rickspencer3> bryce: yes

  • [17:54] <miha> Comrades, we stand at edge of cliff. We must make a bold step forwards. (old Yugoslavian joke) Smile :)

  • [17:54] <rickspencer3> like don't think in terms of a 10% increase in throughput

  • [17:55] <rickspencer3> think about a 10 fold increase

  • [17:55] <rickspencer3> stretch your comfort zone

  • [17:55] <pitti> before we can determine/measure this, we first need to define "throughput"

  • [17:55] <pitti> in terms of "what do we want to achieve"

  • [17:55] <rickspencer3> pitti: hehe

  • [17:56] <asac> i think the ideal goal would be that developers can filter everything not triaged or so to /dev/null and spend all their time on real bug-fix work

  • [17:56] <asac> isntead of bugmail work

  • [17:56] <rickspencer3> asac: that's a great example

  • [17:56] <pitti> I liked the bug gravity idea

  • [17:56] <asac> bug-fix work == fix on own AND work with upstream

  • [17:57] <asac> pitti: what definition of gravity do you like?

  • [17:57] <pitti> to make us focus on what's most important, to maximize the usefulness

  • [17:57] <rickspencer3> bryce: make sense? It would be ideal if you felt that you could suggest radical approaches

  • [17:57] <calc> disable all desktop bug reporting without using apport would help get to the 10x throughput

  • [17:57] <rickspencer3> calc: yes!

  • [17:57] <asac> pitti: for the triaging or the bug-fixing?

  • [17:57] <pitti> asac: number of affected people, type of attached debugging information, number of dups, reported by core-dev member, etc.

  • [17:58] <asac> yeah

  • [17:58] <pitti> asac: triaging

  • [17:58] <pitti> I think once we got a bug to triaged/assigned, we are doing pretty good

  • [17:58] <rickspencer3> I think asac is suggesting "no triaging" for engineers!

  • [17:58] <pitti> the challenge is to pick the "right" ones

  • [17:58] <asac> pitti: i agree, but still developers would get rid of the triaging stage at all if possible

  • [17:58] <bryce> rickspencer3: it's still seeming rather ambiguous how to apply to X, but I'm listening

  • [17:58] <pitti> asac: unfortuantely their special knowledge is required very often

  • [17:59] <asac> pitti: thats true, but also depends on the area you look at

  • [17:59] <pitti> bryce: I think the point is that everyone shouldl think about the problem from his perspective

  • [17:59] <rickspencer3> bryce: here's a thought exercise, if you only had 1 hour a week to triage bugs, what would yo do with that time?

  • [17:59] <asac> pitti: for mozilla its 99.0% of bugmail that i doesnt require special skills

  • [17:59] <calc> for eg OOo there is very little if any triaging being done besides me currently, so i think getting the community to do more towards triaging would be needed before having engineers no longer do it

  • [17:59] <asac> just a guidance and man power

  • [17:59] <pitti> and thus at UDS we can share our thoughts

  • [17:59] <rickspencer3> anywho ... let's bring these ideas to UDS

  • [17:59] <calc> ok

  • [18:00] <asac> pitti: well it definitly requires special skills, but not at the early stages

  • [18:00] <pitti> asac: for triaging as in the medical sense ("set priority and look how many are affected"), that's probably very true

  • [18:00] <rickspencer3> I just wanted to plant the seed of thinking bold and trying something new and perhaps even agressive

  • [18:00] <rickspencer3> as pitti put it early "turn the problem upside down"

  • [18:00] <asac> pitti: yeah. for me it would be a huge improvement if my incoming queue would be just bugs that are properly prepared (thats what i refer to for triaging)

  • [18:01] <pitti> "Enter an 11-digit prime number to file this bug"

  • [18:01] <pitti> *cough*

  • [18:01] <rickspencer3> !

  • [18:01] <asac> the evaluation part of triaging needs to be done by developer. if we are also overloaded on that side we need gravity

  • [18:01] <asac> for that or more engineers Wink ;)

  • [18:01] <pitti> so, some questions to think about:

  • [18:02] <pitti> - Which kind of your typical bugs would you classify as "something I want to work on", and "something I want to look at", and "something I shouldn't look at"

  • [18:02] <bryce> rickspencer3: I guess if I had only an hour to triage, I'd use 45 min to write a launchpadlib script to automate the triaging, and then run that for the last 15 min Wink ;-)

  • [18:02] <pitti> - "how can I organize my bug queues in a way that I can process something to zero without getting overloaded"

  • [18:02] <kenvandine_wk> bryce: good answer Smile :)

  • [18:03] <pitti> bryce++

  • [18:03] <rickspencer3> kewl

  • [18:03] <pitti> - "which of my current work can be documented and automated"

  • [18:03] <rickspencer3> any other business?

