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Meeting Minutes


Main Meeting

  • Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
  • Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

  • Chris Cheney (ccheney)
  • Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)
  • Didier Roche (didrocks)
  • Gary Lasker (tremolux)
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

Eastern Edition

  • Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

  • Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)
  • Chris Halse Rogers (RAOF)



  • Partner Update
  • Kubuntu Update
  • Self and peer assessments due TODAY
  • Release Bugs/Release Status
  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business

Actions from this meeting

  • ACTION: chrisccoulson to investigate any chromium changes appropriate for the distro
  • ACTION: kenvandine to clarify with Dx what is in scope for A2
  • ACTION: rickspencer3 to poke squinky about kubuntu.org

Outstanding actions from last meeting

Partner Update


  • Will start weekly releases next week, probably on Tuesdays
  • Weekly releases wiki page (coming soon)
  • Not all work items are setup, will be complete this week


  • Weekly releases

  • Blueprints - still quite a few that aren't approved and still assigned to the team

Kubuntu Update

  • merges mostly done
  • qt 4.7 in, split up slightly, arm build timing out Sad :(

  • KDE SC 4.5 beta being packaged
  • kubuntu.org update blocked on sysadmins
  • https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo starting to get coloured in

Self and peer assessments

---[Not much to say. If you haven't done them, do them before eod.]---
Actually, turns out that only inviting people for peer review is due today.

Release Status


  • Everyone should be working on work items now
  • Are there any blueprints that are not done, accepted, etc...?
  • Are there patches for chromium that should be in the distro (make sqllite, gtk, etc... go faster?)
  • Qt, how to make Qt apps run nicer on Ubuntu?

Other Business

Activity reports

Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

  • Blueprints:
    • language-selector: will get finalized on Friday (discussion with Michael Forrest from the DX team about the design will happen on Friday)
    • language-selector-code-changes: will get finalized on Wednesday and Thursday on the mini sprint with mvo
  • Expenses
  • Performance review
  • Review and triage bug reports for language-selector
  • Reading documentation about D-Bus and aptdaemon
  • arrange travel for mini sprint with mvo

Bryce Harrington (bryce)

Chris Cheney (ccheney)

Chris Halse Rogers (RAOF)

  • Blueprint paperwork
  • Communicated Maverick X plans to Debian X Strike Force, discussed collaboration for this release
  • Updated nouveau, merged mesa from Debian experimental.
  • Worked on enabling egl & gles in mesa for DX and ARM teams.

Didier Roche (didrocks)

  • Expenses for DX sprint/UDS
  • Maverick planning : blueprint/WI/wiki page
  • email filtering setup on server side and catchup after UDS
  • lucid SRU:
    • netbook-launcher (fixing slowdown with compiz, some home icon in folder category)
    • planner
    • xsane (no translation)
    • evince (backport an upstream fix for crasher in previous -proposed)
    • simplecommeubuntu (new version)
  • some cleanage in the unity packaging
  • evolution 2.30 (painful) transition: evolution, evolution-exchange, gtkhtml3.14, evolution-data-server
  • netbook-launcher and unity bug handling
  • Quickly: merge some work. Still needs some work for 0.4.3 SRU
  • began merge/sync from debian: maximus, zlib, alacarte, cheese, devhelp
  • oneconf: first commandline tool utility to update the list of package on your computer, making a diff between computers and smart filtering (https://edge.launchpad.net/~didrocks/+junk/oneconf)

Gary Lasker (tremolux)

