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Actions from this meeting

Weekly Summary

  • Spent a lot of time untangling the /run transition. (Martin)

  • cups-pk-helper MIR was mostly approved; should we use that in control-center now? (Martin)
  • Packaged python3-gobject to unblock large chunks of the Python 3 transition (Martin)
  • Bad news for CD oversizedness: we don't actually have 15 MB of ibus-pinyin to drop, that only was 1.5 MB due to the clever seeding; so we need to reduce something else, like the duplicate webkit.
  • Updated Ghostscript to a 9.04 snapshot. Unfortunately it does not fix LP: #668800. The upstream developers are working on it. Agreed on a release of GS 9.04 before our FF with upstream (TillKamppeter).

  • Packaged cloudprint (Google Cloud printing on local printers), package is still waiting in NEW (TillKamppeter).

  • Sent out e-mail to coordinate introduction of Google Cloud Print support in Ubuntu (TillKamppeter).

  • Reported https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=654742 to record the private mail discussion about system-config-printer vs. GNOME's new printer setup tool (TillKamppeter).

  • OneConf: good progresses, client side now know how to talk to the server ubuntu-webcatalog. ubuntu-webcatalog won a OneConf API and handlers. Needs to implement the real model (ISV will do it). Also a mock client is now available to make some unit tests easy)

  • Started a discussion about XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP support on the XDG list. Seems mostly positive so far. (mterry)
  • Fixed some bugs with LDTP and GTK+ 3; for rewritten/better a11y support, use GTK+ trunk (ppa:ricotz/staging has it) (mterry)

Partner update


  • indicator-me was replaced by new functionality included in indicator-session and indicator-messages
  • indicator-power is still iterating, frequent releases right now


  • still nothing agreed to with the release process changes (ppa vs. SRU)


  • Unity GL:
    • New Alt + Tab plugin available in trunk. First regressions detected, already under fixing.
    • Wait for next release on Thursday to get it into Oneiric.
  • Compiz:
    • New release ( for Compiz and its 6 components (plugins-main, plugins-extra, libcompizconfig, gconf-backend, python-compizconfig, ccsm). With ABI break, don't do any partial upgrade and wait for new Unity to be rebuilt as well Smile :)

    • part 2 of the unity dialogs landed (final look and feel) with the new unity-window-decorator.
    • Please tag "" for all new regressions: known regressions.

  • Unity 2D:
    • dconf-qt landed, but will need some new API (gsettings list support). Discussion with desrt in progress. Maybe as well, the -dev package will be finally needed
    • gsettings branch (first cut) proposed, but depends on dconf-qt
    • merge requests on gtk3 indicator suppport done. Long patch series, will be reviewed for next release (next Monday)

Software Center

  • Released Software Center version 4.1.9, includes crash fixes and improvements to review editing feature
  • Continued steady progress on GTK3 port with 5.0 design elements (thanks Matt McGowan!)

  • In progress this week:
    • UI enhancements and speedup for standalone deb installation feature
    • In testing now: Server side support for editing and deleting reviews



