For minutes of previous meetings, please see DesktopTeam/Meeting.

Meeting Minutes


Main Meeting

  • Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
  • Alberto Milone (tseliot)
  • Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

  • Bryce Harrington (bryce)
  • Chris Cheney (ccheney)
  • Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)
  • Didier Roche (didrocks)
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

Eastern Edition

  • Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

  • Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)
  • Chris Halse Rogers (RAOF)



  • Outstanding actions from last meetingu
  • Partner Update
  • Kubuntu Update
  • Release Bugs/Release Status
  • Stable update bugs?
  • Blueprint list
  • New team member next week
  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business


Partner Update

  • u1music store is in public beta
  • OLS has 3 FFE pending:
    • [Freeze Exception] ubuntuone-client: Syncdaemon needs to auto-start/connect in Lucid: [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/534707

    • [Freeze Exception] ubuntuone-client: Impossible to infer status of file syncing jobs: [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/526084

    • Status text field should be disabled if no broadcast accounts have been set up: [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/520932

    • Should have a desktopcouch release that fixes a bunch of the crasher bugs in time for beta-2

Kubuntu Update

Stable Update Bugs

seb128 led discussion on how to choose SRU bugs for 10.04.1. Decision was:

  • After Final Freeze (April 15th) we will review list of targeted bugs
  • Bugs that are targeted, but no appropriate for SRU will be closed at this time
  • Bugs for an SRU will stay targeted and milestoned for an SRU

Release Status

Blueprint List

New Team Member Next Week

  • Hi Nafai

Activity reports

Alberto Milone (tseliot)


  • LP: #548751 nvidia-common: call "dpkg-trigger gmenucache || true" after switching to other drivers

  • LP: #533970 nvidia-common reintroduce config file for kernel hooks
  • Simplify X-Kit's logic to detect if the driver is in use (required by Jockey)
  • Add support for new InputDevice section to XKIT

  • LP: #545992 Can't install fglrx-kernel-source, conflict with fglrx
  • LP: #540177 in kdebase-workspace "KDM needs plymouth transition patch
  • LP: #547066 Jockey doesn't show enabled nvidia drivers as such
  • LP: #496225 Jockey cannot install fglrx driver

In progress:

  • LP: #539196 nvidia-settings X display configuration window doesn't work on nvidia-173 and nvidia-96

Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

Bryce Harrington (bryce)

  • X Stabilization
    • Identify bug fixes besides Xv in 2.10 git tree
    • Backport the Xv patches from 2.10 to intel 2.9.1 (upload pending)
    • Fix crash when all glyphs of a given depth are freed
    • Write up and report status on X stabilization work
    • Update X.org stabilization plan at X/Projects
    • Look for lp bugs with drmCheckModesettingSupported fails
    • Switch off apport freeze hook for -intel as per decision last meeting
  • Upstreaming
    • Upstream #538377 - HDMI turns off intermittently
    • Upstream #541501 - external screen display shows shivering
    • Upstream #542660 - -ati fails to boot on iMac (core i5)
    • Upstream #545096 - intermitent screen corruption
    • Upstream #544525 - dual monitor not working on rv380
  • Packaging work
    • Assist getting xserver 1.7.6 merged
    • Merge xkeyboard-config 1.8
    • Cherrypick post-1.8 patches from xkeyboard-config git tree
    • Merge Arne's xkeyboard-config patches
    • fakesync xf86-input-evtouch
  • Other Bug Work
    • Fix security vulnerability with XAA and compositing (LP: #551193)
    • Help ccheney troubleshoot openoffice/inkscape bug
    • Investigate if the Repeat execbuffer patch is included
  • Arsenal
    • rename fix-titles.py to process-title-fixing.py
    • Make milestone report include gravity and time since last comment
    • Move arsenal_lib.py to top level and replace instances in contrib and scripts with symlinks
    • Sketch out thoughts on refactoring process-new-bugs.py to make it easier to use beyond X.org
    • Move bug.has_tag()-based skipping into arsenal_lib.py
    • Fix cron on blackwold to actually generate the versions_current.html page - is cron actually running?
    • Identify if tagging an incomplete bug makes it an incomplete w/ response bug
    • Implement routine for identifying if launchpad is simply down temporarily when 500/502/504 errors throw exceptions
  • UDS Planning
    • Capture thinking about what we want to do for the -intel freeze hook in Lucid+1 into blueprint wiki
    • Plan out UDS X sessions for RAOF
  • Debugging with KMS
    • Investigate how to handle quirking with KMS
    • Identify if there are any mechanisms to make kernel test quirks manually
    • Review drm_edid.c code in the kernel to learn how quirking works
  • Review and improve https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewCodeReviews

  • Review and improve https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam/GettingInvolved

  • Off Friday (went to Seattle for the weekend)

Chris Cheney (ccheney)

  • Uploaded openoffice.org 1:3.2.0-4ubuntu2
    • Fixed 3 remaining RC bugs, whee!
  • Uploaded openclipart 0.18+dfsg-9ubuntu1
    • Fixed bug allowing installation with OOo 3.2.0
  • Working with mvo on OOo karmic-lucid upgrade bug
  • Working on epiphany-browser gtkentry backport

Chris Halse Rogers (RAOF)

  • X
    • Picked out two bugfixes from upstream nouveau and forwarded them to kernel team list. Still need to be sent to stable kernel list.
    • An upstream comment on bug #540632 pointed to a kernel commit fixing a class of EDID bugs. Verified with reporter that the commit fixed their problem, and forwarded bug & commit to kernel team.

    • Investigated helping to automate mmiotrace gathering for users now that mmiotrace is enabled in the main kernel images. I've got a simple set of scripts which I'll be testing on bug reporters this week
    • Fixed VESA driver to fail to load when a kernel modesetting driver is providing a framebuffer. Patch is upstream, and looks like it'll be acceptable.
    • Found new bugs where vga16fb being loaded appears to blame. Discussed with Chase Douglas in #ubuntu-kernel, who came up with a patch to prevent vga16fb from loading when a kms driver is already loaded. I'm monitoring further bugs - I think there are still some vga16fb-caused bugs lurking, particularly with multiple gpus.
  • gnome-keyring-sharp
    • This broke with gnome-keyring-daemon 2.30 removing the socket interface. Reimplemented the socket calls using libgnome-keyring instead.
    • This seems to have fixed everything but f-spot. F-Spot might be bundling a broken copy of gnome-keyring-sharp.

Didier Roche (didrocks)

  • Finished the work on "disable startup sound in gdmsetup". Now possible to change gconf keys in gdm
  • Test and finish clutter 1.2 transition and enabling introspection in various components: gtk, clutter, clutter-gtk, atk, pango
  • Don't show "as another user" in metacity (design required)
  • gnome-control-center: themes now provides a prefered button layout option. This enable to avoid breaking all themes with our default and handle custom user settings as well.
  • UNE related:
    • bug triaging
    • merge some contributor patches. Will release new version in the week
    • ping about pushing the new logo back
    • discuss with dx team which agree to fix 2 bugs which will take forever for me to fix "if they have time"
  • GNOME updates: nautilus-action, alcarte, zenity, gnome-applets, gtk-doc, anjuta, devhelp, vinagre, gucharmap, empathy, gnome-control-center, gnome-themes, gtk2-engines, gnome-menus, gnome-session, gedit-plugins, deskbar-applets, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-screensaver
  • New quickly release, got FFe an triaging Quickly related bugs!
  • Provide some guidance to GSoC students and write the GSoC applications

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)

Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Porting work for gwibber to use the keyring, until I hit the keyring CPU load bug 530605
  • Uploaded fix for desktopcouch that improves gwibber startup time considerably
  • Released Gwibber 2.29.93 with a ton of bug fixes and i18n love
  • DX Releases

Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Assigned blueprints:


  • Bug fixing: cups, libatasmart, gdm, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-control-center, gnome-keyring, gnome-menus, gnome-power-manager, gvfs, jockey, langack-locales, media-player-info, nut, python-distutils-extra, sudo, udev, upower, usbmuxd
  • New versions: gnome-disk-utility, gnome-power-manager, gvfs
  • Desktop seed cleanup, removed a few unmaintained packages (nautilus-cd-burner, ekiga, deskbar-applet)
  • Set up mumble, working great
  • Tested CD drive locking with cdrkit/growisofs
  • Tested u1 music store
  • Tried in vain to unbreak apport testsuite for staging.lp.net
  • tzdata update for stables
  • Some Apport retracer maintenance
  • TB meeting


  • language-selector, bluez

Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)

  • General:
    • Fixed the gnome-terminal profile upgrade issue (LP: #532511)
    • Fixed a bug in gnome-power-manager where it dimmed the screen from an inactive session
    • Fixed a gnome-settings-daemon bug where the volume change event sounds weren't working, due to our notify-osd patch (LP: #538761)
    • Fixed a gnome-desktop bug causing g-s-d to print GLib-Critical messages in the console at startup (LP: #384439)
    • Helped with the gnome-settings-daemon 2.30 update to get the notify-osd patch working again
    • Fixed some packages with unmet dependencies since I remove python-gnome2-extras earlier this cycle
    • Sponsoring: conkeror, gnome-chemistry-tools, galeon, bindwood
  • xulrunner-1.9.2 transition:
    • DONE: conkeror, gnome-chemistry-tools, galeon (thanks to Micah Gersten)
    • There are a couple that ftbfs due to needing updated xulrunner with working .pc file (gtk-vnc, gnome-chemistry-tools)
    • packagekit is waiting on updated xulrunner (due today)
  • General Mozilla:
    • NSPR 4.8.4 update
    • Worked on NSS 3.12.6 update. This caused a bit of grief as it broke Evolution, so I had to spend some time investigating that. It's fixed now and will be uploaded today (which will open the gates for xulrunner and FF 3.6.2)
    • Got the cairo LCD filter patch working in FF 3.6.2 (thanks to mdeslaur for helping too) (LP: #512615)
    • Started 3.0/3.5/1.9/1.9.1 security updates

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

Weekly tasks:

  • desktop updates: gtkmm glib gtk ido indicator-me telepathy-butterfly gtksourceview pygtksourceview rhythmbox libgnomekbd glib nautilus glibmm gtkmm pango nautilus-sendto totem-pl-parser totem gnome-bluetooth gedit gnome-media file-roller evince eog cheese brasero libwnck tomboy libgweather gnome-panel librsvg libbonoboui libbonobo gconf libsoup
  • changed gnome-menus cache update code to not translate icon names
  • discussed string changes in lucid and revert those in some sources
  • did a gtk-murrine snapshot to lucid on artwork team request
  • some other round of rhythmbox git fixes backport
  • did a rhythmbox git snapshot since it's easier to backport most commits
  • updated glib to ship python debug macros too
  • updated shared-mime-info translations from rosetta to lucid
  • backported a potential fixes for gnome-keyring issue but it's not working
  • restored nautilus change not commit to vcs and dropped with the update
  • looked to lot of bugs, tracked some issues, got debug informations


  • shared-mime-info enchant gtk2-engines-murrine gnome-panel indicator-sound libindicator indicator-application ubuntu-mono indicator-application gwibber

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

  • system-config-printer: Fixed several bugs: Do not auto-create a new queue if a printer is only detected by the "usb" CUPS backend and there is already a queue set up with the "hp" backend or vice versa, do also not auto-create new queues if there exists already a queue whose URI references to the detected printer only by the /dev/usb/lp? device file (non-standard CUPS backends), do not let the firewall warning dialog pop up (LP: #534526), applied upstream patches to fix several tracebacks in the new asynchronous requests for device and driver info (LP: #520466), silince logged error message due to the PrinterDriverInstaller not present (LP: #530218), added dependency on avahi-utils (LP: #545737), when generating HPLIP URIs for network printers, generate the newer ones based on DNS-SD host names, to keep printers working when IPs change (LP: #545737), let discovered network printer connections via the "dnssd" CUPS backend be shown before connections via "socket", "lpd", or "ipp" as they are proof against chaning IPs, added a missing "import gobject" to one of the Python files. Still waiting for new Ubuntu logo for the printer test pages (LP: #542975).

