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Weekly Summary

  • Default umask is now 002 for private user groups, for easier data sharing. (umask-to-0002) (Martin)

  • Thunderbird replaced Evolution as default email client on the CDs. (Chris Coulson)
  • Apport is now enabled by default again for Alpha 2. (Martin)
  • The previous item made the CDs explode again (~ 15 MB oversized), but we should now have all big new Oneiric things on the CDs.
  • Good progress on OneConf, server side will be helped by mvo and stgraber. API defined, will work on that while offline (on train) next Friday.

Partner update


  • New unity snapshot with new nux/unity (and gtk3 indicator support).
    • Compiz patch was needed with the new unity dialogs
    • but this brings a lot of issue with compiz current configuration handling system (can't add new plugin, even when existing plugins depends on a new one, making everyone segfaulting). Need to prioritize the gsettings backend and remove those limitation in libcompizconfig itself.
  • Unity-2d new release with some metacity patch and a lot of bug fixes.
    • Unity 2d is now at 80% accessible. Some patches post alpha2 in Qt will help removing the latest gotchas. Very active work with upstream to get that done as soon as possible.
    • Note that the half implement unity-like modal dialogs showing in metacity due to the metacity theme used in compiz will be removed (no ressource for implementing the full design).
    • Still using gtk2 indicators, but good progress (merge request today in trunk) to use the unity-panel service and so, get rid of it.
  • Qt has now the sni-qt support (seeded by default, will be there after alpha2): transparent indicator fallback support. This mean no more systray for popular Qt apps like mumble, skype!
  • Incoming dconf support in QML (and not Qt). Will be used by unity 2d first
  • Discussion with upstream with zeitgeist first indexing to not have blank unity places. Still need to determine if this should be integrated (as it is today) with the activity log manager managing blacklists as well, if so, if it should be added to gnome-control-center and such or just run on first login. Needs design team to be back from holidays to discuss that. Add items to alpha3

Software Center

  • Released Software Center version 4.1.7 and 4.1.8:
    • Features UI enhancements and many bug fixes
    • Adds support in the client for removing and modifying reviews, many thanks to Aaron Peachey!
      • Awaits server-side support to enable the functionality, work is in progress
  • GTK3 porting work continues, Matthew McGowan's branch has been merged to trunk now

  • Good progress in the version 5.0 redesign work by Canonical UX team
    • Finalized design and mockups in progress



  • The first mesa 7.11 snapshot package has been uploaded. Nothing appears to have caught fire
  • No problems were raised at the nouveau 3D testing day in Dublin, and positive results were reported.