IRC log Western edition

17:31:43        pitti   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-07-19
17:31:46        pitti   hello everyone!
17:32:03        didrocks        hey
17:32:13        tremolux        hiya
17:32:30        rodrigo_        hi all
17:32:36        mterry  hi
17:33:01        pitti   so, let's dive right in
17:33:07        pitti   kenvandine: thanks for the partner update on the wiki
17:33:42        pitti   kenvandine: so the new icon/name thing in the panel without a menu is now not the me menu any more?
17:33:52        kenvandine      pitti, right
17:33:58        kenvandine      that is provided by indicator-session
17:34:10        kenvandine      and is only displayed if you have more than one user
17:34:20        pitti   kenvandine: let me guess, wasting 15% of your panel to show your own name was a design decision? :-)
17:34:23        kenvandine      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MessagingMenu
17:34:25        kenvandine      for the design
17:34:34        kenvandine      :-D
17:34:42        pitti   kenvandine: is the absense of a menu a bug, or by design?
17:34:51        kenvandine      by design
17:34:53        kenvandine      however
17:35:18        kenvandine      it means guest session is missing if you only have one account
17:35:20        pitti   then breaking the menu structure certainly is a bug
17:35:22        tkamppeter      hi
17:35:46        pitti   kenvandine: well, it's missing now, too
17:36:01        pitti   kenvandine: the session menu only has the logout/reboot stuff, and there's no change user/guest session etc. anywhere
17:36:05        pitti   or a link to your personal settings
17:36:10        kenvandine      rightt
17:36:22        kenvandine      that stuff is in the "User menu"
17:36:29        kenvandine      which is only displayed if you have more than one account
17:36:46        pitti   but didn't you just say that it's designed to not have a menu?
17:36:56        kenvandine      so no way to get to the guest session unless you have multiple accounts
17:36:56         *      pitti has three accounts on this machine
17:37:09        seb128  the menu not showing is an unity bug
17:37:11        kenvandine      oh, you see your name and no menu right?
17:37:13        kenvandine      that is a bug
17:37:27        seb128  njpatel said he would fix it for this week unity update
17:37:36        pitti   ah, ok
17:37:38        seb128  it works in the unity greeter
17:37:46        kenvandine      tedg is supposed to be working out what we are supposed to do about the lack of a menu for guest session, etc
17:37:50        kenvandine      for single users
17:37:51        seb128  something is wrong in the unity panel loader
17:37:52        pitti   seb128: not really -- I get an [Invalid UTF-8] there :)
17:38:02        pitti   anyway, not meeting fodder at this point any more
17:38:07        pitti   but I was interested in the general direction
17:38:07        seb128  pitti, same bug it displays a menu when clicking on it ;-)
17:38:09        pitti   thanks for the update
17:38:15        kenvandine      np
17:38:35        pitti   still ugh@ full user name
17:38:48        pitti   kenvandine: whom can we talk to for changing this back to the login name?
17:39:11        pitti   on a netbook screen, "Jean-Baptiste Lallement" would take a third of the screen, leaving not enough room for menus
17:39:29        pitti   we should totally require designers to have four names!
17:39:34        kenvandine      mpt i think
17:39:38        kenvandine      haha
17:39:46        kenvandine      mpt ^^
17:39:50        pitti   "Matthew-Paul Thomas" isn't exactly short either
17:39:54        kenvandine      mpt,  lets change your name
17:41:24        seb128  it's displaying seb128 here
17:41:39        seb128  but that's probably because I didn't put my full name with my user account ;-)
17:41:44        kenvandine      hehe
17:41:44        didrocks        it's displaying nothing there, and I have two users…
17:42:06        pitti   didrocks: anything to discuss for unity?
17:42:16        pitti   yay for indicator-gtk3
17:42:45        didrocks        pitti: nothing more than what the report said :)
17:42:55        pitti   cool
17:43:17        pitti   tremolux: thanks for the s-c report, anything to discuss there?
17:43:33        pitti   tremolux: do you think the new design branch will land for alpha-3, so that we can get some bigger feedback?
17:43:34        tremolux        pitti: nope, mainly trying to catch up some work items this week
17:44:03        tremolux        pitti: still to early to tell for sure, but I would tend to think it won't
17:44:12        tremolux        pitti: as default, I mean
17:44:47        pitti   tremolux: so it'll be a perky penguin thing then?
17:45:20        tremolux        pitti: heh, well, it's not ruled out yet for O, but..
17:45:38        tremolux        pitti: it's a lot of changes
17:45:58        tremolux        pitti: probably perky, I guess I'm saying
17:46:28        pitti   ok, thanks for the heads-up
17:46:43        pitti   tremolux: well, the current s-c works, so we aren't "under the gun" here, right?
