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Meeting Minutes


Main Meeting

  • Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
  • Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

  • Bryce Harrington (bryce)
  • Chris Cheney (ccheney)
  • Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)
  • Didier Roche (didrocks)
  • Gary Lasker (tremolux)
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

Eastern Edition

  • Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

  • Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)
  • Chris Halse Rogers (RAOF)



  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • rickspencer3 availability
  • Partner Update
  • Kubuntu Update
  • UNE Update
  • Mozilla Update
  • Software Center Update
  • Release Bugs/Release Status
  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business


Actions from this meeting

Outstanding actions from last meeting

Partner Update

Kubuntu Update

UNE Update

  • Unity got places:
    • you can enjoy files and applications place now on UNE to browse recent files and be able to launch applications
    • zeitgeist is used as a backend
    • All seeded by default on maverick
  • appmenu bar is also by default on maverick

Mozilla Update

The updates for Hardy and Lucid are going to be released today. The release includes FF3.6.6 (thanks Mozilla!), xulrunner, extensions, most of the xulrunner applications we wanted to port and fixed versions of xulrunner applications broken by the upgrade (eg, Yelp).

There are still some other applications to port for Hardy, but we don't need to block on those. They all still work without being updated, are all in universe and fairly low priority.

We abandoned the webkit backport of Epiphany due to there being too many regressions. We've ported Epiphany to xulrunner 1.9.2 in Hardy and Jaunty, so that it will benefit from security fixes in the future (and I hope that xulrunner 1.9.2 will see Hardy to EOL now anyway)

There are some unresolved issues with Hardy. The main one being that Epiphany doesn't shut down properly with xul1.9.2. The only real side effect of this is that if you have a plugin loaded which has spawned a helper (eg, totem), then the helper process never exits. This isn't going to block the update though, and will be added to the release notes along with some other items (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Firefox3.6.4Upgrade/SecurityPublication).

Jaunty and Karmic are blocked on the openjdk plugin. The only Canonical supported Java plugin in these releases doesn't work in Firefox 3.6. We discussed some options via e-mail last week, and we are going to try running the TCK on the openjdk version from Lucid (built on Jaunty and Karmic). This will take around 1 week to complete. In addition to this, there are still xulrunner applications to port for Karmic, although this work will happen in parallel with running the Java tests

Some of the unresolved issues which we don't consider serious enough to block the update will be resolved in a future SRU. There will be an update to make Epiphany shut down correctly, and also an update to restore the ability to configure Firefox fonts from the GNOME font dialog. This will most likely happen once we've finished the update for all of the releases

Software Center Update

  • Buy Something
    • Excellent progress this week by Michael Nelson and mvo on the Software Center Agent API, stub implementation, and client integration
    • The Agent stub is complete and mvo is running it on his local machine; it provides API stubs for:
      • What is available for purchase?
      • What have I purchased?
      • I want to buy "X"
    • Implementation of the real Agent is in-progress
    • mvo has two branches with client features in-progress:
      • Webkit view and JS callbacks for "I want to buy X", database update code at lp:~mvo/software-center/buy-something
      • An ubuntu-sso login object implementation for use with s-c's login dialog at lp:~mvo/software-center/lazr
    • Billing system making good progress and is on-schedule
  • New Apps on a Stable Release
    • RT ticket filed for new extras.ubuntu.com archive and sync from app-review-board PPA
    • Continue development using PPA
    • Work on Soyuz metadata integration this week
  • UI Enhancements
    • Many beautiful improvements to the main category screen this week from Matthew McGowan

    • Single-pane department screen feature complete
    • All alpha-2 targeted items are done

Release Status


Other Business

Activity reports

Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

Bryce Harrington (bryce)

Chris Cheney (ccheney)

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)

Chris Halse Rogers (RAOF)

  • Unpriviledged X
    • Mail on xorg lists queried why we've discounted ConsoleKit for backlight permissions. Followed up with pitti - it looks like ConsoleKit can provide the permission-setting we need, so there'll be no need for kernel changes for the backlight.

