Actions from previous meeting

Actions from this meeting

Weekly Summary

  • Create first version of ubuntu-defaults-builder, see desktop-o-cd-localization (pitti)

  • First oneiric language packs uploaded. (pitti)
  • CD space situation got worse, now that LLVM hit the images due to the new gallium drivers. However, Colin is working on removing .pyc files from the squashfs and rebuild them on installation, which should reduce the desktop images by 12 MB again. With that, and 703 MB images we are only 1 MB oversized.
  • GTK+ 3 versions of parts of the Unity stack are starting to surface.
  • OneConf client is now complete, with mock sync system. Now, work needs to be done on the server side. Also, USC redesign will ask more work to be done once released.

Partner update


  • An unity SRU headed natty and is in -proposed, testing welcome! (already in oneiric, of course)
  • A new unity (4.0), with gtk+3 compatibility and other library rewrite/architecture reshape will be released in the coming hours, will certainly reached oneiric just afterwards
  • Working with the awesome Qt guys at the Qt contributor summit, we have now a Qt version with accessiblity available (for both QtWidgets and QML!) in the ubuntu-desktop ppa. Please, do not hesitate to test it:

    • add the ppa, upgrade (Qt should be downloaded): https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa

    • relaunch your Qt apps, should work for now
    • install qt-at-spi from the same ppa, see that apps should still work
    • export QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1 and launch your apps, they should be available through Orca and Accerciser (QML application can be introspected only in Accerciser until the application implement accessiblity)
    • Please note that it's still a little bit crashy when accessibility is enabled, do not hesitate to report any crash with accessibility enabled.

Software Center

  • Released Software Center version 4.1.6, includes:
    • UI enhancements, many bug fixes
    • Further backend refactor work
  • Version 5.0 redesign work by Canonical UX team continues
    • First round of user testing of new mockups and wireframes complete and analysis done, new round starts today
    • Target to deliver the new design to the dev team during the week of the Rally (July 27)
  • Released new Software Center SRUs for Maverick and Natty, currently in verification
  • In progress:
    • Excellent progress on GTK3/PyGI port by Matt McGowan! \o/

    • Deauthorization feature for purchased items
    • Update software-center to use piston client for software-center-agent interaction



  • Failsafe-X and the X apport hooks have been migrated to the xdiagnose package. They're no longer provided by xorg or xserver-xorg-video-intel.
    • Still need to verify xdiagnose gets installed by default in all cases, and that the failsafe-x and apport hooks fire up when appropriate.
  • Initial blueprint/lep draft written for a 'Friendly Git Bisection' concept
  • Updated and procured test hardware
  • xorg 7.6+7 merged, migrates code to xdiagnose and drops a bunch of old, obsolete drivers from being installed on the CD
  • mesa 7.10.3 merged, just a minor point rev from 7.10.2
  • nvidia 275.09.07 merged, adds support for new cards and fixes a bunch of bugs