  • Maverick planning
    • Wrote work items and set alpha-2 targets for the following blueprints:
      • desktop-maverick-software-center-front-end
      • desktop-maverick-opportunistic-apps-stable-release
    • Work items planning session with mvo
    • Set alpha-2 and alpha-3 targets for work items defined by mvo:
      • foundations-maverick-buy-something
    • Desktop team work items review meeting
  • Software Center
    • Reviewed, tested and merged lp:~osomon/software-center/button_release, branch from Olivier Tilloy
    • Fixed broken channel list views (LP: #583545); fix was released in software-center 2.1.1
    • Found a regression in 2.1.0; list view forgets selected row, opened LP: #584969
      • Fix in progress, branch at lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/lp584969
    • Fixed crash in on_channels_refreshed(), LP: #578497
    • Opened LP: #583643: PPA does not appear after adding it via software sources (PPA auth problem)
    • Monday Software Center call
  • tzdata
    • Opened LP: #582529 to track update to upstream version 2010j for Maverick, Lucid, et al
      • Need to prepare uploads, my thanks to Pitti for mentoring!
    • Wrote email to upstream regarding Russian time zone issue reported in LP: #540295, comment #16
    • Some bug triage for tzdata
  • This week:
    • 360 Reviews: Write self-review, peer reviews, manager review by Tuesday
    • Finish fix for LP: #584969: List view forgets selected row
    • Fix LP: #578650: Install button enabled while install in progress
    • Get going on work items for foundations-maverick-buy-something
    • Work items from desktop-maverick-software-center-front-end
    • tzdata: Finish tzdata merges and uploads to close LP: #582529
    • tzdata: Follow up as needed on upstream issue: LP: #540295

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • full day archive admin
  • Merging KDE SC packages
  • Reviewing specs, writing Todo
  • Packaging Qt 4.7 Beta
  • Separating Qt WebKit package

  • Separating Phonon package
  • Updating python-qt4 packaging
  • Packaging Qt Creator beta
  • Updating kdevelop packaging


  • kubuntu.org website update, waiting on sysadmins


  • finish merges
  • KOffice 2.2
  • KDE SC 4.5 beta

Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • create mono bindings for libindicate (mostly done, but blocked on bindings for dbusmenu-glib)
  • create mono bindings for dbusmenu (in progress)
  • libgwibber, ported API exposed from gwibber.lib, next up the gtk widgets
  • ubuntuone API for creating public url for a file and post via gwibber

Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)


  • Updated gnome-orca to 2.31.2 in Maverick. Still need to update ubiquity script for orca and upload.
  • Updated mousetweaks to 2.31.2 in maverick.
  • Wrote work items for replacing speech-dispatcher with opentts.


  • Audio bug triaging, bugs in question were against the alsa userspace packages, pulseaudio, and the kernel.
  • Started looking at jack-audio-connection-kit merge/update.
  • Review ossproxy's functionality.
  • Check Debian pulse packaging to see if there is anything we should pick up for the Ubuntu package.


  • Performance review
  • Start process for booking flights to Prague.
  • Check what other misc merges I need to take care of for Maverick.

Martin Pitt (pitti)

  • Expenses for SomeHands/UDS
  • Set up work item tracker for various teams, and fixed some bugs
  • Subitted evaluation myself and my manager
  • PostgreSQL security update for all stables
  • Tech Board meeting
  • Discussed pm-utils-powersave-policy SRU with Chad
  • Mentored Gary how to do tzdata updates
  • Sponsored pm-utils-powersave-policy
  • Udisks: worked on initial support for btrfs

Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)

  • Blueprint paperwork
  • Maverick updates: glib, gtk+, vinagre, gcalctool, gnome-games, vte, gnome-terminal, gucharmap
  • Working on getting PyGI into Universe
  • Communicating with Shotwell developers

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • email catchup after UDS
  • lucid stable updates
    • new GNOME versions: gtk pygtksourceview librsvg totem vinagre gtkmm
    • backported a rhythmbox crash fix from git
    • new telepathy-butterfly version
  • update whiteboard and wikipages for my blueprints
  • reviewed team blueprints and work items
  • organized IRC meeting to review blueprints
  • updated versions to track maverick now
  • synced some desktop package to maverick
  • uploaded Cody gtk changes for rgba and csd
  • rebuilt nautilus with a rgba change
  • backported a totem fix for a csd crasher
  • UDS expense claims
  • started maverick merges on debian: gconf gconf-editor at-spi atk eog gnome-pkg-tools gnome-python directfb

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

  • Updated 64-bit laptop to Maverick
  • Checked whether the Common Printing Dialog still builds under Maverick: OK.
  • Sponsored Ghostscript patch to fix LP: #584597 (Deprecation of defoma).
  • Expense report for UDS Maverick
  • Answered and triaged printing-related bug reports.