    • Talked with Alberto Milone about OEM's experience of unpriviledged X. They ran into some minor problems with the radeon DDX, which have patches. These shouldn't be problems for Maverick.
  • Updated xorg apport hooks: attempt to detect manually installed nvidia drivers, attach information for upstreaming nvidia bugs, and attach KMS info.
  • Checked failsafe X options still make sense and still works. They do, and it does. Yay!
  • Sent a mail to kernel lists to harmonise kernel/X bug tagging. Apw and jfo are on holiday this week; discussion deferred until they return.
  • Document how to get WiFi outside of X in debugging pages.

Didier Roche (didrocks)

  • UNE:
    • new unity release: bamf, clutk, dee, libzeitgeist, unity-place-applications, unity-place-files, unity, ubuntu-netbook-default-settings
    • some packaging changes in unity to pull indicators on by default.
    • Backport to lucid UNE ppa and update ubuntu-netbook-unity-default-settings
    • packaging unity-place-applications and first upload to maverick (+ libzeitgeist and unity-place-files)
    • wrote MIR for them and zeitgeist
    • updating zeitgeist for new unity release
    • lot of unity QA (testing, opening bugs, triage some, target others)
    • dx team daily build crazyness support
    • seed indicator-appmenu by default on UNE
  • GNOME:
    • evolution:
      • take express2 branch and adapt it to current release. evolution --express is now ready for your pleasure Smile :)

      • backport upstream patch for having less crasher in alpha2
    • mutter:
      • review all metacity patches and take relevant one which applies to mutter
      • remerge on debian
      • debug and fix SSH_AUTH_SOCK issue on mutter preventing gnome-keyring to show the ssh prompt (LP: #599506)
    • meld: sync on debian
    • update evince, brasero
    • review alf's clutter egl branch. Few work to be done before merging
    • sponsoring: metacity
    • lucid SRU: light-themes, evince, brasero, empathy
  • Misc:
    • Quickly:
      • review merge proposed branches:
        • move bzr call to use internal API (Jelmer Vernooij)
        • support user defined template paths (Barry Warsaw
        • add apache license (Monty Taylor)
        • update and improvment of the tutorial (Ryan Macnish)
      • Merge my branch for enhanced API
      • Discuss with LP team about pushing ssh/gpg keys
    • OneConf:

      • drop application/codec detection, only get selection now
      • work with mpt on design
      • return origin from each package

Gary Lasker (tremolux)

  • Software Center
    • Completed single-pane department screen UI enhancement
    • Modified subcategory screens to use large icons per spec
    • With above, alpha 2 work items complete
    • Reviewed, tested and merged some great iterations of Matthew McGowan's lp:~mmcg069/software-center/catview-conform-w-spec branch

    • Testing and misc bug fixes in preparation for alpha 2 release
    • Updated LP: #596443 for dupes, documented a workaround, fix released today with version 2.1.4
    • IRC/email thread about New Apps open questions, resolved and moving forward according to updated work item list
    • Opened RT ticket to create extras.ubuntu.com archive and implement sync from app-review-board PPA
    • Software Center bug triage
    • Weekly Software Center call
  • Misc
    • New laptop arrived! Ubuntu installed and everything set up; old machine very happy in retirement

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)

Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)


  • Further work with Vinux developers to make their derivative somewhat more clean in implementation, packaging settings, cleaning up scripts, and discussing changes.
  • Packaged gnome-orca 2.31.4, mousetweaks 2.31.4 for Ubuntu maverick.
  • Uploaded an SRU for atk1.0 in lucid, to fix a package upgrade issue for libatk1.0-dev from karmic to lucid.
  • Started preparing gnome-orca 2.30.2 for SRU update into luid.
  • Looked at accerciser bugs and new upstream releases, and started SRU updating one bug involving warnings when accerciser is started.


  • Audio bug triaging, bugs in question were against the alsa userspace packages, pulseaudio, and the kernel.
  • Spent more time with Brad Figg to get lucid alsa daily snapshots building again. Maverick is not fixed, but that is not so urgent at this point.
  • Involved with discussion about new firewire stack, which is somewhat related to audio, due to libffado requiring the use of the new firewire stack.
  • Found that I get no sound when booting the lucid live CD. Need to check latest maverick images to see if the issue still exists, and address it for one or both releases.


  • More uploading sponsoring for Robert.