IRC log Western edition

17:30:50        pitti   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-06-21
17:30:52        chrisccoulson   hi!
17:31:19        seb128  hey
17:32:00        pitti   FYI, the burndown charts still have the wrong alpha-2 milestone end; they shoudl fix themselves over midnight UTC
17:32:13        pitti   so let's dive right in with kenvandine
17:32:23        kenvandine      ok
17:32:24        pitti   kenvandine: still fighting wiki-wars? :0
17:32:26        pitti   :)
17:32:41        kenvandine      sort of...
17:32:42        kenvandine      :)
17:32:46        kenvandine      was in a meeting
17:32:51        kenvandine      starting with U1
17:33:08        kenvandine      they are going to make sure the sso fix breaking U1 in oneiric gets uploaded today
17:33:23        kenvandine      and the ppa/release stuff we talked about last week...
17:33:45        kenvandine      they will have something written up this week and make sure everyone is happy with it
17:34:00        rodrigo_        kenvandine, do you have any update about desktopcouch brokenness in oneiric being fixed?
17:34:04        kenvandine      i guess chipaca mentioned it in the release meeting last week, not sure what he had to say
17:34:12        kenvandine      rodrigo_, i don't... didn't know it was broken
17:34:25        kenvandine      rodrigo_, poing me to the bug and i'll make sure they are looking at it
17:34:33        kenvandine      s/poing/point
17:34:37        rodrigo_        kenvandine, I knew on Friday, will check with rye later, not sure if there was a bug
17:34:43        kenvandine      ok
17:35:07        kenvandine      that is all i have for U1, and nothing really new for DX... besides a do over with tedg
17:35:09        pitti   kenvandine: I followed up about the PPA issue, but no answer from U1 team yet
17:35:19        kenvandine      he upgraded to oneiric and is doing releases now
17:35:35        pitti   tedg: thanks for running oneiric!
17:35:36        kenvandine      pitti, they have committed to having something documented for everyone to review this week
17:36:02        tedg    pitti, Heh
17:36:02        kenvandine      i got the first release from him just before the meeting, going through the whole stack
17:36:13        kenvandine      oh, and the theme is uploaded now
17:36:27        mterry  anything we need to do to use it?
17:36:28        kenvandine      light-themes now includes Ambiance and Radiance gtk3 themes
17:36:38        kenvandine      you need gtk3-engines-unico
17:36:41        pitti   didrocks was kind enough to MIR it, so it's in today's images (I rebuilt them after they failed this morning)
17:36:42        kenvandine      which is pending a MIR
17:36:46        kenvandine      woot
17:36:56        pitti   but it isn't set as the default theme yet
17:36:58        mterry  kenvandine, but I mean to turn it on
17:37:00        mterry  ah
17:37:02        pitti   that still seems to be adwaita
17:37:03        didrocks        kenvandine: I had some comments on it, please make sure to read it and follow up with Cimi
17:37:09        kenvandine      will do
17:37:10        pitti   or is that because I have gnome-themes-standard installed?
17:37:20        kenvandine      no idea... perhaps
17:37:33        pitti   will purge and re-test
17:37:36        kenvandine      thx
17:37:42        kenvandine      i'll test on a live iso too
17:37:50        kenvandine      pitti, so do the isos have it now?
17:37:56        seb128  mterry, turn it on in dconf-editor ;-)
17:38:04        pitti   kenvandine: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20110621/ should have them
17:38:08        kenvandine      awesome
17:38:09        kenvandine      thx
17:38:13        pitti   ah, I used gnome-tweak-tool to enable Radiance
17:38:15        kenvandine      that is all i have
17:38:17        pitti   that worked
17:38:50        mterry  seb128, I looked, the key I thought it would be (/desktop/gnome/interface/gtk-theme) already said Ambiance
17:39:00        pitti   kenvandine: thanks; mind to add that to the wiki, too?
17:39:02        tkamppeter      hi
17:39:05        kenvandine      pitti, i will
17:39:27        seb128  mterry, you want org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme
17:39:33        seb128  mterry, i.e dconf, not gconf
17:40:01        seb128  kenvandine is supposed to update ubuntu-artwork to move the gconf-default to a gsettings-override but he didn't do it yet ;-)
17:40:03        pitti   kenvandine: thank you!
17:40:09        mterry  seb128, sure, that's what I'm looking at.  But dconf has paths too, and the path for the org.gnome.desktop schema is /desktop/gnome
17:40:15        kenvandine      seb128, indeed :)