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)

IRC Logs

[17:31] <rickspencer3> everyone ready to go?
[17:31] <bryceh> just had lp team meeting and another meeting in 30 so I'll just be a lurker here
[17:31] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, anything for partner update?
[17:31] <Riddell> hi
[17:31] <rickspencer3> tremolux, team meeting is now, btw
[17:32] <rickspencer3> I'll take that as a "no"
[17:32] <rickspencer3> Riddell, anything for a Kubuntu update?
[17:32] * kenvandine waves
[17:32] * tremolux waves too
[17:32] <kenvandine> partner update?
[17:32] <rickspencer3> ah, now I've created resource contention
[17:32] <kenvandine> :)
[17:32] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, yeah
[17:33] <rickspencer3> are Dx and U1 done their A2 planning, for example?
[17:33] <kenvandine> no... U1 will have all their WIs added this week
[17:33] <rickspencer3> http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/ubuntuone-hackers-maverick-alpha-2.html<<BR>> [17:33] <rickspencer3> http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-dx-team-maverick-alpha-2.html<<BR>> [17:33] <kenvandine> DX i am more worried about, they have a bunch of blueprints that are assigned to the team and not approved
[17:33] <kenvandine> i need to talk to dbarth, but he is out again today
[17:34] <seb128> dbarth will be back tomorrow
[17:34] <kenvandine> yeah
[17:34] <seb128> which specs are you concerned about?
[17:34] <kenvandine> so we need to get that under
[17:34] <rickspencer3> dang it, I thought they were going to get these done by last Friday
[17:34] <kenvandine> well most of the ones for dx-m- aren't approved or assigned to an individual
[17:34] <kenvandine> seb128, so i don't know which ones will end up approved
[17:34] <seb128> http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-dx-team-maverick-alpha-2.html seems to have a good summary
[17:34] <kenvandine> seb128, perhaps you know
[17:35] <seb128> well if you tell me which one you are concerned about I can tell you if I know about it ;-)
[17:35] <kenvandine> seb128, ok, after the meeting
[17:35] <seb128> ok
[17:35] <kenvandine> i just did a search for dx-m- and was alarmed that most are "unapproved" and not assigned to an individual
[17:35] <kenvandine> maybe most of them aren't in scope...
[17:36] <kenvandine> anyway
[17:36] <kenvandine> we need to get that nailed down
[17:36] <rickspencer3> ACTION: kenvandine to clarify with Dx what is in scope for A2
[17:36] <kenvandine> good news is that U1 will do weekly releases this cycle
[17:36] <kenvandine> probably on tuesdays
[17:36] <rickspencer3> kewl!
[17:36] <kenvandine> starting next week
[17:36] <rickspencer3> great job kenvandine
[17:36] <kenvandine> there will be DX releases this thursday
[17:37] <kenvandine> that is it for partner update
[17:37] <rickspencer3> thanks kenvandine
[17:37] <rickspencer3> Riddell, Kubuntu update?
[17:37] <Riddell> * merges mostly done
[17:37] <Riddell> * qt 4.7 in, split up slightly, arm build timing out :(
[17:37] <Riddell> * KDE SC 4.5 beta being packaged
[17:37] <Riddell> * kubuntu.org update blocked on sysadmins
[17:37] <Riddell> * https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo starting to get coloured in
[17:37] <Riddell> I added alpha 2 targets to that Todo page
[17:37] <Riddell> not sure if a burndown chart will magically appear somewhere as a result
[17:38] <rickspencer3> ACTION: Riddell to ask pitti about creating Kubuntu burndown charts
[17:38] <pitti> hm, they should be
[17:38] <rickspencer3> ACTION: rickspencer3 to poke squinky about kubuntu.org
[17:39] <rickspencer3> Riddell, thanks for the update, looks like a tight turnaround for the Kubuntu team from UDS -> work started
