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Weekly Summary

  • Got half of GNOME 3.1.92 into Oneiric before beta-2.
  • Cleaned NBS to be empty now, and also fixed a bunch of FTBFS.
  • Deja Dup will now offer to install needed Ubuntu One packages with ubuntuone-installer (on a fresh install, upgrade support is coming next upstream release)

Partner update


  • New unity version last Thursday, before the beta2 freeze:
    • As usual, reference is https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/4.14.0

      • fixes a bunch of bugs (crashers and visual glitches)
      • more filters working in the unity lenses!
      • some UIFe for the dash have been accepted as well as the panel
      • New compiz worskpace switcher layout accepted and in beta2.
    • Stage an ubuntu one music store lens scope in the ubuntu-desktop ppa. / ! \ updating to it can trigger some existing unity crashers (when icons are received way after the results) and the staging server is flacky. Will be pushed in Oneiric next week. Crashers are tracks through bugs
    • Late upload this morning for whitelisting in the systray update-notifier for people showing the update icon. (should be SRU as well in natty)
    • Still quite some bugs tacked for next week https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/4.16.0. Trying to collect any UIFe that can happen (maybe new unity-asset-pool icon set).

  • An experimental compiz and compiz-plugins-main are in the ubuntu-desktop ppa. Hopefully those will fixes most of the known stacking bugs. Do not hesitate to test and report any new issue! Will probably be pushed next week in Oneiric if no blocker.
  • Unity-2d release, before the beta2 freeze as well:
  • Qt/Misc:
    • Release of sni-qt next week to fix some issues for a small part of the population (only english speaking users ;))
    • A critical Qt bug appeared making machine either logging out or just swapping endlessly, agateau tracked it. The culpurit is the overlay scrollbar. The idea is for now to just disable the overlay scrollbar styling part to avoid the crash (won't work with Qt apps anyway). Reference: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/+bug/805303

Software Center

  • Software Center versions 4.1.23 through released
    • These include ~25 bug fixes, plus many i18n and a11y fixes, lots of UI cleanup and refinement
  • Many more bug fixes coming soon
  • Team continues to focus on stability, a11y and i18n fixes, and further refinement of the new UI
  • OneConf fixes this week now that the staging server finally works. Server side will be in production later this week and the oneconf/software-center fixes released shortly. Ping us if you want to try staging server.



