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Weekly Summary

  • Fixed remaining applications to work with pygobject 2.90 (bug 829186). All fixes in oneiric except for Ubiquity, for which I have a branch. New pygobject will go in right after beta-1. (pitti)

  • Built new oneiric -base langpacks, which resolved the remaining CD overflow. Now all Ubuntu desktop/alternate images (including powerpc) are under the limit. (pitti)
  • Rewrite apport-retrace to work without chroot(), DC retracers now work again, better than ever. (pitti)

  • PostgreSQL 9.0 -> 9.1 transition (pitti)

  • Drop remaining main dependencies of the old sqlite (pitti)
  • Fixed unity-greeter to allow derivatives to customize the logo again (mterry)
  • LightDM should be more stable (mterry)
  • Clutter 1.7 landed, which unblocked mutter/gnome-shell (ricotz)
  • LigthDM gained derivative traction with set-defaults() wrapper to choose the correct session and greeter. Casper do the right thing for the live as well (didrocks)
  • LibreOffice 3.4.1 packaged, 3.4.2 on the way (bjoern-michaelsen). relevant issues:

  • telepathy-indicator FFE to display the avatars in the messaging menu, it is awaiting a code review now. It is a very minor change and a feature regression from Natty.

Partner update


  • Compiz and Unity upload with a lot of backports last week to get a functional beta1.
  • Compiz stacking bugs (mumble, alt + tab) under investigation and priority for next release with minor gnome integration
  • Next small unity release due to holidays and bank holidays for Thursday (dash and panel fixes mostly)
  • Unity-2d release as well. Seems there is a crash at loading for beta1. It's fixed in trunk right now (bug #834001)

Software Center

  • OneConf rewriting for the gtk3 with the just landed design… Not sure it can make it as the changes are big (didrocks). Server should be in production right now

  • The new "GTK3" user interface is now the default (as of Software Center version 4.1.19)
    • Many good bug reports coming in helping us to find the remaining problem areas, things look quite good overall
    • The team is working hard in bugfixing mode now and quality is improving quickly



