Actions from previous meeting

Actions from this meeting

Weekly Summary

  • CD space situation: As we now earned a second (for GTK3) webkit, we grew another 7 MB, having 22 MB oversizedness now (20110606 image). Colin made up for it by dropping all development support from ship/ship-live (will be on today's images). Another ~ 5 MB will be dropped by switching to live-build, and Martin has a 5.7 MB saving in the pipeline from gnome-icon-theme. desktop-o-cdspace has some more ideas, but they require some serious work. So we are down to 5 MB oversizedness. compiz split just won 1.5 additional MB

  • gnome-icon-theme is now split into a small "install by default" package (which just ships the icons that humanity doesn't provide), and a big gnome-icon-theme-full. Please let me know about any missing icons you see. (Martin)
  • Fixed up several issues of mDNS/DNS-SD broadcasting of shared printers by CUPS. Now using these broadcasts by clients actually works, especially Apple's AirPrint. So if you have a mobile device from Apple (iPad, iPhone, IPod Touch, with iOS 4.2 or newer, update via iTunes if needed), please test whether you can print. Also Mac OS X should find your shared printers in its default configuration. See LP: #711779, LP: #792309, LP: #793265. Fix available in Oneiric and Natty (-proposed) (TillKamppeter).

  • Updated system-config-printer to version 1.3.3 (incorporated 23 of our patches) and HPLIP 3.11.5 (TillKamppeter).

  • Started communication about introduction of color management with Debian (TillKamppeter).

  • OneConf is now de-desktopcouchified and perform way faster than before (removed a lot of overengineering, but still let it extensible by design).

  • Oneiric is now tracking the Thunderbird beta. enigmail updated and lightning is on the way (chrisccoulson)
  • Most of the work has been done (and tested) to transition Lucid to the Firefox rapid release schedule. Maverick mostly there but not tested yet (chrisccoulson)
  • We've got a plan for updating Natty to Firefox 5 on June 21st (chrisccoulson/pitti)
  • empathy 3.1.1 uploaded with all the libindicate patches removed, replaced functionality with telepathy-indicator (kenvandine)
  • telepathy-indicator uploaded, provides most of the messaging menu integration we had before, major missing piece still is indicators for unfocused chats (kenvandine)
  • GNOME3 work continued, most of it is in oneiric (ubuntu-desktop team effort)

Partner update


  • gtk2themeshim will land next week, this provides a gtk2 theme based on a gtk3 so we only need to manage a single theme
  • Ted will work on getting the gtk3 ports that have been proposed merged


Software Center

  • Released Software Center 4.1.5, includes:
    • Many bug fixes and usability improvements
    • Weblive featured updated for x2go, many thanks to Stéphane Graber
    • Further backend refactoring



  • Package merge status
    • Mesa
      • Merge with Debian, multi-arch branch, and upstream stable 7.10 branch largely complete.
      • Additionally, patch factoring out a libgallium.so shared library in testing & cleanup. Currently shaves ~2MiB per gallium driver, at the cost of a 1.5MiB libgallium, for a net saving of ~4MiB in libgl1-mesa-dri.

      • Upload requires llvm-2.9 MIR; in progress, waiting on armel build of openjdk-6b18 to check for test-suite regressions.
    • Xserver 1.10.2 merged from Debian, upload pending mesa upload to pick up multi-arch DRI paths.
    • Otherwise pretty well in sync with Debian, with the exception of some of the lesser-used input drivers.

