GnomeScan should substitute Xsane in the next release. Xsane is not integrated in the Gnome desktop and personally I find it too difficult to use for a beginner. GnomeScan is easy to use and fully integrated.

Release Note

In an effort to provide the easy to use user experience, Xsane will be replaced with GNOME Scan. GNOME Scan provides a much simpler UI and is better integrated in GNOME.


Xsane is complicated to use, we should default to a tool that might be less powerful and more user friendly.

User stories

  • Jill has a document to scan for work, she puts the document into the scanner, scans it and emails it to a co-worker.
  • Larry has some old photos he wants to add to his photo library, he places the photos in the scanner one and a time. After scanning them he imports the photos to his library.
  • Laurie is a photo junky, she uses the gimp for editing and likes to scan photos from inside the gimp. She acquires scans directly from gimp and edits.




The gnomescan package in Karmic needs to be updated. There is a package for debian waiting to be uploaded, we should do that and sync it.

UI Changes


Code Changes




Test/Demo Plan

Functional testing, we should be able to accomplish the user stories specified above.

Unresolved issues

None known yet

BoF agenda and discussion

During our session, we discussed Xsane, GNOME Scan, and gscan2pdf. Nobody was really in favor of sticking with Xsane. Gscan2pdf looks pretty powerful, but the UI is a little more complex and it isn't as well integrated into the GNOME desktop. GNOME Scan has a very simple UI, and would be appropriate for inclusion.

alternatives are gscan2pdf and gnomescan

gscan2pdf has docs, but not GNOME like docs, uses it's own system

  • - has lots of deps


  • - light on deps compared to gscan2pdf - UI looks very "GNOMEish"

gnomescan isn't packaged for debian

gnomescan in jaunty is very old, version 0.4.1, latest upstream is 0.7.1

Actions should be package latest gnomescan and send to PPA. Test and If it works, decide.

gnomescan seems to work, 0.6.2 is in

  • - only tested scanning from an image, not from a scanner

Lars will do a test with a real scanner, multi-page

Ken VanDine - will update the package to latest stable for karmic


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