17:40:22        pitti   didrocks already sent the report to the wiki; great job on Qt a11y!
17:40:28        didrocks        thanks :)
17:40:29        pitti   looking forward to see GTK3 unity, too
17:40:32        didrocks        testers needed!
17:40:33        pitti   didrocks: anything to discuss?
17:40:37        mterry  whatever, can deal with this after meeting
17:40:42        didrocks        nothing in addition to what I wrote :)
17:40:43        seb128  right
17:41:27        pitti   didrocks: apt-get dist-upgrade should be everyone's morning/evening gymnastics
17:41:45        didrocks        pitti: it's in the ppa right now
17:41:48        didrocks        not oneiric
17:41:55        didrocks        just waiting to ensure that we have no regression
17:42:04        didrocks        the backport is approximatly 100 commits
17:42:09        didrocks        so quite intrusive :)
17:42:25        didrocks        I'll let it staging for 2/3 days before pushing in oneiric
17:42:28        pitti   didrocks: will upstream backport that as well, or just to 4.8, and we keep the backport ourselves?
17:42:39        pitti   didrocks: 4.8 is not possible/adequate for oneiric?
17:43:10        didrocks        pitti: upstream helped us to backport 4.8 to 4.7, but there is no official support. However, they told me they wanted to help us as far as they can
17:43:29        didrocks        pitti: it's more horrible than that, it's a 4.8 branch with some 5.0 features that we stripped together
17:44:03        didrocks        pitti: 4.8 has still an unkown release date, and talking with them at the summit about our feature freeze calendar, they confirmed that it's safer to plan on 4.7
17:44:10        didrocks        (4.7.4 should be out soon)
17:44:10        pitti   ack
17:44:36        pitti   I'm just a little worried because they wouldn't include the a11y patches in their QA for point releases
17:45:04        pitti   that sounds like a non-negligible source of problems/regressions?
17:45:35        didrocks        pitti: no, that's the downside, however, right now, the accessibility code is only activated under certain condition (env var, but soon, the dbus activation), so we should be safe for integrating regression on non accessibility side
17:45:46        pitti   didrocks: in general, does Qt come with a comprehensive test  suite, or does upstream have a separate secret/manual procedure for this?
17:45:50        didrocks        but yeah, with accessibility enabled, we can have some problems/regressions, hence this early test
17:46:07        didrocks        pitti: they have a very extensive test suite. However, they don't ship it in the tarball
17:46:19        pitti   ah, but in git? i. e. we have access to it?
17:46:23        didrocks        I need to rediscuss about that with them, I found nobody to explain why
17:46:26        didrocks        yeah
17:46:29        didrocks        in git
17:46:33        pitti   well, that's good enough
17:46:36        pitti   thanks!
17:46:40        didrocks        yw :)
17:47:00        pitti   wiki vs. tremolux still 1:0?
17:47:16        tremolux        pitti: haha, yes
17:47:25        tremolux        I can summarize and post it after tho, sound good?
17:47:27        pitti   tremolux: any news from the UX s-c design review?
17:47:37        pitti   tremolux: go ahead
17:47:44        tremolux        k
17:47:47        tremolux         * Software Center 4.1.6 released, UI enhancements and bug fixes
17:47:47        tremolux         * New Natty and Maverick SRUs currently in verification
17:47:47        tremolux         * Software Center 5.0 redesign by UX team continues, more user testing this week and delivery of final design to come next week at rally
17:47:47        tremolux         * And finally...great progress on GTK3 port by Matthew McGowan  \o/
17:48:01        pitti   wohoo!
17:48:10        rodrigo_        :)
17:48:13        tremolux        pitti: knew you'd like that  :D
17:48:37        tremolux        about the user testing, yes, they have completed the first round and a second round begins today (or has begun I expect)
17:48:37        pitti   tremolux: I'm curious, how does "progress" look like?
17:48:54        pitti   given that you probably can't even start the program until it's like 80% ported?
17:48:59        tremolux        like, it works! but not totally pretty as a lot of the custom code has been removed for now
17:49:18        tremolux        until we get the new design it doesn't make sense to go much farther I think
17:49:22        pitti   ah, so you just dropped all gtk2-ish imports, and disable parts of it
17:49:45        pitti   TBH I hadn't expected it to go that well
17:49:54        tremolux        it's Matt McGowan's work, he rocks
17:49:59        pitti   haven't heard a single OMGGTKBUG cry about this yet