IRC log Western edition

17:30:52        pitti   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-08-30
17:30:53        rodrigo_        o/
17:30:55        tremolux        heyo
17:31:08         *      kenvandine waves
17:31:12        pitti   everyone feeling ready for beta?
17:31:16        kenvandine      pitti, nothing to report
17:31:29        kenvandine      hopefully a couple bug fixes this week
17:31:36        mterry  hi
17:31:38        chrisccoulson   \o
17:32:47        pitti   kenvandine: ok, cool; are there any news wrt. the u1-installer?
17:33:16        pitti   kenvandine: should the u1 packages be on the DVD, or do we also just want the installer there?
17:33:37        kenvandine      just the installer
17:33:43        kenvandine      i updated the seeds already
17:33:46        tkamppeter      hi
17:34:03        kenvandine      oh... DVD not CD
17:34:08        pitti   rigth
17:34:20        kenvandine      i assume the same... they motivation seems to be consistency with other platforms
17:34:32        pitti   that's an argument I don't quite understand, but *shrug*
17:34:33        kenvandine      s/they/their/
17:34:40        kenvandine      yeah... oh well :/
17:34:47        pitti   ubuntu can certainly ship with stuff that windows doesn't
17:34:51        pitti   ok, anyway
17:35:00        kenvandine      i expressed that concern...
17:35:06        kenvandine      anyway
17:35:37        pitti   kenvandine: perhaps this should be mentioned in the beta-1 release notes? or do you think it's obvious and self-explanatory enough?
17:36:00        kenvandine      i think it is self-explanatory
17:36:13        kenvandine      it looks like users see the same icon
17:36:18        kenvandine      but clicking it lets them install
17:36:24        kenvandine      i should test that from a live image
17:36:29        pitti   *nod*, that would be great
17:36:34        kenvandine      will do
17:36:37        pitti   the current images should be quite stable, too
17:36:49        pitti   didrocks: thanks for the Unity wiki update
17:36:55        didrocks        you're welcome :)
17:37:09        BigWhale        kenvandine!
17:37:14        pitti   the release notes already talk about the new switcher, bug fixes, etc.; anything since a3 which is new and should be mentinoed?
17:37:16        didrocks        nothing else to add, just tracking the unity-2d issue with QConf crash
17:37:20        kenvandine      hey BigWhale, in a meeting now
17:37:37        didrocks        pitti: the new lens functionnality, I'll edit it as I did for alpha3
17:37:51        BigWhale        kenvandine, ok... let me know when you're free.
17:38:25        pitti   didrocks: oh, right; appreciated, thanks
17:38:35        didrocks        yw ;)
17:38:37        pitti   didrocks: indeed we should mention the music lens
17:38:49        didrocks        and the new filters
17:38:53        pitti   didrocks: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview#Ubuntu_Desktop
17:39:01        didrocks        pitti: thanks for the link, opening the tab :)
17:39:10        pitti   so in general, we are quite hesitant to build new images now
17:39:23        pitti   as we need to get them ready by tomorrow
17:39:32        didrocks        oh?
17:39:45        pitti   for mirroring, etc.
17:39:57        pitti   and it's also quite a high cost to re-test everything
17:40:18        pitti   so if there is something which entirely breaks the live system or installation and is impractical to fix with a dist-upgrade, please speak up now
17:40:26        pitti   and we'll coordinate in #u-release
17:40:37        pitti   alternates will get a rebuild in about 5 hours
17:41:20        didrocks        seems that the unity-2d one is safe with the respawn, it should just get a pattern as you told
17:41:46        pitti   didrocks: right, want me to do that, or are you on it?
17:41:55        pitti   didrocks: I can do it if you toss me the bug #
17:42:37        didrocks        pitti: not sure how this is doable, I can learn, but you will be more effective than I (bug #834045 and bug #834001)
