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  • Fabio Di Nitto (fabbione) - on holiday
  • Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) - on holiday
  • Kyle McMartin (kylem) - travelling back from Ubuntu Live

  • Tim Gardner (rtg) - on holiday


  1. Roll call
    • Apologies
    • Introduce new starters (if any)
  2. Review agenda
    • Review activity reports
    • Propose additional items
    • Accept agenda
    • (pitti) What's the schedule for a new kernel upload? We need to get fixed dailies to test #126964 soon, just in case the /usr/bin/id (& friends) file corruption is yet another bug.

    • (pitti) Please feel urged to have a look at the dapper point release TODO:
    • (tkamppeter) Decide on which printer setup tool should be default in Gutsy (gnome-cups-manager or system-config-printer).
    • (tkamppeter) Should we stay with CUPS 1.2.x in Gutsy or advance to 1.3.x (Red Hat has already switched over in Rawhide)?

  1. Actions from previous meeting

  1. Release readiness update
  2. Other business
  3. Reviewers meeting (non-reviewers are excused)

Activity Reports

Adilson Oliveira (adilson)

  • Fix UME python packages
  • Test new userland programs to UME project
  • Package UME user programs
  • Test and document installation procedure using image-creator
  • Update UME docs
  • "Hildonize" fbreader
  • Install, test and report problems with Tribe 3 on a Asus notebook

Alexander Sack (asac)

  • firefox security release aftermath ... mostly communication
  • updating thunderbird to latest upstream in gutsy
  • preparing not-yet-tested patch to fix firefox repaint issues under compiz
  • tracking gnash development head; evaluating problems with their new build system for packaging, communicating areas improvement upstream and discussing what needs to be done before next release.
  • bug work for firefox/thunderbird
  • prepare/upload midbrowser package
  • sync midbrowser git repo to be based on latest firefox upstream release
  • some network-manager/wpasupplicant debugging

Amit Kucheria (amitk)

  • Bugfixes for Gutsy kernel (121383, 54621, 85488)
  • UME kernel testing
  • Setup of Samsung Q1 ultra environment
  • Power management spec refactoring
  • Thermal extensions discussions with Intel

Ben Collins (BenC)

  • Kernel team status calls: Phillip, Tim, Amit
  • Status call with Colin
  • Bug triaging
  • Kernel work for Friday kernel upload, in prep for tribe-4
  • Kernel team meeting
  • Investigating work for 6.06.2 kernel updates

Brian Murray (bdmurray)

Bug triaging:

  • triaging of gutsy bugs without a package
  • tagged bugs as nscd to make them easier to find for server team
  • wrote bughelper clue files to check kernel team bug assignment
    • linux-source-2.6.22
    • linux-source-2.6.20
    • linux-source-2.6.17
    • linux-source-2.6.15
  • assigning kernel bugs to the right team
  • some mentoring of new triagers


Bryce Harrington (bryce)


  • Ubuntu Live (3 days)
  • Registered for X conference in Oct


  • Merges/syncs/builds for libxfontcache, libice, libxinerama, libxmu, libxv, libxvmc, libxaw, libxext, libxtrap, libxtst, x11proto-bigreqs, x11proto-bigreqs, x11proto-damage, x11proto-dmx, x11proto-fixes, xserver-xorg-input-joystick, xserver-xorg-video-intel, xlsfonts, xman, xmodmap, xrandr
  • Bunch of uploads (many still in process)


  • Followed up on triaged bugs from last week
  • Working on fix for composite-no-clipping UME bug

Chris Cheney (calc)


  • built and tested preliminary OOo 2.3 debs on Gutsy (it works!)
  • in process of porting Ubuntu changes to OOo 2.3
  • bug triage
  • filed bug 128360 - nm fails to connect to open network
    • nm/wpasupplicant with intel 3945 can't connect to my linksys wrt54g routers (open or not) on gutsy tribe-3
    • still working with asac to determine the cause
    • hope to have this issue resolved by tribe-4

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)


Evan Dandrea (evand)


  • bug triaging
  • long-term fix for bug 122645


  • graceful page skipping work almost done
  • noninteractive mode cleanup


  • Vista work


  • minor package updates

Fabio Di Nitto (fabbione)

On holiday.