Martin Pitt (pitti)

  • SRU review and processing (1.5 h)
  • bug triage (1 h)
  • update-notifier bug fixing (.5 h)

Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)

  • Maverick updates: gnome-control-center, gbrainy, metacity, glib, dconf, gucharmap, gnome-terminal, totem, shotwell
  • Fix gedit menu label to "Text Editor"
  • Compile GSettings schemas when they are installed
  • Fixed up Totem BBC plugin so upstream will accept it

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • desktop updates and merges on debian: eog farsight file-roller libgnomekbd gnome-panel pidgin-libnotify libgnome-keyring libgweather libsoup appmenu-gtk pyxdg
  • fixed a glib build issue
  • cleaned a duplicated change in gnome-settings-daemon
  • backported some appmenu-gtk upstream changes
  • new rhythmbox snapshot
  • updated ofono and connman for dx
  • updated gjs to fix gnome-shell builds
  • new indicator-sound
  • debugged and fixed gnome-bluetooth crashing in maverick issue
  • updated gtk with recent changes from cody to fix appmenu issues
  • backported an upstream gtk change to fix the build with recent glib
  • lucid SRU updates: telepathy-sofiasip gedit gtksourceview vinagre gnome-keyring evolution-data-server libgnome-keyring gnome-desktop farsight gnome-panel libsoup libgnomekbd

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

  • foomatic-filters: Work for the 4.0.5 release: Logging of printed pages missing when foomatic-rip gets PDF as input, alternative page logging without inserting PostScript code for PostScript input, generation of multiple copies does not work for some drivers. Discussion with Ghostscript upstream developers about Ghostscript's possibilities here.

  • Answered and triaged printing-related bug reports.