17:42:38        pitti   didrocks, tremolux: how's the oneconf integration coming along, any unexpected hurdles there which put it in jeopardy for b2?
17:42:38        ubot2`  Launchpad bug 834045 in unity-2d "unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in QConfSchema::findKey()" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/834045
17:42:39        ubot2`  Launchpad bug 834001 in unity-2d "unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in QConf::notify()" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/834001
17:42:52        pitti   didrocks: thanks, will do after meeting
17:43:05        didrocks        thanks :)
17:43:31        pitti   tremolux: did you see a bug reporting impact since we switched to GTK3 by defualt? how is that holding up?
17:44:03        tremolux        pitti: definitely we are getting a bunch of new reports, but it's quite manageable I think
17:45:01        pitti   tremolux: ah, good; I was a bit afraid of getting flooded by crashers, etc.
17:45:06        tremolux        we should be able to get things into good shape quickly, the team is working really hard on cleaning up the remaining issues
17:45:18        tremolux        yep, it seems not so bad
17:45:30        tremolux        I think the "technology preview" really helped there as well
17:45:39        tremolux        as we got a bunch of reports early thanks to that
17:48:29        pitti   didrocks, tremolux: did you see my q about oneconf?
17:48:36        pitti   that seems to be a bit desperate?
17:48:52        didrocks        I didn't see your question, just now?
17:49:12        tremolux        yes, I have not checked with didrocks on it, I hope it is not too bad?
17:49:24        pitti   pitti | didrocks, tremolux: how's the oneconf integration coming along, any unexpected hurdles there which put it in jeopardy for b2?
17:49:25        didrocks        tremolux: it is bad :/
17:49:43        tremolux        ug, sorry didrocks  :(
17:49:45        didrocks        tremolux: in addition, the design now mix the installed and the oneconf view
17:49:59        didrocks        I'm making intrusive change and don't really like that at the last minute :/
17:50:13        tremolux        didrocks: yeah
17:50:14        pedro_  pitti, didrocks both unity-2d bugs have a pattern now ;-)
17:50:16        didrocks        adding treeviews and hpaned for respecting the design
17:50:21        didrocks        pedro_: thanks :-)
17:50:23        pitti   pedro_: ah, thanks
17:50:34        pedro_  you're welcome!
17:50:50        didrocks        and I'm not really confident about the quality, there are part that would have been useful to check with mvo, but he's on vacation
17:51:33        didrocks        so, an unoptimized version is possible for end of week, I hope
17:51:43        didrocks        it will probably clutter a little bit the "installed" pane though
17:52:10        didrocks        (and we will loose the "install all/remove all" buttons)
17:52:52        tremolux        didrocks: ok, please be sure to tell me what I can do to help, I'm happy to test etc.
17:53:13        didrocks        the server is also blocking on isd to be in production
17:53:34        didrocks        so, I'm starting to freak out about the feature to be honest, but don't really want to postpone it once again :/
17:53:52        didrocks        (for once, everything was ready and working)
17:54:06        tremolux        yep, I know
17:54:08        didrocks        tremolux: yeah, will tell you, thanks :)
17:56:16        pitti   ok, AOB for today?
17:56:39        pitti   just a general plea, please check http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/u/LPUSERNAME.html for your remaining WIs
17:56:53        pitti   we have a lot of specs which just have one or two left and need these "last mile" wrapup
17:57:07        kenvandine      pitti, one of my 2 left is being reviewed now
17:58:24        didrocks        will recheck, but last time I check, I have none "unblocked" remaining for beta1
18:00:06        pitti   ok, seems we are done
18:00:08        pitti   thanks everyone!