17:50:32        didrocks        (just a note that I talk to mpt to ensure they consider OneConf in the redesign, so it would be more work, but won't block the inclusion by default)
17:51:11        tremolux        didrocks: ah, excellent!
17:51:42        pitti   thanks tremolux; great progress!
17:51:52        tremolux        thx pitti
17:52:04        pitti   also, thanks everyone for doing some WI cleanup
17:52:09        pitti   http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/canonical-desktop-team-oneiric-alpha-2.html already looks better today
17:52:36        chrisccoulson   i need to do some WI cleaning soon ;)
17:52:52        pitti   desktop-o-default-email-client still wins by far in terms of WI
17:53:24        pitti   chrisccoulson: I guess there's quite a lot of upstream/m_conley work involved there? or is all of that on your plate?
17:53:33        chrisccoulson   i guess i'm going to be very busy at the rally next week
17:53:45        pitti   desktop-o-software-center-ui seems blocked on the UX feedback
17:53:58        pitti   I asked jasoncwarner_ to cover desktop-o-accessibility-ubiquity in the Eastern edition
17:54:22        pitti   https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-quickly
17:54:42        pitti   mterry, didrocks: this is still blocked on the new LP features (sinzui's 4 WIs for alpha-2); do you happen to know the status of this?
17:54:48        chrisccoulson   pitti - i guess for the default-email one that there might be a bit of shifting around. i'm busy on the messaging menu work atm, as mike already has a lot on his plate
17:54:53        mterry  pitti, no.  I assume it's still not done
17:55:03        chrisccoulson   but those are a3 milestoned, and i'd really like to land them before a2
17:55:11        didrocks        pitti: didn't have the time to track it done, it's been blocked for 3 cycles now
17:55:14        pitti   mterry: so I'll just re-target these to a3, beta1, etc. until it's done, and postpone the spec accordingly?
17:55:25        mterry  pitti, sure, on it
17:55:32        mterry  pitti, oh, you're on it I mean
17:55:33        pitti   mterry: (no action necessary right now)
17:55:51        pitti   chrisccoulson: yeah, I think at beta-1 is too late, it's after FF
17:56:24        pitti   didrocks, mterry: well, there are still a bunch of non-blocked WIs, but I guess these are just a manpower issue
17:56:32        mterry  yes
17:56:35        pitti   but it's low priority, so deliberately a target of opportunity
17:56:36        didrocks        right
17:56:46        pitti   so no harm there when we have to postpone, except your pride :/
17:57:05         *      mterry has carefully cultivated a lack of pride for such instances
17:57:29        pitti   kenvandine: how is the new gwibber coming along?
17:57:35        kenvandine      very nicely!
17:57:46        kenvandine      almost ready to upload
17:58:22        pitti   yay
17:58:37        pitti   kenvandine: any blockers due to new gtk/python etc?
17:58:44        kenvandine      nope
17:58:50        kenvandine      it's vala :)
17:58:53        pitti   the current GTK 3.1.6 performance problem is quite a sucker
17:59:04        kenvandine      yeah, not affecting gwibber
17:59:08        pitti   lucky you :)
17:59:10        pitti   ok, great
17:59:41        seb128  pitti, where do you notice it?
17:59:45        pitti   Sweetshark: are we still blocked on LibO 3.4.0/3.4.1 to actually release?
17:59:47        kenvandine      empathy
17:59:53        kenvandine      is the only place i have seen it
17:59:54        seb128  oh, I'm using pidgin ;-)
18:00:01        seb128  would explain
18:00:03        pitti   seb128: empathy is unusable, but I've also seen long Evolution hangs
18:00:17        mterry  i've seen problems in control center too (at least on deja-dup)
18:00:20        kenvandine      oh... maybe that is why evo has been sucking this week
18:00:28        pitti   kenvandine: try downgrading to 3.1.4 and compare
18:00:30        seb128  mterry, right, I ran into it there
18:00:37        kenvandine      pitti, i did for empathy
18:00:43        pitti   Company knows about it, and said it's being worked on
18:00:51        pitti   but no fix yet in upstream trunk
18:01:03        kenvandine      yeah, i am following the bug
18:01:06        Sweetshark      pitti: 3.4.0 still has some packaging issues: ~5 patches need rebasing, and most importantly we need an update for the service registration foo
18:01:18        pitti   so in general, if anyone sees long GNOMEish program hangs in oneiric, it's probably that
18:01:31        Sweetshark      pitti: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Passive_Component_Registration
18:01:42        pitti   Sweetshark: oh, we modified that? or do you mean "we" as in Debian as well?