IRC Logs

[17:31] <rickspencer3> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2010-06-29
[17:31] <seb128> hey
[17:31] <rickspencer3> alright, I'm going to kick it off, then seb128 is going to drive the rest of the agenda while I lurk
[17:32] <rickspencer3> so, first, there are no open issues from last week
[17:32] <rickspencer3> yeah!
[17:32] <seb128> ;-)
[17:32] <rickspencer3> oops
[17:32] * rickspencer3 adds mozilla update to agenda
[17:33] <rickspencer3> alright, so next was ...
[17:33] <rickspencer3> rickspencer3 availability
[17:33] <rickspencer3> just an fyi ...
[17:33] <rickspencer3> I'll be traveling this Thursday and Friday, so pretty much unreachable until Friday afternoon Eurotime
[17:34] <rickspencer3> but I will be slammed with day 1 jet lag :/
[17:34] <pitti> safe travels!
[17:34] <rickspencer3> following 2 weeks, I will be based in Holland
[17:34] <rickspencer3> so some time shifting in terms of when we can talk, etc...
[17:34] <rickspencer3> (thanks pitti)
[17:34] <rickspencer3> then I'll see you all in Prague!!!
=== cking is now known as cking-afk
[17:35] <rickspencer3> in the meantime, please please please, feel free to ping me or reach out whenever you need anything
[17:35] <rickspencer3> ok ...
[17:35] <rickspencer3> seb128, can you rock the agenda from here?
[17:36] <seb128> yes
[17:36] <rickspencer3> :)
[17:36] <seb128> hey everybody
[17:36] <seb128> ok, so kenvandine_ is on holidays
[17:37] <seb128> so I guess that means no partner update this week
[17:37] <seb128> I can tell you that appmenu landed in UNE on time for a2
[17:37] <seb128> the new version has some crash issue though being investigated right now
[17:38] <seb128> so let's move on to next updates
[17:38] <seb128> Riddell, kubuntu update?
[17:38] <tkamppeter> hi
[17:39] <seb128> hey tkamppeter
[17:39] <seb128> oh, seems no kubuntu update...
[17:39] <seb128> didrocks, UNE update? ;-)
[17:39] <didrocks> yeah
[17:39] <didrocks> so, UNE got places
[17:40] <seb128> \o/
[17:40] <didrocks> you can enjoy files and applications place now on UNE to browse recent files and be able to launch applications
[17:40] <tremolux> coolness!
[17:40] <didrocks> that means the infamous nautilus /usr/share/applications launcher has been moved
[17:40] <didrocks> all is seeded by default in UNE (as well as the appmenu bar)
[17:40] <didrocks> so please, feel free to test A2 image
[17:41] <didrocks> nothing special in addition to that, zeitgeist is used as a backend for people not knowing it
[17:41] <didrocks> I think that's for my part
[17:42] <didrocks> (no no, really, nothing more :-))
[17:42] <seb128> thanks didrocks
[17:42] <seb128> great work to you and to the unity team
[17:43] <seb128> I've been told Riddell is ready now ;-)
[17:43] <seb128> Riddell, hey
[17:43] <Riddell> hi
[17:43] <seb128> Riddell, kubuntu update? ;-)
[17:43] <Riddell> - new kubuntu council voted in, me, ScottK, neversfelde
[17:43] <Riddell> - KDE SC 4.5 RC uploaded and compiled (except on arm, still going there)
[17:43] <Riddell> - alpha 2 testing about to begin
[17:43] <Riddell> - me and agateau and ncommander are at akademy next week
[17:43] <Riddell> oh and 4.4.5 is about to be released by upstream, kubuntu ninjas have it ready in a PPA
[17:43] <seb128> nice
[17:44] <seb128> thanks for contributing to hijack the buildds after the firefox security builds yesterday :p
[17:44] <seb128> and enjoy akademy
[17:44] <seb128> where is it this year?
[17:44] <Riddell> Finland, 'the country where I want to be'
=== cking-afk is now known as cking
[17:45] <seb128> lol
[17:45] <seb128> Riddell, thanks ;-)
[17:45] <Riddell> 24 hours of sunlight, no sleep for the whole week
[17:45] <seb128> sounds like fun indeed!
[17:45] <seb128> ok, moving on
[17:45] <seb128> tremolux, hi
[17:45] <tremolux> hi :)
[17:45] <seb128> tremolux, software-center update? ;-)
[17:46] <tremolux> yep
[17:46] <tremolux> Buy Something: Excellent progress this week by mvo and Michael Nelson on Software Center Agent API and implementation
[17:46] <tremolux> Software Center Agent stub implementation is done, mvo is using it for development
[17:46] <tremolux> mvo has branches in-progress for ubuntu-sso login and a webkit implementation begun for "I want to buy X"
[17:46] <tremolux> UI Enhancements: Single-pane department screen done, alpha-2 targeted items complete
[17:46] <tremolux> New Apps: RT ticket filed for new archive and sync, development continues using app-review-board PPA
[17:46] <tremolux> (more) details on the wiki ;)
[17:47] <seb128> nice summary
[17:47] <seb128> I see a new s-c has been uploaded today I need to update and try that ;-)
[17:47] <tremolux> yes, please!