IRC log Western edition

17:31:57        pitti   FYI, quick release status: the first smoketests of the current b2 candidates are coming in
17:32:07        pitti   we found a rather serious ubiquity bug and will need a respin
17:32:15        pitti   but as long as you are online, they actually install pretty well
17:32:58        chrisccoulson   hi :)
17:33:05        pitti   otherwise it's nothing earthshattering on our side
17:33:23        pitti   kenvandine: do you need to discuss anything partner-wise?
17:33:46        kenvandine      i gave the u1 guys the list of release bugs skaet is tracking for their packages
17:33:54        kenvandine      they are going to follow up on them all
17:34:00        tkamppeter      hi
17:34:01        kenvandine      that is all i have
17:34:10        pitti   we also had a quick discussion with U1 team yesterday
17:34:13        seb128  kenvandine, pitti: will we get the whole u1 stack back on the CD after beta2?
17:34:25        pitti   looks like we'll put u1-client control-panel, and music store back on the default install
17:34:30        kenvandine      good
17:34:36        didrocks        makes sense :-)
17:34:38        pitti   not the couchy bits, of course
17:34:42        kenvandine      that is a much better choice
17:34:45        jbicha  cool!
17:34:47        pitti   yeah
17:34:53         *      kenvandine never thought that was a good idea
17:34:54        pitti   we dropped them without need
17:34:58        kenvandine      :)
17:34:59        mterry  pitti, not ubuntuone-couch?  (I don't think it pulls in anything couchy)
17:35:00        pitti   it was really quite pointless
17:35:21        pitti   mterry: I thought that's just a command line tool?
17:35:33        pitti   mterry: but I don't mind
17:35:41        mterry  pitti, no, it provides some python bindings that duplicity/deja-dup uses
17:35:42        pitti   "whatever we had in natty"
17:35:47        mterry  pitti, can't upload to u1 without it
17:35:58        kenvandine      does that pull in desktopcouch?
17:35:59        pitti   mterry: but then deja-dup should certainly have a dependency or at least a recommends to it?
17:36:10        pitti   kenvandine: no
17:36:19        kenvandine      good
17:36:38        mterry  pitti, it did before, but when we went down the installer route, i dropped it and added support to deja-dup to run the installer (which I made sure installs ubuntuone-couch)
17:36:39        pitti   mterry: it moved to universe yesterday, so better add a recommends
17:36:44        mterry  pitti, I can go back to before
17:37:02         *      mterry wishes people would make up their minds
17:37:40        pitti   mterry: please add it back then
17:38:11        mterry  k
17:38:26        pitti   didrocks: thanks for the unity update on the wiki
17:38:47        didrocks        yw
17:38:47        pitti   didrocks: anything to discuss? should the team test some newer compiz packages? (sorry, I lost track of them)
17:39:06        didrocks        pitti: yeah, the ppa should contained all what is needed (as I claimed on the wiki ;))
17:39:18        didrocks        so go ahead, download, test, and ping me if anything is wrong
17:39:31         *      didrocks looks at the stacking breaker, chrisccoulson!
17:39:32        pitti   chrisccoulson: ^
17:39:38        didrocks        :)
17:39:45        chrisccoulson   i've not tested it yet
17:39:47        pitti   chrisccoulson: and while you are at it, please make it fast, will you?
17:39:51         *      pitti hugs chrisccoulson
17:39:53        chrisccoulson   that means switching back to 3d for a bit ;)
17:39:57         *      chrisccoulson hugs pitti
17:40:05        didrocks        chrisccoulson: come on, between two awesome fixes! :-)
17:40:12        chrisccoulson   :)
17:40:17         *      pitti updates in the meantime
17:40:33        chrisccoulson   i'll try it in a bit. i want to get the gsd/gnome-desktop changes in to the PPA first
17:40:36        mterry  the PPA works great for me
17:40:37        didrocks        I'll probably pushed the fixed Qt in the ppa as well waiting for the freeze
17:40:47        pitti   tremolux: anything to discuss for s-c? seems to be going well
17:41:09        pitti   oh, no new packages/
17:41:10        pitti   ?
17:41:16        tremolux        pitti: hey! nothing really to discuss, we are just fixing stuff
17:41:21        pitti   argh, seems add-apt-repository messed up retrieving the key or so
17:41:30        pitti   tremolux: that's good news, at this point :)
17:41:54        didrocks        (if some people wants to test the oneconf staging server for syncing, please ping me, feedback would be welcomed ;))
17:41:58        tremolux        pitti: yes, I feel really good about it, it's getting into nicer shape every day
17:42:35        pitti   BTW, if you need to roll back, use "sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ppa"
17:42:38        pitti   works really nicely
17:42:45         *      kenvandine hugs ppa-purge
17:43:15        pitti   ok, nothing else from my side; AOB?
17:43:39        tremolux        didrocks: I'll definitely test with the server, I've been using the local test data so far
17:43:45        mterry  Anyone have any MIRs that I don't know about?
17:43:55        didrocks        tremolux: great, thanks!
17:44:13        tremolux        didrocks: oneconf ftw!
17:44:16        mterry  hopefully not, pretty late for MIRs
17:45:11        Sweetshark      mterry: I just got asked again about lo-menubar bing included in main ;)
17:45:27        pitti   veto
17:45:41        Sweetshark      pitti: thanks
17:45:58        didrocks        tremolux: thanks to believe in it! :)
17:46:09        mterry  Sweetshark, I thought we were holding off, for stability reasons?
17:46:18        tremolux        didrocks: :)
17:46:37        Sweetshark      mterry: right.
17:46:42        mterry  phew
17:46:44        mterry  :)
17:46:55        pitti   oh, the i386 and amd64 retracers have caught up again
17:46:59        pitti   they are running again now
17:47:00        seb128  \o/
17:47:13        pitti   sorry for the 2 days downtime, needed to fix a couple of bugs
17:47:29        kenvandine      just so everyone is aware, i will be out again tomorrow, but returning again on thursday
17:47:42        pitti   so, then without further ado, let's fix this oneiric thingy!
17:47:44        mterry  oh, and I'm on vacation next week, FYI
17:47:46        pitti   thanks everyone