IRC log Western edition

17:31:12        pitti   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-06-07
17:31:17        tkamppeter      Everyone has printed from his iPhone?
17:31:22        pitti   -ENOIPHONE
17:31:27        pitti   can I print from android?
17:31:34        pitti   tkamppeter: nice fixes!
17:31:37        chrisccoulson   didrocks, do i have to buy you a beer for every MB i consume with tbird?
17:31:50        pitti   now THAT sounds like a balanced budget!
17:31:50        chrisccoulson   you're going to be getting very, very drunk
17:31:55        tkamppeter      pitti, unfortunately only with an app.
17:31:55        chrisccoulson   heh :)
17:31:57        kenvandine      :)
17:31:57        didrocks        chrisccoulson: heh, it's tbird, so it's more than a 1 ratio! :)
17:31:59        seb128  what do I need to do to get people being me beers? ;-)
17:32:11        pitti   clean GTK 2 :)
17:32:13        pitti   anyway, let's start
17:32:22        pitti   kenvandine: anything new from partner?
17:32:34        kenvandine      yeah
17:32:51        kenvandine      from DX
17:32:54        kenvandine      gtk2themeshim will land next week, this provides a gtk2 theme based on a gtk3 so we only need to manage a single theme
17:32:55        pitti   oh, it's in the wiki
17:32:59        kenvandine      yup :)
17:33:04        pitti   oh, nice!
17:33:11        pitti   a CSS theme interpreter for GTK 2?
17:33:19        kenvandine      and tedg is going to spend some quality time with LP to get all the gtk3 ports mterry did merged
17:33:26        kenvandine      something like that
17:33:35        pitti   are any indicators still missing which need help?
17:33:44        pitti   missing -> need to be ported, I mean
17:33:45        kenvandine      i think datetime
17:34:00        kenvandine      and the applet
17:34:11        kenvandine      i should put together a list of what is done and what needs to be done :)
17:34:13        mterry  appmenu, blocking on wnck debian packaging issues
17:34:17        rodrigo_        also, vino indicator patch needs porting, but that's not indicators themselves
17:34:26        seb128  indicator-applets as well, I had a look but there was a first patch from mterry that needed to be reviewed and merged then there is some gtkstyle hacks to clean
17:34:50        seb128  mterry, ok, let's not bother about that just move the wnckprop in the libwnck3
17:34:51        pitti   mterry: oh, anything we should fix in Debian libwnck then?
17:35:16        mterry  pitti, yes.  libwnck-3-dev ships wnckprop as does libwnck-dev, so both can't be installed at once
17:35:32        mterry  I filed a bug, but wasn't sure how maintainers wanted to deal with it, so didn't file a patch
17:35:33        seb128  pitti, we should just move it to libexec or something
17:35:33        pitti   ah, but we need to, so that we can build both indicator variants from one source, I guess
17:35:44        mterry  pitti, right
17:35:45        kenvandine      yeah
17:35:51        pitti   ok, let's discuss after meeting
17:35:52        seb128  pitti, it's a debug helper, not something for users
17:35:57        mterry  this was actually blocking a gtk3 port of libbamf, which appmenu needs
17:36:21        seb128  pitti, right, let's sort that after the meeting
17:36:25        pitti   kenvandine: how did the telepathy indicator shim go?
17:36:26        kenvandine      that is all i have, no update on U1 right now
17:36:27        pitti   I saw the package land
17:36:29        kenvandine      yes
17:36:42        kenvandine      it provides most of the functionality we had before
17:36:46        kenvandine      not quite done with it
17:36:52        pitti   but nice to see it land at last
17:36:58        kenvandine      yeah
17:37:09        kenvandine      dropped those huge patches from empathy :)
17:37:23        pitti   you already did?
17:37:24        kenvandine      pitti, i gave up on vala for it, and rewrote it in C
17:37:27        kenvandine      yes
17:37:34        pitti   sweet
17:37:42        pitti   ok, thanks
17:37:54        pitti   didrocks: thanks for the unity wiki update; anything to discuss from your side?
17:38:10        didrocks        nothing special in addition to what is on the wiki
17:38:21        didrocks        which is: please, test the SRU if you have a natty box
17:38:28        didrocks        and I suffer with Qt :-)
17:38:35        rodrigo_        :)
17:39:07        pitti   didrocks: the fun with g++ 4.6?
17:39:22        didrocks        pitti: yeah, depending on the definition of "fun" :-)
17:39:43        didrocks        I put great hope in my current rebuild on rebuild on rebuild from my ppa :-)
17:39:57        pitti   crossing fingers!
17:40:06        didrocks        but upstream is reactive, so should be fine
17:40:25        pitti   tremolux: what's the word on s-c?
17:40:33        tremolux        heyo
17:40:51        tremolux        well, lots of small things in this week's release
17:40:54        pitti   I see you have quite a number of big WIs for alpha-2 on it
17:41:14        tremolux        yeah
17:41:36        pitti   do you think it's realistic, i. e. do you actually have time to work on them, or are you busy with fixing non-WI stuff?
17:41:45        tremolux        this may change I think, also because we will be getting new UI design requirements in about 3 weeks
17:42:06        tremolux        I think I'm going to have to check priorities on those
17:42:12        tremolux        the WIs I mean
17:42:18        pitti   oh, does that mean we should move the a2 WIs to a later point, and do something UI agnostic first?
17:42:42        tremolux        yes, maybe the UI-specific ones