IRC log Western edition

17:35:11        kenvandine      pitti, indicator-power is ready to be packaged!
17:35:17        kenvandine      i'll get on that real soon
17:35:31        pitti   kenvandine: I'm confused about this a bit -- isn't it going to move into gnome-settings-daemon?
17:35:39        kenvandine      pitti, and i never heard how your meeting went about the U1 release stuff
17:35:41        pitti   so we won't use that after all, and instead use indicator-power?
17:35:46        seb128  hum
17:35:53        seb128  where is the partner update?
17:35:54        pitti   what do we do in the classic session then?
17:36:02        pitti   seb128: I mis-looked, ignore me
17:36:11        seb128  ok
17:36:23        kenvandine      seb128, what will happen for power in the classic session?
17:36:38        seb128  it will have no icon or indicator
17:36:39         *      kenvandine doesn't really know... but for unity we need one
17:37:02        pitti   not shipping the g-s-d plugin sounds a bit bad to me -- can it live alongside indicator-power somehow?
17:37:07        seb128  pitti, what moves in g-s-d is the service
17:37:22        seb128  the icon is dropped in favor of a gnome-shell indicator
17:37:27        pitti   ah
17:37:30        seb128  or an system indicator in our case
17:37:35        pitti   so i-power will actually talk to the g-s-d plugin?
17:37:53        rodrigo_        pitti, yes, the indicator would use the g-s-d plugin
17:37:53        seb128  or upower directly
17:38:03        seb128  i.e dbus calls to get datas
17:38:03        pitti   kenvandine: U1 release> I had a quick chat with Jason, but we didn't actually have a meeting about it which included me
17:38:03        rodrigo_        just needs to call the new interface, which has changed name
17:38:14        pitti   ah, great
17:38:24        seb128  pitti, the indicator is just indicating infos it collects over dbus
17:38:27        kenvandine      pitti, oh... ok, so we still don't know what the plan is...
17:38:33         *      kenvandine will get on them 
17:40:34        kenvandine      that is all i have
17:40:38        pitti   thanks
17:41:18        pitti   didrocks: so, unity
17:41:24        pitti   thanks for the wiki report
17:41:28        didrocks        all is on the wiki, as usual :)
17:41:37        pitti   didrocks: I'm a bit confused about the compizconfig comment
17:42:02        didrocks        ok, so, basically, this is an issue with configuration management in compiz
17:42:18        pitti   did that change recently?
17:42:22        didrocks        like, you can't add new plugins to existing user (like unitydialog), even if they never touched their current settings
17:42:43        didrocks        no, it's just that I did some unity --reset automatically at some point of the release last cycle
17:42:47        pitti   aah
17:42:56        didrocks        but now, unity depends on the gtk_init plugin
17:42:56        pitti   didrocks: so we actually did have this problem in natty as well, it just didn't hurt us yet?
17:43:05        didrocks        and compiz isn't able to add the gtk_init automatically
17:43:13        didrocks        if we don't patch compiz, everyone will segfault
17:43:16        pitti   i. e. compiz plugins can't have dependencies?
17:43:19        didrocks        pitti: right
17:43:28        didrocks        they can, but they are only resolved in ccsm
17:43:32        didrocks        by the graphical interface
17:43:53        didrocks        which is kind of weird for a project based on plugin, but well :)
17:44:13        didrocks        so yeah, I try to convince dx to reshuffle their priorities for that
17:44:27        didrocks        right now, the working is forcing compiz to call gtk_init in main() (for everyone then)
17:44:41        didrocks        but that only works because we are the only one to use it and only in that case
17:45:00        didrocks        will be nice in the future to be able to change the default plugin list if the user didn't touch it
17:46:00        pitti   didrocks: the unity plugin can't call gtk_init()?
17:46:05        pitti   I thought they were all in-process
17:46:14        didrocks        pitti: right, but all plugins are dlopened
17:46:25        didrocks        and now, unity and unity-dialogs are using gtk
17:46:31        didrocks        and gtk_init doesn't support this case
17:46:43        pitti   gtk_init() doesn't work from a dlopen()'ed lib?
17:46:55        didrocks        if more than once are doing that, it results in a hang
17:47:11        didrocks        (previous upstream tarball, hence the dialogs not being there before)
17:47:30        pitti   didrocks: ok, at this point I think we should move the discussion to a bug report
17:47:53        didrocks        pitti: we discussed about it with desrt at the sprint, it seems it's not something they want to support
17:48:03        didrocks        but yeah, can be moved in a bug report if you prefer
17:48:44        pitti   more time to ponder, and not 10 other people waiting in the meeting
17:49:31        pitti   didrocks: nice progress on a11y!
17:49:49        didrocks        yeah, was quite straightforward once the support was there :)
17:50:13        pitti   tremolux: thanks for the s-c report; and great to read that gtk3 is now in trunk!
17:50:28        pitti   tremolux: anything we need to discuss there? still blocked on design feedback?
17:51:04        tremolux        pitti: yes, we don't have the full design yet, but we are planning it in stages best we can
17:51:30        tremolux        pitti: juggling priorities gtk3/new design, etc.
17:53:21        pitti   tremolux: bug 432552 is the remaining alpha-2 WI for the s-c blueprint