IRC log Eastern edition

 [8:28 AM] <jasoncwarner_> hey robert_ancell TheMuso RAOF and bryceh meeting time. 
 [8:28 AM] <jasoncwarner_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-09-20
 [8:29 AM] <bryceh> jasoncwarner_, heya
 [8:29 AM] <jasoncwarner_> hey bryceh , how are things? 
 [8:29 AM] <chrisccoulson> bryceh, it doesn't need to be a cold start does it?
 [8:29 AM] <RAOF> We interrupt your regularly scheduled bootperformance hackfest to bring you the Desktop meeting :)
 [8:29 AM]  ⇐ grunthus (~grunthus@ quit: Ping timeout: 276 seconds
 [8:29 AM] <bryceh> heh
 [8:29 AM] <chrisccoulson> https://launchpadlibrarian.net/80459240/farnsworth-oneiric-20110920-16.png will make jasoncwarner_ happy ;)
 [8:30 AM] <bryceh> jasoncwarner_, going good.  raof and I had a good time at the X conference last week, lots of good convo's
 [8:30 AM] <kenvandine> chrisccoulson, nice!
 [8:30 AM] <TheMuso> Hey folks.
 [8:30 AM]  → barratt_ (~barratt@ec2-46-137-83-229.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com) joined
 [8:30 AM] <chrisccoulson> kenvandine, that's thanks to RAOF, bryceh and Sarvatt ;)
 [8:30 AM] <jasoncwarner_> chrisccoulson: ~15s? i do like that !
 [8:30 AM]  → ember` (~pmf@pfragoso.org) joined
 [8:30 AM] <chrisccoulson> jasoncwarner_, yeah, it was >25s yesterday
 [8:30 AM] <kenvandine> now get that with unity-3d :)
 [8:31 AM]  → fredp_ (~fredp@luzerne.au-quotidien.com) joined
 [8:31 AM] <jasoncwarner_> chrisccoulson: that is exactly the trend we need ;)
 [8:31 AM] <bryceh> just getting back into the swing of things today.  Fixed (I think) one of the release bugs pitti posted about today, and trying to tackle some X boot speed issues (slow output probing), which seems HW-specific so far
 [8:31 AM] <jasoncwarner_> bryceh: nice...
 [8:31 AM] <jasoncwarner_> let's get the meeting cranking
 [8:31 AM] <robert_ancell> chrisccoulson, very impressive
 [8:31 AM] <jasoncwarner_> [TOPIC] X update
 [8:32 AM] <bryceh> oh...  as above.
 [8:32 AM] <bryceh> RAOF, anything to add?
 [8:32 AM] <Sarvatt> chrisccoulson: dont get too happy at that, the code was literally rewritten in the kernel yesterday and still isnt working properly so is some time off and is only fixing up your eDP machine (there are like 10 eDP i915 laptops total in the wild)
 [8:32 AM] <RAOF> Did some triage of Xserver bugs; it looks like a bunch of them were accidentally fixed by the 1.10.4 upload.
 [8:32 AM] <chrisccoulson> Sarvatt, that's ok, that works for me ;)
 [8:32 AM]  → vuntz_ (~vuntz@fennas.vuntz.net) joined
 [8:32 AM] <jasoncwarner_> bryceh: ok...thanks...
 [8:33 AM] <RAOF> I'm pretty sure I've got bug #831867 nailed down, and just need to test.
 [8:33 AM] <Sarvatt> my i915 LVDS machines with SSDs have <10 second boot times here  the whole cycle
 [8:33 AM] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 831867 in sane-backends "colord assert failure: colord: browser.c:701: avahi_service_browser_free: Assertion `*_head == _item' failed." [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/831867
 [8:33 AM] <bryceh> http://www.bryceharrington.org/Arsenal/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/totals-oneiric-workqueue.svg looks nasty, but I thinkj that's mainly a slew of False GPU lockup bugs we can ignore