17:46:53        pitti   tremolux: or did we get regressions under gnome 3?
17:47:04        tremolux        pitti: exactly, and we are pulling in some 5.0 features still
17:47:12        tremolux        pitti: no, it seems in good shape
17:47:26        pitti   good to hear; thanks for the update!
17:47:33        tremolux        pitti: thanks!
17:47:39        pitti   which brings us to ... http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/canonical-desktop-team-oneiric-alpha-3.html :)
17:47:52        pitti   chrisccoulson: what's the current word on the tbird integration?
17:48:11        pitti   chrisccoulson: seems some are actually done, like charline's user testing
17:48:26        chrisccoulson   yeah, that one is done now
17:48:31        pitti   and the "Discuss strategy for creating new Ubuntu One address book" is actually three WIs
17:48:38        pitti   did that come up in the last meeting?
17:48:52        chrisccoulson   the launcher integration is done too
17:49:08        chrisccoulson   oh, i don't think we mentioned that one in the end
17:49:36        pitti   chrisccoulson: can you put it on tomorrow's agenda?
17:49:48        pitti   strategic discussion is already quite late at this point
17:49:49        chrisccoulson   pitti - yeah, will do
17:49:59        pitti   thanks
17:50:33        pitti   bryceh, RAOF: should we move https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/multimedia-desktop-n-xorg-multihead-defaults to p at this point, or do you still want to work on this for o?
17:50:41        pitti   (^ for eastern edition)
17:51:22        pitti   kenvandine: new gwibber landed, great! looks like the remaining things on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-gwibber-gtk3 are now "nice to have" extra features?
17:51:26        pitti   or do they represent regressions?
17:51:38        kenvandine      both
17:51:48        kenvandine      and there are some regressions not listed there
17:52:02        kenvandine      working through them though!
17:52:04        kenvandine      :)
17:52:17        kenvandine      will land another release tomorrow
17:52:33        pitti   nice
17:52:42        pitti   seb128: for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-screensaver, do we actually have cycles to reintegrate hacks?
17:53:01        pitti   seb128: or should we perhaps just slightly patch the top bar to not look so shell specific?
17:53:04        seb128  it's going to be difficult
17:53:18        pitti   that's what I thought
17:53:30        seb128  we will probably have extra GNOME3 work still with new things like the online account or contacts browser work
17:53:47        seb128  not counting some design changes suggestion that should come as well
17:53:48        pitti   over to perky then?
17:54:06        seb128  let's make it not look like g-s at least yes
17:54:15        chrisccoulson   we can just turn off the top bar can't we?
17:54:26        seb128  chrisccoulson, you said you would maybe be interested to bring the hack code back, do you think you will cycles for it?
17:54:28        pitti   well, having a clock isn't too bad
17:54:29        rodrigo_        yes, I think so
17:54:46        seb128  chrisccoulson, or is tb going to keep you busy full time for the cycle?
17:54:57        chrisccoulson   seb128, i was going to look at it, but there was talk at the rally about using lightdm to lock the screen. is that still the case?
17:55:07        seb128  good point
17:55:29        seb128  well that doesn't change that if we want hacks support we should still have a renderer for them and a config ui
17:55:49        seb128  but worth checking with robert_ancell if he thinks he will have time to make lightdm the lock screen
17:56:25        pitti   kenvandine: discussion in parallel, the avatar thing is done in the current version for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-telepathy-indicator ? or is that something else still?
17:56:40        kenvandine      that is blocked by libindicate and gtk3
17:56:49        kenvandine      i'll followup with tedg on that
17:57:31        pitti   seb128: so how about I file an alpha-3 bug about improving the gnome-screensaver panel, and we move that spec to p?
17:57:35        seb128  pitti, well realistically move the hacks work to next cycle and keep the "redesign the lock screen" to this cycle
17:57:45        pitti   nice :)
17:58:04        seb128  the goal was to use the same design for login and lock screen I think
17:58:07        seb128  but we should check
17:58:23        seb128  - if lightdm is going to be used or if we need a lightdm like screen for gnome-screensaver
17:58:32        seb128  - if robert_ancell will have time for it
17:58:45        seb128  - otherwise fallback to minimal tweaking
17:58:53        seb128  like not displaying a top bar or something
17:59:03        seb128  pitti, does it make sense?
17:59:18        pitti   sounds good to me
17:59:44        seb128  ok, that's a plan then
17:59:46        pitti   cyphermox: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-desktop-network-enhancements -> switching to automatic and optional IPv6 sounds like a small change we shoudl get in as fast as possible; is it actually small, or blocked on something?