IRC log Eastern edition

bryce__> meeting time?
 [8:39 AM] <jasoncwarner_> bryce__: TheMuso robert_ancell RAOF 
 [8:39 AM] <jasoncwarner_> yes, meeting time!
 [8:39 AM] <TheMuso> Yo
 [8:39 AM] <RAOF> Ya
 [8:39 AM] <jasoncwarner_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-08-30
 [8:39 AM] <bryce__> heya
 [8:40 AM] <jasoncwarner_> bryce__: (with the double underscore) and RAOF , want to update us on X? 
 [8:40 AM] <bryce__> sure
 [8:41 AM] <bryce__> got xdiagnose 1.1 uploaded last week; going to do a 1.2 with some failsafe-x fixes
 [8:41 AM]  ↔ Sarvatt_ popped in  
 [8:42 AM] <bryce__> slight uptick in X bugs, but nothing widespread and severe
 [8:42 AM]  ⇐ ari-tczew (~ari@unaffiliated/ari-tczew) quit: Remote host closed the connection
 [8:42 AM] <bryce__> we're seeing quite a few of the False GPU Lockup bugs
 [8:43 AM] <bryce__> those will not be an issue once apport is turned off, however it would be nice to figure out why they're happening at all.
 [8:43 AM]  ⇐ bryce_ (~bryce@c-98-246-63-231.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
 [8:43 AM] <bryce__>  
 [8:43 AM] <bryce__> couple things we need to do looking forward the next few weeks
 [8:43 AM] <RAOF> I've noticed we've been getting a number of Natty bugs where people have installed multi-arched nvidia drivers and then mesa updates blow up for them.
 [8:44 AM] <bryce__> yeah
 [8:44 AM] <bryce__> we have a bug open about needing to make nvidia multi-arch aware, but I bumped it to P
 [8:45 AM] <bryce__> I assume it'd not be a simple (low risk) fix?
 [8:45 AM] <RAOF> The proprietary drivers are already multi-arch aware; we've done that transition.
 [8:45 AM]  ⇐ Sarvatt (~sarvatt@canonical/sarvatt) quit: Quit: Sarvatt
 [8:46 AM] <RAOF> What we *haven't* done is split the nvidia drivers into amd64 and i386 pieces, but we probably don't want to do that anyway.
 [8:46 AM] <bryce__> RAOF, hmm, then perhaps the nvidia tasks just need closed?
 [8:46 AM] <RAOF> bryce__: Quite possibly.  Which is the bug you're thinking of?
 [8:46 AM] <bryce__> let me find it
 [8:47 AM] <bryce__> 807209
 [8:47 AM]  → Sarvatt (~Sarvatt@canonical/sarvatt) joined
 [8:48 AM] <bryce__> RAOF, anyway, maybe take a look and update it with required tasks we need to do, or close it out if there's none?
 [8:48 AM] <RAOF> Yeah, I'll do that.
 [8:48 AM] <bryce__> couple other things
 [8:48 AM] <bryce__> at UDS we talked about sticking 1.11 in a ppa prior to p-series opening
 [8:48 AM] <RAOF> Yep.
 [8:48 AM] <bryce__> xserver 1.11 was officially released a few days ago, and looks like it's in debian experimental, so just needs merge work
 [8:48 AM] <bryce__> "just" :-)
 [8:49 AM]  ← nessita (~nessita@ left
 [8:49 AM] <RAOF> I think that Sarvatt has done some looking at that?
 [8:49 AM] <bryce__> yeah Sarvatt said he'd be looking at it for xorg-edgers
 [8:49 AM] <RAOF> Yeah.  The big "just" is our multitouch XI 2.1 patches.
 [8:50 AM] <bryce__> yeah, I was thinking we can omit those for now, get it into the ppa so we can start testing, and give chase & co time to update those patches
 [8:50 AM] <RAOF> Which reminds me: in *awesome* news, it looks pretty likely that the multitouch protocol will land in XI 2.2 in Xserver 1.12!  Soon I'll be able to stop worrying about shipping an X protocol that's not upstream in an LTS :)
 [8:51 AM]  * bryce__ holds off counting chickens 
 [8:51 AM] <bryce__> a second thing we'd talked about at UDS was updating the display drivers via x-updates into jockey post-release
 [8:51 AM] <RAOF> Spoil sport :)
 [8:51 AM] <jasoncwarner_> RAOF: really? when would we know that for sure? good if it happens! :)
 [8:52 AM] <bryce__> so just curious on the status of that... probably a pitti question though
 [8:54 AM] <RAOF> Yeah.
 [8:54 AM] <jasoncwarner_> ok...anything else RAOF or bryce__ ? 
 [8:54 AM] <jasoncwarner_> if not, we can get to TheMuso and a11y? 
 [8:55 AM] <bryce__> RAOF, oh also curious if you ever got a chance to look at that projector detection (0x0 size) detection lib?
 [8:55 AM] <RAOF> bryce__: Not really.
 [8:55 AM] <TheMuso> Ok.
 [8:56 AM] <RAOF> bryce__: I should dedicate some non-preemptible time to kicking that off.
 [8:56 AM] <TheMuso> Not a lot has happened since last week's meeting, partly because I was on holiday last week, and aprtly because we are in beta freeze.
 [8:56 AM] <TheMuso> Going to do a proper test of my ubiquity a11y work today with an official image. I actually wanted to on Monday, but the daily image didn't boot into ubiquity for some reason. Hopefully with the few ubiquity uploads since then, things have changed.