17:42:46        tremolux        makes sense
17:43:25        pitti   want to do that yourself? you probably have a better idea what's prone to change and what not?
17:43:35        tremolux        yep, I will
17:43:37        pitti   thanks
17:43:50        tremolux        sure...oh, on thing
17:44:02        pitti   you, didrocks, and chrisccoulson have the most/biggest WIs for alpha-2
17:44:04        tremolux        there is a task for enhancing the Unity launcher integration
17:44:22        chrisccoulson   heh
17:44:28        tremolux        (I wanted to make sure didrocks knows)
17:44:34        tremolux        but we can talk about that  :)
17:44:45        didrocks        tremolux: thanks for working on this! :-)
17:45:04        didrocks        (and good luck, not an easy task)
17:45:10        pitti   mterry also has a lot, but these look comparatively small and realistic <- mterry, check?
17:45:12        tremolux        hehe
17:45:20        mterry  pitti, yeah I believe so
17:45:31        mterry  pitti, I can do a recheck this week
17:45:42        pitti   mterry: is your main blocker the MIR?
17:46:07        mterry  pitti, for deja-dup?  No, the main blocker is largely waiting for duplicity to release with my Ubuntu One backend
17:46:11        pitti   ah
17:46:18        mterry  Though I suppose I could distro patch it; upstream said they would take it
17:47:25        mterry  I'm giving them another week, since that's when I'll do another DD release anyway.  I can distro patch if it hasn't landed by then
17:48:57        pitti   ok, sounds good
17:49:24        pitti   chrisccoulson: should we discuss TB/downsizing here, or will that be discussed in tomorrow's meeting?
17:49:40        chrisccoulson   pitti - we can wait until tomorrow
17:49:43        pitti   ok
17:49:55        pitti   this is probably the biggest A2 spec
17:50:37        pitti   well, at least your first one on http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/oneiric/canonical-desktop-team-oneiric-alpha-2.html#chrisccoulson is done, I think :)
17:50:55        pitti   AOB?
17:51:11        chrisccoulson   pitti - yeah, i should close that one :)
17:51:14        rodrigo_        yes, when do we plan to start uploading gnome 3.1.x?
17:51:23        rodrigo_        after A2?
17:51:31        pitti   good point, I was about to ask the same
17:51:41        pitti   could we already start with glib 2.9 and gtk 3.1?
17:51:46        pitti   seb128: ^
17:51:51        pitti   or do you think it's too early?
17:52:08        rodrigo_        I think it should be ok, no big changes in neither of them, afaik
17:52:09        seb128  hum
17:52:21        rodrigo_        big changes = incompatibilies
17:52:23        seb128  rodrigo_, the issue is not changes it's to keep with bi-weekly updates
17:52:45        seb128  we spend lot of time to do every point updates when we start early and that cut in time we have for workitems
17:52:53        rodrigo_        yes, but it'll give us time to rebase again, if needed, our patches
17:52:56        seb128  but I did plan to start looking at glib 2.29 this week
17:52:57        rodrigo_        yes, right
17:53:02        seb128  we could start with the stack for sure
17:53:07        rodrigo_        ok
17:53:28        seb128  rodrigo_, well the issue is not patches rebasing, it's doing a stack of point updates, building, testing etc every 2 or 3 weeks
17:53:35        seb128  it usually cost 2 days full for 2 or 3 people
17:53:44        seb128  but agreed we can start slowly on it
17:53:58        seb128  http://live.gnome.org/ThreePointOne/
17:54:03        rodrigo_        seb128, right, so maybe we could just wait for 3.1.2, do the 1st upload, and then wait for 2 releases?
17:54:58        pitti   or just update the platform libraries, and keep the apps for now?
17:55:12        pitti   it might be better to do the theme development etc. with gtk 3.1
17:55:18        rodrigo_        yes
17:55:31        seb128  right
17:55:32        rodrigo_        also, some stuff in WI is only in 3.1, like the NTP stuff
17:55:38        rodrigo_        in g-s-d
17:55:48        seb128  3.1.2 seems a good one to start but let's not force ourself to update everything just because there is a tarball maybe
17:55:53        rodrigo_        but yes, starting with the stack is better :)
17:55:55        seb128  let's update things we have interest in
17:55:58        pitti   *nod*
17:56:00        rodrigo_        ok
17:56:10        seb128  I will have a look to glib 2.29 tomorrow
17:56:16        pitti   no need to do the threadmill with every gnome-panel version etc.
17:56:25        rodrigo_        :)
17:56:32        seb128  that will be needed for gtk 3.1 and it will need some packaging change for the gdbus utilities that landed
17:56:54        seb128  I would like to get it in debian as well if possible
17:57:12        seb128  sounds fine for everybody?
17:57:18        pitti   right, stuff like gdbus-code-gen becomes a blocker
17:57:32        seb128  the things we will need most next is the indicator stack on gtk3
17:57:33        rodrigo_        seb128, yes, sounds great for me
17:57:42        seb128  but dx and mterry and some others are working on that
17:58:13        seb128  well it's not technically breaking anything, gnome-panel works without indicator but it would be nice to get those so unity is not blocked on another transition if they want to switch
18:00:07        pitti   ok, thanks everyone
18:00:09        seb128  pitti, back to you?
18:00:09        pitti   sounds like a wrap?
18:00:17        seb128  it does ;-)
18:00:17        seb128  thanks
18:00:46        kenvandine      yup
18:01:32        tremolux        thanks everybody
18:01:35        didrocks        thanks