17:59:47        seb128  we can move on
18:00:06        pitti   I need to catch Robert in the morning, but didn't see him yesterday or today
18:00:33        seb128  he's usually around but not talking if you don't ping him ;-)
18:00:51        pitti   cyphermox: porting indicator-network to current NM: is i-network required by OEM or other projects, or could we safely defer that?
18:00:52        seb128  but it's possible that login manager hacking and testing make it no easy to stay on IRC as well
18:01:03        pitti   seb128: yes, I checked that; he wasn't on IRC, but I got up a little later than usual today
18:01:18        seb128  drop him an email I guess
18:01:32        pitti   ok
18:01:38        seb128  during the rally he was often on a vt for lightdm hacking
18:01:41        pitti   will do that then
18:01:47        seb128  so it's likely that he's not on IRC a lot nowadays
18:01:55        pitti   while I wait for cyphermox's answer, public announcement:
18:02:04        pitti   I'll be on holiday in the next two weeks
18:02:16        pitti   so if you need me to do something urgent, please speak up this week
18:02:34        pitti   does someone feel like doing the team and release meeting in these two weeks?
18:02:49        seb128  can do
18:02:49        pitti   seb128: would be great if you could take the release meeting, you have most experience with it
18:02:57        seb128  ;-)
18:03:02        pitti   and someone else perhaps the desktop meeting
18:03:04        seb128  I can do both
18:03:08        seb128  desktop meeting is easy
18:03:14        pitti   (which is mostly preparing the wiki template and copying the log back to it
18:03:17        pitti   seb128: merci
18:03:21        seb128  de rien ;-)
18:03:29        kenvandine      pitti, have a great vacation!
18:03:34        seb128  pitti, enjoy you time off and crossing finger that you have nice weather ;-)
18:03:37        pitti   thanks!
18:03:39        cyphermox       pitti: we can safely defer porting indicator-network (AFAIK)
18:03:50        pitti   cyphermox: thanks
18:04:17        cyphermox       pitti: as for ipv6; I'm working on it right now. It's basically all already on, but we get delays in connections; that's a little bad; but it's more a bug than anything else
18:04:41        pitti   cyphermox: ah, good to hear; thanks for the heads-up
18:04:50        cyphermox       so I'll just clean up the work items there to make this clearer
18:04:54        pitti   that's it from me; does anyone have further discussion topics?
18:05:04        pitti   cyphermox: I sent you a review of usb-modeswitch, btw
18:05:14        pitti   looking forward to seeing this land
18:05:39        cyphermox       pitti: yes, I saw. Thanks a lot.. just haven't looked at it yet on account of being deep in NM code to figure out the connection delays ;)
18:05:50        pitti   cyphermox: yes, no hurry
18:05:59        pitti   cyphermox: I'll try to get to the second half of it this week still
18:06:03        cyphermox       will look and merge today hopefully
18:06:16        pitti   cyphermox: it'll take some time, I mostly just added comments :)
18:06:23        pitti   so, no AOB?
18:06:26        seb128  pitti, so feature freeze is in a bit less a month, can we land things on the CD while you are not there?
18:06:38        seb128  we have some pending things I've on my list we need to track
18:06:53        seb128  - sort the clutter depends
18:06:56        pitti   seb128: sure; you will be the acting release engineer for the desktop team :)
18:07:02        seb128  - sort the cheese new requirement and the fact that empathy will use it
18:07:11        pitti   I don't have a personal lock on the CDs :)
18:07:12        seb128  - get gnome-online-account installed
18:07:15        kenvandine      cheese, yummy
18:07:25        pitti   just see my note about CD size on the wiki page
18:07:29        seb128  - look at packaging the GNOME 3.2 addressbook
18:07:36        pitti   we lost our potential 15 MB savings
18:08:11        seb128  hum :-(
18:08:18        seb128  do we still have a pending "drop python 2.6"?
18:08:28        seb128  well I guess it's smaller since we cleaned the pyc
18:08:40        rodrigo_        how much space are we at?
18:08:54        seb128  we need to win at least 11mb it seems
18:09:19        pitti   so as for the meeting, thanks everyone!
18:09:24        pitti   right
18:09:27        seb128  that's not counting that we will need to add libcheese, clutter, clutter-gst, gnome-online-account, the addressbook
18:09:32        pitti   well, 8 MB, as we should have 703 MB images
18:09:34        seb128  thanks pitti
18:09:54        pitti   seb128: I thought we'll drop cheese from ubiquity's depends, and move it to universe?
18:10:06        seb128  pitti, 11mb on i386 still
18:10:15        pitti   ah, right
18:10:16        seb128  pitti, empathy will depends on it
18:10:24        seb128  or optionally depends
18:10:29        seb128  we might get away with cheese
18:10:36        seb128  but it will bring clutter and clutter-gst in

IRC log Eastern edition

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