[17:47] <tremolux> I think it's got lots of good stuff, please try it if you can
[17:47] <seb128> tremolux, great work from you and mvo and others, keep rocking!
[17:47] <seb128> tremolux, thanks
[17:47] <tremolux> seb128: thanks a lot :)
[17:48] <seb128> ok, that's not on the meeting agenda now, but...
[17:48] <seb128> chrisccoulson: hey ;-)
[17:48] <chrisccoulson> hi :)
[17:48] <seb128> chrisccoulson: ready to give an update on the firefox security update?
[17:48] * mvo hugs tremolux
[17:48] * tremolux hugs mvo
[17:49] <chrisccoulson> i am. there's quite a lot of text, so i put the notes on http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/456952/ for people to read
[17:49] <chrisccoulson> but, basically, we plan to do the hardy and lucid release today
[17:49] <seb128> oh, indeed
[17:50] <seb128> chrisccoulson: nice summary
[17:51] <seb128> what is "TCK" in that context exactly?
[17:51] <pitti> chrisccoulson: thanks for the heads-up, and wading through all of this
[17:51] <pitti> seb128: test suite
[17:51] <seb128> ok
[17:51] <chrisccoulson> yeah, the TCK is the java test suite
[17:51] <pitti> "test and certification kit" or so?
[17:51] <seb128> chrisccoulson: great work as pitti said
[17:51] <chrisccoulson> i'm told it takes a long time to run ;)
[17:51] <seb128> quite challenging to go through all those changes
[17:51] <chrisccoulson> pitti - yeah, something like that
[17:52] <chrisccoulson> so, hopefully it all goes smoothly :)
[17:52] <seb128> thanks chrisccoulson
[17:52] <seb128> let us know if you some help for remaining tasks or testing
[17:52] <chrisccoulson> thanks
[17:52] <pitti> out of interest, how much will we still need xulrunner in maverick?
[17:52] <seb128> ok, let's keep moving on
[17:53] <pitti> (in terms of yelp, epiphany, etc.)
[17:53] <seb128> in GNOME none I guess
[17:53] <pitti> (I'm asking because of UNE and chromium by default)
[17:53] <seb128> but desktopcouch needs it
[17:53] <pitti> but we know its upstream :)
[17:53] <seb128> or some part of it at least
[17:53] <chrisccoulson> pitti - for UNE, it's just yelp and desktop-couch
[17:53] <seb128> there is a work item in that spec to split xurlunner packaging
[17:53] <chrisccoulson> but desktop-couch only needs spidermonkey
[17:53] <pitti> is there no help for yelp/webkit?
[17:53] <pitti> s/help/hope/
[17:54] <seb128> current yelp git uses webkit
[17:54] <chrisccoulson> pitti - yelp 3.0 will be webkit based, but will probably require gtk3 ;)
[17:54] <pitti> \o/
[17:54] <seb128> I think we will switch to it this cycle
[17:54] <chrisccoulson> i've not kept up-to-date with that though
[17:54] <seb128> chrisccoulson: I think we will get some selected updates and get those to work on gtk2
[17:54] <seb128> this one being on that list
[17:54] <pitti> ah, we won't ship gtk3 by default?
[17:54] <chrisccoulson> seb128 - yeah, we will need to get yelp done else chromium doesn't fit on the CD
[17:55] <chrisccoulson> (or i wouldn't expect it to fit)
[17:55] <pitti> ah, we have -20 MB left, no problem
[17:55] <seb128> pitti, no, we don't have gtk3 yet and we will need gtk3 variants for all gtk libraries, themes, etc
[17:55] <pitti> seb128: right, makes sense; thanks
[17:55] <desrt> dconf on the CD yet?
[17:55] <seb128> pitti, having 2 gtk stacks on the CD will be challenging
[17:55] <seb128> desrt, no
[17:55] <desrt> aw :(
[17:56] <seb128> desrt, it's getting tricky because we don't want gtk3 on the CD so we are not doing lot of GNOME updates
[17:56] <desrt> understood
[17:56] <seb128> ok, moving on
[17:56] <desrt> can't say i blame you
[17:56] <seb128> desrt, ;-)
[17:57] <seb128> desrt, we got empathy updated though so it will bring d-conf on the CD likely next week
[17:57] <desrt> scary.
[17:57] <seb128> desrt, it's one of those selected software we will make work on gtk2 for this cycle because we think it's worth the effort and upstream is wanting to make things easy if they can
[17:57] <seb128> ok, really move on
[17:57] <seb128> http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-desktop-team-maverick-alpha-2.html
[17:57] <seb128> we have alpha2 getting really close now
[17:57] <seb128> seems we are in shape
[17:58] <seb128> let's quickly review remaining work items and decide on what to do with those
[17:58] <seb128> ArneGoetje, hey
[17:58] <seb128> you still have 2 workitems on that list
[17:58] <seb128> ArneGoetje, do you think you will get them done in the next 2 days or should we move those to a3?
[17:59] <ArneGoetje> seb128: consider them moved to a3, they are not that important
[17:59] <seb128> ArneGoetje, can you update the spec and move them in the whiteboard? thanks
