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Weekly Summary

  • New pygobject 2.90 is in oneiric, and all known breakage fixed. Please report problems. (pitti)
  • Started packaging GNOME 3.1.90/3.1.91. (rodrigo, ricotz, jbicha, pitti, didrocks)
  • LibreOffice (bjoern-michaelsen)

Partner update


  • Unity
    • New Unity last week, fixed a bunch of bugs and speedup improvment. Full list at https://launchpad.net/unity/4.0/4.12.0

    • Full CJK support across many components (unity, apt-xapian, software-center and zeitgeist-fts)
    • This week will see a new Unity release, focused on startup time speedup. Other misc; fixes to alt + tab and dash coming.
    • New compiz under testing in the unity-team ppa. Fix some stacking issues and other misc. bugs. Still some work needed for getting all the stacking issues out.
    • Worked on integrating back in gnome-control-center and GNOME compiz. Work done, you can enjoy Ctrl + Alt + T by default again! Smile :)

  • Unity-2d:
    • New unity-2d release this week. Full list of bug fixes at https://launchpad.net/unity-2d/+milestone/4.4

    • Worked on some startup flickering, 3 are quite annoying:
    • Qt 4.7.4 available in the ubuntu-desktop ppa. It breaks unity-2d right now, some fixes already in, but more work needed. Kubuntu testing under way.

Software Center

  • Software Center version 4.1.21 released, includes:
    • OneConf reimplemented and working again for GTK3 \o/, many thanks didrocks!

      • Awaiting ISD deployment of server-side support to enable full OneConf syncing

    • Enabled CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) in Xapian to fully support searching in those languages
    • Many, many bugfixes
  • Currently fixing many more bugs, fixes to be included in next release coming this week