18:01:55        rodrigo_        no hangs here, but some slowness seen in the last few days, indeed
18:02:02        Sweetshark      pitti: we as in debian aswell
18:02:06        pitti   ah
18:02:20        pitti   Sweetshark: ok, it's not an alpha-2 blocker I think, we can easily move it to a3
18:02:57        pitti   if it gets later than that (after FF), then we need to reconsider staying at 3.3, but let's do that discussion if/when we need it
18:03:21        pitti   does anyone have any other topic? blockers? discussions? announcements?
18:03:59        Sweetshark      pitti: I digged through the source today and got the theory straight, _rene_ might give the implementation a try tonight. hopefully theory will match up with relality.
18:04:07        micahg  Firefox 5 should be going out to natty today
18:04:14        Sweetshark      s/relality/reality/
18:04:18        pitti   Sweetshark: high hopes :)
18:04:33        seb128  small note, http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/oneiric-desktop has gconf and gtk2 rdepends on the CD lists
18:04:37        pitti   micahg: ah, right; thanks for the additional l10 testing
18:04:44        seb128  if anyone is interested in those
18:04:51        seb128  I've started adding bug references as well
18:05:11        tremolux        I wanted to thank pedro_ for his awesome work on the desktop bug summary page, super-helpful for us for s-c bugs!
18:05:13        pitti   seb128: oh, I thought libgnome2-0 and friends are gone with dropping tomboy
18:05:15        seb128  I will tag the bugs as well
18:05:17        seb128  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=gnome3-gtk3
18:05:22        seb128  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=gnome3-gsettings
18:05:38        seb128  pitti, they are, gconf and gtk2 not yet though
18:05:46        seb128  pitti, which is the ones I mentioned today ;-)
18:05:58        pitti   yeah
18:06:18        seb128  I cleaned the libgnomevfs list
18:06:25        seb128  it's basically kept it by libreoffice and firefox
18:06:33        seb128  their -gnome still use gnome-vfs and gio
18:06:50        pitti   hm; nobody really tests gnomevfs any more
18:06:59        chrisccoulson   yeah, i'll need to distro-patch gnomevfs out of firefox
18:07:03        pedro_  tremolux, you're welcome! :-)
18:07:07        Sweetshark      pitti: btw that might also make postinst hooks superflous that patch around the services.rdb after install, which is icky and errorprone. Instead we will just have multiple service.rdbs.
18:07:13         *      tremolux hugs pedro_
18:07:23        chrisccoulson   seb128, could you report a bug and assign it to me, so it doesn't fall off my radar?
18:07:23         *      pedro_ hugs tremolux back
18:07:28        chrisccoulson   or just keep pinging me on IRC ;)
18:07:30        pitti   Sweetshark: and those are then just static XML files, instead of "real" databases?
18:07:39        Sweetshark      pitti: right
18:07:47        pitti   nice
18:08:17        seb128  chrisccoulson, ok
18:08:23        seb128  chrisccoulson, ping
18:08:24        seb128  chrisccoulson, ping
18:08:26        seb128  chrisccoulson, ping
18:08:31        chrisccoulson   lol
18:08:34        seb128  chrisccoulson, let me know when I can stop :p
18:08:44        chrisccoulson   seb128, careful, i might do that back to you and then change my IRC name
18:08:50        chrisccoulson   so you get a stuck indicator ;)
18:09:02        seb128  that bug should get a CVE or something ;-)
18:09:06        chrisccoulson   lol
18:09:12        chrisccoulson   yeah, it's basically a DoS
18:09:16        pitti   aaanyway
18:09:22        pitti   sounds like the meeting is over :)
18:09:24        chrisccoulson   don't tell mdeslaur
18:09:31        pitti   thanks everyone! looking forward to seeing all of you next week
18:09:39        micahg  chrisccoulson: I hit that bug the other day :-/
18:09:40        rodrigo_        yeah!
18:09:48        pitti   at the beer drinking rally (this is Dublin after all..)
18:09:50        tremolux        thanks everybody!
18:09:52        chrisccoulson   micahg, yeah, it's a total PITA ;)
18:09:58        pedro_  thanks!
18:10:08        chrisccoulson   pitti - i'm looking forward to some guinness!
18:10:29        fta     pitti, just saw "chromium-browser-l10n-LANG" mentioned above, what's about it? is it needed?
18:10:44        pitti   fta: it's just chromium-browser-l10n, sorry
18:10:58        pitti   fta: latest language-selector will now auto-install it if you have chromium installed
18:11:08        fta     oh, good
18:11:29        seb128  pitti, thanks
18:11:38        fta     pitti, thanks

IRC log Eastern edition

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