 [8:33 AM] <jasoncwarner_> RAOF: oh, nice!
 [8:33 AM] <Sarvatt> (sorry for interrupting the meeting)
 [8:33 AM]  ⇐ mterry (~mike@ubuntu/member/mterry) quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
 [8:33 AM] <jasoncwarner_> colord was causing some weird startup slowness, correct? 
 [8:34 AM] <bryceh> oh, I got a solid lead on the false gpu lockups chatting with Intel.  but will probably need to wait until next cycle to experiment with
 [8:34 AM]  ⇐ htorque (~htorque@chello084115150080.3.graz.surfer.at) quit: Ping timeout: 276 seconds
 [8:34 AM] <jasoncwarner_> let's move to LightDM/Unity-Greeter... robert_ancell ?
 [8:34 AM] <RAOF> No; the gnome-settings-daemon color plugin was doing xrandr probes on startup, and that's expensive.
 [8:35 AM] <robert_ancell> jasoncwarner_, I'll try and get one more release in before beta2 to fix some minor issues.  The important issue seems to be crashing in the greeter due to the indicators being threaded.  I've changed them to load sequentially in a thread and it seems more stable now
 [8:35 AM] <jasoncwarner_> robert_ancell: cool...ok...
 [8:36 AM] <jasoncwarner_> robert_ancell: the greeter you had me test that seems to help with my laginess, is that released generally yet? 
 [8:36 AM] <robert_ancell> jasoncwarner_, yes, that should be the latest one.  The most recent logs seemed to indicate it was round trip time to X that was the problem, and the stuff people have been finding in gnome-settings-daemon seems to confirm that
 [8:37 AM] <robert_ancell> The very last one I sent you had g-s-d disabled, which indicated that is probably the cause
 [8:37 AM]  ⇐ ember, tremolux, mchro, fredp, vuntz, apw, jml and barratt quit  
 [8:37 AM] <robert_ancell> unfortunately we can't do that in general ;)
 [8:37 AM] <jasoncwarner_> robert_ancell: yeah...I was just getting lag again so was wondering what was up...now i know! :)
 [8:38 AM] <jasoncwarner_> robert_ancell, bryceh and RAOF you guys have clues on what is going on in U-G with X for a possible fix? 
 [8:39 AM]  ⇐ chrisccoulson (~chr1s@ubuntu/member/chrisccoulson) quit: Quit: Ex-Chat
 [8:39 AM] <robert_ancell> the logs showed a big initial delay, which is probably xrandr blocking the X server.
 [8:39 AM] <RAOF> g-s-d causes boot slowdowns?  What a surprise!
 [8:39 AM] <bryceh> U-G?
 [8:40 AM] <jasoncwarner_> bryceh: unity-greeter...I've taken to the custom of shortening everything ;)
 [8:40 AM] <robert_ancell> The ongoing lagginess was shown in the mouse right, which indicates the X server not keeping up
 [8:40 AM] <bryceh> well, we have been suspecting output-probing related issues, perhaps a regression with vga probing, but so far haven't pinpointed it to that
 [8:40 AM]  → chrisccoulson (~chr1s@ubuntu/member/chrisccoulson) joined
 [8:40 AM] <robert_ancell> RAOF, you could reproduce it right?
 [8:41 AM] <jasoncwarner_> Ok...sounds like we have some clues, but nothing too exact yet...thanks. 
 [8:41 AM] <bryceh> chrisccoulson has isolated some X-related delays to be due to g-s-d over-querying randr, thus exacerbating the probing issue
 [8:41 AM] <RAOF> robert_ancell: Yeah.  I sent you the traces.
 [8:41 AM]  → apw (~apw@ubuntu/member/apw) joined
 [8:41 AM] <jasoncwarner_> TheMuso: care to update on a11y, sound and all that good stuff? 