[17:59] <ArneGoetje> seb128: but I hope I will get them done sooner
[17:59] <seb128> ok
[17:59] <ArneGoetje> seb128: sure
[17:59] <seb128> well if they are not done by thursday please move those
[18:00] <seb128> they don't require any archive change so you still have some time before a2
[18:00] <seb128> ArneGoetje, thanks
[18:00] <seb128> bryce_, hi, not sure if you are around?
[18:00] <bryce_> I am
[18:01] <seb128> bryce_, you still have one a2 workitem, will you get to it? should it be moved to a3?
[18:01] <bryce_> seb128, what is it?
[18:01] <seb128> bryce_, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-maverick-video-bugs-in-the-kms-world
[18:02] <seb128> report for each driver
[18:02] <bryce_> oh yeah, that can be bumped. it's sort of wishlist priority anyway
[18:03] <seb128> ok, should we move that to a3 then?
[18:03] <bryce_> yeah
[18:03] <seb128> bryce_, moved to a3, thanks
[18:03] <seb128> didrocks, hey
[18:03] <seb128> didrocks, you still have 2 quickly workitems for a2
[18:04] <didrocks> yeah, the 2 quickly WI can be move for a3. I'm discussing with launchpad about how to avoid faking a browser
[18:04] <seb128> I guess you still have some day to get an upload in if you want since quickly is not on the default install
[18:04] <seb128> ok
[18:04] <didrocks> but discussions… take time :)
[18:04] <seb128> didrocks, can you update the whiteboard to reflect that?
[18:04] <seb128> ok
[18:04] <didrocks> seb128: sure
[18:04] <seb128> so that covers the wis for that meeting
[18:05] <seb128> next is http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-desktop-team-maverick-alpha-3.html
[18:05] <seb128> we did settle on targetting around the same number of workitems we get done this iteration
[18:06] <seb128> which should be around 79-80 right now
[18:06] <seb128> please try to make sure your workitems are in shape before alpha2 is released
[18:06] <seb128> since the alpha3 trend will start after alpha2
[18:06] <seb128> try targetting around the same number of items you got done this iteration
[18:06] <seb128> with maybe some modulation depending of how much side work you had or think you will have
[18:07] <seb128> ie chrisccoulson was busy full time with firefox but will probably be able to get some work items done for the next iteration
[18:07] <chrisccoulson> yeah, i can't wait to actually start working on maverick ;)
[18:07] <seb128> if you have workload issues or questions feel free to ping me or rick
[18:08] <seb128> seems right now we are a bit over the count we should have
[18:08] <seb128> though chrisccoulson count as an extra member compared to a2
[18:09] <seb128> so maybe let's try to drop some items so we are on shape and have a list of things we can deliver for a3
[18:09] <seb128>
[18:09] <seb128> I think that's it from me
[18:09] <seb128> any comment, update?
[18:09] <seb128> question?
[18:09] <didrocks> nothing for me :)
[18:10] <seb128> ok, seems not
[18:10] <pitti> oh, hang on
[18:10] <seb128> or yes
[18:10] <pitti> do we have major new features which we should mention in the tech notes for a2?
[18:10] <seb128> hum,unity?
[18:10] <seb128> appmenu
[18:10] <pitti> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickMeerkat/TechnicalOverview
[18:11] <pitti> right, those two deserve a paragraph at least
[18:11] <seb128> "The GNOME base platform has been updated to the current 2.31 versions."
[18:11] <seb128> no it hasn't ;-)
[18:11] <seb128> oh, platform
[18:11] <seb128> ignore me
[18:11] <seb128> but yeah, we should get things on that
[18:12] <seb128> tremolux, mvo: maybe you guys could put some of the s-c changes there is there is anything you think are worth mentioning?
[18:12] <seb128> like the history log of installed packages (I like it) ;-)
[18:12] <seb128> didrocks, can you get UNE changes there? unity and appmenu at least?
[18:13] <didrocks> seb128: sure, we already have this kind of modification somewhere, maybe just copy and paste will do it
[18:13] <didrocks> seb128: I'll do it
[18:13] <seb128> didrocks, thanks
[18:13] <seb128> ok
[18:13] <tremolux> seb128: hmm, let me think about it and also see what mvo thinks; I think the big changes are still in-progress and are not available as yet
[18:13] <pitti> much appreciated
[18:13] <pitti> Colin and I can clean up the language etc., but getting the facts there would be great
[18:14] <seb128> pitti, thanks for raising that topic ;-)
[18:14] <seb128> anything else?
[18:14] <tremolux> seb128: oh yes, the history log is a good one :)
[18:15] <seb128> tremolux, ;-)
[18:15] <seb128> ok, seems we are done, let's wrap up


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