Ian Jackson (iwj)

  • consistent-login-screen:

    • I have an implementation of the core part in gdm but it doesn't work because of some crazy race in the gdm greeter. I'm currently trying to debug it.
  • automated-testing-deployment:

    • Filed about 80 FTBFS bugs so far.
  • Being ill. Urgh. Better now.

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • kubuntu-kiosktool: implemented

  • kubuntu-gutsy-plan: investigated improving skim support, updated current scim version bust most changes will need to wait for 1.6

  • archive admin: emptied New queue
  • also: added support for dcop to kdesudo, seems likely to replace kdesu in gutsy as well as needed for kiosktool

Blocked: kiosktool and kdesudo main inclusion reports


Kees Cook (keescook)


  • Ubuntu Live
    • Presented cjwatson's Bleeding Edge talk
    • Attended talks
    • Met with Novell
    • Attended talks
    • Helped with OSL and Debian booths
  • Security Updates
    • published firefox update (USN-490-1)
    • built/tested/published bind9 update (USN-491-1)
  • Bug Triage

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)

  • Mobile work: making a consistent interface with "pop-ups" based on the mediaPlayer view
  • KDM design
  • played a bit with the Kubuntu wallpaper
  • Ubuntu wallpaper - started a few ideas earlier this week, now it is official Smile :-)

Kyle McMartin (kylem)

Travelling back from Ubuntu Live.

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Spec status:

Other stuff that might be interesting to others:

  • Patched libgnome to do without esd, removed esound from the default install \o/
  • Reviewed wiki/forum/Malone for dapper.2 targets, triaged and assigned bug list, mailed team leaders about updated status

Release status:

Mathias Gug (mathiaz)


  • AppArmor:

    • AppArmor has been split into infrastructure packages into main and profiles into universe. It's shipped in ubuntu-standard and loaded by default.

    • packaging:
      • fix kernel module dependency in control file. move apparmor to be completed managed by bzr. started to package libaalogparse.
  • quick look into dehs.


  • update wiki pages: KnowledgeBase, Meeting specify tester ressources.


  • setup ubuntu-server meeting with the scribes team
  • ubuntu-dev weekly meeting


  • dapper 6.06.2:
    • mysql sru: 5.0 and 4.1.
  • package mysql-doc


  • triage bug: apache2, bind9, mysql, samba, squid

Matthias Klose (doko)


Michael Vogt (mvo)


  • GUADEC last week (returned from it friday night)
  • mail catchup
  • Work on friendly-recovery (from desrt), put into bzr, uploaded intial version
  • port update-notifier from EggTrayIcon to GtkStatusIcon (less code, less bugs)

  • improved menu-data-extraction code (for gnome-app-install)
  • new gnome-app-install with various fixes


  • Opera security update (9.22) to {dapper,edgy,feisty}-commercial


  • i18n updates/merges in synaptic, apt
  • worked on dpkg-log branch that give us full dpkg terminal logs. this will make libapt apport integration more useful


  • Added matcher for intermediate versions to update- manager and wrote a unittest-test for it
  • added cancel button during fetching
  • better mirror support
  • upgrade testing


  • reviewed, merged, uploaded compiz-fade patch for gksu
  • updated compiz, libcompizconfig, plugins-{main,extra} to current git versions
  • looked into the video playback problem, tested latest -ati xorg driver that will give us at least basic playback on ati
  • briefly looked into mplayer video plugin patch and xvsink in gstreamer


  • fixes in the pre-requisites package fetching
  • uploaded release-upgrader-dpkg to and tested that it gets fetched/used for the upgrader correctly

Phillip Lougher (pkl)