 [8:41 AM] <bryceh> i.e., it's slow to probe to begin with, and then GNOME requests re-probing multiple times
 [8:41 AM] <RAOF> Something was probing xrandr, causing the delays.
 [8:42 AM] <TheMuso> Ok, we should finally be over all the a11y related upgrade issues, pitti and myself spent some time on Monday afternoon sorting that out, so that should be good now.
 [8:42 AM] <RAOF> But I'm not sure what, because the xtrace of unity-greeter didn't show RANDR requests.
 [8:42 AM] <chrisccoulson> bryceh, 6 times on the default install :)
 [8:42 AM] <chrisccoulson> and that's before anything else in the session begins to load
 [8:42 AM] <TheMuso> I've had reports from users saying that the stuff I recently added to make using a11y on the live CD is not working, but I suspect they are either not doing something right, or are not using a recent daily, or are using beta 1. Need to run through things myself once again to be sure, hope to do that today/tomorrow, so I can get any fixes in post beta 2 if they are needed.
 [8:43 AM] <chrisccoulson> i added my findings to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/11.10/BootSpeedAnalysis for anyone who is interested
 [8:43 AM] <TheMuso> Still need to fix accessibility for notifications, as they are broken. May file a bug against notify-osd to make sure its known by DX, in case someone like Alehandro has time to look at it...
 [8:43 AM] <TheMuso> But I am going to try and fix it myself if I can.
 [8:44 AM] <TheMuso> Audio wise, a few more bug fixes post beta 2, but nothing major.
 [8:44 AM] <TheMuso> So things are starting to wrap up on my end.
 [8:44 AM] <jasoncwarner_> TheMuso: how is accessibility in ubuiquity? I believe you said you needed to do some more testing there last week ?
 [8:44 AM]  → tremolux (~glasker@pool-98-110-180-246.bstnma.fios.verizon.net) joined
 [8:45 AM] <TheMuso> jasoncwarner_: Yeah its usable, needs more work cleaning up widget names, but thats one goal for 12.04. A user can still get through and work out what is what and get the system installed.
 [8:46 AM] <jasoncwarner_> TheMuso: ok...cool...would you say that, using Unity-2d, we have a fully accessible desktop?
 [8:46 AM] <TheMuso> Not yet, still waiting on more bugfixes from the 2d guys
 [8:46 AM] <TheMuso> But the only critical thing that is missing is the quicklists and no access to the panel.
 [8:47 AM] <TheMuso> The dash is mostly usable, and hopefully will be more so after next week's upload.
 [8:47 AM]  → davidcalle (~david@mar92-14-88-173-198-214.fbx.proxad.net) joined
 [8:47 AM] <jasoncwarner_> TheMuso: ok...sounds florian is making 'em a priority. let me know if it looks like something si going to fall short so we can get it reprioritized. 
 [8:47 AM] <jasoncwarner_> thanks!
 [8:47 AM] <jasoncwarner_> ok...
 [8:47 AM] <TheMuso> ok
 [8:47 AM] <jasoncwarner_> [TOPIC] Any other Business? 
 [8:48 AM] <jasoncwarner_> anyone want to add anything ?
 [8:48 AM] <TheMuso> nope
 [8:49 AM]  → bludude (~bludude@adsl-75-44-51-174.dsl.milwwi.sbcglobal.net) joined
 [8:49 AM] <jasoncwarner_> alright...thank everyone
 [8:49 AM] <RAOF> Nor here.
 [8:49 AM] <jasoncwarner_> [END MEETING]

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