IRC log Western edition

17:31:43        pitti   Sweetshark, seb128: welcome back!
17:31:43        Sweetshark      o/
17:31:51        seb128  thanks ;-)
17:31:51        pitti   Sweetshark: so you didn't get "hack"ed into pieces?
17:32:29        Sweetshark      pitti: no, just a good shakeup on the flight back through the thunderstorm.
17:32:50        pitti   ken is on holidays, so no partner update today
17:33:04        Sweetshark      pitti: otherwise, it was really quite a success.
17:33:30        pitti   Sweetshark: nice! looking forward to your trip report
17:33:52        pitti   didrocks: as usual, very nice unity update on the wiki, merci! anythign to discuss?
17:34:02        didrocks        I guess it covers everything :)
17:35:36        ogra_   didrocks, are you caring for bug 839557 ?
17:35:37        ubot2`  Launchpad bug 839557 in qt4-x11 "FFe: Qt 4.7.4" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/839557
17:35:41        mterry  hi
17:35:54         *      ogra_ just left a note there, would be good to get vlc buildable again on arm
17:35:57        didrocks        ogra_: yeah, it's in the ubuntu-desktop ppa, see the team meeting report we are just doing :)
17:36:10        ogra_   didrocks, awesome !
17:36:16        didrocks        ogra_: and see the recent discussion with doko on #ubuntu-devel :)
17:36:18        ogra_   doko, ^^^
17:36:43        pitti   tremolux: anythign which we ought to discuss about s-c?
17:36:44        ogra_   oh, i missed that :)
17:36:48        pitti   tremolux: I actually have a question there
17:36:55        tremolux        pitti: hello! sure, fire away
17:36:57         *      ogra_ was doing the vlc stuff as a side thing only 
17:37:12        pitti   tremolux: what's the kind of feedback in terms of bugs/IRC rants/etc you got from beta-1?
17:37:25        pitti   tremolux: I didn't notice an outburst of people complaining that it doesn't work, or anythign like that
17:37:56        tremolux        pitti: right, that's my impression also, at least if they are complaining a lot, I don't know where  ;)
17:38:10        tremolux        we do have crashes and lots of rough edges that people complain about in bug reports
17:38:40        pitti   tremolux: and now that oneconf is in, I guess there is not a lot of reason to switch back; WDYT?
17:38:41        tremolux        but we are fixing those as quickly as we can
17:39:02        pedro_  there were a few crashes in s-c  but i must say that they were fixed really quickly :-)
17:39:07        tremolux        pitti: well, I did not know there was an option to switch back!
17:39:12        pedro_  bug patterns were written for most of them
17:39:13        rodrigo_        :)
17:39:27        pitti   tremolux: well, it would have been the obvious contingency plan in case -gtk 3 fell apart, or oneconf broke, etc.
17:39:34        tremolux        pitti: yep  :)
17:39:37         *      pitti hugs pedro_
17:39:53        pitti   tremolux: do you plan to keep -gtk2 as a fallback, or do you want to remove it from the package completely?
17:39:54        tremolux        pitti: but yes, it seems things are really not in bad shape
17:40:03        tremolux        pitti: so far, we will keep it I think
17:40:31        tremolux        pitti: but yeah, there will be no use maintaining that at all so it should go as soon as we can
17:40:37        pitti   ok, thanks
17:40:46        tremolux        pedro_: yes, thanks for the bugpatterns!!  :)
17:41:07        pitti   another general plea: please update your remaining WIs (or postpone them as appropriate)
17:41:18        pitti   otherwise I'll need to steal your time individually to talk about them
17:41:21        pedro_  tremolux, you're welcome :-)
17:41:28        pitti   we just need to ensure that we don't keep lose ends
17:41:41        pitti   AOB?
17:41:59        pedro_  o/
17:42:14        pitti   pedro_: please go ahead
17:42:14        seb128  that was an efficient meeting ;-)
17:42:20        didrocks        was so quick! :)
17:42:24        pedro_  we still have a few bugs assigned to the team which are targeted to Oneiric : http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-desktop/oneiric.html
17:42:26        pitti   well, nothing do discuss so far :)
17:42:38         *      Sweetshark looks around: "Where is my meeting?"
17:42:38        pitti   (in fact, at some point we should re-discuss the purpose and structure of the meeting; perhaps at UDS)
17:42:39        rodrigo_        pedro_, "a few" is too optimistic :)
17:42:39        pedro_  would be nice if you guys can review the list and start assigning those to individuals
17:42:45        pedro_  so they can be worked ;-)
17:42:54        pedro_  or assign everything to rodrigo_
17:42:56        pedro_  oops
17:42:59         *      rodrigo_ leaves
17:43:11        seb128  yeah, I vote for assigning to rodrigo_
17:43:15        tremolux        haha
17:43:16        seb128  they are mostly g-c-c bugs anyway
17:43:23        rodrigo_        pedro_, hmm, that's a different report from the other one you had
17:43:23        seb128  ;-)
17:43:30        rodrigo_        http://people.canonical.com/~pedro/desktop/canonical-desktop-team-assigned-bug-tasks.html
17:43:33        pedro_  but that's more or less , please review and lets keep the fixing  ball rolling
17:43:37        pitti   pedro_: you mean the ones assigned to the team? right, I'll have a pass over those
17:43:37        rodrigo_        so, should we follow the other one?
17:43:45        rodrigo_        I was looking at http://people.canonical.com/~pedro/desktop/canonical-desktop-team-assigned-bug-tasks.html all the time
17:43:49        pedro_  pitti, yeah
17:44:11        pedro_  rodrigo_, that's for 'all' the bugs in launchpad, the other is just listing the reports with an Oneiric task
17:44:17        rodrigo_        ah
17:44:18        didrocks        pedro_: come on! we will get bugs assigned because of you! Hope you are happy :-)
17:44:26        pitti   pedro_: and the "none" ones, too
17:44:46        pedro_  didrocks, oh that's the idea, make me happier ;-)
17:44:55        rodrigo_        the ones for g-c-c and g-s-d can be assigned to me, yes
17:44:58        rodrigo_        the others not :)
17:45:09        pedro_  pitti, indeed
17:45:18        pedro_  pitti, that's all from here
17:45:32        pitti   pedro_: thanks; I'll garden the list this week
17:45:37        pitti   AOB?