  • Working on critical bug #126964 gutsy livefs causes random hangs or modprobe crashes
    • Tracked down cause of hang on Friday 20th July.
      • New liveCD built and released to community for testing.
      • Community confirmed hang solved.
    • Modprobe and other random crashes tracked down to very rare Squashfs file corruption, not solved by above hang bug fix.
      • Available debug information from Squashfs after a number of days analysing bug proved inadequate to locate bug.
      • Spent weekend adding non-invasive debugging support to Squashfs (no logging to dmesg which proved impossible to capture and analyse). Logging information is now cached in memory, and made available as a pseudo file via debugfs.
      • Discovered exceptional circumstances which cause file corruption on Monday 23rd July
      • Located subtle race condition in Squashfs fragment cache code late Wednesday night (4am). Luckily the bug is in code after Feisty and so Feisty and earlier liveCDs do not have this issue.
      • Fixed and tested.
      • New liveCD built and released to community for testing.
  • Analysis of Squashfs logging has shown up some interesting results.
    • Including at start-up, all processes spend a huge amount of time waiting on Squashfs mutexes waiting for data to arrive/decompress off disk. A number of people noticed this via SysRq dumps and assumed deadlocking.

    • Reflecting the large amount of processes waiting for data to arrive via Squashfs, Squashfs spends much of the time with its internal caches 100% committed awaiting data from disk/decompression. This represents a huge bottleneck, and anything to speedup Squashfs operations should show benefits. Some of the improvements to Squashfs I'm currently working on may bring benefits (larger blocks, and metadata prefetch).
    • It is races in the code dealing with full caches which caused the hang and file corruption. This code existed in Gutsy tribe-1 liveCD and apparently were not triggered, which shows the liveCD is now more memory or I/O hungry.
    • Even at start-up with 256 Mbytes of RAM or less, Linux shows signs of memory exhaustion. Squashfs experiences a number of transient failures obtaining page cache blocks, and consequently these operations are retried later.
    • Once the desktop has started-up, there are clear signs of page cache flushing (presumably due to out of memory), as Squashfs is asked to repeatedly re-read blocks. Even at start-up in one log I noticed the /etc/init.d/rc file was re-read twice.

Rick Clark (dendrobates)

  • worked on adding ldap-auth-config tp ldap-auth-client package.
  • python-central training
  • started converting auth-client-config to python-central
  • Vmware
  • still trying to make ldap-auth-client acceptable to pitti.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • catching up with mail after distro sprints and GUADEC
  • started to catch up with bugs, still around 300 unread
  • sponsored desktop team and some xorg uploads
  • archive admin work
  • desktop updates (glib2.0, gtk+2.0)
  • bug fixing (gedit, nautilus, glib)
  • merged gdm with the new debian version

Søren Hansen (soren)

  • eBox
    • -network
    • -ntp
    • objects
    • firewall
    • usersandgroups
  • Bug work
    • eBox
    • MySQL
    • Samba

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)


  • Investigated replacing of gnome-cups-manager by system-config-printer
    • s-c-p is actively maintained upstream
    • s-c-p has a plug-n-print (printer auto-setup feature) provided by the hal-cups-utils package
    • s-c-p has all feature which g-c-m has and even more
    • In s-c-p printers can be shared (or excluded from sharing) individually
    • s-c-p saves printer defaults correctly in /etc/cups/ppd/*.ppd and /etc/cups/printers.conf and not into the user's private ~/.cups/lpoptions
    • s-c-p seems to have less bugs than g-c-m and seems to be better fitted to the current CUPS Only complaint comes from pitti, He says that the icon view of g-c-m is more user friendly.

      --> We should talk about this and make a decision in tomorrow's dev meeting

  • Updated system-config-printer and hal-cups-utils to the current upstream versions. Fixed some Python and CUPS non-root problems. There is still a problem of HAL not running the hal_lpadmin script for queue auto setup when plugging a printer.
  • Reported several bugs in system-config-printer and hal-cups-utils and triaged existing bugs for these packages.
  • Answered bug reports.


  • GPL Ghostscript 8.60 will be released on 1st of August. Make an Ubuntu package of it.

Tim Gardner (rtg)

On holiday.

Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen)



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