17:53:22        ubot2   Launchpad bug 432552 in software-center "USC needs clearer/simpler icon" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/432552
17:53:38        pitti   I figure it can easily move to a3, or do we have some pressure to squeeze that into a2?
17:53:42        tremolux        pitti: ah, thanks, I should have moved that
17:53:58        pitti   ok -> a3 now
17:54:03        tremolux        pitti: no need to squeeze that to a2, it's coming
17:54:04        tremolux        thanks!
17:54:29        pitti   which brings us down to 7 WIs for a2
17:54:37        pitti   https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-default-email-client still has 4 left
17:55:03        pitti   but 3 of which are actually the same: seb128, chrisccoulson, allison to discuss strategy for creating new Ubuntu One address book (on new install)
17:55:16        pitti    as this says "discuss", I figure it can stay on a2?
17:55:38        pitti   it sounds as it might be a prerequisite for further upstream development
17:56:19        pitti   chrisccoulson: and John still has "Review progress in styling improvements, provide guidance on further improvements needed" -> is that a blocker and should we prod him, or move to a3?
17:56:33        seb128  pitti, john in on vac this week so a3 I guess
17:57:04        seb128  dunno for the upstream discussion, I think chrisccoulson said that m_conley figured it out
17:57:09        seb128  but he said he would check
17:57:20        chrisccoulson   yeah, i'll ask
17:57:36        pitti   ok, we can bring this up in tomorrow's IRC meeting
17:57:40        seb128  right
17:58:36        pitti   then the remaining one is on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-gwibber-gtk3
17:58:42        pitti   [ken-vandine] move dupe message detection to the backend: TODO
17:58:53        pitti   doesn't sound like a blocker to me, but can happen in upstream trunk, I suppose?
17:59:28        kenvandine      yeah
17:59:39        kenvandine      that is really just blocked on design... sort of
17:59:52        kenvandine      njpatel hasn't decided how we will present them, so i am holding off
18:00:09        kenvandine      it will be quick to do when i know what to do :)
18:00:25        kenvandine      pitti, i am going to upload the new gwibber right after a2
18:00:38        pitti   ok, so we can just move that
18:00:39        pitti   thanks!
18:00:41        kenvandine      yeah
18:00:44        pitti   anything else we need to discuss?
18:00:50        kenvandine      nope
18:01:11        pitti   kenvandine: oh, that's for "[njpatel] create update entry widget: TODO"?
18:01:17        pitti   kenvandine: I was talking about the dupe detection
18:01:37        kenvandine      i know
18:01:50        kenvandine      i just merged his entry, so i'll mark that done
18:02:17        kenvandine      unrelated items
18:02:19        pitti   seb128: anythign to announce or discuss for gnome 3.1?
18:02:37        seb128  not especially
18:02:58        seb128  just "claim updates, note those on the etherpad, be careful about the freeze"
18:02:58        seb128  ;-)
18:03:06        pitti   deal!
18:03:09        seb128  joke aside there is quite some outdated lines on version
18:03:26        seb128  so if anyone feels like claiming some updates this week please do
18:03:58        rodrigo_        seb128, ok, will do some in between g-c-c fixes :)
18:04:18        seb128  oh, yeah, if you find any g-c-c bug assign those to rodrigo_ as well
18:04:23        seb128  he's collecting them
18:04:24        seb128  ;-)
18:04:37        pitti   so, meeting adjourned; thanks everyone!
18:04:42        seb128  thanks
18:04:45        kenvandine      thanks
18:04:53        mterry  bye!
18:04:55        seb128  ok, my a2 install just finished
18:04:57        Sweetshark      pitti: let me just append the LO status
18:05:04        pitti   ah, please go ahead
18:05:07        tremolux        thanks everybody
18:05:07        seb128  wouou it worked
18:05:07        Sweetshark      also upstream LO broke small symbols (-g1), which currently leads to a 2GB -dbg package. It was cooperatively debuged with _rene_ from debian. This is intended to be included in debian tonight. As this was pretty much the last thing that blocked the debian 3.4.X release, we hopefully can base on that without making a 3.4.1-0ubuntu1 release.
18:05:15        rodrigo_        seb128, hmm, I should have knocked more on your door, so that you couldn't sleep :)
18:05:19        Sweetshark      libreoffice status: 3.3.3-1ubuntu1 is ready for SRUing, 3.3.3-2 to 3.3.3-4 includes debian changes we do not want in natty (requires new javahelper version). libreoffice-l10n-3.3.3-1ubuntu1 still has some open merge issues (work in progress). 3.4.0 status: I got a build finished on the weekend (without mono and kde and opensymbol for now). I am currently merging in debian changes which a) fix the mono, kde, opensymbol problems b) update to
18:05:23        seb128  rodrigo_, ;-)
18:05:47        Sweetshark      also upstream LO broke small symbols (-g1), which currently leads to a 2GB -dbg package. It was cooperatively debuged with _rene_ from debian. This is intended to be included in debian tonight. As this was pretty much the last thing that blocked the debian 3.4.X release, we hopefully can base on that without making a 3.4.1-0ubuntu1 release and without postponing WIs.
18:06:37        pitti   Sweetshark: sounds like good progress! so I guess it's sponsoring time soon?
18:07:34        didrocks        reboot, brb
18:08:10        Sweetshark      pitti: for 3.3.3? yes. I think I have fixed the -l10n merge issue, build is running currently.

IRC log Eastern edition

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