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Who I am

I'm Dimitrios Ntoulas, member of the Ubuntu-gr (Greece) team. My academic background is in Computer Science. I am a network administrator and php developer in Kozani, at Macedonia, Greece.

My Ubuntu story

I started using GNU Linux in 2003. In 2006 I made the switch to Ubuntu and never looked back! I got involved with computers and Ubuntu while working with colleagues, trying to create a metropolitan network (MAN) at our city, Kozani. In our adventure I learned lots of things, including Linux networking, routing, wireless network setups and all sort of servers, such as Web, DNS, FTP, IRC, VoIP and game servers. Nowdays, I do all things Ubuntu, including the running of an open Internet lab running Ubuntu workstations.

My involvement

Ubuntu System administrator at Ubuntu-gr Forum. I recently fixed several bugs in the new template for the Ubuntu-gr Forum. The forum is a high-capacity website, with more than 7600 members. We currently get 6 new members per day at our forum. My role is to make sure that the server runs smoothly, and I attend to any issues that may arise.

Ubuntu I am co-administrator of Website and Forum for the Kozani Linux User Group (KLUG).

Ubuntu As part of Kozani Linux User Group (KLUG) we arranged with the Municipality of Kozani and now have a venue for our LUG, offering [[http://www.klug.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=82&Itemid=36|free computer access with computers running Ubuntu Linux].

Ubuntu I participate in bug reporting and translations on Launchpad. My main involvement on Launchpad is with the OpenERP project. I did debugging for OpenERP and worked with logari81 who did the coding. I am at 700 karma.

Ubuntu I help as a moderator at the Ubuntu-gr Forum and also assist users with their questions on Linux. I have written 2275 posts (requires account to view at the Ubuntu-gr Forum.

http://klug.gr/images/stories/klug-hq.jpg Open Internet lab with Ubuntu workstations in Kozani

Ubuntu I run (as a member of KLUG) an open Internet lab with Ubuntu workstations in Kozani. The lab space was offered by the Municipality of Kozani. It is open to everyone two days per week (Sunday, Wednesday). The lab has been in operation since September 2009.

Ubuntu I helped organise the [[http://klug.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=125:-7-&catid=1&Itemid=19 |7th Information Day on Computing Science]] at the Technical University of Western Macedonia as a member of the Kozani Linux User Group (KLUG). My responsibilities included the taking care of the three Ubuntu laptops (used in the presentations), distributing Ubuntu CDs (part of the Ubuntu-gr Loco CD allocation), arranging the catering of the event and booking the presentation hall.

Ubuntu Participated at the 1st Open Festival event in Florina, Macedonia, Greece. This was an open event and I manned the Free & Open Source stand, providing help on Ubuntu and distributing Ubuntu CDs.

Ubuntu I created and manage http://troubleshooting.ubuntu-gr.org, that helps new users find the solution to the most common issues they face with Ubuntu. The service uses an open database of common issues. Troubleshooting.ubuntu-gr.org helps new users to identify quickly what they should do when facing a problem in Ubuntu. For example, for a sound card problem, the user would select Hardware issue » Problem with sound card » No sound at all » 'SOLUTION: Use the alsa-info.sh script to generate a sound card hardware report, and start a new thread at the Sound section of the Ubuntu-gr forum.


Ubuntu Joined Ubuntu-gr in 2006.

Ubuntu Launchpad member since May 2007.

Ubuntu Member of Ubuntu Greece.

Ubuntu Member of Ubuntu Local Community teams.

Ubuntu Member of Ubuntu Greek GNOME Team.

Ubuntu Member of Greek GNOME Team.

Ubuntu Member of OpenERP community.


Ubuntu Παρουσίαση προγράμματος οπτικής αναγνώρισης χαρακτήρων με υποστήριξη ελληνικών και άλλων μη λατινικών χαρακτήρων (Presentation on tesseract and Greek/non-latin OCR support), 9th April 2011, OpenFest Conference 2011, Athens, Greece.

Ubuntu Εγκατάσταση GNU/Linux λειτουργικού συστήματος (Presentation on Ubuntu/Mint installation at an Information Day at the 2nd Senior High School of Katerini, Central Macedonia, Greece), 23rd January 2011, Ημερίδα στην Κατερίνη με θέμα το ΕΛ/ΛΑΚ, Katerini, Central Macedonia, Greece.

Ubuntu Εγκατάσταση GNU/Linux λειτουργικού συστήματος (Presentation on Ubuntu installation at an Information Day, at the Dept. of Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia), 4th November 2010, Εκδήλωση στο Τμήμα Μηχανολόγων Μηχανικών του Παν. Δυτ. Μακεδονίας, Kozani, Western Macedonia, Greece.

Areas of work

Ubuntu Member of the Kozani Linux User Group (KLUG).

Ubuntu Administrator at Kozani Linux User Group (KLUG) for the Website and Forum services.

Ubuntu Administrator (along with ktogias) at the Ubuntu-gr Website and the Ubuntu-gr Forum.