[17:39] <pitti> http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/kubuntu-dev.html<<BR>> [17:39] <pitti> rickspencer3, Riddell ^
[17:39] <pitti> (per-milestone pages exist, too)
[17:40] <rickspencer3> son of a gun
[17:40] <rickspencer3> thanks pitti
[17:40] <rickspencer3> next on the agenda is Self and peer assessments
[17:40] <rickspencer3> so self assesments *are* due today
[17:40] <bratsche> seb128, mvo: I think I have a proper patch for the emacs23 issue on gtk. I'm rebuilding emacs now, will test after lunch.
[17:40] <rickspencer3> but for peer assesments, you only need to invite people, not actually do them
[17:40] <rickspencer3> thanks to tremolux for catching my error there
[17:40] <rickspencer3> any questions about HR stuff?
[17:40] <seb128> bratsche: ok, good, having to fix the software is not great though, we don't have access to ie flash source
[17:41] <Riddell> beware of timeouts on the review website
[17:41] <tremolux> ouch, yes
[17:41] <rickspencer3> heh
[17:41] * kenvandine got a big crash screen... but it seemed to work :)
[17:41] <rickspencer3> yeah, write your stuff in an editor, make sure it fits the ma character count
[17:41] <bratsche> seb128: Right.. I think maybe something can be done with the XEmbed code in Chromium though. I'll talk to Evan Martin from Google if I can't figure out a way to fix it.
[17:41] <rickspencer3> and then past it in and submit
[17:42] <bratsche> seb128: Otherwise I guess we'd have to disable rgba on Chromium, which sucks and kind of defeats the purpose of all of this in a way. :)
[17:42] <rickspencer3> bratsche, seb128 could I ask you guys to take it to PM until after our meeting? we're going to be done soon
[17:42] <Riddell> rickspencer3: do you know if we can file a bug report with somebody about that?
[17:42] <bratsche> Sorry.
[17:42] <seb128> rickspencer3, yes, sorry
[17:42] <rickspencer3> bratsche don't be sorry, its all good
[17:42] <rickspencer3> Riddell, uh, I don't know
[17:43] <rickspencer3> It's a well known issue, and I think your energy will be better spent working around it ;)
[17:43] <rickspencer3> otherwise, maybe ping dgoggin?
[17:43] <rickspencer3> ok, on to release status?
[17:43] <rickspencer3> I haven't looked at Maverick bugs yet, so we'll just skip that for this week ;)
[17:44] <rickspencer3> I *think* our blueprints are substantially done, and work items identified
[17:44] <rickspencer3> are there any blueprints that should be, but are not, showing up here:
[17:44] <rickspencer3> http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-desktop-team-maverick-alpha-2.html<<BR>> [17:45] <seb128> (it's too early to look at bugs anyway or rather to start tracking those)
[17:45] <ArneGoetje> rickspencer3: mine will be ready by eow (after sprinting with mvo and meeting with michaelforrest)
[17:46] <rickspencer3> ArneGoetje, ack
[17:46] <rickspencer3> seb128, do you feel that the blueprints are substantially complete?
[17:46] <seb128> rickspencer3, yes
[17:47] <seb128> I've been looking to the UDS topics and the registered blueprints for the meeting we had
[17:47] <rickspencer3> sweet!
[17:47] <rickspencer3> so it's Tuesday
[17:47] <seb128> the current list seems to be good
[17:47] <rickspencer3> basically, it took us 6.5 working days to get to this state
[17:47] <rickspencer3> that's quite good, I think
[17:48] <rickspencer3> in terms of turn around from UDS to starting real work
[17:48] <rickspencer3> perhaps we can shoot for 5 days in m + 1?
[17:48] <rickspencer3> and maybe work a bit tighter with out partners
[17:49] <tremolux> yes, that's the trickiest bit
[17:49] <rickspencer3> 2 questions occurred to me when I was looking through the specs