  • python-cups: Updated to get in a crash bug fix (LP: #545755).
  • foomatic-db: Fixed database entries which got broken on the switchover of the server to MySQL, especially affecting the "hl1250" driver (PCL-5e driver for Brother printers, LP: #541690).
  • hplip: Made simple-scan the deafult scanning frontend (LP: #539015), applied a patch to eliminate a segfault when closing the tray applet (LP: #546816), tried out a patch for Application Indicator support, but it does not work yet (LP: #497877).
  • foo2zjs: Let automatic upload of the firmware file into the printer by UDEV be delayed for 3 seconds, so that it does not interfere with other UDEV actions like automatic queue setup or re-enabling a disabled queue (LP: #543177).
  • Answered and triaged printing-related bug reports.

IRC Logs

[17:32] <tkamppeter> hi
[17:32] <pitti> right
[17:32] <chrisccoulson> i think so ;)
[17:32] * kenvandine waves
[17:32] <didrocks> hey
[17:32] <rickspencer3> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2010-03-30<<BR>> [17:32] <ArneGoetje> o/
[17:32] <Riddell> afternoon
[17:32] <kenvandine> i might need to duck out at some point
[17:32] * tseliot waves
[17:32] <seb128> hey
[17:32] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, ack
[17:33] <rickspencer3> shall we start with kenvandine and partner update?
[17:33] <kenvandine> ok
[17:33] <kenvandine> OLS has a couple FFE still in the pipe, i think they are expected to land today if approved
[17:34] <kenvandine> i haven't looked at the status today, they are on the wiki
[17:34] <kenvandine> and there was a request for a UIF exception of u1 client, not sure if that will happen or not
[17:34] <kenvandine> music store beta is going well, and there will be libu1 and rb plugin bug fix releases today'ish
[17:35] <kenvandine> DX seems pretty on track, nothing major coming
[17:35] <kenvandine> i think that is it
[17:35] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, I've seen a few UI tweaks the last few days from Dx
[17:35] <rickspencer3> is that about done, or are there more changes to expect?
[17:35] <kenvandine> i think that was it
[17:35] <kenvandine> which was mostly just reverting the strings back, i think
[17:35] <kenvandine> and there is the screensaver thing which we patched
[17:35] <seb128> the indicator-message strings change too
[17:36] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, little pips next to status in Me Menu for instance
[17:36] <seb128> to say "configuring..." now
[17:36] <kenvandine> seb128, yeah, that isn't changing again though right?
[17:36] <seb128> before starting the application for the first ime
[17:36] <seb128> no, but it's new from this week
[17:36] * kenvandine still thinks that work flow is a little confusing
[17:36] <seb128> or previous week now rather
[17:36] <kenvandine> if you had been running it already
[17:36] <kenvandine> but i guess a short hump to get over
[17:36] <seb128> right, I was a bit surprised to see that landing now
[17:36] <seb128> especially that the logic is wrong
[17:37] <seb128> anyway not a meeting subject
[17:37] <kenvandine> ok, moving on
[17:37] * kenvandine hands mic back
[17:37] * rickspencer3 hands mic to Riddel
[17:37] <rickspencer3> Riddell, Kubuntu update?
[17:37] <Riddell> * new logo decided http://people.canonical.com/~jriddell/kubuntu-new-logo.png needs Design Team to tidy up
[17:37] <Riddell> * KDE 4.4.2 packaged and uploaded to lucid, compiling away now
[17:37] <Riddell> * KOffice 2.1.2 packaged and uploaded
[17:37] <Riddell> * http://tinyurl.com/yjybcx9 milestoned bugs down to 16
[17:38] <rickspencer3> yeah!
[17:38] <rickspencer3> Riddell, can I just say that you are doing an awesome job with Kubuntu and Kubuntu team!
[17:38] <rickspencer3> thanks much
[17:38] <Riddell> two high priority bugs, akonadi being broken on upgrades and hal not mounting disks