Plans for the future

Ubuntu I try LPI Certificate exams this summer. I hope to success.


Ubuntu Dimitrios has been doing a tremendous work as a system administrator in managing our Ubuntu-gr servers, including http://www.ubuntu-gr.org/our forum that has over 7600 members. He also set up and maintains troubleshooting.ubuntu-gr.org, a self-help tool for new Ubuntu users to find solutions to the most common/repeated problems, and get directed to the appropriate section in our forum. SimosXenitellis

Ubuntu Dimitrios dedicated work at ubuntu-gr forum and website has been helpful to numerous new users.He has done most of the work creating and modyfying a new phpBB theme ,tirelessly squashing bugs to give the forum a flawless ubuntu look. headl3ss

Ubuntu Great person! Resembles the ubuntu spirit and follows the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. We have worked together when the ubuntu-gr forum team decided to apply the new "ubuntu lucid" style. He has not only fixed numerous bugs, but also solved a number of cases where users requested help. One of his most prised gems is troubleshooting.ubuntu-gr.org, which is a helpful tool for new users to troubleshoot their problem and figure out a solution. This tool also accepts easy addition of question-answer pairs -- people with none or minor coding background have contributed. Savvas Radevic

Ubuntu Dimitrios does a great job spreading the spirit of ubuntu in Greece. We work together for the maintenance and updating of ubuntu-gr.org server and web sites. He is also the creator of the great troubleshooting tool troubleshooting.ubuntu-gr.org. KonstantinosTogias

Ubuntu Dimitrios Ntoulas is the founder of troubleshooting.ubuntu-gr.org, a required tool for new users to Ubuntu. He is also an administrator for our forum, at http://forum.ubuntu-gr.org/ and of our website http://ubuntu-gr.org/. He is a person with lots of knowledge and willing to help anyone! Jim137

Ubuntu Dimitrios has dedicated a lot of his time promoting Ubuntu in Greece, providing support to new users, improving our forum infrastructure, translating free software, .... . A very worth mentioned contribution of him is that he collected and documented all bits and pieces that are necessary for having Greek OCR support in Ubuntu. This contribution removed a barrier for many users in Greece to migrate from windows to Ubuntu. logari81

Ubuntu Dimitrios is one of the most active contributors in our community and has helped many users in numerous cases. His work has certainly helped spread Ubuntu and improve the user experience. His technical abilities coupled with his friendly personality make him one of the most respected members of our community and his advice is always appreciated by new and experienced users alike. Michael Kotsarinis

Ubuntu It is difficult for me to count how many times Dimitrios helped me with issues I have had with ubuntu and many open source applications at my laptop and netbook, as he is offering his help and knowledge every day at the greek comunity of ubuntu. I deeply respect people like Dimitrios, who help simple users like me to understand and learn about ubuntu and open source software generally, because if they were not there, there is a strong possibility that me and many of us would still be using windows. Dimitrios did a great job before he became an administrator at ubuntu.gr forum, and in my opinion since then he multiplied his efforts. Dimitrios thanks again and keep up with the good work. Th P

Ubuntu As far as I am concerned I believe that Dimitris Ntoulas is one of the most active member of the Greek Ubuntu Community.He helps many people who face various problems using their systems which means that he has deep knowledge of the opensource.His work as a forum Administrator(not only in this forum) is more than excellent.Moreover his work does not stop there.He also works in the backstage building works like http://troubleshooting.ubuntu-gr.org .[Konstantinos Spalas-konnn]

Ubuntu Dimitrios Ntoulas is very active member of greek ubuntu community (Ubuntu-gr) . He is system administrator and he is doing an excellent work . Also he helps, with his knowledge, community members to solve their problems We had a discussion the other day at our forum about the Tilt-Shift effect in photos and videos and Dimitrios contributed a script to help convert videos to have the Tilt-Shift effect. I used this script on my video and I just created the video found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TIGVzIMtmY Thanks Dimitrios! ALdaperan

Ubuntu Dimitrios's technical knowledge and his great commitment in helping members of ubuntu.gr make him one of the most important members of our community. His work as administrator of http://forum.ubuntu-gr.org/index.php is excellent! He deserves the ubuntu member status. pros

Ubuntu Beeing a relatively new member at the Greek ubuntu community (Ubuntu-gr) i admit that i am ipmressed by the amount of personal time and effort a volunteer like Dimitrios Ntoulas (mainly known to me by his nickname as the administrator of the Ubuntu-gr forun) commits just for the joy of helping new members. I must say that i find this very inspiring and motivates me and a lot of others to follow this example and promote the idea of the Greek ubuntu community.Fkol k4

Ubuntu Dimitrios is one person that I will remember from ubuntu-gr community .He is the system and forum administrator and he has offered many things on ubuntu-gr!He has helped me on all my questions of networks, and he has develop some web applications like http://troubleshooting.ubuntu-gr.org/ .Thank you very much Dimitri for all! -Dimos

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