IRC log Eastern edition

<bryceh> RAOF, robert_ancell, TheMuso: meeting time?
<robert_ancell> yep
<RAOF> I believe that it's 9am, yes :)
<bryceh> Jason's away to the airport and asked that I chair the meeting today
 alrighty, robert_ancell want to kick us off?
 how's lightdm coming?  :-)
<robert_ancell> coming along good.  Seems to be working well on most peoples boxes
<TheMuso> Sure.
<robert_ancell> I believe it just got on the seed and displaced gdm for Oneiric so preparing for floods of reports!
<bryceh> sweetness
<RAOF> Is the plymouth integration madness hooked up?
<robert_ancell> I've implemeted it, and it's working until someone tells me otherwise :)
<RAOF> Heh, ok.  Looks like it's time to reboot a box or two :)
<bryceh> robert_ancell, saw the discussion about keyboard layout stuff, sounds like you have a sane approach worked out, to the limits of my own keyboard layout knowhow
 people seem not shy about filing bug reports when keyboard stuff isn't right ;-)
<robert_ancell> The next main feature in 0.4.0 will be guest logins and some stuff under the hood to make it more stable (particularly unittests)
 yeah, keyboard/language is a bit of a black art!
<bryceh> ok, moving on... TheMuso how's your week been going?
<TheMuso> Not too bad, got all of at-spi2 into main as of the next dailies, it should be used by default.
 Still doing Qt a11y testing, will be pushing patches for Qt to didrocks by EOW.
 And still got to get the qt at-spi bridge uploaded and into main.
 Also started working on ubiquity a11y work.
 Thats the extent of my week pretty much.
<bryceh> cool.  pardon my ignorance, what is at-spi?
 (just idly curious)
 ah assistive technology service provider interface
 TheMuso, ok great
<TheMuso> Yeah, its the core API/ipc for getting a11y stuff from apps, and getting it to a screen reader/magnifier etc.
<bryceh> RAOF, up to your eyeballs in mesa merging I should guess?
<RAOF> Yup.
<bryceh> how's that going?
<RAOF> Got some nice savings in the gallium drivers by factoring out another shared library.
 They're now about a third as large (so ~3MB → ~1MB)
<bryceh> nice
 had much chance to look at bug reports on mesa?  anything interesting there?
<RAOF> The upload is pending a llvm-2.9 MIR, which is pending a build of openjdk-6b18 on armel to check for test-suite regressions.
 Nothing particularly interesting has landed in my Mesa bugmail box (yet ☺).
<bryceh> RAOF, would you mind jotting down about our current package merge status in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-06-07 when you get a moment?  I neglected to do that last week
 speaking of mesa, I traded a couple emails with keithp on the topic of post-release mesa updates
<RAOF> bryceh: Certainly.  I'll do it before rebooting to check that plymouth integration isn't broken :)
<bryceh> I outlined what we're facing as SRU requirements in getting mesa patches (let alone point releases) accepted, and he seemed receptive and said they were consistent with the requirements he wants to impose on mesa 7.11 point releases
 so even if we can't do full point releases, *maybe* we'll have more actionable mesa patches this time through
 he did suggest that there might be a regression test for mesa we could look at hooking up... I'll have to follow up on that more
<RAOF> I think keithp has a pretty good understanding of what's required in a stable branch.
<bryceh> agreed
<RAOF> bryceh: Other than piglit?  Interesting.
<bryceh> sounded like it
<RAOF> It'll run into the problem of needing to be run on actual hardware though.
<bryceh> yep
 other than this, I've been toolsmithing and sponsoring various bugfix patches.  Lots of bug reporters needing debugging advice too.
 I also took the role of Ubuntu stakeholder for Launchpad, so have been conversing with folks about ideas on how we could improve Launchpad to Ubuntu's benefit.  Fun stuff.  :-)
<RAOF> Yay!  I can't think of a better LP liason than you.
<bryceh> ok, did we miss anyone?  If not, AOB?
<TheMuso> Nope

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