[17:38] <Riddell> both need some more investigation but will probably be after beta 2
[17:39] <Riddell> why thank you rickspencer3
[17:39] <pitti> I followed up to the hal one, but I don't understand the problem yet
[17:39] <pitti> I had one suspicion, but that wasn't it
[17:39] <chrisccoulson> kubuntu still uses hal for mounting?
[17:39] <Riddell> yes
[17:39] <pitti> hal doesn't require any privileges for mounting internal drives these days
[17:40] <pitti> but at least in karmic kde actually used a fancy kdesu wrapper, AFAIR
[17:40] <rickspencer3> moving on?
[17:40] <rickspencer3> oops, sorry, didn't mean to interupt
[17:40] <Riddell> rickspencer3: yes we'll discuss later
[17:40] <rickspencer3> ok
[17:41] <rickspencer3> seb128 brought up the next topic, related to bugs for 10.04 stable updates
[17:41] <rickspencer3> seb128, did I get that right?
[17:41] <seb128> yes
[17:41] <seb128> we have a list of rc bugs for lucid now
[17:41] <seb128> but I'm wondering if we want to start building a list of bugs we want to fix in lucid updates if not in lucid
[17:41] <seb128> and how we build this list
[17:41] <pitti> wouldn't that be the same list, by and large?
[17:41] <seb128> and how much we want to have on it
[17:42] <pitti> i. e. every bug which is targetted to lucid becomes an SRU target after release
[17:42] <seb128> pitti, well discussion from yesterday hint that rickspencer3 want the > High list driven to 0 quickly
[17:42] <pitti> well, "potential" target
[17:42] <seb128> so where do we put the "lucid update" bugs
[17:42] <pitti> I agree, because those are release blockers
[17:42] <seb128> I think we have too many mediums
[17:42] <seb128> they don't all quality for it
[17:42] <seb128> qualify
[17:42] <chrisccoulson> i thought release blockers were "high" and milestoned too?
[17:43] <pitti> seb128: then we can wontfix them for lucid post-release
[17:43] <chrisccoulson> can we not change the milestone for ones we want to SRU to "lucid-updates"?
[17:43] <pitti> seb128: for the "potential" side, I think we should go over the list around release time and wontfix the ones which aren't appropriate for SRU
[17:43] <seb128> chrisccoulson, I'm fine with that, I just want to agree on a common way to mark those
[17:43] <pitti> chrisccoulson: YES WE CAN!
[17:43] <pitti> *cough* :)
[17:43] <seb128> I don't like the wontfixing
[17:43] <pitti> indeed, I think that's an appropriate milestone
[17:43] <chrisccoulson> that's ok then :)
[17:44] <seb128> users tend to take that a slap in the face
[17:44] <pitti> but bugs which aren't SRU targets are better "wontfix"ed after release
[17:44] <seb128> and get angry and start arguing
[17:44] <rickspencer3> seb128, well, you only won't fix the bug task
[17:44] <rickspencer3> not the whole bug
[17:44] <pitti> we won't "wontfix" the bug, just the lucid target
[17:44] <seb128> rickspencer3, we don't have lucid+1 in launchpad now
[17:44] <seb128> so wontfixing == closing
[17:45] <seb128> we can't open a lucid+1 task
[17:45] <rickspencer3> can we milestone it "later" for now?
[17:45] <seb128> pitti, well that's equivalent
[17:45] <pitti> seb128: wontfix after release -> not close
[17:45] <seb128> pitti, what task stay open?
[17:45] <ArneGoetje> how about changing the milestone to 'later'?
[17:45] <chrisccoulson> seb128 - i think if you "won't fix" all of the targetted tasks, then launchpad automatically creates an untargetted task (which you can keep open)
[17:45] <seb128> pitti, right, "after release"
[17:45] <pitti> seb128: well, it works before the release as well (LP will create a "floating" task)
[17:46] <seb128> oh ok, I didn't try that recently
[17:46] <seb128> it used to not work
[17:46] <pitti> but I was saying that we should do it around release time, becuase before that we can still potentially fix them
[17:46] <pitti> seb128: it works fine
[17:46] <seb128> good