[17:49] <rickspencer3> #1 Are there patches for chromium that should be in the distro (make sqllite, gtk, etc... go faster?)
[17:49] <rickspencer3> like, if these chromium takes these patches to make chromium better, any reason we wouldn't take those into the distro?
[17:49] <rickspencer3> I don't want an answer now, but would someone like to take the lead to answer this question for our next meeting?
[17:50] <seb128> I think the chromium guys try to get their changes upstream but yeah, worth investigating
[17:51] <seb128> chrisccoulson, maybe you could have a look to that?
[17:51] <rickspencer3> seb128, right, but there is a long turn around
[17:51] <chrisccoulson> seb128 - yeah, no problem. i'll try and figure out what changes they carry
[17:51] <rickspencer3> thanks chrisccoulson
[17:52] <rickspencer3> ACTION: chrisccoulson to investigate any chromium changes appropriate for the distro
[17:52] <rickspencer3> #2 how to make Qt apps run nicer on Ubuntu?
[17:52] <rickspencer3> I installed parley last night, and it works, but has terrible integration
[17:52] <rickspencer3> Qt is quite catching on, and I think we'll see more and more people want to run Qt apps on Ubuntu
[17:53] <rickspencer3> I'm wondering if there is something we can do to improve integration
[17:53] <rickspencer3> anyone interested in investigating for next week?
[17:53] <didrocks> (I'm interested but not sure I have the time right now for next week)
[17:54] <rickspencer3> yes, you are quite loaded with work for the next two weeks
[17:54] <rickspencer3> didrocks, can we carry this over to next week, perhaps you or someone else will be interested then
[17:54] <rickspencer3> seb128, sound ok?
[17:54] <didrocks> rickspencer3: sure
[17:55] <seb128> rickspencer3, you want to investigate what option the qt world gives there? or work to do?
[17:55] <rickspencer3> seb128, I want to know what work we could do to make Qt apps look like they just "fit in" to our desktop
[17:55] <rickspencer3> currently, they stand out, some badly
[17:55] <seb128> I would suggest that those who know better about qt are kubuntu guys, ie Riddell
[17:56] <rickspencer3> Riddell, can you take a look? it would entail installing Ubuntu ;)
[17:56] <Riddell> as ever in these cases kubuntu guys are unlikiely to care about ubuntu desktops (just as I've never noticed ubuntu desktop people caring about how gtk looks horrible on kubuntu)
[17:56] <seb128> Riddell, I do know that there is a qtk-gt-engine though
[17:56] <rickspencer3> right, it's not symetric
[17:56] <seb128> it has been creating quite some bugs :-p
[17:56] <Riddell> seb128: we dropped that two releases ago :)
[17:57] <rickspencer3> we care about Qt running on Gnome, but not about Gtk tunning on KDE
[17:57] <rickspencer3> ok, I'll keep it open until next week
[17:57] <seb128> rickspencer3, right, I was just pointing that if I know about this maybe somebody in kubuntu knows about something similar for qt
[17:57] <rickspencer3> after that, i'll have to assign it to someone
[17:57] <rickspencer3> (if no one volunteers)
[17:57] <seb128> ok
[17:57] <rickspencer3> probably for A3
[17:58] <Riddell> qt should have a built in theme for gnome, possibly it doesn't get used by kde apps
[17:58] <rickspencer3> I think everyone has work items planned out for A2, so it won't fit now, anyway
[17:58] <seb128> right, it also doesn't seem something which need to be done early in the cycle
[17:58] <seb128> a3 seems good enough
[17:58] <rickspencer3> any other business?
[17:59] <rickspencer3> well well well
[17:59] <rickspencer3> I guess we are really ready to rock Maverick!
[17:59] <kenvandine> :)
[17:59] <rickspencer3> I'll call that a wrap then
[17:59] * rickspencer3 taps gavel


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