Weekly Summary

  • Our efforts with fixing upgrade issues finally came to fruition -- all upgrade tests, including lucid → precise with thousands of universe packages.
  • Discussed new autopkgtest Jenkins integration with Colin and Jean-Baptiste, and fixed a few tests. (pitti)
  • Fixed the annoying bugs in OneConf and got it in shape for precise with 53 test cases (taking ~ 450s to run)!

  • Fixed crashers around the place! Go go quality!
  • Fixed another at-spi-atk related upgrade issue from oneiric to precise. (TheMuso)

  • Started gathering some important fixes for Orca, since 3.4.1 won't be out before final freeze, and I want these for the RC/final release. (TheMuso)

  • Also started gathering some final QT at-spi fixes, also needed before final freeze. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


  • Unity 5.10 release is under preparation:
    • we got the latest very important branches merged between Thursday and Friday
    • compiz and compiz-plugins-main is in latest state of the art in the ppa
    • zeitgeist release had the newest libzg. The new zeitgeist and -datahub patch to fix "empty dash when you first log in" will be released and uploaded tomorrow.
    • some lignome-desktop changes for the background calculation, fixing a lot of bugs, is also ready with a compatible unity.
    • All this family is in the unity-team ppa since Friday evening.
    • the call for testing has been done on Friday evening, and collected on Monday. The results are really good and quite complete from the 85 test results on unity-3d and 7 on unity-2d.
    • we are stricking with a crash right now and some memory leaks. All is under control and we will hopefully get a fix for everything by the end of the day.
    • Some other minor fixes as well are gradually uploaded to the same ppa.
    • another issue has been found on graphical cards supporting only opengl 2 and not 3. The fix should be trivial and will overcome this oversight.
    • an epic battle in gtk and gnome-control-center for making the alt key configurable is now to the end. The gnome-control-center part will be published as soon as the new unity-2d will enter the archive (to avoid segfault on unavailable gsettings key)

So, hopefully, finale unity release for precise on Wednesday evening, but more realistically on Thursday morning (european time).


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