[17:46] <seb128> so seems people agree on not changing anything
[17:46] <rickspencer3> seb128, so what do you think of pitti's proposal that we do this after final freeze?
[17:47] <seb128> and revisit our target of opportunity list after lucid hard freeze
[17:47] <rickspencer3> rather try to fix the ones we can between now and then?
[17:47] <seb128> and close or milestone to .1?
[17:47] <rickspencer3> I'm not too worries about specifically how we adjust the bug task properties, so much as:
[17:47] <rickspencer3> 1. when do we start building the list
[17:48] <rickspencer3> 2. what is the logic for what goes into such a list
[17:48] <rickspencer3>
[17:48] <rickspencer3> seb128, thoughts about those questions?
[17:48] <seb128> well, seems 1. is "we already have it"
[17:48] <seb128> it's our "100 bugs"
[17:48] <seb128> or whatever we call those target or opportunity list
[17:48] <seb128> ie all the team assigned with lucid tasks < high
[17:48] <rickspencer3> interesting
[17:49] <seb128> well that's what I got from this discussion
[17:49] <seb128> pitti, ^ right?
[17:49] <rickspencer3> so basically, if it's targeted to Lucid, we are committed to fixing it in *some* version of 10.04
[17:49] <seb128> so just keep adding things there
[17:49] <pitti> seb128: correct
[17:49] <seb128> and triage the list at lucid time
[17:49] <seb128> close the things we will not change in lucid
[17:49] <seb128> and milestone the ones we want to sru for .1
[17:49] <seb128> rickspencer3, well, we will revisit the list at lucid hard freeze time
[17:49] <seb128> and wontfix those we drop
[17:49] <rickspencer3> ok
[17:49] <rickspencer3> makes sense to me
[17:49] <pitti> sounds like a plan to me
[17:49] <seb128> works for everybody?
[17:50] <seb128> ok good
[17:50] <seb128> rickspencer3, I think we have an agreement there
[17:50] <rickspencer3> kewl
[17:50] <rickspencer3> thanks seb128
[17:51] <rickspencer3> ok, so next topic is blueprints for 10.10
[17:51] <rickspencer3> I'm not setting any deadline yet, but I know some folks are starting to think about this
[17:51] <rickspencer3> so I started an informal list here:
[17:51] <rickspencer3> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/10.10/BlueprintList<<BR>> [17:52] <rickspencer3> I put on topics that have come out of conversations I've already had with folks, some community, but mostly other Canonical teams
[17:52] <rickspencer3> If you want to, you can feel free to use this as a scratch pad too
[17:53] <rickspencer3> but also, thought you might want to see what I am thinking about as well
[17:53] <rickspencer3> I know that bryceh already has a tight list of blueprints and sessions that he wants to do with RAOF for xorg
[17:53] <rickspencer3> so that's that topic, unless there are questions
[17:54] * didrocks will add his note from his thought too :)
[17:54] <rickspencer3> k
[17:55] <rickspencer3> so next is release status
[17:55] * rickspencer3 hands mic to pitti
[17:55] <pitti> so, first a look at http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-desktop-team-ubuntu-10.04-beta-2.html<<BR>> [17:55] <pitti> seems we are well within the plan
[17:55] <pitti> and the remaining bits don't look scary any more
[17:55] <pitti> good job!
[17:55] <kenvandine> :)
[17:55] <pitti> which extends to the RC bug list
[17:55] <pitti> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus<<BR>> [17:56] <pitti> (RC bug list updated yesterday)
[17:56] <pitti> I already caught up with chrisccoulson about his bugs, and they seem on track
[17:56] <pitti> the ones that worry me now are bug 507148 and bug 491210 from the X.org/kernel side
[17:56] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 507148 in linux "[lucid] desktop runs out of video memory on ATI Radeon Mobility 7500" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/507148<<BR>> [17:56] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 491210 in linux "[i865G] Monitor Resolution limited to 800x600" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/491210<<BR>> [17:56] <pitti> they are both in kernel land for now, but bryceh, do you happen to know whether there's hope for them?