 [8:57 AM]  ⇐ aquarius (~aquarius@cpc5-dudl10-2-0-cust29.wolv.cable.virginmedia.com) quit: Quit: Ex-Chat
 [8:57 AM] <bryce__> RAOF, yeah, working on X there's so many bugs it can be hard to scratch out time for development work
 [8:57 AM] <TheMuso> Been fixing a few packaging bugs that made their way into the at-spi stack, so now at least, upgrading from natty works in terms of a11y packages, although it appears a compix package is still holding up a successful upgrade...
 [8:58 AM] <TheMuso> Sent a crasher upstream that users were getting with at-spi, and t has been fixed in the latest upstrea release of the at-spi stack, which will go in right after beta 1.
 [8:59 AM] <TheMuso> Not much movement on the unity-2d bugs front, the few bugs that I filed recently, whilst having been confirmed and triaged, haven't seen fixes uploaded yet... Hopefully a new unity-2d release in the coming week will address them...
 [8:59 AM] <broder> RAOF: FYI, you do look into a projector detection thing, make sure you're looking at a valid EDID. I've seen cases where a poorly seated connection -> EDID of all 0's, and if you jump straight to the physical size offset, you could get confused. Might be worth having a tri-state return value or something
 [8:59 AM] <TheMuso> I also spent some time with robert_ancell yesterday working out some accessibility details for lightdm.
 [9:00 AM] <jasoncwarner_> TheMuso: oh, cool...anything we can expect for oneiric? 
 [9:00 AM] <RAOF> broder: Right.  My thinking was that it'd actually return a tuple (OUTPUT_TYPE, CONFIDENCE)
 [9:00 AM] <broder> RAOF: +1 from me
 [9:01 AM] <TheMuso> jasoncwarner_: Well it will be possible to have a screen reader running in lightdm for a start, and the user list and entering username/password is now accessible. There are still a few minor bugs that need sorting out, but are likely at-spi stack or orca related, so need to try again once I have updated orca to the latest upstream release.
 [9:01 AM] <jasoncwarner_> ok
 [9:01 AM] <jasoncwarner_> thanks
 [9:01 AM] <jasoncwarner_> TheMuso: anything else? 
 [9:02 AM] <TheMuso> robert_ancell: Oh one thing I noticed yesterday but forgot to mention, was the fact that you aren not making use of the accessible description given for indicator entries.
 [9:02 AM] <robert_ancell> TheMuso, what should the description contain?
 [9:02 AM] <TheMuso> jasoncwarner_: A few more pulse bugfixes will be going in fater beta, coming from upstream.
 [9:03 AM] <TheMuso> robert_ancell: The description is set by the indicators themselves to give a textual description of what they are for. So for example, the sound indicator gives a volume in percentage, the messages indicator lets a user know if there are new messages waiting, etc.
 [9:03 AM] <robert_ancell> TheMuso, oh sorry, for the indicators - do I need to connect those or should it happen automatically?
 [9:04 AM] <TheMuso> robert_ancell: YOu need to connect those. You want to assign the string IndicatorEntry->accessible_desc to the atk object representing the the GTK widget for the indicator object.
 [9:05 AM] <TheMuso> robert_ancell: I remember finding the code for it yesterday. I'll cook up a patch if thats of any help.
 [9:05 AM] <robert_ancell> TheMuso, please do
 [9:05 AM] <TheMuso> robert_ancell: ok will do that today.
 [9:06 AM]  → mterry (~mike@ubuntu/member/mterry) joined
 [9:06 AM] <jasoncwarner_> TheMuso and robert_ancell should we roll into lightdm/unity_greeter? 
 [9:06 AM] <jasoncwarner_> robert_ancell: what would you like to update? 
 [9:07 AM] <robert_ancell> So TheMuso stole my announcement :)  We have a11y support in unity-greeter.  It will need a ffe, but I don't expect it to be uncontrovercial
 [9:07 AM] <robert_ancell> Other than that just working through the remaining bugs to get lightdm+unity-greeter in as good shape as possible for oneiric
 [9:08 AM] <robert_ancell> I don't expect it to be controvercial
 [9:08 AM] <robert_ancell> rather
 [9:08 AM] <jasoncwarner_> :)
 [9:08 AM] <jasoncwarner_> ok...veyr cool...
 [9:09 AM] <jasoncwarner_> robert_ancell: everything settled on unity-greeter design? 
 [9:09 AM] <jasoncwarner_> (ie. nothing being pushed too hard to be included at this late date? )
 [9:10 AM] <robert_ancell> jasoncwarner_, (just checking email).  Not that I know of.  There might be some minor things like strings, but they will have to follow freeze exception processes
 [9:11 AM] <jasoncwarner_> robert_ancell: alright. 
 [9:11 AM] <jasoncwarner_> thanks
 [9:11 AM] <jasoncwarner_> anything else for anyone ? 

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