Gwibber lacks a unit testing framework, which is a significant exposure to regressions. It is important that we begin to build that so we can grow a library of unit tests to help prevent regressions in future versions.

Release Note

This change won't be visible to the end user, but is a critical part of the software development cycle.


Unit testing is necessary to spot regressions in future versions.


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* Create the framework for setup, tear down, and execution of tests. * Write tests for methods used heavily, should probably start with the more internal classes which have wide spread impact. * Consider code coverage analysis

Code Changes

Gwibber will need to be modified to help facilitate injecting tests.



Unresolved issues

No unit testing framework chosen yet, there are a few prominent choices for python. This spec does not include testing for libgwibber, but rather the gwibber infrastructure consumed by libgwibber. We will still need to address libgwibber.


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