IRC log Eastern edition

09:04:44 > TheMuso: STARTMEETING.
09:04:51 > TheMuso: bryceh: So whats happening in X land?
09:05:34 < bryceh!~bryce@static-50-53-79-63.bvtn.or.frontiernet.net: there is an xserver 1.10.4 in our git tree, ready to burst on the scene at any time
09:06:01 < bryceh!~bryce@static-50-53-79-63.bvtn.or.frontiernet.net: it's almost entirely just modest bug fixes, so unlikely to cause much of a stir
09:06:41 > TheMuso: Ok sounds good.
09:06:50 < bryceh!~bryce@static-50-53-79-63.bvtn.or.frontiernet.net: I rolled out a new xdiagnose 1.2, which includes some improvements for failsafe-x
09:07:08 < bryceh!~bryce@static-50-53-79-63.bvtn.or.frontiernet.net: still haven't confirmed a successful test with lightdm yet though
09:07:41 > TheMuso: Ok.
09:08:59 > TheMuso: Anything else to add, or should we move on?
09:09:52 < bryceh!~bryce@static-50-53-79-63.bvtn.or.frontiernet.net: nothing much else; been mostly tending to random bug reports and working on a couple private projects
09:10:15 > TheMuso: Ok sounds great, looks like X will be solid for oneiric.
09:10:26 > TheMuso: robert_ancell: How does lightdm progress this week?
09:10:40 < robert_ancell!~bob@ppp121-44-173-156.lns20.syd7.internode.on.net: need to make a release...
09:11:08 < robert_ancell!~bob@ppp121-44-173-156.lns20.syd7.internode.on.net: There's hooks in the next release, which hopefully bryceh can use to help diagnose what is using all the CPU in the login screen
09:11:39 < robert_ancell!~bob@ppp121-44-173-156.lns20.syd7.internode.on.net: Also, lightdm now quits if the display fails to start, so failsafe-x can work with it
09:11:58 < robert_ancell!~bob@ppp121-44-173-156.lns20.syd7.internode.on.net: there's some minor UI changes in unity-greeter, which will require a ffe
09:12:03 < bryceh!~bryce@static-50-53-79-63.bvtn.or.frontiernet.net: robert_ancell, and thanks for the tips on hooking up xtrace; going to experiment with that for helping us find what desktop apps are driving the X cpu loads so much during boot
09:12:08 -!- nekohayo!~jeff@206-248-171-113.dsl.teksavvy.com has quit []
09:12:57 > TheMuso: Sweet.
09:13:07 < robert_ancell!~bob@ppp121-44-173-156.lns20.syd7.internode.on.net: the work for that came from  Guido Berhoerster from open suse / xfce so thanks to him!
09:13:33 > TheMuso: Ok sounds good.
09:14:28 > TheMuso: So, pulseaudio 0.99.3 landed on Monday, which was a bugfix release. David Henningsen has also been working on some jack detection support stuff, which will make pulseaudio know more about the volume controls to use depending on what is plugged in where.
09:14:35 > TheMuso: I'll be uploading the last bits of that after the meeting.
09:15:01 -!- ronoc!~ronoc@client-80-4-253-239.cht-bng-011.adsl.virginmedia.net has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
09:15:14 > TheMuso: A11y wise, a bit of a nag has been hit, due to some GTK and GIR issues, see bug 769256.
09:15:16 < ubot2`!~ubot2@unaffiliated/jpds/bot/ubot2: Launchpad bug 769256 in gtk+3.0 "Gdk enumerations do not contain GType info in GIR" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/769256
09:15:17 > TheMuso: snag
09:15:37 > TheMuso: I hope to see if I can nut out a work-around with either seb or pitti this afternoon.
09:15:46 > TheMuso: at least till an upstrea fix is available.
09:15:51 > TheMuso: *upstream
09:16:17 > TheMuso: Unity-2d is now set as the default session for people who install using the screen reader or braille accessibility profiles.
09:16:36 > TheMuso: And once the new lightdm lands, we will have accessible login again.
09:17:05 > TheMuso: Thats about it from me.
09:17:09 > TheMuso: Any other business?
09:17:30 < bryceh!~bryce@static-50-53-79-63.bvtn.or.frontiernet.net: yeah, I'm curious how we're doing with the bootspeed work?
09:17:41 < bryceh!~bryce@static-50-53-79-63.bvtn.or.frontiernet.net: did some issues get sorted out?
09:18:03 > TheMuso: I know there has been some back and forth about it, but I'm not sure where that ended up.
09:19:11 < bryceh!~bryce@static-50-53-79-63.bvtn.or.frontiernet.net: mm, ok, thanks.
09:19:21 > TheMuso: bryceh: Were you CCed in the recent discussion?
09:20:34 < bryceh!~bryce@static-50-53-79-63.bvtn.or.frontiernet.net: yeah, but haven't seen any further discussion today
09:20:55 > TheMuso: Right, nore have I.
09:21:11 > TheMuso: Ok if there is nothing else...
09:22:12 > TheMuso: ENDMEETING.
09:22:14 > TheMuso: thanks folks.

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