=== bratsche_ is now known as bratsche

  • [18:04] <pitti> o/

  • [18:04] <pitti> I had a topic for -intel

  • [18:04] <pitti> so, we have our first alpha-1 next Thursday

  • [18:04] <pitti> I think it would be nice if we could upload -intel 2.7.0 and turn on UXA by default

  • [18:04] <pitti> so that we can run our karmic "target" architecture for as long as possible, and collect feedback early

  • [18:05] <pitti> given how long it takes to fix some of those bugs, we can't start early enough I think

  • [18:06] <pitti> bryce: do you think that's reasonable?

  • [18:06] <pitti> or is there something blocking that?

  • [18:06] <bryce> well

  • [18:07] <bryce> right now we have a lot of UXA bugs, and in talking with Intel I see we have some leverage to get attention on these

  • [18:07] <bryce> if we move ahead and enable UXA I sort of worry Intel may conclude that we no longer consider them blocking issues, and give them less priority

  • [18:07] <pitti> bryce: so you want them to fix the first wave of then first?

  • [18:07] <pitti> s/then/them/

  • [18:08] <bryce> ideally, yes, if it doesn't impact our schedule for KMS enablement

  • [18:08] <pitti> (btw, I enabled that here, but no noticeable difference, even with usplash disabled)

  • [18:08] <bryce> what I am doing these days is basically 75% triaging/upstreaming UXA bugs and 25% KMS preparations

  • [18:09] <bryce> I've written a script to generate reports on current state of UXA bugs, that I send to Intel

  • [18:09] <pitti> okay, I see

  • [18:09] <bryce> I'll send a copy of the next one to ubuntu-devel@ for transparency

  • [18:09] <pitti> bryce: so perhaps 2.7.0 with exa, as in the xorg-edgers PPA?

  • [18:09] <bryce> for KMS, I'm working on putting together a wiki page to howto and capture testing results... link in a sec

  • [18:10] <bryce> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/KernelModeSetting <-- still a WIP

  • [18:10] <bryce> pitti: yes 2.7.0/exa is available now from https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates/

  • [18:11] <bryce> I can also upload that for karmic... I started doing that but got distracted for some reason. Should be up this week at the latest.

  • [18:11] <pitti> I just wondered whether there are specific reasons to hold it back

  • [18:11] <bryce> oh yeah I remember - the package in x-updates doesn't have the patches included in our 2.6.3 version, so I need to take time to do the merging

  • [18:11] <pitti> bryce: if you say that not enabling it by default yet will increase pressure to fix uxa bugs, so much the better Smile :)

  • [18:12] <bryce> that's the plan Smile :-)

  • [18:12] <pitti> ok, thanks for the heads-up

  • [18:12] <bryce> so far there are >20 bugs which will be regressions once we enable UXA

  • [18:13] <bryce> those are freshly tested; and that seems like a lot to me given that people are having to manually enable it at this point, I'd like to cut that down a lot before switching over

  • [18:13] <rickspencer3> bryce: Yingying_Zhao will be hosting weekly calls starting next week, so I'll be able to cover your bug list for you there

  • [18:13] <bryce> great

  • [18:14] <rickspencer3> any other business?

  • [18:14] <kenvandine_wk> one thing

  • [18:14] <bryce> calc, how's your son doing?

  • [18:14] <kenvandine_wk> i will be emailing everyone soon to test an update to u1 Smile :)

  • [18:15] <rickspencer3> meeting adjourned?

  • [18:15] <bryce> thanks!

  • [18:15] <pitti> thanks everyone

  • [18:15] <rickspencer3> kenvandine_wk: right. What was the uptake on U1?

  • [18:15] <rickspencer3> did everyone on the desktop team install it?

  • [18:15] <rickspencer3> (hint hint)

  • [18:15] <awe> +1

  • [18:15] <kenvandine_wk> rickspencer3: i don't have reports from everyone

  • [18:16] <kenvandine_wk> you, pitti and Riddell for sure

  • [18:16] <rickspencer3> okay, we'll look for your email, and set something up so we can get everyone on it

  • [18:16] <awe> kenvandine_wk: what kind of report do you need?

  • [18:16] <kenvandine_wk> well, bug reports

  • [18:16] <calc> bryce: doing ok now

  • [18:16] <kenvandine_wk> does it work for you

  • [18:16] <kenvandine_wk> etc

  • [18:16] <calc> bryce: he was sick about a week

  • [18:16] <kenvandine_wk> awe: basically we want as many people to really use it as possible

  • [18:17] <kenvandine_wk> there are lots of bugs fixed since last week, so there should be a new package soon

  • [18:17] <awe> kenvandine_wk: cool. i had problems with it a few weeks back, but it's been solid ever since. nice work

  • [18:17] <kenvandine_wk> i will mail the group when it is ready

  • [18:17] <bryce> calc: good to hear

  • [18:18] <kenvandine_wk> it won't sync my data yet :/

  • [18:18] <rickspencer3> thanks kenvandine_wk

  • [18:18] <rickspencer3> calc: glad your son is on the mend!

  • [18:18] * rickspencer3 wishes he had a gavel
  • [18:18] <rickspencer3> thanks all!

  • [18:18] <asac> thanks


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