[17:57] <pitti> chrisccoulson: do you know if bug 447431 is still relevant?
[17:57] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 447431 in gnome-desktop "gnome-settings-daemon dies with BadMatch" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/447431<<BR>> [17:57] <pitti> other than those three, I'm fairly impressed with our progress, good work team!
[17:57] <chrisccoulson> pitti - yes, i'm going to get back to that bug this week
[17:58] <seb128> we get a lot of crashes "../../src/xcb_io.c:385: _XAllocID: Assertion `ret != inval_id' failed."
[17:58] <seb128> in random softwares
[17:58] <chrisccoulson> yeah, i just saw one like that reported against firefox
[17:58] <seb128> does anybody known if that's an issue in the xorg stack?
[17:58] <pitti> is there a bug for it which should be on the RC radar?
[17:59] <seb128> that's what I'm asking there
[17:59] <seb128> I get a crash every day at least on GNOME components with the "../../src/xcb_io.c:385: _XAllocID: Assertion `ret != inval_id' failed." error in the title
[17:59] <seb128> but it's never in the same softwares
[17:59] <tseliot> tjaalton: does it ring a bell?
[17:59] <chrisccoulson> pitti / seb128 - bug 507062
[17:59] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 507062 in libxcb "synaptic assert failure: synaptic: ../../src/xcb_io.c:385: _XAllocID: Assertion `ret != inval_id' failed." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/507062<<BR>> [17:59] <chrisccoulson> but that was already closed as fixed
[18:00] <seb128> how do we deal with all the duplicates?
[18:00] <seb128> reopen that one and duplicate everything?
[18:00] <pitti> sounds sensible
[18:00] <seb128> ok, will do that
[18:01] <pitti> seb128: can you please target it to lucid, too?
[18:01] <seb128> will do
[18:01] <pitti> thanks
[18:01] <pitti> did anyone else notice something bug related which we shoudl track?
[18:01] <rickspencer3> pitti, I've noticed a decrease in the total # of RC bugs
[18:01] <pitti> or has concerns about this WIs/assigned bugs?
[18:01] <rickspencer3> and that most people with an RC bug have but 1 bug
[18:01] <rickspencer3> this seems promising to me
[18:01] <pitti> rickspencer3: don't worry, we won't run out of work anytime soon :)
[18:01] <rickspencer3> am I seeing the world thorugh rose colored glasses
[18:01] <rickspencer3> ?
[18:01] <rickspencer3> lol
[18:02] <pitti> but yes, getting the RC list down is great
[18:02] <didrocks> rickspencer3: aubergine one :)
[18:02] <seb128> urg
[18:02] <rickspencer3> ok, beta 2 will be bring a crush of RC bugs
[18:02] * rickspencer3 kicks didrocks
[18:02] <didrocks> *ouch*
[18:02] <rickspencer3> (nice one didrocks)
[18:02] <rickspencer3> pitti, that was it for me
[18:02] <seb128> https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=_XAllocID<<BR>> [18:03] <pitti> </release status sermon> (still interested in feedback about the two X.org driver failures, though)
[18:03] <seb128> I'm too lazy to dup those 67 crashes I think
[18:03] <seb128> does anybody has a script for that?
[18:03] <chrisccoulson> yeah, that would create a lot of bug spam ;)
[18:03] <rickspencer3> seb128, you can use bughugger for that!
[18:03] <pitti> seb128: lp-set-dup
[18:03] <pitti> seb128: but we should also have a bug pattern for that, I'll write one
[18:03] <seb128> thank
[18:03] <rickspencer3> that sounds great
[18:04] <rickspencer3> pitti, shall we adjourn the meeting?
[18:04] <pitti> seb128: use ctrl+mouse selection to get the list of numbers, and call lp-set-dup on it with the master bug being first
[18:04] <pitti> rickspencer3: WFM


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